Glosario Galáctico para Principiantes-Galactic Glossary for Beginners

Alien Abductions - The Truth About Alien Abductions

Alien abductions did happen but they ended in the 1990s when The Illuminati/Annunaki left the planet. Abductions were conducted by The Greys, sometimes at the direction of The Illuminati. The Greys abducted people because they were engaged in hybrid reproduction experiments. The miniseries “Taken” actually dramatized a lot of what happened very accurately.
The Greys do not have souls – they are a negative thought form created by the Annunaki – and they were trying to find a way to continue existing. They even approached Mother and Father God at one point to ask if they could be given souls.
The Greys also engaged in cattle mutilations for a time because they were looking for food.

The Greys are dissolving now because their source of energy – Humanity’s negative emotions like fear – has been cut off. The Greys, like The Cabal, really have no power any longer and should not be feared. If you raise your vibration, stay in The Present Moment of Now, and say good-bye to fear, The Greys and the Cabal cannot hurt you.
Ascension – December 21, 2012. What happened?
Mother Earth ascended on 12/12/12. On that date, a portal opened in preparation for Humanity’s ascension on 12/21/12. Humanity passed through the portal and some people ascended to a higher level of consciousness but most of Humanity did not.
However, Humanity did move into 5D frequencies, which we are now all living with and integrating. Some people are choosing, on a higher level, to not move into 5D and they will shift (they will experience a physical death). That is their choice and we do not judge them or try to convince them of anything. Their body holograms will expire and their souls – their True Selves – will return to Source and then reside on the starships in our atmosphere until we complete our mission here. They will help us from the starships.
In December of 2012, we received a two-year extension to complete our mission because it was clear that Humanity as a collective was not ready to ascend. This means that Humanity must move into 5D before 12/21/14.
Previously, we said that before 12/21/12, several events would occur. Some of these events have occurred, just not in the way most of us envisioned them. This is a good example of why it is helpful to have no expectations. Energy, which creates all the changes we are going through, does not work the way most things work in 3D. It does not follow rules and timetables or try to meet deadlines.
For example, we know that the cabal is finished. The remaining cabal minions are in the process of surrendering. Working together, Beings both off and on the planet have ensured that they are on the way out. If you have been following The Press, you are familiar with some of the things our own staffers have accomplished, like severing the energetic cords of formerly powerful people at the Vatican, the Pentagon, and Buckingham Palace, so they can no longer feed off our energy.

What you are seeing now is the last desperate attempts of remaining cabal members to hang on. Again, this is an illusion. Because so many people are clinging to the illusion, it will not disappear in the blink of an eye.

Reliable reports indicate that the new economic system is in place and will be enacted soon. The same is true for the other things we have been waiting for – disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence (starships) and disclosure of our true history, etc. These things will happen, but we don’t know when. We suggest you do not focus on these things but instead focus on your own spiritual development.
At some point, Earth will be evacuated. Major changes, like the moving of land masses and a pole shift will occur. Some people will go to Inner Earth and some will go aboard starships before the final Earth changes happen. Then, some people will return to the surface of Mother Earth to continue co-creating a new 5th Dimensional Civilization while others will return home or embark on new missions elsewhere. This mission will culminate in Earth becoming a Blue Starseed Nation and Humanity becoming Galactic Citizens.
The best way to help yourself and Humanity is to stay on the Path to Full Consciousness - keep shedding your ego and raising your level of consciousness so that you are holding as much Light as possible. Focusing on other things, like the new financial system, is a distraction and will only delay them happening. Remember, every person who is holding a great amount of Light helps to raise the vibration of SEVEN MILLION other people.
Ascension comes from within – it simply means to move to a higher level of consciousness and it happens to each of us more than once. If you are still looking to outside sources to give you answers and make change, then you need to work on your own spiritual development more. Let go of everything that comes from ego/fear and instead choose to give and receive Love. Choose LOVE in every moment. It really is that simple.
Yes, YOU ARE The One. You are The One that you have been waiting for. On 12/12/12 your Higher Self came in to be with you as much as was possible for you at that time. If you have not been feeling any differently, then you need to work on your spiritual development more. En-joy!

Ascension is Free (no money required) - Some people are charging money for things like “Ascension Lessons.” Should we pay for these?
Ascension is free. The Light is available to everybody on this planet and this ascension process is really about remembering who you are, finding your own inner guidance, and connecting with your Higher Self. These are all things you can and should do yourself. If you want to participate in paid courses, workshops, etc., that is entirely up to you we do not recommend it. Think about it – do you really need a middleman to help you connect with yourself?
The Kingdom of Heaven is within. We encourage ALL to go within rather than without for Truth. Looking to outside sources for guidance and answers is old paradigm thinking. It means giving away your power. Trusting yourself and developing your own inner guidance is 5D or the New Paradigm.
Charging money for “Spiritual Services” is a sign that one is in spiritual ego. A spiritual ego can only help you make progress to a certain point on the Path to Full Consciousness. If you rely on gurus and spiritual teachers instead of yourself to progress, you will get stuck.

Additionally, relying on sources outside yourself to pursue your own spiritual development can open you up to manipulation and control by the minions and their handlers. Ultimately, letting somebody else take charge of your spiritual development will leave you stuck, uncentered, and unbalanced.
Help is available to you here at The Galactic Free Press. Our Family at The Press is your Family, too. We are One. We are here to support you and provide guidance, assistance, and information. We Love you unconditionally! We are also your Divine Mirrors – reflections of you that help you see who you really are and what you need to release to connect with your Higher Self. When you connect with us, you dive into the River of the Oneness Energies. You can contact us at any time and also join us in the chat room every day for support. We also provide Awakening Sessions to assist you. You can read more about our Awakening Sessions in this FAQ.

Astral Plane, Etheric Plane and 4D
The Astral Realm is also known as The Fourth Dimension. The Fourth Dimension serves as a bridge between 3 and 5D. There are no 4D civilizations but right before Atlantis and Lemuria fell, they were in 4D. The Fourth Dimension could be described as a mental/emotional plane where the mental and the emotional are transformed into compassion and Love.
The Etheric Plane (5D) is also known as Heaven.

