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Crystals Skulls 2015 & Beyond - The Sacred Codes

Mahala – Planet Alert February 2015 – 31 January 2015

MahalaBy Mahala Gayle, on January 30th, 2015
I can’t believe we are almost in February, where does the time go? Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday it was Christmas?  As I am writing this article (January 26) a large Asteroid just passed by Earth and a major storm is in the process of happening on the East Coast. When there is a disturbance in the heavens something always manifests on Earth. As above, so below.  It was also a manifestation of the moon triggering the Uranus/Pluto square and Pluto affecting the East Coast. Mercury, which rules storms, was retrograde in Aquarius and Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.

Linda Robinson – Archangel Zadkiel Message – “Manifesting With Highest Intent” – 31 January 2014

February 2015
Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. Today, we would like to discuss manifesting with highest intent.
You are living in a sea of unmanifested light particles of energy. This unmanifested potential spans across many dimensions from the third dimension to the multi-dimensions. One dimension blends into the next, and the energy resides at the level of compatible frequency.
Although you are currently in a manifested form, you are at one with the unmanifested energy. It is as if you are swimming in an energetic ocean of unmanifested potential. When you focus on this aspect, you realize that there is no separation between you and all of creation. Therefore, you know that you have a great influence on the creations that are manifested from this energetic potential.

Ron Head - Many will look back and say, “What happened?” – The Council - Jan 31, 2015

The Council
We will illustrate today’s message by asking you to picture a drop of water falling into the bottom of a wooden bucket. Now this drop does not realize that she is not alone, but in fact, will be followed by two more drops, as will each of them. As the first drop lands in the empty bucket, it splatters. And it seems as if the effect is only a small damp spot on the bottom of the bucket. And then the two following drops land in widely spaced spots. There is still no apparent buildup of water in the bucket, but now there are four more drops on the way.

Suzanne Lie - Gamma Conscousness

Lena Stevens - The theme for February is IMPROVEMENT - Jan 31, 2015

This month supports us to look closely at what needs improvement in our lives and take some action in that direction. Since Mercury is still retrograde for the first part of the month we have plenty of opportunity to pause, rethink and regroup. This month is about taking many baby steps and adjusting their direction as you go. Expect change as what needs improvement becomes obvious.
The theme of IMPROVEMENT will shine light on what needs it. What is not up to the quality you wish to have in your life will become obvious (sometimes painfully) and the way to use the month is to be proactive without going into impatience or martyrdom (both obstacles of the year). The mode of perseverance (the mode of the year) comes in handy to support any commitment you make to yourself for an improvement in some area of your life. (The personality of the year is explored in TRENDS 2015)

Eliza: Epiphany - January 31, 2015

Paradise River
Eliza: Epiphany
I’ve been quiet of late, giving myself time to let go of what has gone before and allow the new to enter in. One needs to do this from time to time. It’s called taking stock, considering if you still resonate with the direction in which you have been going, or if there is something drawing your attention… something “new”.
As I have written in past posts, my path has been a zigzag, going in one direction and then another. This pattern tends to throw off people, to catch them off-guard. No matter. I need to follow my inner guide, not what is being told to me by others.
For a time last year, I followed a star that wasn’t my own. Now I am endeavoring to re-discover and listen within, seeking guidance forward from this point. I’m not concerned about the pace or manner in which discovery will occur, for I have faith that I will have what I need when I need it. This is faith in my inner guidance that has always served me well.
At lunch, I was reading Book #13 of Kryon: The Recalibration of Humanity. In the very last part of the book, Kryon is addressing the Three Winds. The last one is the Wind of Transition or what our culture has called “death”.

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Nibiru Second Sun growing bigger everyday Jan 29 2015

Wes Annac - The Voice Within: Everyone’s Waking Up - Jan 30, 2015

Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2014
Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2014
Everyone on your evolving planet is waking up in their own way, and some awakenings require an enthusiastic exploration of the spiritual concepts that are popular in your day and age.
Other awakenings happen in different ways, and you can be assured that everyone’s becoming aware and there’s no need to worry about an absence of awakening.
There will be no such absence, because the work those of you who’ve awakened have done so far is allowing everyone who’s been lost in the unawareness that comes with living on earth to shed their unawareness and open up to a life that was once beyond their wildest dreams but is now easily accessible.

