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3MIN News December 31, 2013: Drones Overhead, Solar Pole Flip

Feliz Año Nuevo 2014

Mensajes de la Federación Galáctica y Ashtar Command les desea un maravilloso 
Año Nuevo 2014

Nuestro Año 1

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Suzanne Lie - THE MERGING - Welcome to 2014 - Happy New Year - 12-31-13

“Let us merge into one being,” spoke Gaia.

It was my dream again, only this time it seemed so real. I saw Gaia before me in her form as an elegant Priestess. She wore a flowing opalescent gown that wrapped loosely around her body and was clasped at her left shoulder with a silver owl. Her abundant dark hair, swept up on top of her head, highlighted her delicate facial features. Small ringlets caressed her cheeks and the nape of her neck. An aura of feminine power surrounded her and seemed to radiate from her like a beacon.

The Annual of Inspirations – through Marc Gamma ~ 31.12.2013

inspiration[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]
Another year is approaching to its very end with 30 Inspirations published in German and English and I have received many wonderful feedbacks to them in which I took much delight. All inspirations were created in order to give you more impulses about how to look upon matters with some differing sight than usually. And they were to be used by yourselves to inspire you all the more.
All inspirations are to be translated into 4 languages as follows: Eva Maria (Contra)Mary) has the competence for translating into English while Milena van Lier takes care of the Bulgarian translation and Sarah Shiddian for the French one. The latter two are being translated still currently and have not been published in equal numbers of it yet.

Montague Keen – 31 December 2013

montaguekeenThe messages keep being published late and not at Sunday anymore  and therefore here you go:
In years to come, you will look back on 2013 as the year in which you began to see clearly how you were being controlled and manipulated by those whom you now see as Archons; though they are presented to you as people to trust and look up to. I told you, my dear, that the MASKS would fall away and that the light would expose those masks that were their protection. They have always been there; just hidden from your sight, and presented to you in such a way that you would never suspect their true origins. Do understand, my dear, that not everyone can see. You learned this recently, when you showed what (to you) was clearly present, but because they were of a different frequency, the others could not see them. You took photographs to prove what you were seeing. Only in the photographs could your friends see, what you had seen so clearly. You are all at different levels of awakening. It is a gradual process and it cannot be rushed.

Aisha North - Stepping into the New - Dec 31, 2013

Dear sisters and brothers!
In a few short hours, we will exit 2013 and enter 2014. Never before has the “me” who is about to enter a new year been so different from the “me” I was twelve months ago, for this has truly been a year of great transformation. Like a sponge, we have been soaked in wave after wave of energy for then to be squeezed out again, in order to rinse out layer after layer of old patterns, old behavior, old beliefs and old programming. And when you thought you were finished, it all started again. But as this year is coming to a close, I sense that this process too is coming to a close, and that the year we are about to step into, will be all about the emergence of the “me” that is the real me, not one of those old versions of myself that I thought was the only one.

Eden Sky - A NEW TIME RESOLUTION - Dec 31, 2013


In honor of the globally observed "2014" Gregorian Calendar New Year,
let us contemplate how this calendar system may affect us personally and planetarily

The Gregorian calendar became the world standard in 1582. Before this point, there were many more cultural calendar traditions than are in use today. Generally speaking, these calendrical lineages were nature-based, highlighting the changing seasons of one's local lands. Also, these maps of time connected people to their sacred relationship to time, elucidating cycles that united the microcosm of one's life with the macrocosm of the Universe. Nowadays, it seems that our sense of time is largely divorced from a connection to Nature's cycles, and that in many ways we have lost touch with the sacred and magical dimension of time. For the most part, we have been conditioned with a linear sense of time, and have come to accept the emptiness of the 12 Gregorian Calendar months which do little to inspire our connection to the larger Universe.