Awake – Are You Awake? What does this mean?
If you are reading this, you are probably Awake and on the path to full consciousness. You “wake up” when you realize the truth of who you are: a multi-dimensional Being (soul) having a 3D experience in a human body.

Reaching full consciousness is a process. The more open you are to it, the easier and quicker it is. Reaching full consciousness involves many things like embracing LOVE, Being LOVE, shedding your ego, and accepting and understanding Higher Truths. Although we are on the same path, each of us is unique and will have a unique experience. However, reaching out to and communicating with others who are going through the same process will help a lot.

Awakening Sessions – What Are Awakening Sessions?
Mother and Father God host Awakening Sessions for anybody who requests one. Participating in an Awakening Session will accelerate your progress in reaching Full Consciousness and bring you more into the Oneness Energy. You will experience a greater connection to our Family and feel the LOVE even more than you do now. Donations are requested to pay the energy exchange forward but not required for these sessions.

Through these Sessions, We Can Assist You In Multi-Dimensional Ways. Here are just a few things we offer in our sessions: Balancing Vibrational Frequencies, Assistance through the Ascension Process, Clearing Blocks, Inner Balance, and Chakra Alignments. WE Assist in connecting you with your Angelic Teams and helping you remember your Part of the Divine Mission. WE assist you into Full Consciousness, Heaven Consciousness, Connection to The God Within, Conscious Awareness, Joy and Happiness. We will Also Assist you In Being Present in the Moment of Now, so that you can get to the Experience of the Magic Of Creation. Each Session is Based on the Uniqueness of the individual, since each being is Unique. We are Highly Trained in Human Consciousness, and give you tools to help yourself and others.

Channeled Messages – What’s the deal?
The subject of Channeled Messages is a complicated one. Some channeled messages are very reliable but others are not. Any channeled message is compromised to some degree because it is filtered through somebody’s mind/ego. That doesn’t mean it can’t be true, though, because we all know The Truth about all sorts of things on some level. However, if a channeler is having issues with ego, the message or parts of the message may not be True.
There are a few people on Earth who contracted to receive channeled messages from other Beings. Messages presented from anybody else are questionable. We do not post channeled messages on The Press unless they are True. When you read a channeled message, you should always use your own discernment to see whether it resonates with you or not.

Death – No such thing?
There is no such thing as death. You are an eternal Being of Light. Death is another illusion that only exists in this program. When a Human body dies, the soul that was inhabiting it returns to Source.

Discernment - What do you mean when you say, “Use your own discernment?”
The only way to know for sure if something is True is to go within. Only your Heart can tell you if something is True. That’s what we mean when we say you should embrace what resonates with you – when you connect with Spirit, your Heart, your Soul, and your guides tell you what The Truth is. Your Higher Self knows The Truth about all of your experiences, such as your other incarnations. Your Higher Self also knows The Truth about everything that is happening right now, so when you form a good connection with your Higher Self, you will learn and remember a lot.

Donations – Why do you ask for donations?
We don’t like asking for donations but we have to do it in order to survive! Those of us who live on donations to The Press are earning less than minimum wage. We are in service to Humanity 24 hours a day. We only ask for donations from those who can share. When you make a LOVE share to us who are in service to Love, you get LOVE in return because in this dimension, money represents energy. It’s up to us whether we choose to make that energy positive or negative. Thank you to ALL who support our work.

Earth Allies – Who are the Earth Allies?
We are all Earth Allies. We incarnated here to be of service during the ascension process. We are also part of the Ground Crew. This distinguishes us from other Beings who are also helping but are in other places, like on starships.

Usually when you see a “Message from the Earth Allies” on the Galactic Free Press, it indicates that the message is from a staff member.

Earth History/Illuminati/Cabal
About 13,000 years ago, negative ET forces took control of Earth. They became known as “The Illuminati.” In the 1990’s these ET Illuminati turned back to The Light and left the planet. However, their human minions, known as “The Cabal,” refused to return to The Light and continued to run the planet and control Humanity.

The Cabal is made up of people like The Pope, Queen Elizabeth, The Black Pope and some Jesuits, members of some wealthy families like the Rothschilds, some Freemasons, some politicians, etc. The Cabal is being dealt with now and is falling. Some Cabal members, like Kim Jong Un, are being held in containment and showered with Light until they can embrace it again. Some have been taken off-planet. Some are being dealt with in our existing legal systems. Some have been engaged by The Underground Resistance Movement.

The existence of The Cabal is what has delayed the changes that were to be made before Ascension, such as the introduction of NESARA. Fortunately, The Cabal is about to lose control completely and finally.

Eating Meat - There have been a lot of debates about eating meat. Is it okay to eat meat?
You should do whatever brings you joy. If you want to eat meat, eat meat. If you don’t want to eat meat, don’t eat meat. There is nothing wrong with eating meat. It is best to focus on what is right for you. Worrying about what other people are eating or doing can keep you from focusing on what is truly important – your own spiritual development and raising your vibration. Focusing on what others are doing that you may perceive as “wrong” can keep you trapped in the illusion.

Some people continue to focus on what they perceive as cruelty to animals as a reason not to eat meat. The fact is that nobody - no person and no animal - is really suffering. It’s just an illusion. Accepting this is part of freeing yourself from The Program. It may also be helpful to know that the animals here on Mother Earth agreed to be here just like we did. They agreed to engage in this 3D experience, to serve Humanity and Gaia, just like we did, knowing that there would be difficult circumstances to deal with in The Illusion.
Everything on Earth has consciousness – people, animals, plants, rocks… everything. If you choose to focus on the fact that all these Beings seem to be suffering at times, you will not be able to embrace full consciousness. If you choose to judge and condemn others for engaging in behavior that you think causes suffering, you will not be able to embrace full consciousness. LOVE only sees LOVE. We are here to help Mother Earth and Humanity ascend by raising our vibration. We raise our vibration by BEing LOVE. LOVE doesn’t care whether you eat meat or not.

Ego - What do you mean by Ego? Why do I have to shed my ego?

