28 de febrero de 2013

Cynthia Crawford

Cynthia Crawford

Cynthia Crawford was born a twin, but with totally different blood and tissue type than her sister and the rest of her family.
 Her father worked on top-secret missions for the OSS; and she remembers being taken to underground military medical facilities for testing and examinations during her childhood, also enduring numerous alien abductions, examinations and impregnations, as well as miraculous healings.
Her life changed dramatically after learning she is a hybrid from a government experiment, and she decided to consciously face the other worldly beings who were abducting her. She was awakened to the mission that brought her to this planet at this very special time in history. Cynthia is known as the “ET Sculptor” of beings she and others have encountered. She says these Star Beings work through her putting their own frequency in the sculptures to help awaken people to their own truths. She also devotes her life to teaching how we are all connected to these beings, and the lessons they have taught her thAdd an Imageat can change the world for the better.

Excerpt from the soon-to-be-released book ”Lessons from the Galactic Family and the Masters”

I began making sculptures of other worldly beings, extraterrestrials, from other planets in the Universe back in 2003 while taking a pottery class at a nearby community college.  The class had been over booked, and while waiting endlessly for my turn on one of four pottery wheels, I found myself making an alien-hybrid baby from memory.  Have I gotten your attention now?  What I didn’t realize then was that this was the beginning to a new adventure into communication with not only beings from other worlds, but with my Guides, my Higher Self and Masters of the Universe.  Within a few years, I was actually selling my sculptures at conferences while also experiencing even greater lessons and phenomena than I had ever imagined.
Soon after that, I began doing speaking engagements sharing my life-time experiences of alien abductions, missing pregnancies and feelings of victim-hood, followed by the flip side; the miraculous healings and incredible teachings that would forever change my life.  Yet the greatest lesson of all was the TRUTH of who I was, why I am here on Earth, and about a mission I was to complete.
For the most part, the audiences were spellbound by what I shared.  People asked me if I had written a book about my life, and when I said “no”, they even insisted that I get busy NOW and write one.  I never felt that my story was important enough to write down, and yet there I was sharing it in my talks.  Then one day my Galactic Family and Masters told me that I needed to teach others how to find their own TRUTHS.
So, here is my book, perhaps my first and my last in one.   I don’t know.  I only know that by sharing my story, I hope I am able to help YOU awaken to your own TRUTH, not mine and not any one else’s but YOUR TRUTH; how to stop being a follower, a groupie, and be in charge of your own life; realize how all beings throughout the Universe are connected to the same Source/Creator-God, and why our Galactic Family communicates with us as a “collective”.
It’s time you know why YOU are here and what YOUR true purpose on planet Earth is, and why YOU matter so much.  So, let us begin on a trip that will EMPOWER YOU and maybe even open your mind to things you never dreamed possible.
“My Beings do not allow me to make any sculptures that are not of the LOVE & LIGHT, for all of the sculptures carry this frequency and I am not allowed to bring darkness into this world.” – Cynthia Crawford

Lisa Gawlas – Arrival In The Heart Galaxy And Getting Out Of Passive Complacency! – 28 February 2013