Journal Entry 12.30.2013 – Endings & Beginnings - Elizabeth Ayres Escher - December 31, 2013

Paradise River
Journal Entry 12.30.2013
How’s that for a pack of 3′s. And don’t ask me what it means; I’m not a numerologist.
Well, the last minutes of 2014 by the count of the Gregorian (and inaccurate) calendar are winding down. And we were informed today that the sun has completed his / her magnetic poleshift. So, what will the new year bring us?
If you listen or read the astrology reports, there are a lot of interesting aspects going on, such as a Grand Cross. Again, I’m not an astrologer… just a Jill of all trades… I know a little of that and a little of this, enough to be dangerous.
I was just listening to a video of Judith Dagley on the Solstice from 2012. The primary message was on synchronicity and how we are all moving into processing and learning through this now moment, as the Universe presents us information, in answer to questions that we have asked, whether consciously or unconsciously. Traditionally, if something presents in a series of three, you need to pay attention. The Universe has a message for you, but you’re the ONLY one who can interpret that message and ONLY by going through your own heart.

Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian Ascension – Meanwhile On Ascending Earth – Sandy’s Birthday Dream - December 31, 2013

I woke up with a sweet kiss as I heard Jason say, “Happy Birthday My Love.” It took me a moment to fully awaken as I was having the most wonderful dream. Finally, once I was awake enough to open my eyes, I saw Jason’s loving face.
“Oh Jason,” I said. “I just had the most wonderful dream. Can I tell you now before I forget?”
“Please do,” said Jason, as he propped himself up to see me while he listened.
“Well,” I began as I looked at the ceiling to not get distracted. I didn’t want to forget this dream. “The dream began with the feeling and flowing presence of the Arcturian. It said to me, ‘Happy Birthday. Today I give you the gift of remembering. In other words, you will not forget.

The Mysterious Innate - Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll - 31 August, 2013 - El Innato Misterioso Canalización en vivo de Kryon por Lee Carroll 31 de agosto de 2013

31 de agosto de 2013
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Para ayudar al lector, Lee volvió a canalizar a Kryon, quien efectuó adiciones para que los conceptos
adquieran mayor claridad. Muchas veces, los mensajes de Kryon canalizados en vivo contienen una energía que se transmite emocionalmente y no está presente en la página impresa.
Así que disfruten de este mensaje mejorado presentado en Gaithersburg en 2013.

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Mi socio se hace a un lado, pero aún está conectado. Lo hemos dicho antes: este proceso llamado canalización no es una posesión. Canalizar es una unión consentida, un acuerdo con la conciencia del Ser Humano junto con su propio Yo Superior. Este acuerdo de unión no es difícil de realizar en tanto lo permita la caja de realidad de creencia y tradición. Si les enseñaron que este proceso no es apropiado, entonces es difícil canalizar. De modo que una gran parte de la capacidad de canalizar de mi socio es que él sabe que es real y siente la paz que hay en ello.

Canalizar requiere entrenamiento y práctica para que poco a poco se vuelva cómodo. Es un “lugar” hermoso donde el Ser Humano se puede sentar y solo “ser” durante los breves momentos en que se da la información sin que se involucre el intelecto. Mi socio se convierte en un traductor. Toma información cuántica, no lineal, desde mi lado del Velo y crea un flujo lineal en su lenguaje cultural. Esto le ha llevado años. Es un proceso aprendido.

Los filtros que tiene el Ser Humano en su mente son los desarrollados por la caja de su tradición y educación. Esto se convierte en su “forma de vida” y luego debe ser dejado de lado para que el mensaje canalizado se vuelva sucinto y tan completo como sea posible. Estos mensajes deben ser entregados de manera que tengan el mayor sentido posible para los Humanos, sin prejuicios humanos.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner steps aside, but he's still connected. We have said it before: this process called channelling, it is not a takeover. Channelling is a meld with permission, an agreement with the consciousness of the Human Being, along with his own Higher-Self.
This meld agreement is not hard to make as long as the reality box of belief and tradition allows for it. If you have been taught that this process is not appropriate, then it's difficult to channel. So a great deal of my partner's ability to channel is that he knows that it is real and feels the peace about it.

Channelling requires training and practice so that it slowly becomes comfortable. It's a beautiful "place" where the Human Being can sit and just "be" for the few moments as the information is delivered without the intellect involved. My partner becomes a translator. He takes nonlinear, quantum information from my side of the veil and creates a linear stream into his cultural language. This has taken him years. It's a learned process.

