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Méline Lafont – The New Body And New Reality Is All About The Re-Embodiment Of A Specimen Or Fractal Of Your True Self – 31 August 2013

MélineLafontAs the expansion of your awareness is integrating into your fields, such forms of activations are in store for your being to use upon this reality of yours. All is integrating on such a level of understanding that the I AM Presence is now able to step forward in these times and follow the direction one has chosen to BE. Many are experiencing this at present and real life connections are made with others such as with yourself in order to bring you into a deeper realization that the Self is an intrinsic part of All That Is.

A Message from The Arcturian Group – 8/31/13 - Marilyn Rafaelle

lady-and-the-butterflyGreetings dear ones. Again we come to bring hope and the light of guidance for all is proceeding according to plan. Try not to simply turn away when you hear this, for we know you hear words of change coming from many channels and yet nothing appears to change. It is important to let go of any concepts you may still hold with regard to how world change must manifest for in holding specific ideas of change you look out through the lens of third dimensional concepts and see third dimensional appearances. It is time to move into trust and the practice of truth.
We see change in the hearts of many who previously lived lives of anger and resentment as the higher resonating energies pour to earth at this time allowing more and more people to open to the experience of compassion regardless of any previously held prejudices. Every unfolding awareness adds another spark of unconditional love to universal world consciousness and helps to bring about the changes you all seek.

Being A Teacher In The New Era - Pamela Kribbe – June 2009


Jeshua channelled by Pamela Kribbe – June 2009 – www.jeshua.net
This channeling is also available as audio file. The transcript has been slightly edited for purposes of readability. Heartfelt thanks to Maria Baes for making the transcript.
Dear friends,
I AM Jeshua.
I was the bearer of Christ consciousness two thousand years ago, and now you are the ones carrying that torch.  It is a torch of light that brings change in this world, a world that is in need of change at this very moment. You live in an age of crisis.  There is a financial crisis, an economic crisis going on right now, and there is also crisis of the planet, an environmental crisis going on. You live in the midst of this crisis, which is also an opportunity for change.  Always when things change in a fundamental way, a lot of old things need to fall away drastically and fundamentally.


http://www.collapsingduality.com/TF_Pict.jpgIn the beginning of all time, when the first soul and soul groups were birthed, a lot of these new souls that were born decided to take on Androgynous form… thus the male and female in one body…..
As a soul consists of pure energy, and thus within one soul, there are a million shards or pieces of soul, in the form of particles of energy, the male and female, positively and negatively charged particles thus form, what one would see or visualize as a SPIRALLING FORM OF ENERGY, at its most stretched part, forming a concentric circle…. This, then when in Androgynous form…
At one stage in the evolution of intelligent life, and thus the evolution of what one can term a human-like form, a lot of souls, wanted to experience life, in the more male aspect of form and female aspects of form. Thus a certain number of souls, volunteered to take on a solely male form to experience the more masculine side of life and its other half the more female side of life…..
The Divine Source itself has got two definite sides: the Male aspect and the Female Aspect and both as DISTINCT FORMS of the same entity or life expression. Creation was birthed in the first act of the coming together of these two and from the seed planted within the womb of the Divine Mother, all other life forms were created…..

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Arcángel Rafael - "Queridos, les estoy diciendo que ahora es vuestro momento" - 30.08.2013 (Español) Archangel Raphael – “Dear ones, I am talking to you that now is your moment” – August 30, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Queridos, antes de comenzar a leer el mensaje que recibí de Rafael, me ha pedido que colocara el link de esta canción para que la escuchen mientras leen o, cuando lo deseen. Yo también los amo. Gabriel