heart galaxy
Holy Shift batman!!  Whatever has taken place these last few days is truly something like I never seen or experienced before.  The first thing that changed was my own orientation to your field of Light.  With my first (and all the rest) reading of the day, I did like I always do, bent over to crank out my antenna to the field… nothing!  Before I could get disappointed about another day with no readings I hear my team tell me to sit up in my chair and open my heart.  Huh?
As I sat up in my chair and shift my body focus to my heart I was soooo shocked to watch all these tentacles stream out of my heart as if I had some large octopus was stuck in my chest.  I watched in my own amazement as these tentacles stretched outward to the field and then suddenly… wrapped themselves around this really large, really beautiful orb of multicolored aliveness.  At first, I was just dazed and disoriented with whatever on earth was happening… then I realized, OMG this is your heart center!  If you can imagine the energy that used to be the crystal ball (no wonder I had seen that crystal ball back in play as people were moving thru the dark hole) but now has an amazing reflection of earth.  The way it is revealing itself right now is very much like an image from outer space of the earth… only the colors are much more intense and very much alive.
Blue and white and replace any green with intense black!!  Now take that above image and imagine a really large octopus is hugging it with its tentacles!!  What it feels like to me, is that we have fully birthed ourselves into the galaxy of the heart and we are still very much in the amniotic sac for our own protection!
Extracting information from this sudden change… strange!  I was now pulling the energy from the depth of the heart field called YOU and translating the intense feelings into understanding.  What I am lacking so severely right now is flipping words!!  If I thought the field was fussy last week with my repetitive choice of words to explain what I see and understanding, they ramped up their ability to take words off my breath before I even form them!!
Here are some of the things I do understand about this new world we are in.  Nothing exists outside of the heart field.  At least, not right now from my crazy new view.  We are completely outside of space/time.  We are currently in a “containment” field until we really orient ourselves with this new way of Being.  No doubt, some will orient quicker than others.
My first man of the day was talking about a sudden and from our human view, amazing, set of experiences that happened.  He decided to change his business and even relocate it, within two hours he had the keys to his new place and the keys to house his employees thru this transition.  Tell me we are creating at the speed of light!!  It all happened so fast it made his head spin and once in the quiet of the day, wondered if he did the right thing.
As he shared his experience I could feel the front of his “orbital field” (spirit kept calling it this thru ever reading) it was as if his heart was breathing deeper and fuller and getting ready to release the amniotic sac thru the breath of his action.  It was intensely kewl to feel and experience this.  I could see his image of a body at the most right area where this orbital field was breathing and he was intensely black… pure unlimited potential.  From what I understand  as he moves into the new version of his life, the orbital field of his heart center will expand and grow and his body will change with the ongoing changes.
This is gonna be fun!!  Challenging on my end, no doubt!!  But where there is a great challenge, there is immense growth too!!
My second lady was kinda the same, only with a twist.  On the top of her heart field was this pure liquid yellow energy moving into this new heart galaxy.  The shape of the yellow was like a beaker… a really large beaker moving downwards into her (earth looking large orb thingie.)
What was most breathtaking and so informative about her was how I seen the inner heart field come alive.  Let me give you as close an image as I could find:
Take the sections of the mushroom and realize this is the fullness of your inner heart field.  As your soul moves into this area with whatever fullness YOU ALLOW, enlivens each section for your use!
Lets be very very clear on what this really means as I understood it thru her reading yesterday.
We still have free will (dammit) and the ability to not enlighten any given section by denying its use or value.  Example would be… like the gentleman above, had he not followed thru on his heart prompting to completely change his business and its location… many of the sections simply would not become fully energized for use.  It would have been him saying I am not willing to grow in that way yet and the soul honors you (your ego) sooo much!
Even in our soul gym discussions last evening… if you keep saying “I can’t” then you won’t.  Amazing how much we talk ourselves out of what we are able to do.   I would like to share this knowing here too… every single person on the face of this earth has a built-in ability for spiritual hearing and spiritual seeing.  There is not a single soul who is blind or deaf…. unless you choose to be.  In that case, the energy sections of that ability will go unfulfilled.
Don’t think for a single second because your Love vibration allowed the full entrance into the galaxy of the heart that everything is just going to be given to you.  Not even!!  It will be more like you are at the greatest party Life has ever known, but you can’t hear the subtle changes or see the brilliance of what is happening and that leaves your innate gifts that only you can bring to the party… elsewhere.
And maybe, you really did just want to have a seat at the party and watch everyone else have fun.  That’s valid too.  Some people don’t even want to go to the party… equally valid.
With this I hear the words:  Passive complacency.  There are a LOT of Light Being housing that energy right now (spirits words, not mine!)
There is no doubt in my heart, this massive, electric abyss now called your orbital field has everything to do with these new classes I have yet to start (cuz they kept getting rescheduled!!)
My third reading of the day caught me so off guard with a field I was still trying to orient myself with.  I was stunned to see him jumping up from the middle area of his orbital field and looking like he was trying to get out.  What the hell is that??  I had to ask him what the heck are you doing that is taking you out of your heart center.  Well, he told me!!  He was trying to fill out some paperwork to do something with somebody lol.  Something to do with the OPPT thingie (trust me, I am clueless here.)  But.. here is where the saying from all this past year really comes home to roost.  Are you a sun worker or an earth worker?  Meaning…
Are you laying the new foundation of the heart field, or are you out there breaking apart the old system.  At this moment… you cannot do both!!  There are spiritual agents assigned to the arduous task of breaking down the old system, the old energy construct of Life on all the levels of earths vibrations.  Then there are those who are so deeply aligned with the sun… creating the new foundation on the new earth in whatever way we allow our sections within our orbital galaxy to engage.
This moment in time is too important to multitask in both arenas.  For the old world to fall, we must have those dedicated to creating a new foundation in which the new structure can support itself.  One without the other is building another house of cards.
The moment he decided to let go of that paperwork thing, instantly he changed directions.  I could see him now swimming in the abyss of his heart towards what I will call the future.  What is really strange, even for me… the visual of his swimming was full-sized, yet, in the space of about 3 inches.  That is when spirit said without hesitation, we are no longer bound by space and time.
Kewl beans… it will be exciting and no doubt challenging to really work that into our reality construct!!  I am game… are you??
Before this whole day started, I took a meditation.  Even that world within has changed tremendously.  The first thing that I received was information for my son.  I was so surprised with that, but it came thru in such an electrical intensity.  I didn’t ask, it was just there.
What I did ask about was the lottery thingie.  I am making great progress in winning smaller amounts, something I have not done at all in the last 3 years combined… but I would really appreciate that jackpot.  I was once again reminded of the “change bag” that Jorge placed on my kitchen table.  The one thing I know about spirit, there are always multiple levels to anything and everything they show you.  Sometimes, those levels are not fully reveled until…. later.
Small and constant change all-ways leads to bigger and larger change.  To just snag something big is wasted energy because you have not understood the significance of all the smaller changes, so the larger one is not able to fulfill itself within ones Life.
Then I had seen this amazing lightening bolt come out of the sky and electrify the gas station on the reservation that I do buy my lottery tickets from.  As it was electrifying the building there was a pool of yellow and electric energy forming around it.  I knew there was an equal exchange brewing… this store and the wonderful people who work within it, will also be the recipient of the good energy…. the prize (if you will.)
So last but so not least… I had to ask about Jorge.  That man is getting further away from my field of meditation and looking a bit strange.  I found him down by the river, looking…. well…. just weird.  If you can image a form coming to life created by water, that is kinda what he looked like.  At some level within me, I knew there is going to come a time he actually has a physical body to play with (smile.)  That thought actually scared me and I told him… if I am down by the river and you suddenly emerge, I am going to freak right the hell out.  He smiled that incredible Jorge smile and said, you won’t be scared but you will be stunned.  Yeah, that’s a good way to put it.
And then he backed everything up to when I first moved here.  For the first several months I could see one of the guardians, the only one of the guardians wearing a human suit.  He was at a lookout point on the top of the mesa cliff always looking south-east.  He said that was him.  At that time he told me I can call him Jemez.  So I smiled and said so what, your whole name is Jorge Jemez??   He smiled and said “you can say that.”  So I now dubbed him JJ.
This indeed, is going to be one very interesting ride!!
Ohhh, gotta add this as I was searching for art for this sharing, I suddenly realized why the field keeps calling how I “see” you as the “orbital field.”  If you do not take any risks, go any further than this moment, your orbit will never expand beyond this moment.  What you fully experience in this new landscape depends completely on how much you are willing to risk within yourself.  Let me assure you… it is the fields word of “risk.”
Can you feel me wrapping my tentacles around your heart??  I love you sooo much and it is wonderful to get this intimate with you!!
Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

Las Nueve Revelaciones

Las Nueve Revelaciones

Breaking News! Giant triangle formed on the Sun February 26 - February 2...


Transmitido a través de Ronna Herman - Traducción: Odilia Rivera

Queridos Maestros, en el pasado hemos explicado pero refrescaremos su memoria acerca de lo que está tomando lugar mientras atraviesan los muchos niveles y sub-niveles de consciencia. Mientras aclaran las distorsiones dentro de su campo áurico, hay también un proceso interno tomando lugar. Toda su estructura física está experimentando cambios complejos los cuales son provocados por los patrones de frecuencia superior que están integrando desde la Fuente del Creador a través de las grandes Ciudades de Luz. Su ADN, sus centros o Chakras y su Mente y Corazón Sagrados contienen su Plantilla Divina.  Mientras integran más y más Partículas Adamantinas de la consciencia del Creador, todas las distorsiones e imperfecciones que han creado debido a los conceptos negativos que han aceptado como su verdad, están siendo lentamente rectificadas. Muchos de esos conceptos distorsionados están siendo filtrados en su percepción consciente para ser sanados o eliminados y entendemos que esto puede ser un proceso desconcertante e incómodo mientras profundizan más en la sabiduría del cosmos. Mientras lo hacen, es de importancia vital que mantengan un estado de conciencia consciente y paciencia. La Humanidad está emergiendo desde un estado de amnesia o lo que podría ser llamado un conocimiento limitado de Si mismo y de la intrincada inmensidad de la Creación.