Ute Posegga-Rudel – Time To Change Perspective! Radically – Or Not? – 30 January 2015

Video (recommended!)
We should be Happy, because this is our natural State of Being.
If we are not, it is because we buy into all that stuff that we are NOT.
It is time for humanity to free ourselves from all that rubbish we have being hanging on for millenniums. It is time to recognize that we lived from a wrong point of view, and now it is time to change the perspective! Radically, – or not?
What perspective? The idea that we are a body-mind-complex who lives in such and such a world. While it is true, that we have had enough of all these betrayals, false images, beliefs, strange experiences, shortcomings, frustrations, fears, angers, and so on, by experiencing this stupid limitations of a world that we allowed to be governed by a few absurd individuals who shrinked ridiculously away from the forever Unobstructed Radiance of Truth – we also  might come now to understand that this is not anymore about exchanging black suits with white suits.

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – “Accomplishments” – 30 January 2015

DjwhalKhulJanuary 29, 2015
(Channeling begins)
Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.
Alright. I’ll take a moment here to work my way a little deeper into the channeled state. Those of you who practice channeling know you sometimes get that instant deep connection and other times it sort of sinks in more slowly and we’re having that kind of a day with a little more sinking in slowly and building the power.

Blossom Goodchild – 30 January 2015

bloss arizona biggerMy ORBServation on the matter.
After the quandary and uncertainty of the explanation given of the orb videos … hoax or Truth … time and no time … I received, literally hundreds of emails. 99% of them were Love filled and in full understanding of the explanation given by the Federation of Light, via the voice channelling audio. Many received so much Love through the vibration of their voice that it brought them to tears. (This is a good thing!)
I went for a long walk on the beach yesterday morning … still unsure and rather down hearted.
Then I remembered to BREATHE … as they had taught me …
Then I remembered all that I HAD TO BE GRATEFUL FOR … as they had taught me …
Then I remembered to CHANGE MY ATTITUDE … as they had taught me …
Then I remembered that NOTHING MATTERS … as they had taught me …
Then I remembered THAT EVERYTHING IS LOVE … as they had taught me …
Then I remembered to LAUGH (at the situation ) … as they had taught me …
And before I knew it … My Energy had transformed … Blossom was back!

Maryann Rada - No More Laminated Realities: Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian

Judith Kusel - Immense energy changes coming in…. January 30, 2015

There is a higher state of Being which is truly something so deep, so immensely and totally there and is best connected to deep within ourselves.
It is that BEING which is behind all life and life forms, the very Higher Mind, the Higher Heart and Soul, and that which is beyond all of that.
In this moment, that is what we, who have been prepared for this for so long, are stepping into in the next few years.  It goes beyond whatever went before, and into a much higher octave of consciousness.
I understand this as pure energy and energy field, and it is there in every living cell, atom, and particle of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and all other bodies (12 in all) and it moves with very patterns and symbols, sounds of creation itself.
We can only tap into this from very deep inside of us, for it moves through certain energy systems in our physical bodies and then once those are unclogged and activated again, we move into a much higher frequency band.

SaLuSa 30 January 2015

Nothing will change the predictions for the completion of this cycle, except the highest authority. Once made many Lightworkers are given the tasks of ensuring that all proceeds as required to fulfil them. You may therefore proceed with your life, knowing that there is a great finale to come with the end of the influence of the dark Ones. They shall find themselves unable to exert any influence on what takes place, as they will have their power taken away from them. They will also be removed from Earth to ensure that workers of the Light can go ahead with their missions. Until now the dark Ones have consistently interfered with your evolution, and been able to block or slow down progress. This situation is rapidly changing and will soon come under our control. You will then be able to go ahead with your tasks without fear, and make headway quicker than any previous occasion. Dear Ones we hear your pleas and requests for help, and soon we shall be able to assist you in a more direct manner. Have no fear at any time as the lower energies will attract a like energy, whereas you are working with the higher energies.

