31 de marzo de 2017

Lisa Transcendence Brown - WE Consciousness ♦ Elevating & Expanding Consciousness Together - March 31, 2017

♦ WE Consciousness ♦ Elevating & Expanding Consciousness Together

Aloha beautiful galactic soul family,

As we expand our own heart-mind consciousness, we can see that we all have important roles here, important contributions, yet "in the beginning", we are not quite sure what that is or HOW we are supposed to accomplish this....

It's not as complicated as we make it (as a human). It is a process, as is all, of each one of us EVOLVING back into our pure & true selves and putting our own selfish way aside to open our hearts and minds fully to WANT TO BE A PART of something more, to DESIRE for all to experience the magic that is available, for ALL to AWAKEN to REMEMBERING fully again and to return to an existence where we all live, work and play together in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which is a deep sacred existence that emanates from the CORE of OUR TRUE ESSENCE BEING....

Natalie Glasson - Master Serapis Bey - The Next Ascension Phase: United Consciousness - March 31, 2017

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 31st March 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

I, Master Serapis Bey, am holding the Ascension light for you now. I do so in order to assist you in the next phase of your ascension. With the presence of your soul more fully embodied within your being and merging with your personality, a deep and thorough cleansing is being activated. Purification and cleansing are common in your ascension process; each new revelation invites you to let go of old energies, habits or perspectives in order to make space for the new realisations to be embodied.

To be embodied = to fully realise and experience within your physical body and earthly reality.

Dianne Robbins - Adama, High Priest of Telos - Using Crystals in the Inner Earth - March 2017

Using Crystals in the Inner Earth

Our Light comes from Crystals, coupled with electromagnetism that generates all the power we need to meet our needs.

Our Chariots

In the underground cities, we have chariots — so to speak — that carry us through the air from one location to another. Everything operates through a combination of Crystals and electromagnetic energy. We have no fossil fuels, hence no air or land pollution. What we don’t use we de-materialize instead of discarding. This way our land remains free and not cluttered as on the surface.

Alcyon Pleiades 28-2 (Republished): The Pope’s change of direction, threats-prophecies of IS

Alcyon Pléyades 28-2ª(REPUBLICADO): Peligro en el Vaticano, el Papa cambia, Profecías y Amenazas EI

Caroline Oceana Ryan - A Message to Lightworkers - March 31, 2017

The latest guidance from the Galactics, Earth Elementals, Ascended Masters, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Light Warriors! Warriors of Peace, and Creators of the New Earth!

We are pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Our writer has been traveling, and has had occasion to travel to Rennes-le-Chateau, a small castle and chapel in the Languedoc region of France.

There she explored a tower dedicated to the Spirit of Lady Master Mary Magdalene, and requested a message from her Grace.

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message - Friday March 31, 2017

Dear Ones, you cannot judge and love at the same time. Acceptance is what opens the door to true connection, while judgment only perpetuates separation. It is the pain of separation you are all seeking to heal beyond, whether it be the illusion of separation from Source, keeping yourself separate from others, or denying your own divinity through self judgment. Isn’t it time to open the floodgates of love and allow it to flow, boldly and beautifully, in all areas of your life? For that is the healing balm you seek, and that is how you will finally experience the joy of expressing yourself in your truth and divinity. ~Archangel Gabriel

Ron Head - The Council - Chaos and Peace - March 31, 2017

The Council – Chaos and Peace

As this new season begins, let us call your attention to what is and what mostly is not happening in your world.

It was forecast that this time would be chaotic on your world. We told you that most, if not all, of the structures of your societies would begin to crumble, that this is necessary before you can or will rebuild them into the new. And many of you are seeing the beginnings of this. We would like to point out for you what is not happening.

Selacia - Tips to Thrive in April 2017 - March 31, 2017


Right now and leading up to the April 10 Full Moon is a perfect time to set in motion new ideas, plans, and projects. The key to success is focus, presence, and acting on what you know with divine timing.

There is an energy of newness in the air. Projects and perhaps some of your relationships can benefit. Invite a knowing of new approaches to key relationships and creative pursuits. Updating your view of what's possible can create big shifts - even miracles.