Un día lindo en la Tierra, perfecto para hablar de amor, de amor propio, de cuidar de sí mismos.  Mis dulces ángeles, ¿Hace cuánto tiempo que no hacen eso? ¿Hace cuánto tiempo que no se abrazan, que no se hacen un cariño en el propio rostro? Hoy un gran porcentaje de vuestro tiempo lo utilizan para trabajar, para cuidar de vuestros hijos, esposo, esposa...  Sí, lo sé, así como sé que internamente, ustedes tienen un deseo arrebatador de cuidar más de sí mismos, pero en muchos casos dicen: “No tengo tiempo para cuidar de mí, sólo tengo tiempo para mis quehaceres y no mucho...”
Queridos, les estoy diciendo que ahora es vuestro momento, de cuidar de sí mismos.  De reevaluarse, de ver que hicieron por sí mismos todo este tiempo.  Respóndanme ahora, ¿Están haciendo lo que les pedí al comienzo de mi comunicación con este querido Canal? ¿Se acuerdan cuándo les pedí que se miraran al espejo? Por favor, querido Gabriel, adicione el párrafo respectivo.
“¿Ya se miraron al espejo hoy y se dijeron a sí mismos cuán lindos y perfectos son? ¿Ya se abrazaron hoy? Ya se dijeron a sí mismos: “¡Eh, estoy aquí, siempre contigo!” – Prueben hacer eso todos los días, luego volveré para saber como ha sido esa experiencia de cuidarse a sí mismo.” (12.08.2013)
Amados míos, eso establece una notable mejoría en sus vidas, eso los conecta directamente con la Fuente, con todo el torrente de la vida sublime, eso ilumina vuestro espíritu, ablanda vuestro corazón, los vuelve más serenos y confiados.  Amarse a sí mismo, cuidarse a sí mismo – les da fuerza.
Fíjense que cuánto más están involucrados en sus quehaceres, más distantes de sí mismos están. ¿Creen que es eso, mis adorables ángeles, que Vuestro Creador desea? No, mis nobles ángeles, Él quiere verlos felices, sonrientes, contentos al realizar sus quehaceres y eso sólo es posible con el amor propio.  Cuando ustedes se permiten ese tiempo para sí mismos, abren un abanico de posibilidades para cada eventual problema que pueda suceder durante el día, ¿saben por qué? Porque cuando se aman a sí mismos, irradian el más puro amor y ese amor abre puertas, ablanda lo que parece ser imposible de ser ablandado, ese amor los modifica a ustedes y a vuestro ambiente.  Créanlo amados míos, así es.
Queridos míos, estoy nuevamente pidiéndole a Gabriel que coloque aquí una canción... Cántenla para sí mismos, díganse a sí mismos cuánto se aman...
Los amo incondicionalmente, los aproximo a mí en este momento y los acojo en mi corazón... Vengan hacia mí queridos, llenos de ese amor que ahora sienten por sí mismos y únanse a mí, como una única fuente de amor, vamos a irradiarlo a todo el Universo.
Vuestro amigo, vuestro hermano,
Gabriel: ¡Gracias por esto mi Dulce Hermano, muchas gracias!
Traducción: Fernando Alejandro (<<Enlace Facebook)
Email: fmontaldolara@gmail.com    

Dear ones, before you start reading the message that I received from Raphael, he asked me to put the link of this music so you can listen while reading or when you wish.
I also love you.
A beautiful day on Earth, perfect to talk of the love, of your self-love, of caring for yourselves. My sweet angels, how long you don’t do that? How long you don’t hug yourselves, don’t make a kindness on your own face? Much of your time is to your job today, is to take care of your kids, husband, wife … Yes I know, as I know that internally you have a ravishing desire to care over you, but in many cases you say: “I don’t have time to take care , I only have time for my chores, and even less to … . “
Dear ones, I’m talking to you that now is your moment, the time to take care of yourselves. To reassess yourselves, seeing what you do for your own all this time. Now answer me: are you doing what I asked you at the beginning of my communication with this dear channel ? Remember when I asked you to look  to you in the mirror? Please, dear Gabriel, add the respective part.
“Have you already been in front of the mirror today and talked to yourselves how beautiful and perfect you are? Already embraced you today? Already talked to yourselves, “Hey, I’m here, always with you!” – Try to do it every day. Soon, I will come to know how has been the experience of taking care of yourself..”  (08.12.2013)
My beloved ones, it makes a tremendous difference in your lives, this connects you directly with the Source, with all the currents of sublime life , it brightens your spirit, it slows down your heart, it makes you more calm and confident. The love to yourselves, taking care of your own does this – gives strength to you.
Realize that the more you are connected to your tasks, in your day to day, more distant from yourselves you stay, do you think this is it, my lovely angels, that Your Creator desires? No, my noble angels, he wants to see you happy, smiling, glad in your tasks, and this is only possible with self-love.
When you take this time for yourselves, you open up a range of possibilities for every possible problem that may happen in the course of your day, do you know why? Because when you love yourselves, you radiate the purest love and this love opens doors, this love softten what seems to be impossible to be slowed down, this love changes you and your environment. Believe me, my dear ones, it is so, so it IS.
My dear ones, I am again asking Gabriel to bring you here a song … Sing it to yourselves, tell yourselves how much you love your own …
I love you unconditionally, I bring you to me right now and snuggle you in my heart … Come close to me now, dear ones, filled with this love you now feel it to yourselves and join with me, as a single source of love, let’s radiate it into the entire Universe.
Your friend, your brother,
Gabriel: Thank you by this, my Sweet brother, thank you very much.
Translation: Carolina Barisch

Jesus via John Smallman: Who You Truly Are is of an Order of Magnificence that is Impossible to Describe Adequately - August 30, 2013

Jesus posting
Here in the spiritual realms, from which, in truth, you are not and never have been separated, we who are awake and watching over you as you sleep are sending you Love in a constant stream, or more aptly like a river in full flood. We are encouraging you to wake up and join in the fun that is going on all round you, because we do not like to see you missing any of it, even for the brief moment that you have chosen to spend in your illusory dreamworld.
Waking up is not hard, and with our encouragement you will make the choice to do so. In fact, you have already made that choice; you are just having difficulty collectively in choosing the most appropriate moment – the moment when you drop all those defensive walls that are protecting your fears, and allow Love to pour in and sweep them away, awakening you into your natural state of fully conscious, alive awareness.