Dana Mrkich - ¿Qué les está diciendo su energía? Sugerencias y Herramientas - Enero 22, 2015

por Dana Mrkich

22 de Enero 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Nuestra energía nos está hablando alto y claro en este año. Bueno, siempre lo ha hecho, solamente que ahora estamos escuchándola y sintiéndola con más fuerza. Cuando las energías están muy elevadas como lo estarán en adelante, será resaltado todo dentro de nosotros y en nuestras vidas que no sea cierto respecto a cómo quisieran nuestras almas que fuésemos , será sentido con mayor intensidad, visto con mayor claridad y a veces liberado o cambiado completamente con o sin nuestro deseo consciente. Así que, en dependencia de su perspectiva esto se puede sentir totalmente liberador, o dejarlos sintiéndose muy desnivelados.

Brenda Hoffman - Más Roles, Dimensiones y Viajes en el Tiempo - Enero 19, 2014

Por Brenda Hoffman

19 de Enero 2014

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo



Algunos de ustedes han recibido mensajes internos respecto a varios roles que quisieran desempeñar o desempeñan. Por supuesto, ustedes son el Ejecutivo de su totalidad – un rol muy apropiado por cierto. ¿Pero cómo desean dirigir su totalidad? Esa es la interrogante de su Ejecutivo.

Quizás quisieran visitar un rol que interpretaron en la 3D y que no completaron adecuadamente. Quizás estén creando un rol que nunca hayan jugado antes. O quizás estén recibiendo mensajes aparentemente en conflicto – que están dirigiendo su totalidad hacia más de un rol.

Steve Rother - El despertar del mago interior - Enero 15, 2015

Los Faros de Luz ~ Re-cordatorios desde el Hogar ~

15 de Enero, 2015

~ Re-cordando su magia ~
El despertar del mago interior
Nota: el siguiente mensaje ha sido recanalizado y editado con la supervisión del Grupo para lograr una mayor claridad en este formato

Saludos desde el Hogar, queridos.

Un planeta de imperfecciones

Oh, eso no es del todo cierto, pero casi. Este día está colmado de alegría para todos ustedes. Les hemos dicho una y otra vez lo mágicos que son en este planeta. Aunque al parecer la evidencia de su propia vida diaria no siempre refleja la magia de la que hablamos, eso está a punto de cambiar. Están sucediendo algunas cosas muy interesantes a medida que se acercan a ese cruce de la línea del tiempo. Cuando entren en esa energía empezarán a ver nuevas capacidades dentro de sí mismos, y esa es la parte mágica que estamos esperando ver. Queridos, entiendan que viven en el planeta de la imperfección para tener la experiencia de vivir aquí como espíritus, porque los espíritus son perfectos. Ah, no tienen nada que aprender o ganar como espíritus, hasta que llegan aquí y dividen su perfección para poder experimentar la imperfección o algunos vacíos en sus propias energías. Bueno, sabemos que es difícil comprenderlo plenamente, por eso les hablaremos más al respecto a medida que avancemos. Ustedes viven en la multidimensionalidad todos los días, pero aquí viene lo interesante, para tener una experiencia real en el planeta Tierra fingiendo ser imperfectos y pretendiendo ser humanos, también fue necesario que escondieran gran parte de sus propios dones. De acuerdo con lo que diseñaron, muchos de sus dones fueron desconectados completamente para poder participar en el juego de fingir ser humanos.

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Judith Dagley – “My Life In Reality: The Movie” – 29 January 2015

judithBeloved, if You do not yet believe that You create your own reality, do You believe your own eyes? We laugh… “Of course I do!” You say. Well then, believe them by all means, because your eyes KNOW You create your own reality!
What You see with your eyes are actually frequencies translated into images based on your collective belief system of what “reality” looks like. Of course, each of You “sees” the images in subtly different ways, based on the frequencies of your own individual variations of the belief, which then becomes your personal version of “living in reality.”
Thus, what You see is like a movie called “My Life in Reality.”
The projector is YOU, Beloved!