30 de marzo de 2017

Geoffrey Hoppe - TIENE SENTIDO - Artículo Revista Shaumbra Abril 2016


Traducción: Héctor Ramallo

Trabajando con Tobías hace muchos años, recuerdo haber terminado una canalización y pensar: "Bueno, Tobías ha dicho todo lo que se podría decir, no hay nada más que hablar... Supongo que mi carrera de canalizador terminará pronto." Para mi sorpresa y alegría, Tobías solo se estaba entibiando. Ha estado hablando por otros nueve años antes de reencarnar de nuevo a la Tierra.

Entonces Adamus Saint-Germain entró. Ha estado con nosotros "en cada paso del camino" durante los últimos 7 años y medio. Si la sesión de Keahak del sábado pasado fue una indicación, no se va a quedar sin material para las conferencias en el futuro. Habló durante 90 minutos seguidos, sin descanso y con apenas una pausa. A veces olvida que los seres humanos tienen, bueno, las necesidades humanas, como beber agua, usar el baño o tomar un respiro.

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Plasma Crystalline LightBodies Linking Up to a Field of Super Consciousness as Crystals Form & Upgrade in Cycles That Effect How You Function In A Whole NEW Way - 3/30/2017

We are currently in the process of Completing a/the NEW Link-Up System for Multi-Galactics (Embodiers process differently... instantly/deeply/simultaneously as all occurs, instead of over the separation of time like before).

Honor your process. It's BEYOND huge right now, intricate gridwork re-everything in conjunction with our energetic/holographic field overlays to re-connect that which was "lost" before incarnation/walking into these physical body forms....

Steve Rother - ENFOQUE EN LA TRIALIDAD - Resurgimiento del poder femenino - Marzo de 2017

Resurgimiento del poder femenino

Presentados en vivo el 25 de febrero de 2017

Saludos, queridos:

Me uno a ustedes este día con el corazón pleno y abierto, porque soy Merlia. He venido para ayudarles a estabilizar sus energías y así retornar a un estado de equilibrio entre lo masculino y lo femenino. En este momento, la Tierra está clamando por la energía femenina debido a que el planeta ha permanecido en un estado de desequilibrio por demasiado tiempo. Cuentan ahora con muchas circunstancias, oportunidades y posibilidades para cambiarlo todo. Es evidente que se han visto en medio de una oleada de retroceso, algo que ha preocupado a muchos. Han observado que las cosas se han movido en el sentido contrario a lo que podrían considerar como un avance. Esto ha ocurrido a nivel mundial, no solo en determinado lugar. Es muy sencillo, lo impulsa el temor. Cuando los seres humanos sienten temor, retroceden en su propia evolución, y esto es lo que han presenciado a nivel global. Queridos, les aseguro que no estamos preocupados en absoluto. ¿Por qué? Porque hemos ubicado a personas poderosas en cargos importantes, en intersecciones de tiempo y espacio exactos desde donde podrán cambiar esta oleada. Sí, ellos pueden cambiar todas las partes de la oleada y convertir esto en una evolución.

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Thursday March 30, 2017

The alignment you seek is not an external place, but rather an internal space of beingness. It is connecting with your core, your divine presence, that has always existed within you. You get the idea that it is outside of you because you may use tools to get there – meditation, yoga, etc – but those tools only help you move back into your own truth within.

When you truly start understand that it all begins within, you will find that the frustration that comes from being externally focused and dependant upon the behaviour of others for your happiness disappears, and you suddenly become far more peaceful and accepting than ever before.

Aisha North - Water speaks - March 30, 2017

 Last week, on the international World Water Day, I was invited by a friend to take part in a yoga class dedicated to water. To me, water is a sacred substance. Not only is it a vital component of life and an important carrier of information, it is also what gives life to the paintings I make. So being invited to this special yoga class was for me a wonderful way to give something back.

I always go out into Mother Nature to collect the water I use when I paint, and I was guided to do the same on that day and bring it with me. My friend is very connected to the sea, so she brought a small bottle of seawater from the Oslo fjord to be blessed during the class. Before we started, she shared a little about the sacred properties of water, and of the importance of honoring it. We were asked to connect to our selves and to the water both within and without, and to set a personal intention for the day.