Swiss Agree on Penalties for Banks That Aided Tax Cheats - August 30, 2013

Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, the Swiss finance minister, was responsible for working out a tax agreement with the United States.
Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, the Swiss finance minister, was responsible for working out a tax agreement with the United States. sage:  “Watershed deal” indeed!  This call for transparency of banking secrecy falls well within the frames of the expectations of the global reset, Frank-Dodd act, etc.  As we are undergoing a complete global restructuring of the finance sector honesty, openness and total transparency will be the mainstays rather than exceptions, in my opinion.
By Lynnley Browning, The Telegraph – August 29, 2013

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul: Challenges from the Ethers August 30, 2013

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.   Every now and then, we enter into one of the time periods where challenge after challenge is presented throughout different aspects of your life or perhaps through every aspect of life.   We are currently under one of those time periods, sort of challenges from the ethers really. What’s going on in the Heavens very much affects what goes on on the earth. Certainly your solar system is adversely affected from the way I would perceive it at this point.

Selacia: Coming Ashore With an Open Heart - 30 August, 2013


Feeling the aftermath of August’s wild energy wave and wondering how to come ashore gently, with an open heart? Know that you are in good company. Many people across the world have been challenged more than usual lately – naturally seeking to find a new sense of balance and clarity.
True clarity will come from asking within the deeper questions, fearlessly listening for the answers, and contemplating the highest conscious responses. Only by doing this can you have the fuller picture that includes the view of spirit.

Sarah Varcas - 30th August – 1st September 2013: Moon in Cancer

Heavenly Protection
Today the Moon enters her own sign of Cancer where she remains until just gone midnight GMT on 2nd September. In doing so she enhances an already protective feel to the heavens, which speak today and throughout the weekend of the love within which each one of us is held by the cosmos. It’s been quite a week and we are still adjusting and adapting to the changes that have taken place. Our ‘energy upgrade’ is still fresh and new, and we may not yet be familiar with what it really means for us.
Many have experienced fear this week, sometimes nameless and non-specific, other times too specific for their liking, almost like a premonition when premonitions have not occurred before. Others have felt engulfed by a profoundly positive and welcoming energy with which they have merged effortlessly and without hesitation. Still others feel no change, no shift and with that, perhaps, no hope. We each meet these new frequencies from wherever we’re at and they work through our system accordingly, clearing out the detritus lodged in our psyches, gradually breaking down the barriers erected over decades to keep out the unknown, opening us up to a whole new experience of life and what it really means to live it.

British Parliament Votes NO to Military Intervention In Syria - August 30, 2013


By Raphael Batter and Gregory Katz, The Huffington Post – August 29, 2013
LONDON — British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a vote endorsing military action against Syria by 13 votes Thursday, a stunning defeat that will almost guarantee that Britain plays no direct role in any U.S. attack on Bashar Assad’s government.
A grim-faced Cameron conceded after the vote that “the British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action.”

Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes : Karmic Acceleration, Exposure Of Tyranny And Understanding Channels – 30 August 2013

wes-annac-300x229-Channeled through Wes Annac-
The minds and hearts of the awakening humanity are expanding more rapidly than we could possibly communicate, though of course, despite the rapid nature of your ascension it’s still a progressive and steady one that sees you grow and learn in increments, which have been discussed by other sources.
We are excited at the prospect of beginning to communicate with you much more directly as you open up and expand your channels to the incredible heights many of you are learning to, and we can say with happiness that your ability to bring through our impressions will only increase as much as your ability to perceive of and understand us and the realms we exist in.
We’re so very excited for humanity to open up to the reality of our existence and our immense desire to reconnect with you in very direct ways, because we all, as a united body of assistance for the Earth, have so very much to offer you.

Our conversation – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 30, 2013

(Translated from original language german)
I am not unattainable for you, my child. This was only told to you from your religions. You don’t need a middleman to talk with me. I am but living in your heart, you are but a part of me. I so want to talk with you, I just wait for it. It isn’t difficult. You need only to go into your heart and be still. There I speak to you, you need only to answer. It is the gentle, soft voice that you hear there. Talk to me, my child. Answer me and we will continue a wonderful conversation together, because you have already talked with me once. Your soul knows me very well. ~
Your Divine Mother
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

MADAD - SaLuSa 30.8.2013

With September coming we feel your vibrations rising still, and also Mother Earth is ready to welcome you within her new higher reality. Your Sun seems to be shining more brightly than ever, as you are allowing yourselves to see the energies entering your world and your bodies. Look around you and you will see that the colors are more vibrant than month ago, and this is not due to coming autumn or weather change, it is happening to you, and your vision is being cleared no matter on which part of your world you are living. Enjoy this beautiful colorful sight and know that you are moving towards your desired destiny. This month will be very intense for you, and we already feel the excitement together with you, as with your inner changes comes also the outside changes, almost hand in hand because due to your powerful intention and wish for change, nothing is able to stand in the way. Realize this simple truth and you will see it happening faster than you have ever imagined. You already know that some changes cannot happen overnight, and you always need to trust your inner guidance as only it can show you, what is the best way to act in coming days.