UFO Travels through tunnel in Germany 26/02/2013 (LIVE CAM)

Message from Archangel Michael - LM-03-2013 - Ronna Herman

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-03-2013

Beloved masters, what we term as Sacred Breath consists of the normal third- / fourth-dimensional air containing oxygen as well as Prana, which is third- / fourth-dimensional air/ether that also contains the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light.  The magnitude and power of these Divine Particles increase with each higher level of consciousness you attain. The empowering Breath of Infinity opens the pathways that lead to the multidimensional levels of Creator consciousness. Your inner perspective will automatically broaden as you gradually change your way/mode of thinking and perceiving.
The Inbreath loop of the Infinity Breath passes through the Medulla Oblongata and out the back of the head as it sweeps upward into your Soul Star. The Adamantine Particles of Creator Light that you have inhaled through the back portal of your Sacred Heart are programmed to integrate a specific number of Life-Code Seed Atoms from your OverSoul-Higher Self as the Sacred Breath passes through your Soul Star. The Outbreath or exhale passes through the Root Chakra and enters the Kundalini Seed Atom contained therein. Monitored by your OverSoul-Higher Self, measured portions of the Adamantine Particles stored within the Root Chakra are added to the Sacred Breath. The Adamantine Particles of Light which are stored in the Root Chakra are unique, for they have already been programmed with some of your special talents, attributes and qualities from past life experiences. The Sacred Breath then moves back up in front of the physical vessel and automatically enters the body where your crystalline Still Point Seed Atom is located.  This Seed Atom was designed to magnetize, integrate and hold these higher frequency Particles of Light. It could be called a holding center, for it is directly connected to your Sacred Heart. The Adamantine Particles of Light are then drawn into your Sacred Heart to be activated through your seed thoughts and intention. These programmed Adamantine Particles are then ready to be breathed out into your Twelve Ray Creator Wheel, as well as out into the world-at-large. A dedicated portion will also stream into the World Pyramid and other pyramids of Light of your choice.
The Pineal Gland could be called a Light filter for the brain. The chakra system is designed to magnetize and filter into the body the appropriate vibrational frequencies–RAY-diated by the Archangels bearing the attributes, qualities and virtues of each particular Ray.  There is a complex formula composed of a broad variety of frequency patterns that constantly penetrate the human auric field, which are then conveyed to the glands within the physical body. Your level of comprehension and awareness will increase with each download of higher frequency energy.
Once you have gained access to your Sacred Heart and have activated your Solar Power Center, the Zero Point or the Still Point Seed Atom within your Solar Power Center begins to store your reserve of cosmic energy. As you become a Self-Master and a conscious cocreator, you will have access to an infinite amount of Adamantine Particles to use in your creative endeavors and to share with others. The SACRED WHITE COSMIC FIRE, Adamantine Particles, that you magnetize to you as an awakened, Self-master, must continually circulate.  Only a certain amount, that which is appropriate for each Soul to integrate at their current level of en-Lighten-ment, can be stored within the physical vessel.  The balance must be RAY-diated out into the world-of-form. Mature spirituality is not an unconscious experience. You must endeavor to develop a self-sustaining divinity whereby you are constantly breathing the rich Pranic Breath of Life / Adamantine Particles of Creator Essence. By doing so, you will begin to receive spiritual sustenance from the River of Life via the Eighth Chakra, your Soul Star, and through the back portal of your Sacred Heart.
Each Self-aware person functions as a living star capable of receiving and conveying harmonic frequency vibrations according to his/her level of consciousness.  As you are now aware, these frequencies are called your Soul Song.  You are a point of light, a vibrant Spark of the Divine. This Sub-universe is composed of one gigantic Celestial Soul Song.
As you develop the ability to breathe in the Sacred Breath deeply and effortlessly, your awareness will gradually descend into your Sacred Heart Center, and then even deeper into the Vesica Piscis Mandala which contains the White Fire, Sacred Seed Atom–your own personal Divine Facet of our Father/Mother God. This is when you may draw forth all the Sacred Love you can contain. This is where you realize that you are the dreamer as well as the dream. It is in this Sacred Space that you will begin your journey back into the wholeness (holiness) as you strive to recreate yourself into a SUN CHILD of our Father/Mother God. This has been preordained; it is your Divine Heritage.
Please remember that only a minuscule Facet of your complete “Being” is incarnated in the density of the third/fourth dimensions.  The fourth dimension is the astral plane, a bridge to the fifth dimension.  The three lower sub-levels are filled with a great array of emotional-energy debris and a broad spectrum of discordant frequency, mental thought forms.  The fourth dimension is the storehouse for the mass consciousness beliefs of humanity from all past ages on Earth.  The fourth dimension also contains the mental body auric field of the Earth.
You are called Star Seed for a reason, for as you return to Self-Mastery, you will initiate the process of integrating highly-developed crystalline, Life-Code Seed Atoms;  a new, advanced  evolutionary process to be used in the next forthcoming Golden Age. Humanity is ready to take a giant leap in consciousness.  At some point in every person’s Soul journey throughout time and space, there is a yearning to return to the higher realms–a Divine discontent sets in that cannot be denied. First you must become aware of the voice of your conscience.  The whispers of your Soul will grow louder and more distinctive as you begin to pay attention to the call of Spirit. A sensitivity grows within your feeling nature as you become attuned to higher vibrational patterns of people, places, thoughts and actions. Eventually you will learn to distinguish the Soul Song vibrations of your Soul family, and of the different masters and angelic Beings.