Anything that is not your authentic self (LOVE) is ego - also called unconsciousness.
Examples of ego: vanity, arrogance, control issues, low self-esteem, aggression, dishonesty, humility, timidness, lack of self-confidence, jealousy, resentment, martyrdom, self-righteousness, playing the victim, blaming others, greed, selfishness, stubbornness, impatience, shame, guilt, and clinging to 3D attachments.
The list of ego traits is endless because everything that is not LOVE is ego. And everybody has different ego issues but most of us have some sense of not being good enough. That is what the program has done to most people – made them feel as if there is something wrong with them.
Ego comes from fear. For example, if you are vain or overly concerned about your looks, that is probably just a symptom of the fear that you are not good enough or that there is something wrong with you – that you are not worthy. If you tend to be aggressive or otherwise try to manipulate people, that may be a symptom of the fear that you will not be able to control things – that you are not in control. However, it could also be a symptom of the fear that you are not good enough or that there is something wrong with you.
Ego is lower thoughts that are illusionary - they are not real. Your ego is an illusion. Fear is an illusion.
Ego also reacts rather than responding. Ego will react to events with reactions like anger or running away.
Love responds. Love does not react to events.
Ego also likes to create drama and drag other people into it. Obviously, this is a big waste of energy for all involved and accomplishes nothing. You may also recognize this as something the cabal used to do – create drama and drag people into it. When an ego or the cabal creates drama and drags you into it, they have succeeded in manipulating and controlling you. You should never react to ego or the cabal.
Only you can examine your own ego issues and figure out what is causing them because ego issues are different for all of us and we have all had different experiences that contributed to creating our egos.
When we talk about your Ego, don’t take it personally. It’s not a bad thing. Nobody is trying to insult you by pointing out that you have an Ego. Everybody in The Program has developed an Ego and everybody who wants to move to a higher vibration has to start shedding their Ego. When you begin to understand this, you will laugh about it and embrace efforts to release Ego.
In order to free yourself from the program, you must shed your ego. You cannot reach Full Consciousness if you do not shed your ego. And, if you do not make efforts to shed your ego, then the 5D frequencies we are living with now will force issues to surface and make things very difficult for you. It’s better to take charge of this process rather than waiting for the Energies to cause multiple issues to come up and slap you in the face all at once.
Shedding the ego is not something that will happen all at once. It’s a process and it can be difficult for some. Ego is like an onion – it has many layers. Shedding the ego is like peeling an onion.

Shedding the Ego

Step One – Understand what ego is.

Do not be afraid to talk about or look at ego. Ego should be laughed at, not taken seriously! It’s not real!
Step Two – Learn to recognize when ego issues come up.

When an ego issue arises for you, it will create an uncomfortable feeling for you. This is because you are reacting to something that has happened and your body expresses that reaction physically. For example, you might get an uncomfortable feeling in your gut when you think somebody has insulted or challenged you.
Step Three – Look at the ego issue when you recognize it.
When you get the uncomfortable feeling described above, stop and look at it. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way? What am I afraid of? Why is my ego reacting?”

Step Four – Let go of what you see.

After looking at the issue and understanding it, let it go. With LOVE. This may be difficult. If an issue is difficult to let go of, ask for help from the Angels or your friends. You can ask St. Germain to help you with his violet flame. Or you can ask ArchAngel Michael to help you with his blue flame or AA Raphael to help you with his green flame. There are countless Beings around who can help you, Human and others!
You may find that the same issue comes back again, even after you thought you let it go. You must stick with the process until the issue is gone for good or you will continue to feel uncomfortable instead of Joyful. The process of shedding the ego is much like the process of being on the Path to Full Consciousness – both require you to keep jumping out of the boxes you have trapped yourself in until all the boxes are gone.
You will cry. You will weep. You will feel old, old issues being cleared from places deep in your body. You may not like this but once you are through those moments, you will forever be a different person - a more Joyful person with a higher vibration.
Stick with it and make conscious efforts to shed your ego. Every ego bit that you toss away makes you Light-er, raises your vibration and brings you closer to being in a constant state of Joy. We suggest you sit by a tree and have a funeral for your Ego. Yes, you may have to do this more than once.
Step Five – Celebrate!
You will start to see results early on in the process. You will be happier – Joyful! You will experience less fear and anxiety and have more confidence. As you continue, you will start to wonder how you ever survived while laboring under such a heavy weight as the ego. You will look back in amazement at the days when you lived with fear as your constant companion.
Remember, in every Moment, Humanity has two choices: Love or fear. LOVE is real. Fear is not.
Fear and lower thoughts are what continues and feeds the illusion on the Planet. Through choosing Love we are breaking this bond to the lower and we begin to serve for the Highest Good of ourselves and others. This is the Mission at hand. Mission Possible!

The Galactic Free Press/Galactic Free Press FaceBook page
The Galactic Free Press (also known as “The Press”) is like our headquarters here on Mother Earth. You can reach The Press AT THIS LINK. We strive to present the Highest Truths on The Press and are very careful about what we post. Reading the articles on The Press is the best way to stay informed on events related to ascension and to learn about the process of becoming fully conscious.

You can reach our FaceBook page AT THIS LINK. Our FaceBook page is one outlet of The Press. Members are free to post what they like and this means that not everything you read on the FaceBook page is true or approved by us.

It has come to our attention that many members of the FaceBook group do not understand what is happening in terms of ascension or becoming fully conscious. Some members are not on the same page with us and we would like to change that. This is the time to come together and experience the Oneness Energy. December 21 is almost here and we don’t have any time to waste in waking people up. This is something that everybody must participate in, we can’t do it all ourselves. We can’t do everything for you. You must be open to developing and embracing LOVE and Truth. Please reach out to share what you know with others.

This is also a good time to stop reacting to 3D events. If you are reacting to 3D events and news with negative emotions, please go within and recenter yourself in LOVE. 3D events and news are illusions. This is the time to remove your energy from The Program, not invest more energy in it. If you are finding this difficult, you might choose to ignore 3D news for a while. Focus on the positive and the new Earth that we are co-creating instead. Focus on your own spiritual development. Focus on your mission and discover how you can best be of service.

Galactic Wars – Is the Universe a battleground?
NO! Earth is the only screwed up place left! This is very good news. Don’t worry. Be happy.

Inner Earth – Is Earth really hollow?
Yes, Earth is hollow. There is a 5D civilization inside Earth called Agartha. You may have heard of Telos and Shambhala – these are two major cities in Agartha. Agarthans look like us but they are taller. Most Agarthans went inside Earth when Atlantis fell.