Review Activity huge spaceship aliens - UFOs in orbit of the Sun for August 28, 2013

ET Radio Noise and Cam Interference from Space ValPescara Aug.25,2013

Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar 40: Preview: First Contact is Imminent

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War and peace – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 29, 2013

(Translated from original language german)
My child, why do you fight in my name and kill so many other people? I have never told you that I wish this. My name doesn’t need to be defended, certainly not in a war, that produces only more suffering. No religion is better than another and no nation is chosen from me as “my” nation. Before me all people are equal. I also privilege no religion or sect. These are only constructs who domineer over you and rob your power. I tell you, no man, no religion is more worth than another. Give your hand to your opponent, forgive him and forgive yourself, and then make peace with him. Do this in your and my name. With this you can create peace, but NEVER with war, my child. ~
Your Divine Mother
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 349 – 29 August 2013

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 349 – 29 August 2013

AishaNorthYou have become weary now, dear friends, and rightly so, as this massive operation that has been going on has also involved you in so many ways. Not directly, but more in the energetic sense, and the fallout from all of this has been very apparent to you all. You see, you have been working so hard to anchor these new energies through your own phsyical bodies, and even if this will not be news to any of you, the amount you have managed to transport as it were is simply astounding. For not only have you been sitting in your own personal forcefield of light, you have also been connected closely with so many others out here, and together you have brought a huge load of transformational light to this blessed abode. For this is a blessed place dear ones, even if you on all sides may see signs that it can be likened more to a hellish place. But know that these are merely scarrings on the surface of this beautiful planet of yours, and now, thanks to all of your hard work, the beauty you perceive within will start to come further and further out.
Let us explain. As we have talked about earlier, there is indeed a massive translocation operation going on. In other words, so much of what has been keeping the vibrations deliberately down on this planet has been sent packing, for want of a better word. And just what do we mean by that? Well, as we have touched upon earlier, the amount of negative energy on this planet has been staggeringly out of balance with the amount of light, and as such, the scales have been tipped far too far to the side of those still in favour of keeping it thus. However, their reign is now considered as well and truly over, and as such, the operation to tip the scales back so that far more favourable circumstances can be had for all is well on its way. It is not completely over yet, but it is fair to say that from now on, you will all start to feel the lessening of this old load of heavy and draining energies.
In other words, what was once a massive wall of energetic hindrance has no only been scaled, but it has been torn apart, and through all of these rifts the light has now been pouring in for a long time already. And to add to that, much of the old imprints have been washed away in the same process, not only in you, but also in thousands upon thousands of other people out there. So once again we say expect to find more and more people around you starting to rejoice from the realization that the air they are breathing has already gotten a far fresher quality, and the burden they have been carrying on their backs, perhaps without them even noticing it, has been removed. So look around you, and we think you will all see people starting to straigthen out their back, looking about them as if bewildered and thinking ”what is this? There is something new in the air, but Í cannot begin to describe the quality of it.” So they will be puzzled, and they will start to search for answers, and so now, your time as wayshowers will truly begin.
For you are the forerunners in this, you have traveled this road already, so you are here, ready to guide them as they start to take their own faltering steps down that same road. It will not all be easy for them, but in many ways, their road will be a far more direct one than the one you had to travel in order to get to the point you are at the moment. For as you hacked your way through that dense, wild jungle from the very beginning, you hacked away so much that constituted a hindrance, not only to you, but to anyone following in your wake. But now, they will see a clear path marked by you, one that has been trodden by many an eager soul before them, and so, they will catch up far more easily than you can perhaps even envisage.
So again we say thank you all for a brilliant job, for you are shining even stronger than before, and now, there are so many new eyes open that will be able to perceive that light, and who will be called to answer the calling from their own heart and take up their place beside you.
www.aishanorth.wordpress.com / link to original article

ETs Recommend to “Breathe the Free Air of the Earth” August 27, 2013

Last month a member of our CE-5 group received a telepathic message from one of our regular ET friends.
Since we have been doing CE-5 events for many years it’s a regular occurrence for us to not only have sky sightings but to also receive telepathic communication from our Star Friends.
I was asked to share this particular message with you who are in our far-flung network in 50+ countries.
The ETs asked that we spread this simple message to others in every way we can – and to LIVE it. It is not controversial and can be understood in any language, by any culture, in any country, or in any state of mind:
“Breathe the free air of Earth”
From my perspective those words are powerful because they do touch on so much we all have in common:
Breathe – a simple activity we humans all share in order to stay alive Free – air is our right and should be free to sustain us and all lifeforms who depend on it Air – the universal substance that we humans require Earth – of course this is our common home now, whether we started here or were seeded from elsewhere

AA Michael - "THE PATH OF ASCENSION IS THE PATH TO FREEDOM" Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, - August 29, 2013


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-09-2013

Beloved masters, after you came into your individualized consciousness, realizing that you were a Divine Spark of the Supreme Creator, the ALL THAT IS, you were programmed with the knowledge that you were predestined to journey forth into the great unmanifested void as an emissary of Light. Your Divine Mission was encoded deep within your Immortal Soul-self, as well as within your Sacred Heart Seed Atom. You, along with all the other “awakened Sparks of Self-awareness,” were destined to experience all the wondrous diversity of creation for the Creator, our Father/Mother God, and all the great Beings of Light, whose predetermined mission mandated that they would remain in the higher, rarified realms of Light.
We tell you this because we wish to impress upon you how ancient and complex you are. You came into this lifetime with a wealth of knowledge and a rich, composite lineage encoded within your DNA, your cellular structure, your mental and emotional bodies, as well as an extensive chakra system of virtues, qualities and talents. You may have wondered why the members of some families can be so different physically, mentally and emotionally when, from an earthly point-of-view, they came from the same parents and lineage. The lineage of your physical family in this lifetime is only a minuscule portion of your vast history and priceless heritage–of who you truly are.