Yes, humanity is in the midst of dramatic changes, an evolutionary process of profound proportions. However, remember, it is just a part of the never-ending spiral.  All of you who are awakening to your God consciousness have experienced a great variety of momentous transitional processes throughout this universe.
Please take heed:  no longer will you be allowed to stagnate or even stay at a certain level very long—time and the process of transformation are moving too rapidly. Your language is changing; your thought forms are different.  The old areas of your brain which contain your past are gradually being refined or dissolved, so it is beginning to seem as though everything that happened before, even last year,  is a vague dream. New areas of your brain are being activated and you must learn to think in a whole new way. Light packets of information, holographic pictures of great significance and sacred geometric patterns will begin to come into your consciousness, and you must learn how to decipher these.  It may seem as if those whom you are moving beyond no longer understand you, or you cannot find words to carry on the old mundane patterns of conversation.  You will also find that you do not need to verbalize every thought as you begin to telepathically pick up the energies and thoughts of those around you. Your intuitive abilities will increase, and you will not be easily deceived. You will speak your truth with spiritual integrity, and you will not be willing to engage in the negative games of the past.
We implore you: do not become attached to any way of being, any one modality, any philosophy that is too narrow or structured, or buy into any agreement that gives power to someone outside yourself. Discernment, discernment, discernment—we cannot emphasize this enough, for as quickly as an apparent truth comes forth and you incorporate it into your belief system, it may be superseded by a higher truth or a new concept.  In looking back, can you not see that much of the knowledge you now accept as your absolute truth was beyond your wildest imagining ten years ago, or even six months ago?  Be aware that many of the things you are so certain about today will undoubtedly change tomorrow or in the near future.
Mentally, new ideas and concepts are bombarding your consciousness. Nebulous at first, but gradually solidifying as you use your enhanced reasoning abilities to unfold and decode the formulas and inventions of the future. As you tap into the higher planes of the fifth dimension, you will begin to remember facets of the blueprint of Creation for this Sub-universe: how to hold a pure thought until it is brought to fruition and how you assisted in the creation of a great variety of wondrous things.  Many of you will begin to see geometric shapes, sparkling crystals, and brilliant new colors as you move through and beyond time and space into realms of Light.
We have said that many special dispensations are being given to those who bravely step to the fore and claim their heritage. As the masses awaken and cry out for assistance, solutions, information and encouragement, you will be needed more than ever, my brave ones.  We are waiting to empower you, to gift you with wisdom, abilities and knowledge beyond your wildest imaginings. You see, your brain has always functioned at 100% capacity, which may come as a surprise to you, for you have heard that the average person only uses approximately 10% of their brain power.  Before the mid-1900's, the masses have only had access to that limited portion of the brain which resonated to the frequencies of the third and lower-fourth dimensions. It is the mind that is/was restricted, not the brain. As you balance and integrate the higher frequencies, you gain access to more and more of your brain power that resonates to the higher-fourth and fifth dimensions. Some advanced Souls are even tapping into the lower levels of the sixth dimension. It is not possible to access those advanced portions of your brain until you attune to those refined frequencies. The major goal at the present time is to raise your vibrational frequencies to the level necessary to clear the membranes of Light which guard the portals to your Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart and the fifth-dimensional levels of the brain structure. That is when you will truly begin to make progress in your spiritual quest.
Be aware that there is an ebb and flow to the process of ascension. There are great pulsations of new higher Cosmic Ray vibrational patterns bombarding the Earth, with quiet times in-between so as not to create an overload situation.  Ascension is not a steady, forward-motion process. It is an insurgence of energy and new information, and then a time of assimilation, integration and manifestation. Many of the sensations seem more pronounced to you at this time. You may feel as though you have taken a great leap into the unknown at times or taken a step backward into uncertainty. At other times you may feel an intensified sense of vulnerability.  By now, you should be somewhat accustomed to the ebb and flow of magnified, accelerated frequencies; however, when you are pushed to the next level of awareness, it often sets off an alarm of varying degrees in your physical/mental/emotional bodies.
It is decision time, for this is a time of a harvesting of Souls. Everyone  must decide whether they wish to move forward with the Earth as she spirals into the higher dimensional frequencies; whether they will choose to leave and return at a later time or move on to another planet of third-dimensional reality to finish their lessons in the physical expression. Many Souls will choose to leave the Earth plane as a part of their contract and Divine mission, and many other beautiful Souls are being placed or readied to assume positions of authority, positions of power.  They will remain low key, possibly in the background, until it is time to step forward and make themselves known.  They will be dynamic, forceful and carry a new vision for humanity—one that will serve all people and create the foundation for the New Age to come.
And so we say to you, ‘HOLD STEADY, BELOVEDS.’ This is the time to seek your truth, to once again take control and dominion over your world, to remember you are a representative of the Creator on an important mission called “the evolution of humanity and the planet Earth.” Accept your power as a master of cocreation.  Accept and activate the gifts you were endowed with that lie dormant within.
This is a time of mass awakening as more and more dear Souls begin to feel the nudge of Spirit and begin to listen to the whisperings of his/her Soul Self. Therefore, in our missives of the future, we will include a few of the earlier concepts we have given over the past twenty years. This will be a good review for those of you who have been devoted students for many years.  It will also encourage and inspire those who are just beginning to seek the Light of Truth, for the messages will include segments that they can clearly understand. Do not despair, beloveds, if you have been led to our current teachings and they prove to be too difficult to understand. Our many messengers of Light have labored tirelessly to bring forth our wisdom teachings that address the basics tenets of spirituality through the many intermediate levels, and now to the current advanced cosmic teachings.  If you will seek out these past messages, you will find your own level of understanding and you may comfortably proceed from that level forward.
The evolutionary process for humanity is in full-swing and moving forward at an astounding pace. Open your minds and your hearts, beloveds, and embrace the infusion of Divine Love/Light that awaits you. Bask in the glory of reunion with us as we move forward together on this incredible journey into a new reality.  We are with you always. You are loved most profoundly.

I AM Archangel Michael

Transmitted through Ronna Herman http://www.ronnastar.com/ * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. WE OFFER ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S MESSAGES ON OUR WEBSITE AS A GIFT; HOWEVER, WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR DONATIONS TO HELP DEFRAY OPERATING EXPENSES AND POSTAGE FEES FOR THE FREE LOVE PACKETS WE SEND AROUND THE WORLD.

The manuscript of survival – part 275

February 28, 2013

Today you have entered a brand new phase dear ones, one where you will feel the breath of fresh air starting to tingle on your face. For you have once again exited a tunnel of travail, and now, you will feel as if you have left something rather cumbersome behind in that tunnel, and you are free to move in a much more lively fashion. For you have once again stripped yourself of some old raiments, things that have been stuck to you for such a long time, you had almost forgotten they were even there in the first place. So take some time to celebrate yourself today, as you are once again buoyant enough to rise even higher into this pristine air.
We speak in parables as usual, but we think you will all understand just what we mean by this. And even if some of the things we refer to are almost unseen by many of you, you will still feel their absence as a relief in your whole system. For this process of pushing and pulling, squeezing and letting go in an almost rhythmic fashion is not only pulling you all further along on this path, it is also ensuring that you continue to travel ever more lightly. So take a bow, as you certainly deserve it, after having once more being plunged into the icy waters of second thoughts, and once again emerged from it even more certain that this is the only right path for you, and this journey is what you have dreamed of for eternity. It might not feel like a dream journey at all times, but even when the going gets tough, you know you have no real desire to call it quits and return to where you came from. For you sense, even in the darkest of hours, that you are being pulled along towards the brightest of lights. And even if the current at times seems to double up on itself and throw you into an impasse, you still sense a sort of forward momentum anyhow. For you are never in stagnant waters for long, and when you are there, know that this too is according to plan. Because you are not meant to withstand an endless succession of rapids without having the chance to breathe in, exhale and give yourself a little rest now and then. For you need this pulse to be just that, an on and off sensation of movement and pressure, easing into a somewhat slower and more tranquil phase, where you get the chance to catch your breath and recuperate a little bit before you once again get to shoot another rapid.
But these quiet moments, if we may call them that, sometimes seem to be the more challenging ones, because then your mind gets a little bit more space to start to think and feel again, and then, uncertainty and disbelief starts to raise its little head again. So for many, the periods of intense physical signalling is mayhaps the more bearable ones, because then you not only get all the confirmation you need that something is indeed afoot, but your mind does not get any space to misbehave again, and it will resort to sitting quietly in a corner and maybe just sulk a little bit. So this cycle of intense activity interspersed with some ”down” periods to call them that, each bring with them their own unique challenges. But for you, who have become seasoned travellers already, we think you have found a way to navigate the rapids as well as the backwaters. For you have learned to connect, both with your own center, but also with the whole network of fellow travellers out there, and as such, you have become more than adept at taking it all on no matter how daunting the rapid is or no matter how eerily quiet the pond seems to be at times.
For you have journeyed well, and will continue to do so, for you have set your sights on the one true thing that you know, that you are destined to conquer this whole river and get to the promised land you can already sense somewhere in the distance. And best of all, now you know that you will arrive there in the company of a great many other shining souls just like you. For you are not alone on this river any more, in fact, you have already connected with so many others on the way, and you can hear their shouts of joy, and you can shout out encouragement to anyone you hear is in distress. And that way, you can all help each other onwards on this journey.
Let us just close off todays message with a salute from us all. We are in awe of your accomplishments, and even if this may not be news to any of you, we would like to remind you all that you have come such a long way in just the last few weeks. And the biggest accomplishment you have made lately, is the connection you have all forged whilst being tossed to and fro in the churning waters of this river. For it is not given that you should take the time to reach out to others while you yourself at times are barely holding your head above the waters, so we are here to remind you all that you have in fact achieved something that is more than amazing indeed. So cudos to you all, you have not only helped yourself so much further along the banks of this river, but you have also linked up with the others in such a way you already form an unbreakable chain of light, each link pulling the others along, and each part of the chain making all of the others just that much stronger. So again we say do not forget to thank yourself for what you do. For what you all do is nothing short of magical, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, and we do so on behalf of All of creation.