Most people cannot enter Agartha because their vibration is not high enough. We will reconnect with our Inner Earth family some time before December 21st.

Karma - What about karma?
Through Divine Intervention, the karmic cycle has been broken. There will be no karmic debt from your incarnation here.

Making Changes to Prepare for Ascension - Some people say we need to make changes, like becoming vegetarian or starting yoga, in order to ascend. Is this true?
You do not have to make any changes you don’t want to. Doing whatever brings you joy is right action. You may notice that the things that bring you joy change over time, so go with the flow.

What is the meaning of life?
To evolve spiritually, To Love Yourselves and all of creation

Moral Concepts - How can you say that the bad things that people do are not wrong?
There is no such thing as “bad,” “wrong,” or “evil.” There is also no such thing as “good” or “right.” These are 3D concepts that only exist in this illusion. In the higher dimensions, there is only LOVE. Again, focusing on things that you perceive  as “bad” or “wrong” in this illusion can keep you from raising your vibration and attending to your own spiritual development.

Mother and Father God - Who are Mother and Father God?
We are your spiritual parents. We created Earth and Humanity in the Image of Us=Love. We incarnated here on Mother Earth = Heart just like you, to serve Humanity and Mother Earth and to bring Humanity Home into The Light.

NESARA is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It was signed into Law on October 10, 2000 by Bill Clinton. It has been kept secret by members of Congress and the US Supreme Court who are working in collusion with the banks. Among other changes, NESARA establishes a new economic system and returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters. To read more about NESARA, CLICK HERE.

Raising Your Vibration and Preparing for Ascension
You raise your vibration by embracing LOVE, BEing LOVE, BEing Present in the Now, and doing whatever brings you Joy. Activities that raise your vibration include being in Nature, connecting with trees, listening to music, and simple breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. To help center yourself in LOVE, you might want to envision breathing in LOVE and LIGHT and breathing out LIGHT, LOVE, and Gratitude.

If you are doing things that raise your vibration and you want to ascend; if you are open to and embracing the process to full consciousness, you will ascend. Only people who are choosing to stay in 3D will not ascend in December. What’s the secret to Ascension? LOVE. Don’t worry. Be happy.

Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos, and Crystal Children
We are all Starseeds and we are all Lightworkers. We all came to help Mother Earth and Humanity ascend.

Indigos and Crystal Children are obviously the younger people among us. They are different in the sense that they came in “different packaging.” People who were born in 1948 and people who were born in 2012 are the same but because we have been steadily raising the frequency of our surroundings here, each succeeding generation is able to incarnate with a little more Light.

Almost everybody who incarnated here came with the intention to bring Light to this dimension. Some people simply are unable to transform the effects of The Program into Light and Love.

Only a very small percentage of BEings chose to play “darker” roles in this illusion, such as those who incarnated into the 13 Families who make up a large part of the cabal. The 13 Families are different than other people because of the effect their inbreeding has had on their DNA.

Archon is another name for the minions that make up the cabal. Archons are human. Grays are a negative thoughtform and any remaining Grays are dissolving now.

Starships - What Are They, Really?
We have 24 Motherships stationed near Earth right now. Our motherships are huge – they are larger than Mother Earth = Heart. Our flag ship is called Eye of Ra, Heart of Light. There are also millions of smaller starships in Earth’s atmosphere right now. All the ships are cloaked most of the time. A lot of the ships that people see are our scout craft. The Foo Fighters seen in WWII were scout craft, for example.
Our starships are consciousness – they are made of souls. Every Being on this planet has a soul - this means that you are your own starship. And, the Starships are ourselves - our Soul Housing Unified. A starship is the true experience of a unified consciousness. How do we travel so fast, across vast distances? Because we are are already there = here.
Our starships are organic and they cannot crash. Because our ships are multi-dimensional and exist at a higher frequency, you cannot enter one in your 3D body hologram. Only your consciousness or your Higher Self can board a ship. Cabal ships are different. If you can walk on to a ship, you know that it belongs to the minions.
Everybody on this planet has a Lightbody on a starship. When you think you are asleep here at night, your Higher Self goes to the ship. You may remember some of your experiences onboard as dreams. While onboard, we engage in our missions, socialize, party, and re-energize in Rejuvenation Chambers.   When people on Earth experience a physical death or shift, their Higher Selves continue to reside on the ships, helping us with our Mission from there.
Ships can appear as stars, clouds, lightships, orbs, or even the classic flying saucer favored by The Agarthans. How do you know if you are seeing a starship and not a cabal ship or other UFO? If you see one of our ships, you can connect with it and you will feel Love.

The Program - What do you mean when you refer to “The Program?”
The Program, The Matrix, and The Illusion all refer to the same thing. Nothing in this dimension is real. Our goal is to realize this and break free. This may be the most difficult Truth for many people to grasp. Your understanding of this likely will not come all at once. As you raise your vibration, develop spiritually, and embrace LOVE as the only real emotion, your understanding of The Program and other issues will increase.

Time – Time is an Illusion
Time is a 3D concept. There is really no such thing as time. It does not exist in the higher dimensions. This is why you will often hear us refer to “The Present Moment of Now.” By understanding that time is not real and focusing on and existing in the NOW, you help to free yourself from The Program. In The Present Moment of Now, Love is everywhere present. As you develop spiritually, you will be able to understand this more and more.

Twin Flames – What are Twin Flames?
When a soul is created, it has two parts. The masculine part is 51% masculine and 49% feminine. The feminine part is 51% feminine and 49% masculine. All of you have a twin flame. Mother and Father God are twin flames, for example.

This is an unusual time for Twin Flames. Usually they do not incarnate at the same time. One twin will stay in a higher dimension and “overlight” or help and guide the other. However, because of the ascension process, many Twin Flames have incarnated here at the same time. This is because when Twin Flames unite, they create a unified field that generates a lot of Light. And lots of Light is what we need to help us ascend!

If your Twin Flame is here and you are meant to unite, you will. A series of synchronistic events will bring you together. However, it will probably not be an easy relationship at first, because your Twin will mirror all the things about yourself that you don’t like. Ultimately this is helpful because it assists you in shedding your ego but it does not always make for an easy relationship.