Fulfilment is Now; Manifest Your Soul’s Truth ~ Channelled Workshop through Natalie Glasson - January 29, 2015

Create sacred and advanced Intentions and foundations for the New Year
With Pallas Athena and Lady Nada
Channelled Workshop through Natalie Glasson
Our entire reality is composed by our intentions, beliefs, perspectives and focus; we are the driving force of our physical and spiritual realities. We are the creator’s and cultivators of our personal experience upon the Earth and always add to the collective Earth experience. Holding such power within our beings, mind and emotions we have the capacity to make our dreams and deepest desires come true for physical experience upon the Earth.

David Icke Two Hour Special Royal Political Paedophilia How the Global Pieces Fit

John Smallman – Saul – The Power Of Your Loving Intentions Is Tremendous – 29 January 2015

john-blog-pics-0135Humanity is on a roll towards the moment of awakening!  As you read the mainstream news media reports of conflict, wars, crime, and corruption all over the world that may not seem to you to be a valid assessment, but I assure you it is.  Yes, there is much going on that is unloving and causing suffering in the world today, but it is for the most part  the result of an enormous clearing and releasing of the old energies of fear that have maintained and supported the illusion and those who would suppress and control you through it.

Karen Dover - TRUTH vs Belief - January 29, 2015

Many of you may have heard me discuss FLOW on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show last night with my guest Roger Larsen from Norway.  In the show we discussed the dissolving of the old 3D earth created construct and how we must now allow for the FLOW of TRUTH to enter into our human vehicles and flow around, within and through us.  Many are at this time working from the standpoint of trying to anchor TRUTH, they search and they debate and then they attempt to anchor into a reality. This is the opposite of what we are asked to do at this moment. For TRUTH ALREADY EXISTS, it has always existed, we were simply taught to filter TRUTH out and to keep the old 3d earth created construct stable by providing it with the energy source of the frequency of fear.

Fran Zepeda - Higher Self Teaching: On Wholeness - January 29, 2015


All are Whole to begin with, from the beginning of time. It is just from there an add-on of experiences, a retreat back, and ultimate revealing and illumination process to bring forth the dormant and to transmute the illusion and parts that do not live fully in Love.
And it is that process that you all are going through, the revealing, illumination and acceptance of all parts, all aspects of you to make up the whole, to illuminate and transmute all that is not fully in Love, in that there is a revealing process of that which is not Love, that which is not the True Divine You, that which is covering up the Full Illumination of You.

Méline Portia Lafont – Reminder And Reflection Of The Moment From The Arcturians – 28 January 2015

The Arcturians:
This NOW period revolves around all what you are : your heart center. This is what it is all boiling down to and where drastic impulses and changes are going to occur. The build up of the elevated collective is in its growth process and nears its full glory; therefore, all focus should be placed on this because it is utterly crucial and important now.
A lot of portals have opened themselves, lots more are about to be opened and energetic vortexes will be activated. What is about to occur in the Now is very crucial and will be responsible for your future Now. As humanity you will be accountable for your own creations and for the global changes, just because this is your process and your reality. The already opened portals and the activated vortexes will provide pleasurable as well as very intense changes. You all carry these energies and portals within you through the connections and the integrations you have with the whole of the Cosmos and with this Universe as your Galactic aspect and your light aspect.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young - The Return to Innocence ~ Channeled January 29, 2015


Archangel Gabriel
Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be in your presence again today. We honour you for coming in and anchoring the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet, at a later time.

Jahn J Kassl - Profound and extensive Healings During Light Reading - ASANA MAHATARI - Jan 29, 2015


Honored Readers!

In view of the fact that some clairvoyant human Beings, 
visitors of the Light Readings, who can look into the subtle 
level, sometimes perceive dark energies in different manners 
during the Light Readings, on November 24th, 2014 I received 
this explanation regarding this topic.
These perceptions are not always, but very often 
correct and have a good reason, which is explained 
With Love and in Gratitude
Jahn J Kassl

Benjamin Fulford - January 26, 2015: The Greeks end debt slavery, a bad king dies, the Russians attack, central banks panic and the Davos elite fiddle while the world burns

The Greeks end debt slavery, a bad king dies, the Russians attack, central banks panic and the Davos elite fiddle while the world burns
The world revolution against cabal rule and Babylonian style debt slavery continues to unfold, leaving Europe and the Middle East in turmoil. The Greeks made the boldest move last week when they kicked out the cabal slave government and elected a government promising to end debt slavery. The Russians were not far behind when they took of the gloves and began a full scale military campaign against the cabal mercenary army in Eastern Ukraine. Also, the cabal slave government in Yemen, located next to Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, was overthrown last week just as Saudi King Abdullah died.
The European banking system is also in severe turmoil with the European central bank being forced to issue over one trillion Euros, ostensibly to boost the economy but, in reality, to prevent total collapse of the European banking system.