What is True Sovereignty? Andrew Bartzis,- Galactic Historian

Anahata “Heart Chakra” by Teal Scott

“Sovereignty starts in your heart, where you get out of your mind and you sit in the seat of your heart and realize that you are in charge of this hologram that is this world. We all are sharing a reality and when you stop sharing your own reality for long enough to stand up and say “NO” I do not consent to propaganda, I do NOT consent to construction to destroy the rainforest, I do NOT consent to a reality that harvests energy of it’s people, I do NOT consent to the murder and slaughter of people world wide. When you say “NO” and stand up in the boundaries of “NO’” that you created and say “I WANT CHANGE” In the mighty I AM presence, co creative pro-creative self, you have the balls or the ovaries to stand into your convictions and make change.

30 de diciembre de 2013

LOS MATERIALES DEL CRIMSON CIRCLE Serie del Descubrimiento Shaud 4: "Descubrimiento 4" por ADAMUS, canalizado por Geoffrey Hoppe Presentado al Crimson Circle en Diciembre 7, 2013

Traducción: Yezid Varón

Yo Soy lo que Yo Soy, Adamus de Dominio Soberano.

Bienvenidos queridos Shaumbra. Bienvenidos a esta fiesta, a esta festiva temporada navideña. (Alguien le entrega un collar hecho de luces de Navidad) ¡Oh! querida. (La audiencia responde "¡Ahhh!", mientras se lo pone) ¡Ahh! Sí, un poco de color, un poco de estilo. Sí.
Bienvenidos, queridos Shaumbra a esta reunión. La sala está llena, mucho más de lo que ha estado en los últimos meses, no sólo con humanos, sino entidades. Ustedes saben que no suelo traer invitados a nuestras reuniones. ¡Ah! Me preguntan de vez en cuando – me preguntaron hoy, de hecho, casi me rompió el corazón cuando me preguntaron – "¿Dónde está Kuthumi?" ¡Ohhhh! Kuthumi estará aquí cuando sea el momento.

Suzanne Lie: Creating Our Path To New Earth Dec 30, 2013

 Reality echoes each thought and emotion
To create a world of peace or commotion
Inside our SELF is our true Being
WE are the ONE we are hearing and seeing
We have been taught WE are too small
So some one else must answer our call
But all the some ones are of the ONE
And shine together as one bright Sun
The moon reflects its hollow globe
And from within it sends a strobe
This strobe of light is all we know
While we live within the 3D Show
We are the projector, the film and the story
We create both misery and our greater glory
Our thoughts, the Sun, and our emotional Moon
Invent the reality we will live soon
We gnash our teeth and pull our hair
As we cry and yell, “Life is not fair.”
But we create the life we live
We are the ones who take and give
If we could master Sun and Moon
We’d live the NOW, instead of soon
Time, you see, it is not real
It’s based on what we think and feel
If we master US, we master TIME
To BE the NOW, oh so sublime

Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinson: The Light Of Consciousness - Dec 30, 2013

LindaRobinsonThanks to the Galactic Free Press.
Greetings Beloved Ones,
We are Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light.  Today, we wish to discuss the light of consciousness.
The light of consciousness and enlightenment are intertwined as in a double helix.  When you open your awareness to the light of consciousness, you move toward enlightenment.
When you traveled down through the dimensions into this incarnation, your light of consciousness began as a spark and grew brighter through your desire to experience the ever-present love of the Creator.

Brenda Hoffman – Why Is Receiving A Dirty Word? – 30 December 2013

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Summary of Brenda’s December 28, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: It’s time to balance your giving and receiving equation. In new earth, you’ll love yourself as much as others. No longer will phrases like, “He’d give you the shirt off his back” be appropriate or even understandable.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for  http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: “Merry NEW Holidays to Us”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” BlogTalkRadio.com show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
We wish to direct your attention to receiving for many of you are not comfortable with that aspect of your being. Perhaps you feel guilty for not giving more during the holiday season to family, friends or charities. As if by spending or giving more all that is not right in your life or someone else’s will be better.

Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight: Merging with your Higher Self creates your Multidimensional Self and is the basis for Your New Higher Dimensional Society on Earth - December 30, 2013

Dear Friends,
I have been doing many personal channelings in the last few weeks and recently some information came through that I believe will benefit all of humanity. For those who have ordered a personal channeling, many thanks.. I am grateful for the tremendous demand for these and am completing these as quickly as I can despite the large volume of orders, while also striving to maintain their quality. Thank you for your patience in receiving these. I am deeply grateful and it is a joy to be bringing forth these messages for you. Below is some of the information I received last night.
Goldenlight ~:~
Channeled by Goldenlight, www.thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.
There is occurring now on earth the building of a new higher dimensional society, and this is happening through the anchoring in of the higher dimensional energies by each person on earth through their connection with their higher self and multidimensional being. This new society is being created by each person connecting and resonating with their higher self and multidimensional being.

Owen K. Waters: The Numerology of 2014 - Dec 30, 2013

In Western culture, most of us are about to begin what we call the year 2014. Westerners typically use the Gregorian calendar, which was named after Pope Gregory XIII. Gregory proposed how we would, to this day, number the years, the months and the days.
According to numerology, 2014 is a “7″ year: 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 adds up to 7. The influence of that number makes 2014 a year of deeper focus and realizations. However, you might wonder why the effects of numerology work in our particular calendar system when there are other calendars in use around the world.

Wes Annac – Conscious Oneness : 4 Parts – 30 December 2013

wes-annac-300x229Part 1 – Conscious Oneness: Shifting Paradigms
Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness
The state of affairs on our planet makes it obvious that we’re in the midst of a transformative paradigm shift from an era of darkness and elite domination to one of unity, prosperity and progress on behalf of the common man.
It’s clear that things are being shaken up on the world stage as a part of our continual shift from one collective state of awareness to another, and it’s also clear that we need to come together to steer this shift in a positive direction. Beyond everything that’s happening now, a paradigm shift has been evident for decades.

2014 The Year of Balanced Relationships ~ Channeled December 21, 2013

Archangel Gabriel
Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be with you today. What a magnificent showing of souls, willing to come and anchor the energies for all to benefit from. You are blessed and honoured in your role today, and, of course, when we talk about those who have come to participate in the group, we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.
May we wish you a blessed and joyous solstice. You have done magnificently. Because you have shifted and purged and so diligently transmuted energies, you are now containing light codes that would not have been possible at any other time on your planet. That is how profound what you have accomplished over this past year has been.

29 de diciembre de 2013

Part 21-Pleiadian Alaje- HEALING THE SOCIETY -English Sub

Harnessing the Divine Feminine in the New Earth - Karen Doonan - December 29, 2013

There is much talk about the return of the Divine Feminine upon and within planet earth and whilst it is important to bring  BALANCE to the human race, the filters that are in operation within the old 3d earth CREATED reality may blind you to the Divine Feminine in TRUTH. For the Divine Feminine is CREATION in TRUTH but filtered through the teachings of the old 3d earth paradigms this energy may be used as a DESTRUCTION energy.  Many in both female and male human form are trying to anchor the distortion and not TRUTH at this time. It is not TRUTH to view the female as more than the male and vice versa, ALL are EQUAL in the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.

Selacia - Magnify 2014 Potentials with Jan. 1 Super Moon - Dec 29, 2013 - Magnifica Tus Potenciales para el 2014 con la Súper Luna del 1ro de Enero por Selacia

Are you ready for a radically different and more joyful 2014? Set your intentions now, in these last moments of 2013 and energize them on New Year’s when we have the first super moon of the year!
The January 1 new moon, called a super moon because of its powerful energy, is a true blessing for intention setting. New moons are typically a great time to set in motion new concepts, projects, and intentions – having one on the very first day of a new year is even more potent.
Knowing this in advance can help you to become more mindful of your year-end clearing and goal setting for the coming year. We’re not talking about resolutions. The person making a resolution is looking at a problem and resolving to fix it.