We all want to be with our Twin Flames. In fact, you can always connect with your Twin Flame or your Twin Flame’s Higher Self by connecting in (through meditation or however you choose to connect). However, focusing too much on your Twin Flame or pining away for them only keeps you from focusing on what is really important – your own spiritual development. Remember that a Twin Flame relationship will likely be disastrous if either one of you or both of you have neglected your own development.

All relationships in the Higher Dimensions are Twin Flame relationships. So don’t despair. Your Twin Flame is always within reach and you will end up together at some point.

Who are we and why are we here?
We are all advanced multi-dimensional Beings from other planets. Your soul is currently residing in a human body, having a 3D experience.

In 1947 we all met because we wanted to answer Gaia’s call for help. This meeting was held in a base in Mt. Shasta and everybody’s Higher Self was there. We came up with the Divine Plan that we are carrying out now. Everybody agreed to their mission and signed soul contracts, knowing that they would forget who they are when they incarnated and that they might not wake up while they were here.

The Higher Selves of those who incarnated on Earth before 1947 also agreed to get involved, so if you were born before 1947, don’t worry. Be happy because you are also part of the mission!

The BEings who incarnated shortly after the meeting grew up to be The Hippies - The Flower Children. When The Hippies first appeared at the end of the 1960s, it seemed like they came out of nowhere but they didn’t. They were the first modern Lightworkers and introduced the concept of a New Age. They started the movement that we are all a part of. Thank you, Flower Children!

We came through the Pleiades to be here. We have all been incarnated on Earth before. In most of those lifetimes, you probably did not realize The Truth of who you really are. This lifetime is different. This is the one time where you are supposed to wake up to The Truth and you are receiving unprecedented help to do so. Never before has so much Light been shone on Mother Earth.

We are receiving help from all over the universe. There are thousands of cloaked ships in our atmosphere and 24 larger motherships further out. Your Higher Self is on one of those ships helping you with your mission. While you sleep, you are also on the ship, integrating with your Higher Self to help.
Because we are multi-dimensional Beings, we can be in more than one place at once. The You that is reading this right now is really only one aspect of the whole You! As you develop spiritually, you will integrate more with your Higher Self and start to remember more about all your other experiences, past and present.

Why should I believe what you say?
We do not ask anyone to believe what we say. We and The Galactic Free Press provide you with information that is of the Highest Truth. It is up to you to decide what to do with that information.

Your Mission - What is my mission?
Your mission is to be LOVE in action.

Beyond that, everybody on Earth now is here to be of service. It's time to step into your Divine Role. As you become more conscious, your Divine Role will become more apparent to you. If you’re not sure what to do, ask for guidance. Ask, “How AM I meant to use my unique gifts to best serve Humanity and Mother Earth at this time?”

Dive in! Try something. If it turns out that that something is not your mission, try something else.

