30 de marzo de 2017

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Plasma Crystalline LightBodies Linking Up to a Field of Super Consciousness as Crystals Form & Upgrade in Cycles That Effect How You Function In A Whole NEW Way - 3/30/2017

We are currently in the process of Completing a/the NEW Link-Up System for Multi-Galactics (Embodiers process differently... instantly/deeply/simultaneously as all occurs, instead of over the separation of time like before).

Honor your process. It's BEYOND huge right now, intricate gridwork re-everything in conjunction with our energetic/holographic field overlays to re-connect that which was "lost" before incarnation/walking into these physical body forms....

We are in a huge re-programming process as well, in addition to upgrading our structures to be more precisionly tuned. I'll share more as we go. I'm doing this process while trying to work... in super-slo-mo-barely-functioning mode....

These are "whole body/whole field" re-connections.... ∞

Now i know why everything was "way off" last night, huge timelines cleared in our sleep/activations and DNA re-writing too.

Now I see why I was shown to acquire my new huge moldavite and another awesome different meteorite that arrives next week (which I shall of course photo and share to activate you all too!).

I love you! Exquisite everything occurring. We are moving through timelines without them even needing to materialize. It's weird to observe them all just "go by", different than the Akashic filmstrips that we cleared long ago..... These are Galactic "Records" like a Super Quantum Carousel or roulette wheel just spinning with multi-galaxy frames until we "stop" the vibrational frame (timeline) that our newly constructed "Body Field" tunes to. How cool! ♥

Happy "NEW Existence" loves! And there's more. Wowness without words for sure. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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