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Nancy Tate - Porda - January 28, 2015

Porda passed from this world on Oct 22, 2013. He was Anakhanda Mushaba's father, part of the Musbaba family who practiced the Power of Five Healing. Porda is on the mothership, the Nexus, which appeared to Bob and me often in the early night sky while we were living in El Dorado NM in 2012+13. He was, and continues to be, a very loving being. 

Alcyon Pleiades 25-1 Cunning and lies, false flag attacks, economic bankruptcy

Marlene Swetlishoff - Mensaje Semanal del Maestro Ascendido Hilarión Del 25 de enero al 1° de febrero, 2015


Traducción: Esther Abreu


Muchos de ustedes están encontrando el adagio "conózcanse a sí mismo" como un tema común que es compartido por todos en este momento de una forma u otra. El entonamiento y la recalibración todavía se están produciendo y ahora van más de cerca dentro de ustedes para ver todos los roles que han jugado a lo largo de sus vidas, y ahora están dispuestos a enfrentarse al ser en sus múltiples facetas. Están dispuestos a asumir plena responsabilidad por todo lo que ha sucedido en sus vidas. Saben que son los primeros en crear cada experiencia para sacar a la superficie el patrón que los ha limitado en su progreso y que necesita ser transmutado y liberado. Abran sus corazones ampliamente a esta experiencia y estén dispuestos a ver la belleza del regalo que esto les brinda. Ello les ha permitido la liberación del sufrimiento auto-impuesto y los ha ayudado a ir más allá de las limitaciones anteriores, a veces de manera inesperada y totalmente sorprendentes.

Alcyon Pléyades 9 - Colapso de la Élite, El Club Bilderberg, NWO, y el Rescate de los Seres de Luz

Blossom Goodchild – 28 January 2015

bloss arizona biggerHere is the link to the 2nd video by two separate witnesses. As far as I can gather … these were not taken on the same date as the original ‘fake’ one.
OK. I know this is unexpected … yet, something has come up that I need to talk to you about … and until I do … I am not going to be able to have a good day! So, the other week, I asked you about a video of Light orbs in Massachusetts. You said it was a hoax and not from any part of the Galactic Federation and the video was removed after many experts proving it to be so! Now, today I have been sent a link of very similar orbs, at a different time, yet, in Massachusetts also. I am so totally confused … with myself and you! Did my thinking of it possibly being a hoax, due to a couple of emails saying so … influence me? If so … I cannot Trust myself to bring Truth through.


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones!

We approach the exit from the matrix.
We come ever closer to the moment of the 
ultimate upheavals, which change everything.
We go rapidly toward the goal of the fifth dimension 
of All-That-Is.
We are the awakened mankind.

Judith Dagley – Future Relationships Are Woven In The NOW! – 28 January 2015

judithEnergy update!
The “big picture” is reflected in the smallest interactions, the most minor routine chores, the way we relate to everything and anything in every minute (many times a minute, actually).
No detail is NOT part of the fabric of your life.  The future is woven stitch by stitch in every current moment. NOTHING is “inconsequential.”
During the next 3 weeks, notice if the way you are IN RELATIONSHIP with your life is “all of a piece”… in INTEGRITY.


Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 28 January 2015

By now, much has been set into motion that will once again necessitate a period of incubation before it can take fully hold, and what we mean by that is simply this: you have once again completed one of many cycles whereby your energetic environment, both on the inside and on the outside, has been reset to such a degree, the overall effect it has on your physical and mental vehicle is so great, it needs to be incrementally digested. In other words, look upon this as a period of more quiet reflection, and when we use the word reflection, we use it on purpose. For now is the time to not only cast your eyes about in ways that will be better suited to take in the inner workings of your own physical vehicle, but also in a manner that will enable you to entrain yourself with what is being broadcast from all the sources around you, both in the way of all of the physical sources for these new frequencies, but also the more esoteric ones.