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Androginia: no es hermafroditismo, es decir, la presencia de características físicas de los dos sexos en una persona, sino una conciencia de la presencia de los elementos masculinos y femeninos en cada persona. Se describe como un estado equilibrado de armonía interior del animus y el anima. En la Nueva Era, es un estado resultante de una nueva conciencia de este modo doble de ser y existir característico de todo hombre y de toda mujer. Cuanto más se difunda, más ayudará a transformar la conducta interpersonal.  
Antroposofía: doctrina teosófica popularizada originalmente por el croata Rudolf Steiner(1861-1925), que abandonó la Sociedad Teosófica después de ser el dirigente de su rama alemana desde 1902 hasta 1913. Es una doctrina esotérica que tiene por objeto iniciar a las personas en el « conocimiento objetivo » en la esfera divino-espiritual. Steiner estaba convencido de que ésta le había ayudado a explorar las leyes de la evolución del cosmos y de la humanidad. Cada ser físico tiene un ser espiritual correspondiente, y la vida terrena está influida por las energías astrales y las esencias espirituales. Se dice que la Crónica Akasha es una « memoria cósmica » accesible a los iniciados.95
Canlización: (v. Channeling) los mediums psíquicos sostienen que actúan como canales de información de otros yoes, normalmente entidades incorpóreas que viven en otro plano. Pone en relación a seres tan diversos como maestros excelsos, ángeles, dioses, entidades colectivas, espíritus de la naturaleza y el Yo Superior.  
Conciencia planetaria: esta cosmovisión se desarrolló en los años 1980 para promover el sentimiento de lealtad a la comunidad humana en lugar de a las naciones, tribus u otros grupos tradicionales. Puede considerarse heredera de movimientos de comienzos del siglo XX que promovían un gobierno mundial. La conciencia de la unidad de la humanidad encaja perfectamente con la hipótesis Gaia.  
Cristales: se considera que vibran con frecuencias particulares. De aquí que sean útiles para la autotransformación. Se utilizan en varias terapias, así como en la meditación, visualización, el « viaje astral » o como amuletos de la suerte. Vistos desde el exterior, no tienen poder intrínseco, sino que son sencillamente bellos.  
Cristo: en la Nueva Era, la figura histórica de Jesús no es más que una encarnación de una idea, una energía o un conjunto de vibraciones. Para Alice Bailey, hace falta una gran jornada de súplica, en la que todos los creyentes logren crear una concentración de energía espiritual tal que se produzca una nueva encarnación que revelará a los hombres el modo de salvarse... Para muchos, Jesús no es más que un maestro espiritual que, como Buda, Moisés y Mahoma, u otros, ha sido penetrado por el Cristo cósmico. Al Cristo cósmico también se le conoce como la energía crística presente en cada ser y en el ser total. Los individuos necesitan ser iniciados gradualmente en la conciencia de las características crísticas que tienen. Cristo representa -para la Nueva Era- el estado más elevado de perfección del yo.96
Chamanismo: prácticas y creencias vinculadas a la comunicación con los espíritus de la naturaleza y con los espíritus de los muertos mediante la posesión ritual del chamán (por parte de los espíritus), a los que éste sirve de médium. El atractivo de estas prácticas en los círculos de la Nueva Era se debe a que ponen el acento en la armonía con las fuerzas de la naturaleza y en la sanación. A ello se añade también una imagen « romántica » de las religiones indígenas y de su cercanía a la tierra y a la naturaleza.
Eneagrama: (del griego ennéa = nueve + gramma = signo) el nombre designa un diagrama compuesto por un círculo con nueve puntos en su circunferencia, unidos entre sí por un triángulo y un hexágono circunscritos. Originariamente se utilizó para la adivinación, pero recientemente se ha popularizado como símbolo de un sistema de tipología de la personalidad que consta de nueve tipos caracterológicos básicos. Se hizo popular tras la publicación del libro The Enneagram de Helen Palmer,97 pero la autora reconoce su deuda con el médico y pensador esotérico ruso G. I. Gurdjieff, el psicólogo chileno Claudio Naranjo, y el autor Óscar Icazo, fundador de Arica. El origen del eneagrama permanece envuelto en el misterio, si bien algunos sostienen que procede de la mística sufí.  
Era de Acuario: cada era astrológica, de unos 2146 años, recibe el nombre de uno de los signos del zodiaco, pero los « días grandes » siguen un orden inverso, de modo que la actual Era de Piscis está a punto de acabar y se instaurará la Era de Acuario. Cada Era tiene sus propias energías cósmicas. La energía de Piscis ha hecho de ella una era de guerras y conflictos. Pero Acuario está destinada a ser una era de armonía, justicia, paz, unidad, etc. En este sentido, la Nueva Era acepta el carácter inevitable de la historia. Algunos ven en la era de Aries la época de la religión judía, en Piscis la del cristianismo y en Acuario la era de una religión universal.  
Esoterismo: (del griego esotéros = lo que hay en el interior) designa generalmente un conjunto de conocimientos antiguos y ocultos accesible sólo a grupos de iniciados, que se describen a sí mismos como guardianes de las verdades ocultas a la mayoría de la humanidad. El proceso de iniciación conduce desde un conocimiento de la realidad meramente externo, superficial, hasta la verdad interior y, mediante ese proceso, despierta la conciencia a un nivel más profundo. Las personas son invitadas a emprender este « viaje interior » para descubrir la « chispa divina » que hay dentro de ellas. En este contexto, la salvación coincide con el descubrimiento del yo.  
Espiritismo: si bien siempre ha habido intentos de establecer contacto con los espíritus de los muertos, se considera que el espiritismo del siglo XIX es una de las corrientes que desembocan en la Nueva Era. Se desarrolló en el ambiente de las ideas de Swedenborg y Mesmer, y llegó a convertirse en una nueva religión. Madame Blavatsky era una médium, por lo que el espiritismo ejerció gran influjo en la Sociedad Teosófica, aunque en este caso el acento recaía en el contacto con entidades del pasado remoto más que con personas que habían muerto recientemente. Allan Kardec influyó en la difusión del espiritismo en las religiones afro-brasileñas. En algunos nuevos movimientos religiosos de Japón se dan también elementos espiritistas.  
Evolución: en la Nueva Era va mucho más allá de la evolución de los seres hacia formas de vida superiores. El modelo físico se proyecta sobre el ámbito espiritual, de modo que una fuerza inmanente del interior de los seres humanos los impulsa hacia formas superiores de vida espiritual. Se dice que los seres humanos no tienen control sobre esta fuerza, pero sus buenas o malas acciones pueden acelerar o retrasar el proceso. Se piensa que la creación entera, incluyendo la humanidad, avanza inexorablemente hacia una fusión con lo divino. La reencarnación, naturalmente, ocupa un lugar importante en esta visión de una evolución espiritual progresiva que, según se dice, comienza antes del nacimiento y continúa después de la muerte.98  
Expansión de la conciencia: si el cosmos se concibe como una cadena continua de ser, todos los niveles de la existencia -minerales, vegetales, animales, humanos, seres cósmicos y divinos- son interdependientes. Se dice que los seres humanos se hacen conscientes de su puesto en esta visión holística de la realidad global expandiendo su conciencia más allá de sus límites normales. La Nueva Era ofrece una enorme variedad de técnicas para ayudar a la gente a alcanzar un nivel de percepción de la realidad más elevado, una manera de superar la separación entre los sujetos y entre los objetos en el proceso cognoscitivo, concluyendo en una fusión total de lo que la conciencia normal, inferior, ve como realidades separadas o distintas.