Gravity Waves and Ancient Egypt (26th Feb 2013)

Dutchsinse – US Navy Labs Create Plasma Spheres (Rings) Using HAARP – HF – High Frequency – 27 February 2013

Uploaded on 27 February 2013 by dutchsinse

This is a profound release, just put out by the US Naval Research Lab on Feb. 25, 2013..
In essence, this experiment done by the Navy contradicts ALL the skeptics who said it quote “could not be done” using frequency in the Atmosphere.
Ironic indeed that the frequency they used from HAARP matches the capability of NEXRAD RADAR.. as they are creating this plasma in the atmosphere using 0-4MHz.. (nexrad pulses between 0 to 12.4MHz putting the HAARP frequency and RADAR frequency on overlapping spectrums)
To top it off, with this Navy experiment — the plasma RING/SPHERE was observed on RADAR from Poker Flats, AK.. refuting even more skeptics who said HAARP cannot be seen on RADAR.
Furthermore, separately, we found RADAR is used to generate plasma from a place called SPEAR (in Norway) , they are using RADAR as a ‘heater’ in the same GHz spectrum that NEXRAD RADAR normally operates on when not in pulse mode (2.7GHz to 3.0GHz). Proving RADAR can , and is currently being used to induce effects in the atmosphere — not just observe it.
Finally, we found information that RADAR was used to generate artificial plasma / literally LIGHTNING at the MIT research labs… C-band and S-band.. again.. same bands that NEXRAD RADAR use.
In otherwords, NEXRAD RADARs for sure have the functionality to act as small versions of HAARP or EISCAT. To function as ‘heaters’ and plasma / lightning generators (for signal reflection / over the horizon capability / heating weather modification).
Any skeptic who said it could not be done, (for instance those at Realist News, or Metabunk just to name a few) NEED TO ISSUE FULL RETRACTIONS AND CORRECTIONS —- assuming of course they really are into science and not trying to just protect their egos.
If they don’t issue retractions and corrections saying they were wrong, then you know they’re pushing an agenda that does not include real science — up until now they could say “it can’t be done”… now what is their explanation?
They said I was photoshopping and HOAXING these RADAR pulses … lol .. nice one.. now lets see what they have to say… right now.. its been out 2 days.. and we hear CRICKETS from their side.
links here:
photos of past events:
more about the HAARP ring / RADAR pulse theory here:
even more here:
Past HAARP ring / RADAR pulse events and the storms which hit within 72 hours:

2/27/2013 -- US Navy Labs create Plasma Spheres (rings) using HAARP - HF...

Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI)

Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI)
Designing better interfaces: skin-like electronics

Capabilities for non-invasive measurement of neural signals are important because they support many critical biomedical applications, including brain-machine interface paradigms in mobile applications. Currently, recording neural signals in mobile environments is a challenge because conventional measurement devices have rigid or mildly flexible construction and bulky cables for signal conduction. Technologies of the future must address these drawbacks, through new ideas that provide ultrathin, conformal designs, with high fidelity and non-invasive measurement modes. Our research group, in conjunction with the research group of John Rogers at UIUC, is developing foldable, stretchable electrode arrays that can non-invasively measure neural signals (i.e. EEG) without the need for gel. The electrodes rely on layouts recently developed for silicon electronics that offer linear elastic responses to applied force, with the capacity to fold, twist and deform into various curved shapes. Stretchable electronics have the key advantage that they can wrap arbitrary, curvilinear surfaces and, at the same time, achieve mechanical properties that approach those of tissues of the human body (e.g. skin). These capabilities are especially significant for applications in skin-mounted devices for electroencephalography (EEG) in mobile environments.

Here, intimate contact enables efficient electrical coupling for high fidelity measurement. In particular, the signal to noise ratios of recorded signals benefit from low output impedances between the electrodes and the skin, enabled by the conformal interface.
Related publications
  • D. H. Kim, N. Lu, R. Ma, Y.S. Kim, R.H. Kim, S. W, S. M. Won, H. Tao, A. Islam, K.J. Yu, T. Kim, R. Chowdhury, M. Ying, L. Xu, J. Wu, M. Li, H.J. Chung, F. G. Omenetto, Y. Huang, T. P. Coleman, J. A. Rogers, “Epidermal Electronics”, Science, Aug 12, 2011.
Related press coverage:

A Team Decision-Theory Approach: “agents cooperating to achieve a common goal”

A brain-machine interface is a system comprising a direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device.  Our research group has developed an interpretation of the BMI as a system comprising multiple agents cooperating to achieve a common goal.  This “team decision theory” viewpoint has led us to leverage insights from feedback information theory and control theory to develop direct brain control systems that are easy to use, are theoretically optimal, and attain previously un-attainable performance.
Related publications
  • C. Omar, A. Akce, M. Johnson, T. Bretl, R. Ma, E. Maclin, M. McCormick, and T. P. Coleman, “A Feedback Information-Theoretic Approach to the Design of Brain-Computer Interfaces”, International Journal on Human-Computer Interaction, January 2011.
  • R. Ma, N. Aghasadeghi, J. A. Jarzebowski, T. W. Bretl, and T. P. Coleman, “A Stochastic Control Approach to Optimally Designing Variable-Sized Menus in P300 Neural Communication Prostheses”,  IEEE Trans on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (TNSRE), January 2012.
  • S. K. Gorantla, and T. P. Coleman, “Equivalence Between Reliable Feedback Communication and Nonlinear Filter Stability”, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory , August 2011.
  • R. Ma, and T. P. Coleman, “Generalizing the Posterior Matching Scheme to Higher Dimensions via Optimal Transportation”, Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, September 2011.
  • A. Kulkarni and T. P. Coleman, “An Optimizer’s Approach to Stochastic Control Problems with Non-classical Information Structure”, IEEE International Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), to appear, December 2012