Deconstructing the human ego in preparation for the New Earth - Karen Doonan - December 29, 2013

For many of  you at this moment in your outer waking life experience events may be at a level that you feel as if you are somehow being punished or that you walk the “wrong” path. It may be that the more that you try to “fix” your outer waking reality and try to harness the balance that your SOUL craves at human level the more your outer waking life makes no sense. This is all by DESIGN and I would highlight and underline strongly the word “DESIGN”. NONE of this human life experience is by chance, accident or co-incidence, even synchronicity is a construct that requires to be fully dissolved in order to reach full FLOW in the New Earth frequencies.

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 29 December 2013 - Mensaje Semanal del Maestro Ascendido Hilarión Del 29 de Diciembre 2013 al 4 de Enero 2014 por Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

There are many people upon the planet at this time that have been and will continue to, look deeply within themselves so that they may face every hidden aspect of their beings; to squarely and truthfully, without denial, accept and love all aspects of themselves. It is their willingness to confront that which has abided within them in order to balance, harmonize and come to resolution which now assists each person to become whole and this will facilitate a deep feeling of peace and contentment in all that they do and will bring joy and happiness in their outer lives. The adage ‘as above, so below’ will begin to be understood within their hearts, for the outer world always reflects that which lives within.

The Sirians and Higher Self: A New Year – A New Self - December 29, 2013


Note to Reader: This piece began as a journal entry but became something quite different. For those who have questions about my manner of channeling, it is more a blending of the energies of those who are communicating through me and what is called my higher self. I had no concept of what was going to be presented before sitting down to write.
While I realize that many channelers have specified times where they deliver their messages, it is not so with me. I first feel the energies like they are pressing in upon me, as if I am going to give birth.

2014 Message: The 3 Paths of Humans

Andrew Bartzis - The “Event” is Already Underway Since Sept. 16, 2013 - Dec 29, 2013

“Just to let everyone know, the event began September 16th, so it’s already started. On September 16th to the 20th the entire rules of our reality changed. I spoke about the audit that went on between March 20th to 22nd this year, in which Prime Creator came in and had the entire social and spiritual contract system of our entire reality at the graduation time level looked at from top to bottom and even every piece of fine print and how it all distilled down to the common denominator of each soul that was interactive and effective with or without domination and control. And the rules that were set up, the charge group, completely failed at that. Prime Creator had his walk-ins come in, over 500 million have come in since that time we talked (in June) . The government shutdown was because they had to bring that three headed monster back that they used on us so many times before because they couldn’t start a war in Syria. Because there are paranormal experiences happening all throughout the Syrian reality zone, they needed to cut out the commercials and cell phone video’s that were coming out. There were video’s of beings walking into crumbling buildings and manifesting out with an almost dead child. Thousands of video’s like that were suppressed.

Aisha North - The manuscript of survival – part 382 - Dec 29, 2013

You have perhaps already managed to tap into the new force that sits ready and waiting for you dear ones, the force that will bring you all the way across that threshold you seem to have been hovering before for such a long time now. You see, this is indeed an exciting time for you all, as you have all been readied for this final stage of this enormous salvage operation, if we may use such a word, but now, things will start to get into the swing as it were. You see, these times will not go unnoticed by anyone, as the heightened levels of energetic emissions that will hit your own personal atmosphere have never been higher, and as such, they will have a deep impact on you all. We are well aware that for most of you, the impact you have registered so far can perhaps not be described as entirely positive, if positive at all, for they can mainly be described as deep and throbbing pain within your physical tissues and as anxiety, unease and perhaps even anger on your mental level. But now, the veil will start to lift in a way that will help you all to see beyond this energetic unpleasantness and give you that first glimpse of the freedom that lies beyond this veil of forgetfulness, toil and travail that has been suspended between you and the world of your dreams.