Feng-shui: forma de geomancia, en este caso un método oculto chino de descifrar la presencia escondida de corrientes positivas y negativas en los edificios y otros lugares, basada en el conocimiento de las fuerzas terráqueas y atmosféricas. « Lo mismo que en el cuerpo humano o el cosmos, en cada lugar se atraviesan influjos cuyo equilibrio correcto es fuente de salud y de vida ».99  
Gnosis: en sentido amplio, una forma de conocimiento no intelectual, sino visionaria o mística, que se cree revelada y capaz de unir al ser humano con el misterio divino. En los primeros siglos del cristianismo, los Padres de la Iglesia lucharon contra el gnosticismo, por cuanto se oponía a la fe. Algunos ven un renacer de las ideas gnósticas en gran parte del pensamiento de la Nueva Era, algunos de cuyos autores de hecho citan el gnosticismo primitivo. Sin embargo, la acentuación del monismo e incluso del panteísmo o panenteísmo típica de la Nueva Era lleva a algunos a utilizar el término neo-gnosticismo para distinguir la gnosis de la Nueva Era del gnosticismo antiguo.  
Gran Hermandad Blanca: Madame Blavatsky afirmaba mantener contactos con los mahatmas o maestros, seres excelsos que, conjuntamente, constituyen la Gran Hermandad Blanca. Según ella, eran éstos quienes dirigían la evolución de la raza humana y orientaban la labor de la Sociedad Teosófica.  
Hermetismo: prácticas y especulaciones filosóficas y religiosas vinculadas a los escritos del Corpus Hermeticum y a los textos alejandrinos atribuidos al mítico Hermes Trismegistos. Cuando se conocieron por primera vez durante el Renacimiento se pensó que revelaban doctrinas pre-cristianas, sin embargo estudios posteriores han demostrado que datan del primer siglo de la era cristiana. 100 El hermetismo alejandrino es una fuente fundamental del esoterismo moderno, con el que tienen mucho en común: el eclecticismo, la refutación del dualismo ontológico, la afirmación del carácter positivo y simbólico del universo, la idea de la caída y posterior restauración de la humanidad. La especulación hermética ha reforzado la creencia en una antigua tradición fundamental, la llamada philosophia perennis, falsamente considerada común a todas las tradiciones religiosas. Las formas elevadas y rituales de la magia se desarrollaron a partir del hermetismo renacentista.  
Holismo: concepto clave del « nuevo paradigma », que pretende ofrecer una estructura teórica que integra toda la cosmovisión del hombre moderno. En contraste con la experiencia de una fragmentación creciente en la ciencia y en la vida cotidiana, se acentúa el « holismo », el « totalismo », como concepto metodológico y ontológico central. La humanidad se integra en el universo como parte de un único organismo vivo, un entramado armonioso de relaciones dinámicas. Diversos científicos que tienden un puente entre la ciencia y la religión rechazan la distinción clásica entre sujeto y objeto, de la que se suele culpar a Descartes y a Newton. La humanidad forma parte del entramado universal (el ecosistema, la familia), de la naturaleza y del mundo y debe buscar la armonía con todos los elementos de esta autoridad cuasi-transcendente. Cuando se comprende cuál es el propio lugar en la naturaleza, también se entiende que la « totalidad » y la « santidad » son una misma y sola cosa. La articulación más clara de este concepto se halla en la hipótesis « Gaia ». 101  
Iniciación: en etnología religiosa es el viaje cognitivo yo experimental, mediante el cual una persona es admitida, individualmente o como miembro de un grupo, a través de rituales particulares, a formar parte de una comunidad religiosa, una sociedad secreta (p.e. la Francmasonería) o una asociación mistérica (mágica, esotérico-oculta, gnóstica, teosófica, etc.).  
Karma: (de la raíz sánscrita Kri = acción, obra) noción clave en el hinduismo, jainismo y budismo, cuyo significado no ha sido siempre el mismo. En el antiguo periodo védico se refería a la acción ritual, especialmente el sacrificio, mediante la cual una persona obtenía acceso a la felicidad o a la bienaventuranza en la otra vida. Cuando aparecieron el jainismo y el budismo (aproximadamente seis siglos antes de Cristo), Karma perdió su sentido salvífico: el camino hacia la liberación era el conocimiento del Atman o « yo ». En la doctrina del samsara, se entendía como el ciclo incesante del nacimiento y la muerte humanas (hinduismo) o del renacer (budismo). 102 En los ambientes de la Nueva Era la « ley del karma » se concibe con frecuencia como el equivalente moral de la evolución cósmica. El Karma no tiene ya que ver con el mal o el sufrimiento -ilusiones que hay que experimentar como parte de un « juego cósmico »- sino que es la ley universal de la causa y el efecto, y forma parte de la tendencia de un universo interrelacionado hacia el equilibrio moral. 103
Mística: la mística de la Nueva Era consiste en volverse hacia el interior del propio yo más que en una comunión con Dios, que es el « totalmente otro ». Es una fusión con el universo, la aniquilación definitiva del individuo en la unidad del todo. La experiencia del Yo se toma como experiencia de la divinidad, por lo que se debe mirar hacia dentro para descubrir la auténtica sabiduría, creatividad y fuerza.  
Monismo: doctrina metafísica según la cual las diferencias entre las cosas son ilusorias. Sólo hay un ser universal único, del cual cada cosa y cada persona son sólo una parte. En la medida en que el monismo de la Nueva Era incluye la idea de que la realidad es fundamentalmente espiritual, es una forma contemporánea del panteísmo (que rechaza a veces explícitamente el materialismo, en especial el marxismo). Su pretensión de resolver todo dualismo no deja lugar a un Dios transcendente, de manera que todo es Dios. Para el cristianismo se plantea un problema ulterior cuando se suscita la cuestión del origen del mal. C. G. Jung vio el mal como el « lado sombrío » de Dios, que, en el teísmo clásico, es todo bondad.  
Movimiento del Potencial Humano: desde sus comienzos (Esalen, California, en los años 1960), se ha convertido en una red de grupos que promueven la liberación de la capacidad humana innata de creatividad mediante la realización del yo. Cada vez son más las empresas que utilizan diversas técnicas de transformación personal en programas de formación de dirigentes, en definitiva por puras razones económicas. Si bien las Tecnologías Transpersonales, el Movimiento por una Conciencia Espiritual Interior, el Desarrollo Organizativo, y la Transformación Organizativa, se presentan como no-religiosos, en realidad los empleados de las empresas pueden encontrarse sometidos a una « espiritualidad » extraña en una situación que plantea conflictos con su libertad personal. Hay vínculos evidentes entre la espiritualidad oriental y la psicoterapia, mientras que la psicología jungiana y el Movimiento del Potencial Humano han ejercido su influjo sobre el chamanismo y formas « reconstruidas » del paganismo, como el druidismo y la wicca. En sentido amplio, el « crecimiento personal » puede entenderse como la forma que adopta la « salvación religiosa » en el movimiento de la Nueva Era: se afirma que la liberación del sufrimiento y de la debilidad humanas se alcanzará desarrollando nuestro potencial humano, lo cual da como resultado el que nos encontremos cada vez más en contacto con nuestra divinidad interior. 104  