Machine Learning in Dynamic Interacting Networks: Uncovering Causal Influences

Many current viewpoints about how neural processes integrate to elicit complex brain function posit that populations of neurons in the human brain are connected to form functionally specialized assemblies.  With the increasing ability to record multiple neural signals at different brain areas simultaneously, one core issue in neuroscience research is understanding the mechanistic phenomena and how to analyze these ensemble recordings and infer the structure of these mechanisms.  One such approach to attempt to understand this mechanistic phenomena is by using a statistical measure of causality.
The directed information is an information-theoretic quantity analogous to mutual information that encodes the fundamental limits of communication with feedback.  It is directional and non-symmetric.  From the viewpoint of a sequential prediction under the log loss, it can be shown to be philosophically consistent with “Granger causality”, in that it measures directionality of causality (e.g., X causing Y) by assessing whether or not past values of X and Y help to predict the future of Y better than only past values of Y. We have used the directed information and extended it to the “right” notion of causality when we record more than two time series simultaneously.  By espousing a coupled dynamical systems and generative model viewpoint, we show that the “right” measure of causality within a network of many interacting processes is the “causally conditioned directed information”.
We have developed provably good estimation algorithms to estimate these quantities from data and have demonstrated how the network causal dynamics represent information processing in the brain.  In the primary visual cortex of an awake-behaving monkey, we analyzed simultaneous spiking and field potential recordings and demonstrate a consistent change in causal interactions between cells before, during, and after a visual stimulus evokes a motor response. Our procedure identifies strong structure in the estimated causal relationships in the spike trains, the directionality and speed of which is consistent with predictions made from the wave propagation of simultaneously recorded local field potentials.
Our approach is applicable to an arbitrary modality and thus can be applicable to a variety applications, including social networks, economics, and network security.
Related publications
  • C. Quinn, T. P. Coleman, N. Kiyavash, and N. G. Hatsopoulos, “Estimating the directed information to infer causal relationships in ensemble neural spike train recordings”, J. Computational Neuroscience, January 2011.
  • S. Kim, K. Takahashi, N. Hatsopoulos, and T. P. Coleman, “Information Transfer Between Neurons in the Motor Cortex Triggered by Visual Cues”, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Annual Conference , September 2011.
  • J. Etesami, N. Kiyavash, and T. P. Coleman, “Learning Minimal Latent Directed Information Trees”, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), July 2012.
  • C. Quinn, N. Kiyavash, and T. P. Coleman, “Efficient Methods to Compute Optimal Tree Approximations of Directed Information Graphs”, to appear, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing .

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Antártida: Pequeño barco de Sea Shepherd se enfrenta a cazadores de ball...

NASA | El Clima Espacial: Vocabulario

Santos Bonacci, Kevin Annett, Kate, & Tony Zpe On QL TV - The Downfall O...

Santos Bonacci, Kevin Annett, Kate, & Tony Zpe On QL TV - The Downfall O...

2/22/13 Objects around the Sun From Dollie Larson




"EE.UU. espía a ciudadanos como parte de la ciberguerra global"


Denise Le Fay – Transitions – The “Nine Months” Period – 26 February 2013

960x720 Paradigm Shift 
I created this graphic above in a feeble attempt to visually represent what’s been going on before the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Paradigm Shift Point, and where we are today within the “Nine Months” period of the Ascension Process. This graphic is meant to be read from the bottom up.
Also, I want everyone to know that the two colored images in my graphic were the closest images I could find that showed multiple lines — which are intended by me to represent multiple worlds and realities existing within multiple timelines — all compressing and converging into one single line. The bottom image represents before the 12-21-12 Expiration Date and Paradigm Shift Point; the top image represents the same process unfolding for “Nine Months” after the Paradigm Shift Point and before the single line separates into multiple lines again representing the start of the Separation of Worlds and Timelines at the end of the nine months… Fall Equinox 9-22-13. I would have preferred that the two colored images did NOT have those + signs in them, but they were the closest images I could find so please understand that the + signs are NOT representative of anything I was trying to convey, but came from the artist who created those two images.
The rest of my graphic is pretty self-explanatory so I won’t spend a lot of time explaining what many of you are already familiar with. The main reason I created it was to help any who may be confused about what’s happening, what’s unfolding after the 12-21-12 Expiration Date Paradigm Shift Point and how important this “Nine Months” period is for each of us. I have other articles currently in the works about these Nine Months and the “three trimesters” within them. Stair Steps remember? Always incremental steps within this Ascension Process so we have enough time to physically live through and embody the changes and make the needed adjustments and adaptations to them over and over. If we weren’t in physical bodies in physicality then we’d be able to move through these energetic Stair Steps much faster, but, because we are remaining in our physical bodies this process takes a bit more time, which is really like an added grace period at this point for us all to make whatever further changes we each needed to.
I’ll soon have another article up about the First Trimester which will go into more details about these Nine Months and the three trimesters within them — 12-21-12 Winter quarter or months of the first trimester; the Spring quarter or months of the second trimester;  and the Summer quarter or months of the third trimester. (Cosmic Awareness created this term — “Nine Months” and “trimesters” which I’m borrowing because they so beautifully reveal what you/me/many of us (notice I did not say all of us) have been living since the “Three Days of Darkness” Life Reviews we all experienced whether you consciously remember it or not on 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12. Actually, my Life Review has felt like it didn’t end on December 23, 2012, but has continued ever since in a less intense way. If you pay close attention I think you’ll make this same discovery and realize that at some level your Life Review has been an ongoing process, on a less dramatic and intense way, since the “Three Days”. Gestation period indeed!
What’s important now is where we are now and that is nearing the end of the First Trimester of the “Nine Months” period. More about this very soon. Rest, review and release whatever it is that you need to at this point and, here comes the really hard part for many of us, be patient and let these trimesters unfold as they must and USE them in whatever ways you need to now.
February 25, 2013
multicolored copyrightCopyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and link. www.deniselefay.wordpress.com link to original article