Alcyon Pléyades 25-1ª - Astucias y mentiras de la élite, atentaados falsa bandera, quiebra económica

27 de enero de 2015

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy - Jan 27, 2015

Be ready to leap into the new realm when Heaven gives the proper signals. The signs are prosperity, new governance and the return of your God-given sovereignty.

1 Manik, 5 Yax, 11 Ik
Dratzo! We come with more good news on the process of delivering the blessings to you. This past week saw a grand series of checkpoints reached. Some amazing events are fated to occur in the coming week. You are actually now on the verge of the beginnings of the various blessings arriving. We are ecstatic that this is indeed the case. When we arrived nearly two and a half decades ago, we were at first surprised at the utter arrogance of the dark forces that were in charge of your many global societies. These individuals seemed totally unwilling to obey the sacred decrees of Heaven. We were informed as well by your Ascended Masters that this lack of concern was the norm for this dark cabal. Our many elders had told us about this and warned us to be ready to enforce the heavenly edicts only when our earthly allies permitted this to happen. This led us into a series of long discussions with our many allies as to why this insanity was still present. We were given a number of talks on what was occurring here. We decided to help our allies only after proper permission was truly given us. This is only changing due to the positive feedback we are presently receiving.

Jennifer Hoffman - Archangel Uriel - End Your Suffering, Change the World - January 26, 2015

It is the nature of humans to suffer and you have suffered for eons, through war, hatred, disease, and many atrocities that are waged on the basis of gender, culture, age or race. There are many examples of suffering on the Earth today, from countries that are ravaged by war, to hunger and abuse in your own neighborhoods. Suffering can be experienced globally and individually. Each person who allows suffering into their lives is responsible for both its presence and its resolution. Those whose nations are at war have relinquished their power to others and have chosen to live their lives in a state of powerlessness. Suffering, as with any aspect of life, is a choice, whose presence in your life is determined by your free will—you choose to suffer, just as you choose to remove suffering from your reality.

Dana Mrkich - Taking Off Our Illusion Glasses - January 27, 2015

A great comment came through asking why the big forward momentum energy of 2015 was all a go-go for the first part of January, and then suddenly seemed to stop, reverse or slow down. Mercury retrograde influences aside, whenever we take a leap toward expansion, anything within us that is not in alignment with that leap comes up for healing, transformation or release.

We all took a huge leap as 2015 commenced, which was wonderful, but that doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing with no more pebbles on the road. The main difference now however is, it is time to realise that many of our pebbles are illusions, created by our former beliefs that these pebbles have to exist. Stick with me here while I explain.

Karen Dover - “Self” policing and the barb within the lower dimensional frequencies - January 27, 2015

The frequencies that are held deep within the cellular structure of the human vehicle are now coming up for release. Many of you at this time may be feeling as if you are “under attack” or that those around you are somehow “preventing you” from being who you are and this is a by product of what I term the “barb” that was placed deep within the lower dimensional frequencies.  The human race “self polices” itself due to these barbs and it is these barbs that are CURRENTly holding many in place.
As we begin to release the belief patterns which are a product of these lower dimensional frequencies our human logical minds attempt to persuade us to defend that which we believe.(I have touched on this subject in a previous blog). What will attempt to persuade us to keep hold of the lower dimensional frequency is the affect that this has as it is being released on those who exist around us. For energy JUST IS and flows through, around and within each and every human being alive on this planet. It is not TRUTH to state that we are at all separate for we are bound energy wise through, around, and within each other until we release and remove the SHARED frequencies that bind us to any lower dimensional frequency.

Jahn J Kassl - ARE YOU READY? BABAJI - Jan 27, 2015


Are you ready to win the last 
of all victories, the victory that 
your divine nature wins over 
your lower human nature?