29 de marzo de 2017

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 29, 2017


Dear Ones, if you don’t get into the flow you simply cannot enjoy the magic and joy the unfoldment of your journey holds. ~Archangel Gabriel

Jennifer Hoffman - Reframing the Reality - Mar 29, 2017

If the news of the past few weeks has made you wonder whether the world has gone mad, we are all thinking that way. We have been bombarded with stories of government misdeeds, corruption, sex slavery rings run by the elite, horrible child abuse, and more that is not just offensive, it is an example of the vile, demented, and despicable behavior that has been ongoing for decades in the invisible world run by those who use their power, money, connections, and positions to protect themselves from prosecution. Why is there so much darkness if there is now so much light?

Sarah Varcas - Venus & Jupiter Retrograde - 29/03/2017

Relationship Rectification
Sarah Varcas

All dates are GMT

April 2017 sees an increase in retrograde activity, with roughly half of the month (9th – 15th April & 20th April – 3rd May) featuring four retrogrades. This is something we’ve not seen since September 2016 and is a celestial pattern which invites us to retreat, revisit and reflect.

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Your Journey Back from Amnesia Sleeping Matrix Unconsciousness & Emerging on NEW Earth in the Physical through Crystalline Matrix Embodiment - 3/29/2017

Activating and opening the Chambers of Your Pure Heart & Higher Mind/Universal (& Galactic) Consciousness

Beauty and simplicity, a connection to all as ONE, silence, purity, peace and a love that transcends all things human....

Anything can open your heart, when you are truly ready for this to occur. The HOW doesn't matter, just that the EXPERIENCE occur. That which was "lost" and forgotten from our existences "before"...
Before is just a vibration, other existences are too... for when you raise/expand your consciousness fully all emerges/occurs/is experienced in "this moment right here"....

Suzanne Lie - Quick Arcturian Bulletin-- MESSAGE TO ASCENDING ONES - 3-29-17

Message to the Ascending Ones
The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie
Dear Arcturians:
I spent last night collecting data about you from the Internet.  Some of it I have never heard and other information gave me a great validation that I really am in communication with you. I never knew that Edgar Cayce channeled you. How very interesting.  
I will have to find his messages from you to enhance my understanding of the best way to allow my third-dimensional self to step aside to allow my fifth-dimensional self to receive and translate your message, in a manner that myself, as well as all the others, can best understand and make use of your wonderful communications.

Sandra Walter - Timeline Split Progress: Integration and Alignment - Mar 29, 2017

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The second phase of the timeline shift completed with the New Moon on Monday. Gratitude to all who held the Solar focus as the flares arrived. Personally I AM experiencing a profound understanding of my Solar Self, and this pursuit of embodying the Solar Cosmic Christ state of beingness. Ascension is truly a sacred experience.

Vision Share

Among the many visions during last SUNday’s Unity Meditations was a clear image: Gaia appeared as a sycamore seed ball (painted to look like Earth), and a powerful galactic wind was blowing away the exterior fluff to reveal her crystalline core, which turned into a brilliant solar light. The old external reality was blown away, and she was shining as a brand new creation. This represents HUman Ascension as well as Gaia’s transformation. The revelation of our Higher Self and the New Earth as the cosmic winds intensify, the brilliant seed of the New, and the effect of the incoming light on lower realities.

Natalia Alba - The Energies of April 2017 ~ Transfiguration & Cosmic Initiation - March 29, 2017

Dwelling in the illuminated ethereal realms of Pisces during March, has been magical and revealing, but it was also intense, for we are still feeling the energies from the Eclipses and the deep inner/physical cleansing that we continue to experience. This new month of April, especially reigned by its "retrograde" energies, is an invitation to move inward before fully anchoring our soul desires - and creations - in the physical - rejuvenating ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. For we are not going to create anything authentic unless we are pure, ourselves.

28 de marzo de 2017

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 28, 2017

Dear Ones, it is safe to love and be loved. In fact, it is your divine mission. ~Archangel Gabriel

Sheldan Nidle Update~3-28-17


This week, the Galactic Fed. informed Sheldan that there is nothing new to report. Stay tuned for next week's Update to be posted on April 4.

Laura Pleiadian - Your Inner Temple - Increase in Light Frequency - March 28, 2017

The Angels and Beings of Light are celebrating your magical entrance.

Your entrance on the stage of your increased LIGHT awareness.

Light as the truth and Beauty of All That you are.

The Union and HOLY Vibration of Light Consciousness within your Heart and form.