UFO Projected another sphere Real Evidence- OVNI proyectando esfera Mexico tijuana 25/12/2013

Fast moving comet type object 12/26/2013

Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight: Higher Dimensional Technologies Part I: Pleiadian Healing Technologies . December 29, 2013

pleiades and stardust
Greetings we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council.
We wish to speak to you of the Pleiadian Technologies, and high technologies of the other star nations in your universe, that we will be bringing to your societies after our Grand Reunion. These technologies are an incredibly advanced alternative to many of the ways that your society functions; which in many ways are archaic compared to the advanced higher dimensional technologies we use in our dimensions.

28 de diciembre de 2013

Wes Annac – Musings On Infinity And Unity – Part 2/2 – 28 December 2013

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm
Concluded from Part 1
Even though reaching a greater state of consciousness is peaceful to say the least, I don’t think it puts us in an inactive condition. Instead, a burning flame is lit that every awakening seeker finds incredible motivation to be a part of the widespread cultivation of peace and harmony because of.
We can use this burning flame to come together with respect for each other’s unique personal philosophy and become examples of a real and lasting unity movement in action. Unity movements come and go, and like I’ve said before, only those who are willing to stick with it in the face of endless adversity and difficulty can make great progress.

3D Printing Series : PART 4 : What 3D Printer? : Free Energy Printing : Multi Head Printers : What is Right for me in 2014: - Dec 28 2013


3D Printer Series :
What 3D printer?
Free Energy Printing: Is it at all possible?

If 3D printing and Free Energy are a combination then count me in:
To Keep Up to speed with Laserhacker please go here : You will tell by some comments in Youtube that the shills are on to this site and do not like what they are reproducing :
He has plenty of good free energy devices as he incorporates his designs with new released technology.

Texto - Kryon - Todo Sobre Las Rejillas - Lee Carroll - 15 de abril de 2012

Filadelfia, EE.UU. – Domingo 15 de abril de 2012

Saludos, queridos, YO SOY Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Este es un lugar seguro, un lugar donde no hay energías inapropiadas que puedan presentarse ante ustedes. Cada Ser Humano en el salón es conocido y hay una actitud del Espíritu que se presenta ante el individuo, una actitud de agradecimiento, una actitud de amor. Mi socio se sienta en el escenario para que puedan verlo en 3D. El Espíritu no está en el escenario, el Espíritu está con ustedes. Las palabras que tengo en este día se pronuncian en su interior, en forma simultánea con esas piezas y partes de ustedes que son cuánticas. Y todo ello es personal.

Wes Annac - Who is Our Universal Family? – Part 4 - Dec 28, 2013

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm
Continued from Part 3
The term “lightworker” has been thrown around a lot in the spiritual circles and even throughout this series. A lot of awakening people have heard this term and some of the spiritual blogs and forums out there are built around it, but just what is it? Just who are the people who call themselves lightworkers?
Is there any real “light” or “work” involved with being a lightworker, or is it just something you call yourself? It’s safe to say that some people use the term without necessarily understanding it, and a lightworker is no different from an energy worker, as light is a form of energy.

Dolores Knowledge 12 28 13


27 de diciembre de 2013

Humans Are Free - Exposing The Shadow “Elite” Controlling The World – 27 December 2013

So who really controls the world? The Illuminati? Freemasons? The Bilderberg Group?Or are these all red herrings to distract your prying eyes from the real global elite? The answer, like most topics worth exploring, is not quite so simple. Have no doubt, there are secretive global powers whose only goal is to keep and grow that power. But it really may not be as secretive as you would think. And that is what makes it even more nefarious.But don’t take my word for it, we have both science and insider testimony to back it up.
new world order diagram bilderberg
We are going to break this down into three categories: Financial, Political and Media. This is a harder task than you may imagine, since they all work in concert by design.

Karen Doonan - BEing through the female filters of the old earth - December 27, 2013

As I have incarnated into female human form I try at all times to see the WHOLE picture, I have at times had to work very hard to dissolve the teachings that have sought to blind me. At this time I send out a huge thank you and much love to ALL the males who have worked to help me with this, you know who you are :-)   It is through the very help of these males that I have been able to take a situation that I have been trying to understand and view it from my female perspective and then ask them to give me THEIR interpretations of it from a male point of view. For it is only in getting BOTH points of view that you can get the full picture.  This has not been possible if the male who is helping me was at all emotionally part of the “problem” for as many of you in female form can relate to how EMOTIONS work to blind. Often overwhelming and taking you down a path that you do not even realise you are walking until you let go fully of said emotions.