Kryon - Lee Carroll - Percepción Dimensional (Principal) - Boulder, Colorado, 18 de Enero de 2015

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Hay una tradición de más de veinte años en lo que se refiere a mi socio y la canalización. La tradición es que en un evento de dos días, la última canalización será alentadora, amorosa, breve y sencilla. Vamos a romper la tradición (se ríe; la audiencia también). Eso pone nervioso a mi socio (más risas del público). Está cómodo con la emoción, puede traducir fácilmente la energía del corazón. Su aspecto compasivo se combina con el otro lado del velo y se pone de acuerdo incluso antes de hablar. Y luego viene una canalización como ésta. Le estoy dando imágenes, y no sabe por dónde empezar ni qué decir. Durante dos días este grupo en particular ha recibido algunos de los principios más elevados que existen. Sí, hay otros maestros que se los darán igualmente elevados, pero el grupo ha sido expuesto a tanto, a tantas ideas, a tanto potencial, y a tanta confusión.

Kryon - Lee Carroll - Percepción Dimensional (Introducción) - Boulder, Colorado, Enero 18 de 2015


Desgrabación y traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

El mensaje es corto, pero profundo. El proceso que ven aquí no es aceptado como real, de modo que ahora hablo para quienes tienen en sus mentes una dispensación especial de la lógica. Han abierto eso que es un canal de creencia para incluir el potencial de lo que ustedes ven. Si pudiéramos dibujarles un cuadro, sería simple. Por eones de tiempo han estado acostumbrados a un tipo de cosas, y ésta no es una de ellas. Ustedes arman burbujas de creencia, de las que ya hablamos, que son tan fuertes y tan estructuradas que a menudo esto no les resulta aceptable, a veces es intimidante. Y eso es un paradigma que se está haciendo añicos.

US Air Force Declassified 130,000 Pages UFO Documents OVNI 飞碟 НЛО ユーフォー

Brenda Hoffman – Is Your Joy Of The Future? – 27 January 2015

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Dear Ones,You climbed your mountain and you are free – you just have not yet accepted that you are. You are a bit like elephants trained from infancy to stay in one area with a rope that they could easily break free of as an adult.You are free.Even though you accept freedom with your logical mind, you have difficulties believing you are free – so you are not.
Perhaps you have received messages from your inner-being or other segments about your totality’s focus – at least for the short-term. Yet, you cannot conceive of fulfilling that role for a variety of reasons all of which mean you are hoping for, but never quite grasping the brass ring that is you.You are applying new you messages to Old Age fears.Maybe one of your new roles is a review of a past earth life (your phrase) role. Instead of glorying in the thought of shifting pieces of one or more of your segments and therefore your totality, you remember the fears associated with that role plus new fears that have little or nothing to do with your new reality.

Surprise!Asteroid 2004 BL86 has a small companion moon!

Benjamín Fulford - 27-02-15. Los griegos ponen fin a la esclavitud de la deuda, un mal rey muere, los rusos atacan, los bancos centrales entran en pánico y la elite de Davos pierde el tiempo mientras el mundo arde

26 ene
La revolución mundial contra el dominio del cabal y la esclavitud por deudas de estilo babilónico continúa desarrollándose, dejando a Europa y a Oriente Medio en el caos. Los griegos hicieron la jugada más audaz la semana pasada cuando echaron al gobierno esclavo del cabal y eligieron un gobierno que promete acabar con la esclavitud de la deuda. Los rusos no se quedaron atrás cuando cogieron los guantes y comenzaron una campaña militar a gran escala contra el ejército mercenario del cabal en el este de Ucrania. Además, el gobierno de esclavos del cabal en Yemen, que se encuentra junto a los campos de petróleo de Arabia Saudita, fue derrocado la semana pasada al mismo tiempo que moría el rey saudí Abdullah.

26 de enero de 2015

Dana Mrkich - Going Higher...Finally! - January 26, 2015

We've talked about the spiral path a lot in these posts to help explain how even though it may seem we are repeating issues and patterns over again, we are not going round in circles. Rather, we are always going higher, gaining new insights and awareness, and travelling deeper, seeing clearer into more aspects of our hidden selves.

Until recently, this has felt much like a never- ending excavation process with us wondering, when will it end? Well, we have finally broken through into a new space as a collective, allowing us a very new experience with our spiral path.