Vibrating throughout your DNA ~ as the PURENESS of Being that You Are.

Living in Union with the eternal LIGHT as your ORIGINAL Light, that you ARE.

Linda Robinson - Archangel Zadkiel - "Staying Focused During Change" - April 2017


Message From Archangel Zadkiel ~ April 2017
Transmitted Through Linda Robinson

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Amethyst, and we greet you with Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss staying focused during change.

Many energy shifts are continuing to reach your planet. When this occurs, the existing energetic pattern may be affected. The energy is still there, but the form it takes can change.

Things may change form in the physical, mental or spiritual areas.

Many forces are at work during these shifts. Interests that have previously been a passing thought suddenly come to the forefront in your awareness, and you may feel a real call to explore them.

27 de marzo de 2017

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Monday March 27, 2017

When something comes up to be cleared it is a wonderful sign that you are ready to hold more light, to shine more light, to BE the light that you are. Coming into the light means there is an opportunity for healing and wholeness. It is always cause for celebration for it indicates evolution and energetic refinement. ~Archangel Gabriel

James Gilliland - The Liberation of Planet Earth - March 26, 2017


As many are feeling the impact of what is happening in their daily lives, very few know the source. It is like the world has gone mad yet the world has always been mad. People are now becoming more aware of it. The rabbit hole is a place few dare to venture, and the deeper one goes they have two choices: total denial and stay with the status quo or brutal honesty; which also means they have been willing participants in a very sick and twisted world, some knowingly, some unknowingly.

Kryon por Lee Carroll - Hermandad Femenina Lemuriana (34) - Vancouver, Canadá, Marzo de 2017


Canalización de Kryon por Lee Carroll
ante la Hermandad Femenina Lemuriana (34)
en Vancouver, Canadá, Marzo de 2017 

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.
Para quienes no han oído esto antes, quiero que entiendan: mi socio se aleja - debe hacerlo - para honrar lo que está aquí, una reunión de mujeres. Ya les hemos dicho antes: ignoren la voz de varón, si pueden. Él no está aquí en lo que se está diciendo; lo oirá más tarde. Esto es para ustedes.
Tal vez es muy difícil para ustedes recibir un mensaje para mujeres de la voz que están percibiendo; quiero que descarten eso. Quiero que oigan el amor puro desde donde esto se les da.

Kryon por Lee Carroll - Cambio Inesperado - Vancouver, Canadá, 19 de marzo de 2017

Canalización de Kryon por Lee Carroll
en Vancouver, Canadá, 19 de marzo de 2017

Cambio Inesperado 

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético
Cada vez que comienza un mensaje hay unos pocos momentos de adaptación. La adaptación es para mi socio, es para ustedes, es para quienes escuchan, porque los mensajes verdaderamente se dan casi en otra dimensión. Para el ser humano es la dimensión de la creencia. Si ustedes pudieran realmente cambiar de engranajes y, en su mente, dejar de escuchar a un humano y en cambio escuchar un mensaje multidimensional desde el otro lado.

Brenda Hoffman - Fear Mongers Lost the War - March 27, 2017


Dear Ones,

Have you noticed that you are starting to use your new skills – that is, new skills in this earth lifetime?

Perhaps you do not believe such for your life seems the same as it was last week – or last year. We beg to differ. Much has happened in your world indicating you have created a new earth life with your new powers. Signals abound – from your political world to your personal life.

Maybe you are not yet willing to view that shift. Such is to be expected. Not because your world is not shifting, but because you must shift your perceptions before you notice the difference.

Marilyn Raffaele - El Grupo Arcturiano - 26-03-2017

1600x985 9705 Tree of Life 2d landscape tree fantasy picture image digital artQueridos, venimos en amor y con mensajes de verdad para vosotros en estos tiempos de caos e incertidumbre.
Hay una energía de tristeza universal dentro de la comunidad espiritual porque miran y no ven signos evidentes de la iluminación mundial que esperaban.
Entended que mucho de lo que fue vaticinado para estos tiempos ha estado basado en conceptos tridimensionales que sólo pueden reflejar lo que ya se conoce.
La realidad espiritual no baila en sueños tridimensionales, pero sin embargo no dudéis de que está intensamente presente y fluyendo con profusión en este momento.
Confiad y permitid el proceso, tanto dentro como fuera, no creyendo nunca que un mundo de creciente Luz Divina podría retroceder a menos de lo que ya ha obtenido.