Cosmic Weather Transition into 2014 - Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer Sunday, 22 December, 2013 (posted 27 December, 2013) - Transición del Clima Cósmico al 2014 - Rev. Irma Kate Saywer - 22 de diciembre, 2013

Hello friends. There has been some useful information that has come in over the past week regarding the year’s end and the beginning of 2014 and I thought it would be useful to compile it here.
Beloveds, we understand in the last Full Moon of 2013 there is a sense of culmination of all that has passed before, and also feelings of sadness or even an emptiness. This is not uncommon at the end of a cycle to have a “pregnant pause” so to speak, before new frequencies and experiences fully come in. Take heart dear ones, and congratulate yourselves. You have been present and holding space for others and yourselves during a distinctly challenging time in your world, and this is not without rewards. We see the gifts at this time being of a more inward nature: the gifts of peace and the light of awareness. Open to them. Shanti. – The Keepers, 12.17.13

James Tyberonn: The Christ Energy - Dec 27, 2013


“For time never was when there was not a Christ and not a Christ mass.” (EC 262-103)

Edgar Cayce stated in his readings that there was never a period in (duality) earth in which the Christos energy was not present. He stated that Jesus (Jeshua ben Josef) was the first ‘man’, the first human soul to complete the process of the earth cycle and return in full to the Divine Source. He stated Jesus had ten incarnations prior to the one as Jesus. We celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th, and December 25th was the Solstice prior to to the 3rd century AD. Read more (below) to learn the importance of the December Solstice and the true meaning of this time.

AA Michael - We congratulate you on a year well lived. – Ron Head - December 27, 2013

It is customary at this time of year for you to look back across the preceding months and remark upon the year that you have just passed through.  Now that you are less than one week from completing this cycle, we agree that this is the time for just such an assessment, with one small adjustment.  We wish you, each of you, to not only look at what has occurred on your world, where the vista will contain both desirable and undesirable scenes still.  But look primarily at the changes you have seen happen within your own lives, and further still, within your selves.

Aurora - The Power of Love Takes the Lead - December 22, 2013

See with Love

As the Earth approaches the end of another year, there is much to ponder and reflect on. One of the biggest and most obvious changes that has taken place is how humanity is beginning to permit the power of love affect their lives in new ways. Yes, there have been many stories of violence, anger and fear. But also, as the year 2013 has gone by, you have been able to witness the Power of Love take hold on the planet in more ways than ever before.
Moving into 2014, the New Earth will start to take on a new energy; a change forged by the power of love. The power of love in your own life will be seen in many new ways.  Everything from the smile of a stranger, to surprise opportunities and possibilities can come your way. One of the signals ushering in this change is the passing of Nelson Mandela. He is a shining example of living life from the heart. Now that he has passed on, he will be continuing his work in Spirit, leading and guiding many lightworkers to transform the world through the power of love.

A Great Torrent of Joy on its way to you for the coming year – Message from Allendale and SaLuSa 27 Dec. 2013

geldboomDear ones, we have said to you over and over again that great joy and many blessings await you in the next realm, but also in the one that you are currently living in.
The year ahead will have many promises of joy for many of you. Blessed be you all in this divine light of love and understanding. We look so forward to seeing you all elevate to the next level of existence.
We know that many of you desperately await visible and tangible changes in your world. Many of you wait for a better easier life, for a better and younger body, for money to come their way, so that they can provide to the needs of their loved ones and to their basic needs.