Selacia - Almas Gemelas y el Destino – Vínculos a lo Largo del Tiempo - 22 de Enero 2015

22 de Enero 2015

Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo


Las relaciones juegan un papel fundamental en su alegría y éxito en el 2015, y algunas conexiones de almas gemelas pueden ser influencias pivote en su destino a largo plazo. Para entender esto estén preparados para expandir su visión de lo que es un alma gemela y cómo los dos se ayudan a lo largo del tiempo.

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer - Optimal Report for 1/26 – 2/1/15

Hello friends. This week we have the movement of Venus which certainly does impact the relationship/beauty/value areas of our lives. She is moving from a more airy and detached position (Aquarius) to the deep, watery and compassionate Pisces on Tuesday, 1/27.
Pisces energy is great for increasing our capacity for peace, love and understanding of our fellow brethren. What it’s not great for is: self-sacrifice to the point of self-harm, illusion, dependency and keeping the rose-colored glasses on for too long. :) The next three weeks will be more idealistic than practical and sometimes that needed. A little harmless escapism can be fun right?
Also on Tuesday, we have short lived but potent Uranus-Mercury sextile.This is excellent for “Brainstorming” and problem solving, especially in areas where the answers may have escaped you recently. Since Uranus is a part of the equation, the information may come in suddenly, unexpectedly and/or with lightning speed. Stay OPEN.

Ron Head - You are this close… this close. – The Council - January 26, 2015

The Council
More than one hundred years ago a handful of men, physicists, made discoveries and advanced theories which turned their view of reality on its ear. Now, after all this time, many of those ideas have percolated through your societies far enough to be accepted and at least partially understood by a majority of you.

What has happened in the intervening years is that far, far more has been discovered. There are things which have been discovered, theorized, and proven, even put into use, which are still known to very few of you. And the intent of those who are using these things is that it should stay that way. The effect of spreading and acceptance of many of these things would revolutionize your entire world. You are being ‘protected’ from these things.

25 de enero de 2015

Sandra Walter – Crystal Codes : Galactics Sending Love – 25 January 2015

SandraWalterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Mid-way through the Gate passage today, I aligned with the Gateways and a few moments into meditation, Shazam – the bright flash of my Team coming through. They left us a new greeting in one of my Gate crystals! I felt the Team surround me, sending pure LOVE.
There is an incredible amount of lovelight washing through me with this Gate, and the crystal has anchored it, like a transceiver beaming Divine Love through my heart and my space. Thank you, beloveds! I feel this is a beautiful gift for all of us aligning with Divine Choice.

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 25 January 2015

marlene1-1January 25-February 1, 2015
Beloved Ones,
Many of you are finding the adage “know thyself” as a common theme that is shared by all at this time in one form or another. The fine tuning and recalibrating is still taking place and now you look ever more closely within yourselves to look at all the patterns you have played out throughout your lifetime and are now willing to face self in all its many facets. You are willing to take full responsibility for all that has shown up in your lives. You know you are the one who first created the experience in order to bring this pattern to the surface as that which has limited you in your forward movement and which needs to be transmuted and released. Open your hearts wider to this experience and be willing to see the beauty of the gift it has given you. It has brought you freedom from self imposed suffering and has assisted you to move beyond former limitations, sometimes in unexpected and totally surprising ways.
You now look at how you may further allow the unfolding of your greater perceptions, seeing your life and the events in it from the perspective of your divine self.


Kara Schallock - Life in the New - January 25, 2015

I know you know that we are in a whole new phase. Many are wondering if it is true, since they are experiencing much of the same purging energy and wonder what happened to the “promise” of being in the New World. Some are experiencing this New Life; they are the ones who have completed what they needed to let go of and have integrated the new high vibrational life of Flow and Ease. Most, however, are still needing to rearrange their lives according to how they’re guided and are either resisting doing that or are still in that process. And there are those who have done the work, but haven’t yet shifted to living in the New; not quite knowing how. Since my path is to address the highest potential of those who want to continue in their Ascension, I share this Note. Do remember, that New Life does not magically appear; we are the ones who bring it to fruition.


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,
Today clarity and the genuine observation of events 
is the tool in order to encounter this time with deep 

I am amongst you!

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