Pleiadian Broadcast March 2017

26 de marzo de 2017

Evento Kryon - Historia de la Bebita Lyla - Vancouver, Canadá, 19 de marzo de 2017

Narrado en el Evento Kryon
en Vancouver, Canadá, 19 de marzo de 2017

Historia de la Bebita Lyla 

Entonces estamos bastante seguros de que era en enero de 2012, o tal vez febrero de 2012, pero fue en 2012. Era mi primera vez aquí y la primera vez que me encontraba con Cheryl, y en este salón tan bien recibida, el escenario estaba en la otra punta, donde hoy estaba su comida.
A una hora de empezar ese sábado se me acercó una mujer y estaba como... desolada. Dijo: "Tengo una amiga que tiene una bebita, que está en el hospital, ella tuvo un derrame, y yo sé que usted está dando sesiones aquí, de modo que me pregunto si vería al bebé," y yo había hecho mucho trabajo con nuevas mamás y bebés, post parto, recién nacidos. Pero nunca con alguien que hubiera tenido un derrame, yo no sabía qué pasaba, todo me venía por intermedio de esta mujer. Yo dije "Espíritu, ¿qué quieres que yo haga?" Y lo que oí fue: "Haz que ella te llame." De modo que dije eso: "Dile que me llame." De modo que al fin del día fui a mi cuarto y había un llamado. Escuché el mensaje y en ese momento obviamente con el corazón roto y llorando, pidió si por favor, por favor, podía ver a su hijita que en ese momento tenía tres días de nacida, no, cuatro.

Kryon por Lee Carroll - El Hombre en la Caja - Vancouver, Canadá, 18 de marzo de 2017

Canalización de Kryon por Lee Carroll
en Vancouver, Canadá, 18 de marzo de 2017

El Hombre en la Caja 

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.
Es el comienzo de este día, momento en que doy un mensaje breve para todos los que escuchan. A menudo el mensaje del comienzo los desafía a creer. ¿Qué están oyendo en este momento? ¿Oyen al humano? ¿O es algo más allá de eso? Y esa siempre será la percepción, la elección, de todos los que están aquí. La consciencia siempre ha sido la clave para responder a esa pregunta. La consciencia que tal vez ve cosas lineales y que ve esto como imposible, o piensa por encima de eso, o ha experimentado la energía anteriormente y sabe que lo que se presenta no proviene del hombre en la silla.

Lena Stevens y Patricia Liles - Actualización de la Luna Nueva 27-3-17 - 24 de Marzo 2017


Traducción: Laura Gualtieri
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Queridos amigos,
La Luna Nueva es el lunes, 27 de marzo a las 8:58 PM hora de verano de la montaña (MDT).

Queridos amigos,

Estén atentos a la agresión desmedida y a las reacciones exageradas y desbordadas. Seamos el observador neutral en lugar de entrar en la lucha. Este es un buen día para poner algunos límites alrededor de su recién nacido ser y pasar un tiempo con uno mismo y por el camino de la reactividad y el juicio. Usemos la poderosa energía potente para vitalizar las propias intenciones y llenar los espacios que ahora están libres como resultado de lo que han soltado. Trabajemos con el sol y estemos en contacto con la naturaleza.



Este mes, Pat Liles ha escrito sus Notas Astrológicas durante todo el mes de marzo. Incluyendo la Luna Llena del 12 de marzo y esta Luna Nueva del día 27.

MARZO 2017
Número 219

Creado, canalizado, escrito, publicado y registrado con Amor y dedicación a la Luz
por Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

El Despertar Cuántico es traducido con amor al español por Susy Peralta, de Argentina.
Gracias, querida dama de luz.