Música New Age: se trata de una industria floreciente. Este tipo de música suele promocionarse como un medio para alcanzar la armonía consigo mismo y con el mundo. En parte suele ser música « celta » o druídica. Algunos compositores New Age sostienen que su música tiene como objeto tender puentes entre lo consciente y lo inconsciente, lo cual es especialmente cierto cuando además de melodías hay una repetición meditativa y rítmica de estribillos clave. Al igual que otros muchos fenómenos de la Nueva Era, algunas de estas músicas se proponen como una introducción a este movimiento, pero la mayoría tiene sencillamente una finalidad comercial o artística.  
Neopaganismo: término rechazado con frecuencia por aquellos a quienes se aplica. Se refiere a una corriente que sigue un trayecto paralelo al de la Nueva Era y con el cual suele relacionarse. En la oleada de reacción contra las religiones tradicionales, especialmente la herencia judeocristiana de occidente, son muchos los que han vuelto la mirada a las antiguas religiones indígenas, tradicionales, paganas. Se considera que cuanto precedió al cristianismo era más conforme al espíritu de la tierra y de la nación, o que era una forma pura de la religión natural, en contacto con las fuerzas de la naturaleza, a menudo matriarcal, mágica o chamánica. Según dicen, la humanidad será más sana si retorna al ciclo natural de las fiestas (agrícolas) y a la afirmación general de la vida. Algunas religiones « neopaganas » son reconstrucciones recientes cuya verdadera relación con las formas originales puede ser discutible, particularmente en los casos en que están dominadas por componentes ideológicos modernos como la ecología, el feminismo o, en casos raros, por los mitos de pureza racial. 105  
Ocultismo: el conocimiento oculto (escondido) y las fuerzas de la mente y la naturaleza se hallan en la base de las creencias y prácticas vinculadas a una supuesta « filosofía perenne » oculta, derivada, por una parte, de la magia y la alquimia griega antigua, y de la mística judía por otra. Se conservan ocultas mediante un código secreto impuesto a los iniciados en los grupos y sociedades que conservan el conocimiento y las técnicas que implican. En el siglo XIX, el espiritismo y la Sociedad Teosófica introdujeron nuevas formas de ocultismo que, a su vez, han influido en varias corrientes de la Nueva Era.  
Panteísmo: (en griego pan = todo y theós = Dios) la creencia de que todo es Dios o, en ocasiones, que todo está en dios y dios está en todo (panenteísmo). Todo elemento del universo es divino, y la divinidad está presente por igual en todo. En esta visión no tiene cabida Dios como un ser distinto en el sentido del teísmo clásico.
Parapsicología: trata de cosas como la percepción extrasensorial, la telepatía mental, la telequinesia, la sanación psíquica y la comunicación con espíritus mediante médiums o el channeling. A pesar de las duras críticas de los científicos, la parapsicología ha ido creciendo y encaja perfectamente en la mentalidad popular de ciertos sectores de la Nueva Era, según la cual los seres humanos tienen habilidades psíquicas extraordinarias, aunque con frecuencia en un estadio poco desarrollado.  
Pensamiento Nuevo: movimiento religioso del siglo XIX fundado en los Estados Unidos de América. Tuvo su origen en el idealismo, del cual era una forma popularizada. Se decía que Dios era completamente bueno y el mal una mera ilusión; la realidad básica era la mente. Puesto que es la mente la que causa los acontecimientos de la propia vida, el individuo debe asumir la responsabilidad última sobre cada uno de los aspectos de su situación.  
Pensamiento Positivo: convicción de que las personas pueden cambiar la realidad física o las circunstancias externas alterando su actitud mental, pensando de manera positiva y constructiva. A veces es un modo de percibir conscientemente creencias inconscientes que determinan nuestra situación vital. A los adeptos del Pensamiento Positivo se les promete salud, integridad e incluso inmortalidad.  
Psicología profunda: la escuela de psicología fundada por C. G. Jung, antiguo discípulo de Freud. Jung reconocía que la religión y los temas espirituales eran importantes para la integridad y la salud. La interpretación de los sueños y el análisis de los arquetipos fueron elementos clave de su método. Los arquetipos son formas que pertenecen a la estructura heredada de la psique humana. Aparecen en los temas o imágenes recurrentes de los sueños, fantasías, mitos y cuentos de hadas.             
Reencarnación: en el contexto de la Nueva Era, la reencarnación está vinculada al concepto de la evolución ascendente hasta convertirse en un ser divino. A diferencia de religiones de la India, o derivadas de ellas, la Nueva Era concibe la reencarnación como el progreso del alma individual hacia un estado más perfecto. Lo que se reencarna es esencialmente algo inmaterial o espiritual; más exactamente, es la conciencia, la chispa de energía que en la persona comparte la energía cósmica o « crística ». La muerte no es sino el paso del alma de un cuerpo a otro.  
Renacer: (v. Rebirthing) a comienzos de los años 1970, Leonard Orr describió el renacer (rebirthing) como un proceso mediante el cual a una persona puede identificar y aislar áreas de su conciencia sin resolver y que son origen de sus problemas actuales.  
Rosacruces: son grupos ocultos occidentales relacionados con la alquimia, la astrología, la teosofía y las interpretaciones cabalísticas de la Sagrada Escritura. La Fraternidad Rosacruciana contribuyó al renacimiento de la astrología en el siglo XX, mientras que la Antigua y Mística Orden de la Rosae Crucis (AMORC) vinculó el éxito con una supuesta capacidad para materializar las imágenes mentales de salud, riqueza y felicidad.
Teosofía: término antiguo, que se refería originalmente a una especie de mística. Se la ha relacionado con los gnósticos y los neoplatónicos griegos, con el Maestro Eckhart, Nicolás de Cusa y Jacob Boehme. La Sociedad Teosófica, fundada por Helena Petrovna Blavatsky y otros en 1875 confirió gran importancia al término. La mística teosófica tiende al monismo, acentúa la unidad esencial de los componentes espirituales y materiales del universo. Busca también las fuerzas ocultas responsables de la interacción entre la materia y el espíritu, de modo que la mente humana y la divina acaben por encontrarse. Es aquí donde la teosofía ofrece la redención mística o la iluminación.  
Trascendentalismo: movimiento de escritores y pensadores del siglo XIX de Nueva Inglaterra, que compartían un conjunto idealista de creencias en la unidad esencial de la creación, la bondad innata de la persona humana, y la superioridad de la intuición frente a la lógica y la experiencia para descubrir las verdades más profundas. La figura principal es Ralph Waldo Emerson, que se apartó del cristianismo ortodoxo, y a través de los Unitarios pasó a un nuevo misticismo natural que integraba conceptos del hinduismo con otros de carácter popular americano, tales como el individualismo, la responsabilidad personal y la necesidad de triunfar.  
Wicca: antiguo término inglés para designar a las brujas, aplicado a un resurgir neopagano de algunos elementos de la magia ritual. Acuñado en 1939 por Gerhard Gardner en Inglaterra: se basaba en algunos textos eruditos, según los cuales la brujería europea medieval era una antigua religión natural perseguida por los cristianos. Con el nombre « the Craft », se extendió rápidamente en Estados Unidos durante los años 1960, donde se vinculó con la « espiritualidad de las mujeres».
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