ActivistPost – Remote Controlled Humans Via Internet Now A Reality – 29 August 2013

Logo_activistpost-comEvery day seems to bring new revelations in the area of neuroscience. Obama’s BRAIN project appears to being paying dividends.

image: University of Washington
Just in the last month or so, we have learned that scientists have been working on “neural dust” to create a remote-controlled computer pathway to the brain; and that scientists have been successful implanting false memories in mice. This was followed by an experiment at Harvard that enabled a human to remote control a mouse by thought alone.

Conversation with the being on the ship watching over me and my loved ones by Multidimensional Ocean 29 Aug 2013


Took a long walk outside, enjoying the air of the last few days of summer. Was feeling nostaligic and sad for having to leave the country and my loved ones behind for a while.
Looking up in the night sky, the usual light ship was out, following me, flashing all the rainbow lights: red, green, blue, orange, white, etc.. then the light split in 2 a few times. I went to see my partner, as the pilot of the ship said it was ok, that he was going to stay for my partner to see the ship also. For the 1st time in over 3 years, my partner has just seen the ship come closer and lower to us, and clearly flashing all the lights. The ship was never so close and low to the ground before.
It usually decloaks for about half an hour or one hour, and it stays more or less stationary, it moves locations also sometimes.

Series of live channeling Saint Germain ~ Serie 2 part 1 Ascension with versus without body (august 12, 2013) ~ By Méline Lafont - August 29, 2013


(This one will be without the video full hour channeling as there was much noise in the background of trucks working late night, sorry for that)

Hello everybody, this is Andy Bojarski again with Awakening To higher Love. I am here with Méline Lafont and today’s guest will be Saint Germain. We have questions that have been asked by various viewers on our webpage so we will get to those questions and see what responses we can get from Saint Germain, so thank you Méline for doing this.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - New Time Dialogues - 29 August, 2013

What was once sought, is now freed into expression of purpose. Truths that were once hidden unwrap themselves in the schematics of the new time dialogue. Energies that went un-harnessed now entrain themselves. Duality of purpose seeks a partner as Earth dances around with her upcoming choices. We are at a Point of No Return as one that passes through the pastures of life seeking safe haven from a world of turmoil.
We all sit at a place of less resistance as the time doors open to experience themselves in a new longitude and latitude of placement. Thy will be done, seems to be the title of upcoming events, personal and planetary. As we sit looking out our window of time, with our microscopic view at maximum clarity, we begin to truly understand, that it is not fate versus free will, it is fate and free will.

Dana Mrkich – Instant Clarity Coming Now – 29 August 2013

Dana Colour Pic NewIt feels like someone has thrown us in the middle of that card game Memory or Concentration. You know the one – where all the cards are laying face down. You pick up a card and it has a picture of an apple on the other side, then you have to remember where the matching card is among all the other cards on the table. Only this particular game of Memory has a Life Review theme, the matching cards are turning over all on their own with hardly any (or even any) effort on our part, and the cards are representing real life actual events, conversations, insights, feelings and synchronicities that are happening to us right now, especially this week and I’m feeling there will be plenty more to come.

Suzanne Lie – A Reminder Of What We Already Knew – 29 August 2013

SuzanneLieDear Readers,
I am going through the final edit for Book 2 of the Pleiadian Perceptions on Ascension. I wrote this back in February of this year. However, what was a story seven months ago is more of a reality now. Therefore, I am putting it up again as Unity Consciousness and Symptoms of Transmutation are “the order of the day.”
Book One Available in ebook form at:Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension by Suzanne Lie
Also find:
all in e-book form.
 The Temple of the Violet Fire
         When I emerged from the womb of the Mother, I knew exactly what to do. I packed a small bag, went straight to the temple in the village and told my friends what had happened. Those who I recognized from my first visit to the Mother’s core, as now I could remember all their faces, knew that they had to return with me to the site of the sacred stone. Somehow, they knew that they had volunteered to work as ONE being to raise the sacred Temple for the Violet Flame.

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AA Michael - ToolBox – Introduction - Marc Gamma - August 27, 2013

ToolBox – Introduction

[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]
Beloved humans on Earth. This is your Heavenly Father speaking to you. And this time I am not coming with a message to you – it is these tools and some pieces of assistance that I want to submit to you. These “Tools” will not be placed to your disposal solely by myself – no, it is far more some mutual work collaborated by myself, my sons, and daughters.

It is entirely optional and up to you which tool you make use of in what sequence. The only pre-requisite for applying them is your firm belief and intention to avail yourselves of all possible options of those tools which we shall submit to you.