*** De su anfitriona de Luz
*** Una vuelta en la rueda de la fortuna (¡Qué bien nos vendría una pista ahora!)
*** Las líneas ley y los marcadores de tiempo se bambolean como boyas en el mar
*** Mujer Búfalo Blanco: Dejen que sus Espíritus cabalguen en el extremo del arco iris
*** Alto Consejo de Luz de Sirio


¡Hola a todos! ¡No sé ustedes, pero me han pateado tanto el trasero cósmico que puedo usar jeans ajustados! Pensé que después de sostener la luz y trabajar para ella durante medio siglo, las cosas serían más fáciles.
Indudablemente, no hay vida fácil en el espacio exterior. Cada condenada molécula está luchando consigo misma y su derecho a estar viva en cualquier forma. Toda vida responde al llamado para regenerarse. El renacuajo ya no es feliz siendo lo que es. La oruga exige convertirse en mariposa y la vida exige todo lo demás.

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Sunday March 26, 2017

Dear Ones, it is your surrender, trust, and faith that keeps you in your most abundant state of flow, as well as in a state of open acceptance and allowing. They are the vital keys to all that you wish to experience and create. Simply put, if you choose not to stay in your surrendered faith and flow with your trust, you are choosing to keep yourself separate from the stream of endless support and love that is available to you. Trust is both the anchor and the activator that allows the potentials you never knew were available to make themselves known to you and expand your life in the most miraculous ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

Mike Quinsey - Canalizando a su Ser Superior - 24 de Marzo, 2017

Muchos de vosotros estáis bien preparados para la Ascensión, pero también hay algunos que se están quedando atrás y con pocas posibilidades de que realmente mejoren su posición en el tiempo que queda. Sin embargo, a todas las almas se les darán todas las oportunidades de elevarse, aunque nadie puede hacerlo por ellos. Todos habéis hecho un largo camino con vuestras experiencias desde el principio, cuando caísteis a uno de los niveles más bajos. El hecho de que tantos de vosotros os hayáis elevado mientras experimentabais tantos duros retos es una prueba de vuestra determinación y perseverancia. Pronto recogeréis los frutos de vuestros logros y seréis felicitados por ello. Una cosa segura es que no tendréis que caminar este camino de nuevo, porque el tiempo de pruebas en las bajas vibraciones ha pasado y todos sois más grandes por vuestros logros.

Marilyn Rafaelle - The Arcturian Group - March 26, 2017

Dear ones, we come in love and with messages of truth for you in these times of turmoil and uncertainly. There is an energy of universal mourning within the spiritual community as they observe and see no apparent signs of the world enlightenment they had expected.

Understand that much of what was anticipated for these times has been based in three dimensional concepts which can only reflect what is already known. Spiritual reality does not dance to third dimensional dreams, but never doubt that it is nevertheless intensely present and flowing in profusion at this time. Trust and allow the process both within and without, never believing that a world of ever increasing Divine Light would or even could regress to less than what has already been attained.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel - Now is the time for those who believe to let go of fear and reach their hand forward to be held and led by the Angels of Light - March 26, 2017

Dear One,

When you resolve to let go of fear, an amazing energy is set into motion. It is as though hands of Angels join together in circles of light around you, keeping you protected and nurtured. When you walk, you are carried by these Angels “lest you strike your foot against a stone,” as is said in Psalm 91.

Sometimes letting go of fear can feel as though you are walking off a cliff. However, it is often necessary to take this large step in order to make the greatest progress in your life. When your intention is to serve the Highest Good in all you do, and when you have the willingness to move through your fear of the unknown, this step off a cliff will be into the arms of these magnificent beings of light. Angels will assist you to fly to the heights of grandeur and to the depths of peace.

25 de marzo de 2017

Lauren C. Gorgo - Convergencia: la implosión de pasado y futuro - 20 de Marzo 2017

Traducción: Marcela Borean
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

¡Feliz Equinoccio! Nos acercamos oficial y rápidamente a un punto de culminación final, un importante momento de fusión de p...madre y la completa división entre los programas de realidad 3D y 5D (líneas de tiempo) que iniciarán la etapa final de encarnación para aquellos listos, dispuestos y capaces.

Esto va a equivaler a una temporada de energía comprimida de cambio.

Las últimas 4 semanas fueron en su mayor parte flotar-nadar-ahogarse en el vacío de nuestro potencial y, sin embargo, increíblemente TANTO está sucediendo bajo la superficie. Finalmente, el sol cambia a Aries hoy, el año nuevo astrológico comienza, y aquellos potenciales recientemente activados comenzarán ahora a recorrer su camino hacia el mundo físico.