Bella Capozzi ~ ♥ Mini-Message From The Angels. “Regroup And Reconnect.” - Dec 27, 2013

Hey, Friends!  It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a message on my blog.  This has been a wonderful, but very hectic, Holiday Season; lots of baking, decorating, working and entertaining…  I love it when it’s my turn to host Christmas! 
My Angels and Guides have been my ever-present companions and co-conspirators as I set about to create an experience for my family and friends that truly embraces the true meaning and traditions of this magical time of year.  Now, today, I’ve decided that it’s time to get back to my blog and my wonderful friends around the world. This decision is not without it’s challenges, however.  I’ve already been interrupted twice to retrieve shredded gift-wrap from the dogs and to make cinnamon toast.

Uncovering Aliens BLACK OPS CONSPIRACY-Wilbur Allen Extreme UFOs

Karen Doonan - BEing through the male filters of the old 3d earth - December 27, 2013

Under the old 3d earth paradigms it has long been recognised that males and females speak different languages, this blog follows on from the Nephilim channeled guidance in relation to detaching from human language. I have split the blog into two different posts deliberately as I now fully anchor and understand that which is containing in respect to how males and females communicate, as I am here to work with BOTH males and females it would make little sense to write this blog from only the female perspective that I was TAUGHT to filter my human experience through therefore I address both. Many of you will be able to understand both blogs for many of you may now have reached the point of balance where you can both SEE and ACCEPT and work with the filters that are applied by those in male human form and those in female human form.

Eternal Om (full)

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa - December 27, 2013 - SaLuSa - Nadie es mayor o menor que otras almas. -Diciembre 27, 2013

Here you are at the end of yet another year that has been momentous in many ways. Time has continued to speed up, and a clear division can be seen to be taking place between the old and new. The dark Ones are not progressing as they would have wished, after feeling that they were on the verge of taking control of the world. They reckoned without the increasing amount of Light that has been grounded upon Earth. So much so, that almost unnoticed it has become the most powerful force for good. No longer can its progress be delayed, and it is destined to be the means of removing the dark Ones.

Aisha North - A short update on the energies - Dec 27, 2013

As the days start to almost imperceptibly lengthen at your end of the globe, you will also feel a slight shift in the atmosphere as the energies start to prepare you all for the end of this year and the beginning of the new. As always, you will have a short breather here and there, and we think you will all find some time to sit back and slowly start to ease yourself into the brand new waters that beckon you already. For even if your calendar still shows the number 2013, the energies themselves have already start to shift into the new, and as such, you will all be able to take a small sip of them if you manage to still yourself sufficiently to try.

Denise Le Fay - Like Etheric Tectonic Plate Thrust - December 27, 2013

I wanted to include a couple more things I didn’t mention in my 12-25-13 article 2013 Recap: Oh what a year it was! In it I briefly mentioned the latest vision message I’d had of seeing a single-file line of Reptilian beings being moved out in one direction while I (and many more of us) were/are simultaneously moving forward in the opposite direction. What I want to add about that are some of the physical and etheric repercussions of this monumental transition unfolding now and into 2014. When so much is on the move as it’s been since September 21, 2013, and especially during December 2013, multidimensional anomalies and phenomena become much more prevalent. If you’re sensitive you’ve been and still are seeing, hearing, feeling and being affected (in different ways) by this latest storm of movement, change and grand shifting of the old lower and the NEW higher and everything and everyone connected to them both.

26 de diciembre de 2013

Chakra Activation & Healing Meditation

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 26 December 2013 - Sheldan Nidle – El anuncio de nuestra existencia …Diciembre 26, 2013

5 Lamat, 11 Mol, 10 Caban
Dratzo! We return again bringing more news as you settle in for the holiday season and the start of your Gregorian New Year. This time is noted on your world for many beginnings and endings, and those who have run your world for millennia are preparing to exit and accept their fate. This of course is being done very grudgingly. The dark is used to having its way, but their time is now passing. The secret sacred societies and their associates are preparing destinations for those who are close to being arrested. They are also setting up the procedures that will bring new governance to all of you. In addition, the new monetary and financial systems are readying to manifest and by so doing will deliver a grand prosperity to this realm. Our liaisons are finishing agreements that will become a number of announcements that transform national and personal debt into prosperity and put aside the debt that has troubled nations and individuals for far too long. This will be replaced by a forgiveness that is the harbinger of a new epoch for humanity.
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