Méline Lafont – Series of live channeling Saint Germain ~ Serie 1 part 4 about Disclosure, where we are at the point of view of Ascension (august 1, 2013) – Part 4 And 5 – 27 August 2013

Part 4
Thank you Saint Germain.  We have about maybe 10 more minutes, so maybe this is the last question and I’d like to get your thoughts on this.  Changing topics a little bit.  The question I’d like to know and some other readers would like to know is how do you envision disclosure happening globally and who will introduce this to the mass media?  Is it going to be Lady Portia, Obama, and other leaders?
And also, where exactly are we with ascension right now at this NOW moment globally and what still needs to happen for this global ascension to occur and to move forward

Ascension starts with Love in your Hearts – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~ 28.08.2013

Archangel Michael[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]
My beloved Humans, this is I, Archangel Michael, speaking to you. I am back again to submit to you another Message of Love. We shall continue where we broke off last week and again I’d like to call your attention to the fact that reading this message will enable you to play a decisive part from your side.

Go forward into your heart before going on with reading my message. Be aware consciously of your inner heart and all its feelings and sensations being expressed therein. And refrain from any evaluation about what you will find there! Simply accept and perceive them. And once done so … go on reading here.

Update by Sheldan Nidle~8-27-13~~A new day, a new dawn…- August 28, 2013

3 Muluc, 12 Uo, 10 Caban
Dratzo! We come today with much to tell you! Your world continues to be a covert battlefield, with the dark cabal’s minions hanging on grimly despite the ground being gained every day by the forces of the Light. This protracted operation is somewhat discouraging to those who have committed themselves to the Light and its ultimately inevitable victory. The dark retains control of most of the international monetary system that in any way deals with the US Federal Reserve and its numerous banking allies, although this grip is no longer what it once was. However, the Federal Reserve and its criminal, destructive practices is facing its nemesis: a key moment is approaching when this ill-intentioned and bankrupt banking fraternity will be required to make a payment in actual gold bullion which it does not possess. This default is to give the forces of Light the opportunity to defrock the Federal Reserve of its powers and force a public bankruptcy and legal takeover of this highly illegal entity. This event is shortly to manifest. The fall of the Federal Reserve signals the demise of the current de facto US regime.

John Smallman – Saul: Visualize an Immense Cloud of Light Hovering Over Areas of Conflict - August 28, 2013

John Smallman
The apparently escalating conflicts at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea will not result in a full-scale multinational war.  The nations there in disharmony and disarray are going through a necessary cleansing, an eruption of conflicting interests and agendas which they themselves have to address honestly and transparently, and through calm and wise negotiation resolve to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Military action from within, or outside intervention would only aggravate an already tense and angry situation, and will not occur.
You, the Light-bearers and wayshowers, can best help by intending, every time you meditate or go into your quiet inner space, to send loving wisdom and emotional restraint to all those who are in any way involved or engaged in the developments occurring there.

AA Michael - You intended to change, and you are doing so. – Ron Head - August 28, 2013


This will be our last message for the month of your time known as August.  Let us speak, therefore, of your month of September.

You are already in the beginning of the energies and changes which this month will bring.  You are already feeling the significance, the flow, the shift.  You ask each other constantly if others are feeling it, as well, partly to reassure yourselves and partly to confirm it.

You are correct, dear ones.  This is another, but even more significant, month of remarkable shift which approaches at whirlwind speed.  With your improving tools of discernment, begin looking into your daily media reports for growing evidence that your world is changing for the better now.  Even when those reports seem terrible, ask yourselves how the end results might work to your favor.  We tell you now that nothing in this time will work in any other way, no matter what some may intend when they act.

Celia Fenn - Archangel Michael ~ Meditation to Accept and Balance the Shekinah Light - August 27, 2013

dolphinunionimage by Kai at www.quantumholoforms.com
Note from Editor ~ I came across this meditation received from Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn in Aug/Sept 2010 and felt intuitively guided to share it with you again today. The Shekinah Light is the most powerful Light of All That Is. We are currently in the process of receiving this powerful Shekinah light energy and the meditation will help your body be in perfect alignment to receiving this energy. ~♥ ~ Debbie ~♥~
Firstly, sit or lie in a comfortably and enter into a state of deep relaxation. Breathe deeply, and then focus your attention into your Heart Chakra and connect with the Light within your Heart, the Divine Flame of Love. Visualize a figure eight centered vertically in the Heart, Follow the energy circle down into the Earth connecting first with the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet and then connecting with the Crystalline Heart of the Earth. Feel the Deep Love and Support, and then draw that energy back up through the Earth Star Chakra and into your Heart. Breathe Deeply. Then move the energy upwards through the Soul Star Chakra and up to the Heart of the Cosmos and the Heart of the Great Mother of All and feel the Love and Support. Now bring that energy back down into your Heart, connecting the two circles of the figure eight. Now you are connecting Heaven and Earth within your Heart and your Being.

The Official Translation Of the Motu Proprio By Pope Francis From 8 August – 28 August 2013

The promotion of integral human development at the material and moral level requires a profound reflection on the vocation of the economic and financial sectors, as well as on how they correspond with its ultimate aim of achieving the common good.