Wes Annac – Channeling And Strengthening Connections – 26 February 2013

As a channel, I’m beginning to be able to see how I personally receive the impressions I’m being given from the higher realms. With any one thing said that’s funneled-through an Earthly scribe, there are a plethora of ways the scribe can receive the message and the mind, while having its influence subdued, does help to interpret and translate the impressions into the scribe’s native language.
When we receive any impression, the natural instrument and translator that is our mind will find as many phrases or words as possible it is familiar with, to communicate what the souls delivering the message wish to bring forth. It is so interesting to notice the dynamic between an influentially-subdued mind and an open and receptive heart when bringing through a channeled communication.
Thinking about the manner in which the higher dimensional sources speaking to humanity come through, I find the entire process very interesting.
For the most part, I find myself away from any physical perception of the reality around me, and I simply sit and Be while another comes through and offers their impressions and advice. I can feel everything being said in a shallow sense, but I don’t quite have a comprehension of what’s being communicated through me and I’m unable to remember what’s said in a communication even right after I’m done channeling it.
At times, I have felt myself in entirely different astral locations while a communication was being brought forth. I remember that happening all of the time when I used to give readings, and it’s been happening more and more as of late.
As the sources delivering their communications to humanity have begun to speak to, we are constantly receiving energies and encoded impressions from those very sources and from our higher selves, which we can begin to decode and interpret. For some, this connection is fashioned into a commitment to delivering higher dimensional communications through themselves. For others, this connection remains more personal and is used for assistance along their personal Life paths.
I’ve begun to find an easy and clear access to the higher realms and to nearly any soul who wishes to communicate, in nearly every moment. While the beginning of the year was powerful enough on its own, the subtle and not so subtle effects of the ongoing descent of the higher realms unto our surface are certainly making themselves known.
Again; I’ve been able to establish what seems to be a very clear connection to the souls coming through me in every moment, and I’ve been able to receive specific assistance from them that has helped enormously along my path.
I’m getting the increasing feeling that each of us will begin to tap into and discover a real and lasting connection with our inner-realms that could come in the form of personal introductions to our guides and the facets of our higher selves assisting us. As we continue to open up and discover so much about ourselves that we’ve been taught to believe is illusory, we will discover that the very reality we’ve believe was real and fixed for so long is actually the illusion.
As I have, we will find our faith tested and the sheer lower dimensionality of this experience could weigh us down as it always has, but we are discovering an existence that is so much better and purer than what we’re going through currently and in so many of us, the desire has been bred to bring this future forth in any ways possible.
If my personal perspective can remain positive in every moment beyond the surfacing of negativity needing to be transmuted, I know that I can thrive in this time even more than I already feel I’ve been able to. You can too, but the flattened, negative perspectives that tend to latch onto us at times will teach us we can’t.
Our egos will try to make us think we cannot attain happiness in any given moment, but an opened heart will introduce us to so much Love and so many pure and uplifted feelings and emotions, that we will see this illusory reality for what it truly is.
More and more I’ve been receiving subtle yet noticeable impressions of places I can slightly remember myself inhabiting during past experiences. Higher dimensional places that I can barely recognize as I receive impressions of them are coming through to remind me they exist, and as I continue to discover the sheer beauty of this land around me, I am discovering as well that there are many places around here I carry strong memories of, for reasons I have not yet figured out.
In a sense, everything is opening up at present and each of us can find our expansively-opened hearts at this time and again, thrive from that connection. Of course, the drive to work work work away helping to anchor the higher realms we’re all beginning to feel is stronger than ever for me personally, and I’m finding myself wishing to be able to give or do more every day to strengthen this movement more than it has already been strengthened.
I’ve been given the idea of offering slightly-shorter messages at times for the benefit and ease of you readers, and for my own benefit and ease as well. Doing so will strengthen my personal ability to produce communications a bit more often than usual, and there is no sense keeping myself or any of you winded working upon or reading staggeringly-long messages that are intended to uplift and assist.
Of course, I still feel that drive to give as much as possible and cannot speak to how committed I will be to shortening the communications, but I’m sure that a tad less information couldn’t hurt. This connection that has strengthened so much is inviting a daily access to energies and information that are just dazzling, and my desire is to share as much by and through me as possible for anybody who resonates with it to hopefully benefit from.
So, this is where I am at this moment. Temptation to feed negativity or play-into difficulty or depletion are as strong as they ever were, but I’m finding myself able to realize when their influence is attempting to permeate my perspective and I’ve been able to learn from each lesson I undergo. Growth and awareness is being facilitated on a massive level right now and while we may experience or feed difficulty at present, we will come to find that experiencing and feeding the higher realms is much easier.
Wes Annac – Speaking from a place of growing understanding

Message from the Angels – Metaphorosis — All is in a State of Flux

Metamorphosis – All is in a State of Flux – 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima
We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.
We greet you this day when spring is beginning to show its first signs of arriving to the Northern Hemisphere. As the leaves of the first bulbs break through the cold and damp soil of winter gardens, so you are undergoing a metamorphosis, changing from one form to another. Your world follows suit, as change becomes a constant companion, sometimes dogging your heels as you move through your day. Nothing will remain as it once was – all is in a state of flux.
We are the angels who do the bidding of the Divine Mother. We work closely with the archangels and personal guides of those who are acting as wayshowers and lightworkers on planet Earth at this time. We wish to speak to you of many things, first and foremost the various changes that your bodies and minds are undergoing.
First, you are going through an intense period of regrowth, like a developing fetus within a mother’s womb. Your bodies are gradually phasing into becoming light-bodies, but remember, it takes time for changes to manifest into the physical. The changes filter down from the Soul through the mental, emotional and finally, the physical body, similar to the gestation of a young body.