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Saturday March 25, 2017

Dear Ones, so many of you see being trusting as being foolish but in reality trust is what opens the door to love, to healing, to creation, and expansion. Trust is heart-centred movement, which is at the core of your enlightenment process and how to move with and harness the higher vibrating energies you are now experiencing. It is safe to trust a universe that only loves and supports you, and it is safe to trust yourself to start to navigate your life through the divine intelligence of your heart. ~Archangel Gabriel

Asara - Adama´s Latest Energy Update - March 25, 2017

Adama of Telos:

"Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

With the intense energies of the Spring Equinox, you are leaving layers of your lower dimensional energy body behind, and are now activating higher dimensional energy bodies.

Nancy Tate - Wake up Call: Horus - March 25, 2017

I am here to let you know that there is something coming around the bend for all of you. It is something that you have not been looking forward to because you have not been told that it is on it’s way. It is something that is totally a gift, and will bring so many of you to your knees. As I give this information through this one I do so with the knowledge that you may be wondering, as you read this, what in the world I am speaking of. I tell you that it is something that you will recognize when it comes forth, and it will be a personal outcome for each of you. Therefore I cannot be explicit and tell you what it is, because each of you will find it is personal to what is the right thing for your life. It will have all of the particulars that suit what you will find appropriate for the coming times.

Aisha North - Water Speaks - I am fire - March 25, 2017

I am fire

The alchemist.

Breathing life into the phoenix.

Rising from the ashes of what was.

Setting off sparks.

Igniting new life.


 Posted on March 25, 2017 by Aisha North • Bente Amundsen I am fire.

Natalie Glasson - Arcángel Metatrón - Sanación con el Prisma de Luz - 21-03-2017

Yo, el Arcángel Metatrón, vengo con una herramienta enérgica para apoyarte en esta etapa de tu ascensión.
La Herramienta de Sanación del Prisma de Luz de nace de los altos niveles vibratorios del Reino Angélico; es una forma enérgica que te conecta con el Universo del Creador.
El Prisma de Luz Sanadora recoge la conciencia divina del Creador, sosteniéndolos como colores vibratorios de luz.
El Prisma de Luz Sanadora está conectado a todos los Rayos de Luz, incluyendo a los Doce Rayos de Luz y a todas las demás expresiones del Creador que existen dentro del Universo del Creador.

Sheldan Nidle - 21 de Marzo, 2017

 4 Men, 18 Ceh, 3 Caban

¡Dratzo! Hay un extraño silencio que lo permea todo. Los bandidos de la noche, la cábala, creen que el actual periodo de nadeidad significa que la cábala puede, hasta cierto punto, controlar aún lo que sucede. Consecuentemente, los Ancianos están monitorizando cautelosamente el ritmo de cambio. Nuestros enlaces aún informan de que el proceso para comenzar un arresto masivo está casi completo. El actual régimen Americano de facto sigue conociendo totalmente sus defectos. El fin se está acercando mientras el actual régimen muestra la vaciedad que tanto han caracterizado sus movimientos oficiales. La Luz, como se vio anteriormente, se está preparando para un posible avance a su debido tiempo. Como siempre, las cosas se están cociendo por debajo de la superficie. Los elementos de esta extraña realidad están más desunidos que nunca. En este momento, la condición dominante es un extraño tipo de malestar. Todo esto no está destinado a durar mucho tiempo más. Los oscuros están comenzando a notar un ritmo inusual que hemos instalado justo debajo de sus pies. Todo está en el calendario divino y eso es algo que la cábala ya no puede ignorar más.

24 de marzo de 2017

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Friday March 24, 2017

Human beings will be enlightening faster than ever before. There is much potential for true and profound change on your planet. This is due to the combination of higher vibrational energies flooding your planet, as well as the efforts of those who have gone first, who have tamped down and widened the path for others to follow. This acceleration is more proof that the shift is indeed happening, and that the potentials and possibilities for your planet, and her inhabitants, are vast. Allow yourselves to continue to grow and expand, Dear Ones, holding your heart-centred space of love and encouragement for all, and know that your consistent choices and acts of service are paying off in ways that will only become more obvious and profound moving forward. ~Archangel Gabriel

Lena Stevens - New Moon Update 3-27-17 - March 24, 2017

New Moon Update 3-27-17

New Moon is Monday, March 27 at 8:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Dear Friends,

Watch for misguided aggression and fiery overreactions. Be the neutral observer instead of getting into the fray. This is a good day to put some boundaries around your newly birthed self and spend some time by yourself and way from reactivity and judgment. Use the fiery potent energy to vitalize your own intentions and fill up the spaces that are now free as a result of what you have surrendered. Work with the sun and be out in nature.



