19 de marzo de 2017



March will bring us huge waves of Quantum Surf, both on personal levels and for us as a collective. We can already feel the energy building up for this. As we now know, all shifts aren't necessarily easy or pretty. They demand us to constantly take off the distorted glasses of duality and look BEYOND all outer appearances. Quantum Surf challenges us to continue to be ultra alert of where we place our focus.

There's the feeling that our entire landscape, both inner and outer, is being greatly reconfigured, even though some things may outwardly appear to be the same as before. Every month of this year brings us more elements which are On the Line. We know that we have already gone well past the Point of No Return.

Before, we might have had a well ordered, somewhat predictable, life; now it feels like almost anything could happen at any time. This makes us feel extremely unsettled and requires us to be ultra aware at all times. Many of our comfortable, normal daily habits are being broken and our complacency is being continually shattered. But just like being freed from a prison, this also makes us feel more awake, excited, energized and alive!

Because of the profound changes occurring and the barrage of unsettling energies we are experiencing daily, we may find it tricky to navigate through our continually transforming landscape. Using our expanded perception, we need to constantly develop new skills and new "Out of the Box" solutions in order to get through each day. We need to set our coordinates to Stepping Free of Duality and Fully Inhabiting the New Reality. It also greatly helps when we put our focus on the world we want to create, rather than on all the things that we know are wrong in duality.

Inside our beings much activity is taking place. It's similar to one of those virus scans on a computer which zooms through all the files to see which ones are corrupted and need to be either repaired or deleted. The same process is going on within us right now. It's time for spring cleaning, no matter where we live in the world. All month long, we will be scanning our beings and releasing expired beliefs, behaviors, old ways of doing things and duality-based perceptions. We will also be cleaning and reorganizing some of the hidden corners in our living spaces, such as storerooms and closets. This will open us up to receive an increased creative flow.

The Unknown is full and pregnant and the new birth is imminent. Many of us can strongly feel something massive building up on the near horizon ~ the arrival of something which we couldn't see before.

We are in the process of stepping into a whole new realm of awareness. We are standing in the centerpoint of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW. As we become more authentic and true, more concentric circles appear around us. There are circles within circles within the Wheel. These concentric circles create the Blueprint of the New Reality. They are our Key to stepping out of duality.

When we stop seeing ourselves as simply normal people living normal lives and instead see ourselves as sitting in the centerpoint of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW as the King or Queen of our realm, a great shift takes place. Not only are we balanced and empowered, but we have positioned ourselves OUTSIDE and BEYOND duality. This is the position where we can be the most effective in bringing positive, lasting change to the planet.

As we increasingly anchor our beings in Trueness, new, larger circles appear. This isn't simply an expansion of our core self ~ there's an element of exciting newness about who we are becoming. We are expanding our awareness into totally new territory that is totally Off the Map of the Known.

Seeded in these rings of concentric circles are the elements which we want or need to manifest in our lives. The Crystal Arrows of our True Purpose are there. These show us the unique ways in which we can best serve the planet and humanity. Our True Partners, True People and True Homes are also seeded within these circles. But if we currently have four visible circles in our Wheel and what we want to manifest is located in the eighth circle, we can't manifest it until we expand our awareness to encompass the eighth circle.

We can't leave the centerpoint of our Wheel and run around trying to find the eighth circle. We can't reach out and try to grab it out of thin air and pull it to us. Searching or trying to force it to happen won't work. We cannot clearly see or access the larger circles that we aren't yet fully living. First, we have to incorporate them in our every day lives.

We must stand strong and true within our Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW until it naturally expands. We cannot allow ourselves to be smaller than we really are and just inhabit one or two of our circles. And I might add that if we don't honor the circles which we already have by fully incorporating them into our daily lives, they may well disappear back into the Invisible.

Seeded within our unmanifest circles are everything that we most desire in order to fulfill Who We Are and Why We Are Here on every level possible. These seeds are like jewels scattered on a thread, sparkling in the Sun. These seeds on the concentric circles around us on the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW replace our Sealed Orders which have become too linear, since we are now leaving the linear patterning of duality. They are also different than what was encoded into our Cellular Memory Banks right before we first came to this planet which were the instructions and remembrances which brought us to this point, but will not take us much further.

We haven't encountered these seeds before. This is because they come from the New Reality of AN which is what brings in the element of new freshness. It's time for us to fully align ourselves to the Blueprint of the New Reality.

• • • ∆ • • •

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete MARCH 2017 SURF REPORT. The Full March Surf Report contains sections on: The February 2017 Review, Shock upon Repeated Shock - Part Two, The Planetary Wobble, Reprogramming our Responses, The Blueprint of the New Reality and the March 2017 Overview.

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