As you undergo physical transformation, you are also undergoing a change in how you view your world. Your connection to spirit is growing and with the reconnection comes remembrance, of who you are and what you are, more than the body, more than one person. You are an aspect of the Creator, a facet of God. You are a divine being come into the world to learn about self and to help others to remember.
Each of you is also undergoing a profound cleansing period, where all that belongs to the old paradigm is being delicately stripped from your being. You are discovering that what you thought was self, was far from the real self that is slowly being revealed as you undergo this transformation. You are beginning to forget, memories are disappearing, even words and things that you have learned in the past are fading from your mind. As you forget, you begin to learn to live in the moment, in the Present, in the Now.
You may find yourself, at odd moments, suddenly remembering an old relationship, a long lost lover or friend, a relative to whom you have not seen or spoken to in years. You may glimpse a portion of an event once significant to you that you have strived to hold onto, but that suddenly doesn’t seem important anymore. Let it go. Let it all go… the trauma, the emotions, your misinterpretation of someone else’s actions or words, scraps and loose memories of what you thought you were. You are no longer that person who could be so easily offended or hurt. You no longer feel it necessary to cling to what has gone out of your life. Indeed, you might feel that these glimpses into your past are almost as if they were images from another life.
Your bodies, emotional, mental and physical are being washed by a river of light. This river gently extricates and removes trauma long-stored in your cellular structures, even traumas emanating from other lifetimes. Let these memories and pictures move through you, washed by the light working upon your cells, feel the emotions as they release from the electromagnetic field and dissipate into the ethers around you. You are undergoing a profound healing of your entire being. Simply allow it to happen. It is a gift from heaven, from your own higher self who brought you here to undergo this process of bringing heaven to earth, grounding the ascension energies into the physical body as the planet undergoes her own ascension.
We feel that for many of the lightworkers there has been a growing sense of loss, perhaps some disappointment and no little frustration when it was realized that many of the ascension symptoms thought to have been dealt with before last December have returned. These symptoms are a sign that you are, indeed, undergoing a profound period of change, a metaphoric process where you are becoming a new being, one who can anchor and carry the high frequency energies within a physical body and still function in the world. By bringing the light into your body, you are making it possible for your world to ascend, again, into the Christed frequency from which she descended long ago. Your planet is becoming a sacred planet, one of twelve in the Universe, a very special place, and you are here to assist in this birthing process. It is a sacred trust and right now, it is a work in progress.
As you continue to experience the various symptoms of ascension, understand that it does require patience. Both you and your planet are as pregnant women, dealing with the aches and pains, the discomforts and changes in body structure, the emotions and heat flashes, moodiness and whatnot, all for the purpose of creating something new together, a new world.
Feel into what gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation. It is hard enough for a pregnant woman to be comfortable during the nine months of gestation; many of you have been dealing with these changes on a daily basis for years. They will continue for as long as is necessary, so learn patience and be kind to yourself. Listen to what your body requires at the moment to make itself comfortable, give it the needed rest and pamper yourself a little. Above all, be gentle with yourself and those around you. Many are also undergoing changes that they understand very little. In your greater awareness and calm presence, others can take heart and come to understand that the process is a natural one. The process is one that has been foreseen and planned for a long time, ever since the world first fell into the lower densities and even before. This long cycle was preordained and now the return to the light is nearly complete.
As the transformational period continues through the next months, you will find yourself coming into contact with those who are of a similar frequency level as your own. Some of you will begin working with other members of your soul family, either those who are embodied on the planet, those who are part of galactic crews whose ships populate the skies above your planet, as well as those who work from the spirit world.
It has been a lonely time for many lightworkers, who have been sprinkled liberally across the face of the planet, many being the sole anchor of light in their communities. However, as more people awaken, those same lightworkers will find themselves more in demand, as people begin to question everything about their lives. Just being a calm presence will assist these new seekers to discover more about themselves. People are more sensitive to vibration and thought than is presently realized. Your calm presence will assist greatly and people will respond by relaxing in your presence.
What can you do for yourself and in preparation for your continued work here? Learn to listen to the still voice within. Take up channeling if you feel comfortable. Certainly journaling, artwork and music are useful in soothing whatever agitation is stirred up during this period.
Remember that you are always channeling your higher self, soul and monad (soul family) in ways that are not always obvious. As you begin to “tune in” more the subtle messages of spirit will become more apparent. And if you don’t listen, there are ways that spirit can and will reach you, eventually. Dreams, intuitive understandings, unusual sights and occurrences, repeating patterns and number sequences – keep your eyes and ears open for the signs that spirit is attempting to communicate and then be open to what comes.
All of you came with specific missions or dharma to complete. Some of you are not aware of what this work is supposed to be. It will become more apparent in the days and months to come and you can assist in opening up to the possibilities by learning to accept yourself as you are.
Many of you have simply come to transmute the energies as they move through your bodies and to go through the process of reconnecting to spirit, a connection that most of the population has lost, even if they consider themselves to be spiritual people. Humanity has forgotten their divine roots, that there is no need of an intermediary to stand between the individual and God. Each person is an extension of their soul, housed within a vehicle, the body.
What has been deemed spirituality on this planet is in many instances simply idolatry, with people worshipping those beings that they deem to be higher and greater than they will ever be. Instead of being a uniting force, it will be seen that religion and dogma has served to divide people, to foster distrust, hatred and bigotry.
There is good in every religion as they were all started by advanced souls, but for the most part the original teachings have been warped and manipulated by those who desired power and authority over others. What is good in religious teachings will remain; the rest will be stripped away.
Many pious good people are in for major shocks as they discover how manipulated and controlled they have been by those spiritual leaders that they trusted. Already layers of cover-ups, deceptions and lies are beginning to be revealed. More will come, and as a result reactions and tempers may flare. Learn to be an island of calm in the storm so that those who you interact with will see that there is another way to be, calm, serene and balanced, letting that whose time it is to leave, go.
We see your whole world going through growing pains right now. Institutions are falling apart at the seams, sometimes in rather surprising ways, as with the resignation of the Pope, the abdication of rulers and the continuing upset in the economical world, exposure of professional athletics and other developments. The structures developed during the dark period of the Kali Yuga are being dismantled; their foundations have been removed. What you see in the mass media is mostly smoke and mirrors at this point; the economy is faltering as greedy bankers still try to charge countries high rates of interest on money. The common people are beginning to wake up rapidly. It takes this kind of pressure to force change in the masses. Like a hot house flower being forced into early bloom, so are the people being forced into an awakening process by the one area in their lives that affects them deeply – money.
Eventually, it will be seen by people that money is an artificial construct of the old paradigm, one that was devised to keep control over people. Money is not necessary. People will eventually create systems of barter and sharing that will work around the problems that have been created by the outmoded banking system.
As the people begin to awaken, initially they may be angry, even as some of you the lightworkers are still angry, directing your thoughts towards what you see as negative in your world. We would gently suggest that you to move your thoughts away from the rapidly decaying elements of the old paradigm, as it will continue to breakdown on its own without your assistance. Remember that you are creators. Your thoughts are more powerful than most of you understand right now. What you focus on the most becomes what manifests in your world. Learn to keep your thoughts focused on more positive outcomes even if they do not manifest directly; they will soon enough.
This is a period where much change is manifesting into your daily existence as what has been dominant and a power in your world is now in the process of becoming undone and leaving. Institutions that once were the foundation of the community are being exposed as something else. The revelations will continue to come, fast and furious, creating much upset and unrest among the populations. Governments will be unable to provide the support needed for fixing things as their monetary supply dries up or as the people rise up in rebellion over austerity measures and increased taxes.
Do not expect governments to work miracles or to solve the unsolvable problems created by greed, lack of vision and entropy. Some of you will discover as you begin to open up to your multidimensional self that solutions for these problems will present themselves. Many wonderful creative notions will be able to be put into practical usage once the institutions that would have prevented these things from coming into being have disappeared from the world’s stage.
A new world is coming into being and you are here to assist in its birthing. You are the midwife and the pregnant woman, the father and the mother. Together you are bringing forth the Christed child, within yourself and your world. The Christed frequencies are returning to this world and you, with your glorified light body and unified force field, will anchor those energies here.
You chose to be here for a purpose, a holy purpose. Open to your greater being and discover that purpose for yourself. We believe that you will be amazed to see how gifted you all are even now. You have vastly underestimated your capacity for creation. Now you have an opportunity to begin to utilize those skills that you have mastered in other dimensions, to bring them into physical reality, on this planet, here and now.
Avail yourself of this time of preparation and transformation to rest, recuperate and gather your strength. As the various timelines and worlds begin to separate towards the end of this year and the next, the real work of rebuilding your world will commence. Now is the time to prepare.
Our blessings go with you. Call on us to assist you, we will hear you. Namaste.
Thank you, beloved Angels.
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