Linda Robinson – Message From Archangel Zadkiel – “Focus On The Moment For Expanded Awareness” – 28 August 2013

LindaRobinsonGreetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestion. Today, we wish to discuss focusing on the moment.
A transformation in consciousness begins when you focus on the moment. Focus on the moment, this moment. Time, or what you perceive as time, is moving very rapidly. This seeming concept of time speeding up is bringing you closer to the concept of multi-dimensionality where everything is occurring simultaneously on all dimensions.

Natalie Glasson – Mary Magdalane: Dimensional Shifts Within the Body - August 28, 2013

natalie glasson
It is with the seeds of love of my soul that I step forth to honour your divine and sacred being, showering you in all that is your truth as you recognise it within yourself and within my presence. Your divine truth and sacred self is everywhere and can be recognised within each and every person. You are never alone nor are you separate from the Creator for not only can you see the aspect of the Creator within yourself but you can recognise it within all around you.
This recognition and familiarity brings forth the greater understanding and experience of oneness, even in a reality where separation is dominate. With the awareness and perspective of oneness, meaning the recognition of the Creator within yourself and all, you allow yourself to experience high levels of awakening and important merging with the Creator. The process and experience of merging with the Creator assists you in moving through numerous levels of activations, dimensional shifts, awakenings and releasing of old energetic patterns, thus you become and realise yourself to be the great beacon of light that you are.

Wes Annac – Astral travels : Rainbow Blessings – 28 August 2013

wes-annac-300x229The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.
Brimming ascended landscapes and perceptions are waiting for us to open up to them, and with the visualization power we’ve been practicing throughout various weeks we can access those landscapes now and amaze ourselves with our own ability to do so.
It’s being hinted to that the barriers between us and the higher dimensions have dissolved to nearly nothing, and if we make the active effort, we can reap the benefits and shatter our own perceptual barriers.

Boxes and drawers – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 28, 2013

(Translated from original language german)
I see, that you are still entrapped in 3D-Thinking. Stop sorting and labeling all in boxes and drawers. Oh yes, I follow your debates about Lightworkers – yes or no. I read the articles through your eyes. Important is only, that you work together with your neighbor, no matter how he wants to call himself. As long as you however think in such norms and labels, it will be hard for you to leave the illusion. No name is better and more correct than the other. Your stellan brothers and sisters would still not be united as Galactic Federation today, if they would think and act like you do. They have however learned to respect their particular natures and different reasoning and they are very successful with this. Don’t you believe, that you could do that likewise? Only united you will reach your goal. Think, act and live out of your heart and not out of a drawer, my child. ~
Your Divine Mother
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

27 de agosto de 2013

Brenda Hoffman - Dare to Create NOW! - August 27, 2013

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com
Summary of Brenda’s August 23, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: The energies of the next few days will help shift your personal creation perceptions. Your beliefs are that you might create after months of process. Your creations are of the future – not of the now. You can now create instantaneously – but only if you shift your belief patterns.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for  http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: “Strut Your Stuff”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” BlogTalkRadio.com show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled materials.
Dear Ones,
Many of you are experiencing instantaneous creation/manifestation results. You think of something large or small and it happens or appears. Others of you are not experiencing any notable results – much to your frustration. Your life is not as you want, but there seems no way out of your dilemmas.
Some of you believe all creation skills are a hoax – much as was true for those who predicted the end of earth December 21, 2012. Even though many sources informed you that such would not happen, those of you invested in that fear would not let go of that thought until December 22.

SaLuSa 27.08.2013 by MADAD


Love can be felt and be seen everywhere around you, take it inside and let it move through you and sweep away the last fragments of the old, that you know have no power over you and cannot help you anymore. We know you understand our messages, because they are sent with our love and energy within and they are helping you with your transformation. They are not just words, as words cannot fully express our desired meaning and information that we want to share with you. Therefore with every message that you read, focus also on energy that it is carrying and you will be able to understand more and “read between the lines”.

UFO Sightings Massive UFO Eyewitness Special Report Incredible UFO Video August 23, 2013

Suzanne Lie – Message From The Arcturians – Transmutation Of Form – 27 August 2013

SuzanneLieI started my day by reading a wonderful message from Dr. Bruce Lipton:
A Cosmic Joke that has the Scientists Rolling in the Aisle
As I often do, I asked the Arcturians to assist me to deeply understand this message in a manner in which I could integrate it into my daily life. Below is the message I received:
Our Dear Ascending Ones,
Your bodies are transmuting at a cellular level to resonate to a higher frequency of reality. Hence, you are remembering to recognize a higher frequency energetic reality along with your physical reality. Whenever you perceive a higher frequency reality, your body adapts to the resonance of that reality for as long as you can perceive it. Hence, whenever you experience a higher energy field of reality, your body adapts to that frequency of perception

Wes Annac - Channels and Coming Together - August 27, 2013

The awakening community as a whole is generally strong. We’ve been able to understand and expose the forces of corruption and tyranny, and we‘ve come to find expanded spiritual perceptions of the reality around us.
We’ve made significant progress and now stand at a pivotal moment in our establishing of a new paradigm in alignment with the ideals of all. Despite our progress, there seems to remain a stumbling block still in the way of achievement of our ultimate goals and ideals.
Something I think we should perhaps address is that, for the most part, we’ve remained divided into certain “camps” based on our respective beliefs and disbeliefs.