This month, Pat Liles has written her Astrological Notes for the whole month of March. Includes the Full Moon on March 12th and this New Moon on the 27th.

Lisa Transcendence Brown - ALL NEW ENERGIES NOW RULE - March 24, 2017


Aloha beautiful galactic soul family,

Higher timelines to support each's next phase of the human's SOUL JOURNEY now..... Yes, each aspect experiences this very differently. The more human, the more physical. The more SOUL, the more it's all JUST ENERGY....

At first, everyone had to work to get their heart open... not a little bit, all of the way (and many are still in this part of the process now). Every bit of emotional everything has to cleanse the cellular body. Each emotion partnered with a thought or belief of separation (unconsciousness). This created duality/dualistic realities until all unifies and merges back into the PURITY OF LOVE within.

Higher consciousness existence means your mind too. The higher mind is very different than the human mind and each must learn/remember how to function using the HIGHER MIND which is the observer through the higher heart. It's awareness that was not there before. It's a connection with all things as ONE, it's you as your higher self observing the outside world with new eyes and seeing what you did not have the capability to before.

Ailia Mira - The Council of Radiant Light - Reclaiming Your True Foundation - 24 March 2017

Message from the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello Beloved Ones,

We greet you in love. We are commencing this transmissions to invite you to reclaim your true foundation. We shall lay out a foundation and invite you to feel how you feel in response to these fundamental ideas we're sharing. We're inviting you to feel how you feel about embracing these ways of orienting to your life as a new basis for your experience here. Yet in reality is is more accurately a reclaiming of your true state of being.

Fran Zepeda - Bringing Forth the Light - March 24, 2017


I heard the call of the Raven** this morning, loud and persistent atop the tall trees outside. It wouldn’t let up its penetrating cries until I went outside to listen, and received and absorbed the beautiful potent golden Rays of the Sun and beyond, prompting me to go within and feel my core and illuminate and clear all there to be released.

And the Raven continued its cacophony, flitting back and forth from one to the other of three tall Redwood trees, each time resuming its serenade, beckoning, in an invitation to feel the beautiful divine essence at my core. The beautiful Raven welcomed me into its embrace of Oneness and I basked in the warmth and loving embrace of the energies present.

Natalie Glasson - Archangel Metatron - Prism of Light Healing - March 24, 2017

Prism of Light Healing
by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 24th March 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

I, Archangel Metatron, come forth with an energetic tool to support you at this stage of your ascension. The Prism of Light Healing Tool is born from the high vibrational levels of the Angelic Kingdom; it is an energetic form which connects you to the Universe of the Creator. The Prism of Light Healing collects the divine consciousness of the Creator, holding them as vibrational colours of light. The Prism of Light Healing is connected to all Rays of Light including the Twelve Rays of Light and all other expressions of the Creator that exist within the Universe of the Creator. Energy and consciousness from the Universe of the Creator exists within an energetic hexagonal Prism form which is composed of the highest frequency of Angelic Light. Only pure, focused divine light can exist within the Prism, manifesting as a myriad of colours, so beautiful, some vibrant others pale and translu cent. The Prism is a space that you can connect with and even exist within which holds and somewhat contains a concentrated source of divine Creator frequencies which have the ability to align you further with the Creator. Potent is the Prism of Light connected to the Universe of the Creator that it is known to aid and enhance all forms of self-healing on any levels of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 24 March 2017

Many of you are well prepared for Ascension, but some are also lagging behind with little chance that they will really improve their position in the time that is left. However, each soul will be given every opportunity to lift themselves up, and no one else can do it for them. You have all come a long way with your experiences since the beginning when you dropped down to one of the lowest levels. The fact that so many of you have risen up whilst experiencing many tough challenges is a credit to your determination and perseverance. You will soon reap the benefit of your achievements and are to be congratulated for them. One thing for sure is that you will not have to walk this pathway again, as the time for testing in the lower vibrations has passed and you are all the greater for your achievements.
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