27th August 2013: Yesterday Changed Everything - a message from Sarah Varcas Tuesday, 27 August, 2013

Untold Grace & Infinite Blessings
Yesterday changed everything, whether we like it or not! For some this change will be an unsurpassable gift never to be replicated. For others a loss of things never to be regained. But whatever is gifted is eternal and whatever is lost was never meant to be, not in this world to come. Yes, in the past, maybe even just last week, these things had their place but today and onward into the new world, that place can be filled by something altogether more beautiful, more authentic, more real than anything now lost could ever have been.
Yesterday we stepped out into a brand new spectrum of light, a fresh energetic vibration, an age of different priorities and brand new perspectives. We have arrived at a destination not encountered before. We are the pioneers stepping forth into unknown lands, not to occupy and shape them as we see fit but to be occupied by this new energy, this fresh light, these cosmic forces that have finally reached our sphere, embracing us as they come to rest after a journey of aeons in which we have all played our part.

Giant Underground Stone Boxes Near The Pyramids In Egypt

The results of Portal 25th of August 2013" by The Enlightened Master

The results of Portal 25th of August 2013" by The Enlightened Master

The results of Portal 25th of August 2013
War between Light and darkness is close to its end at the etheric level

We live these days important events, where the war between Darkness & Light is coming to its end at the etheric level...

The great amount of Light that was sent to our planet from the central Galaxy through this portal “between 22nd -25th of August 2013” worked to liberate us and our planet, at the etheric level from all Dark entities and reptilians...

Wes Annac – Jeshua And The Ascended Masters: Spiritual Liberation Will Help You Create Heaven On Earth – 27 August 2013

wes-annac-300x229(Lucas : I need to be clear again on my blog:  you discern yourselves about all your read, hear and  see! I just give a variety of news and other articles, videos, etc, for you to take in or not. I am not judging you. I only give if so my own view on things that might not be yours and that is fine with me. I still will not post most comments. It is up to you to discern yourselves. We still are one people, there is for me no more the good the bad, etc. We need to come out of that separation thinking and the way we see things in opposites when you still do.)
-Channeled through Wes Annac-
With the brimming Love of the entirety of our collective of Masters, I am Jeshua.
At this time, we wish to communicate the importance of treating every facet of consciousness around you with the ordained respect you wish to be shown. In the time ahead, humanity will come to understand the importance of connecting with the plant and animal kingdoms and allowing them the same rights humans expect to be able to enjoy.

The manuscript of survival – part 348 by Aisha North - August 27, 2013


As you have already become aware of, the upheavals are continuing for many of you, while for others, you seem to have entered smoother waters already. Again, never forget to listen to your own inner voice before you do that of other’s, and never compare your journey to others lest you should think yours is not on the rails as it were. In other words, although these times are indeed intense, they will be perceived very differently for you all, and even if you will find someone that can report circumstances that resonates with what you are experiencing, there is no need to worry even if you do find yourself without equals.

ALCYON PLEIADES - 19th NEWS REPORT 2013: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena...

There are translations of this video in the following languages: Spanish - Portuguese - German - French - Italian - Japanese - Greek - Arabic

19th NEWS REPORT 2013
As we explained in the video trilogy, Alcyon Pleiades, whilst we await the longed-for entrance of our planet Earth and the entirety of humanity into the photonic rings of the sun Alcyone, as well as the arrival of the extraterrestrial beings from the Rescue Brigades, especially the Pleiadeans and Sirians, there are countless global events taking place all over the world, a series of huge political, governmental, religious and social changes that are essential for the urgent eviction and de-activation of the visible government and the Shadow government, as well as that of the invading aliens on our planet.
In addition to these fundamental points, we refer to facts, the majority of which are extremely unfavourable to mankind. They are events that are worsening through natural and meteorological imbalances, social situations that are increasingly dramatic and critical, provocations and declarations of war in several countries, crises and conflicts everywhere... There are also conspiracies and hidden plots, a greater amount of UFO sightings, strange and luminous phenomena that are more and more evident and occur in more places, etc.
From now on, we would like to periodically inform those who have been following Alcyon Pleiades about all this, by means of a compilation of current news and documents of great interest that very often have not been reported by official means or go unnoticed but which are crucial to know the reality of the times we are living.

26 de agosto de 2013

Always be True to Yourself - Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ August 25 – September 01, 2013 Received by Julie Miller August 25, 2013

Achieving whole balance and personal happiness in all areas of your life is not necessarily dependant on your ability to earn more money. We are positive that you realize there are much greater things that can impact your whole life and well-being that have nothing to do with material gains.

There is so much that makes up who you are, from your upbringing, experiences, natural-born personality, etc., all give effect to what it means for you to be truly happy and live a whole and balanced life. Because of your experiences and never-ending learning, you are forever changing and adapting to newer ways of being and living – change is a constant part of your existence. There are many areas which over time many of you may have chosen to ignore or to give your attention and those areas, situations that are large and cumbersome eventually come back, sometimes seemingly bigger reminding you, you have work to do, some sorting out that is essential to your progression forward.
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