31 de mayo de 2013

Substantial Shifting of Gaia Energy Structures Occurs at this Moment…- Gaia Portal - May 31, 2013

31 May gaia_energy1Substantial shifting of Gaia energy structures occurs at this moment. Although the process of reshaping Gaia’s Higher D energetic patterns has been ongoing during the past 12 years, significant acceleration occurred during the end of year gateways, and in this now moment, particularly, increase in rate of formation of structures, leading to final so-called “Golden Age” grid, is occurring.
Those aware of these energies may have sensed a strong energetic shift during the past several hours. Tiredness and “out of place” sensations are due to this shifting out of outgrown Gaia energetic patterns and acceleration of formation of Golden Age patterns.
Light Worker types attuned to the needs of Gaia will understand necessary movement patterns required by them for assisting the planet into the final grid arrangements. Understanding that movement is being called for this Higher Purpose, will ease any incurred disruption energetics.
We of ÉirePort say, to all those called to service, “Enjoy the Ride…”

Suzanne Carvell-Melchizedek and Lemuria - May 31, 2013

Michael  is the  Divine God of the universe.  You are Wife of  Jesus the son of Michael let me explain.Michael entered here in the beginning and had his son Jesus with him. Together they made Earth. Lemuria went nine miles to the South and Nine miles to the East and Mighty Love and Mighty Light descended on Earth. Jesus landed and lived on Lemuria for many years before you arrived. Many families arrived here only to become Entities of powerful Angels. No one liked Jesus like you did. Let us   say you saw the Man. Many Men you also saw and their questions now appearing among the people. Jesus now insists on linking.

Decision – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 31, 2013


You alone decide if you are happy or not, my child, even if you maybe don’t believe me now. Your happyness or every other condition in which you are is based alone on your own decision. All that comes to you is in its nature neutral, it is your decision that makes it a positive or negative appearance for you. There are people who like the rain because it is important for their plants, others like the sun more, because it let their fruits become ripe. You see it lies solely in the consideration of the individual, how he perceives something. Since it is your judgement how you view something, so it is also your own decision how you feel with that. You don’t need any exterior reason to be happy, when you pure and simple decide for this, my child. Can you now see, how simple it really is?
~ Your Divine Mother
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://sirianheaven.wordpress.com

Archangel Metatron ~ Hope, being in peace and going with the flow ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont


AA Metatron

Dearest brothers and sisters of the Light, dearest incarnations of the God spark, dearest hearts of Love. It is I, Archangel Metatron, who has the pleasure to address all of you in order to incite your beloved hearts to express Love and joy. The aim of my message today is to bring enlightenment and to lead all of you to one and the same consensus in Love and peace.

Today we are going to discuss the topic of hope and peace. Hope is a beautiful thing as it procures a joyful feeling and an uplifting energy. Hope creates opportunities and manifests realities, that’s why we say that it is important to be hopeful as it stirs your ‘spirit’ and gives you the impetus to persevere because you feel something wonderful is coming your way.

4 Minutes News – Correction To Coronal Hole Analysis – 31 May 2013

Scott Bartle – BANCORRUPTCY – 31 May 2013

A Lifetime-To-Lifetime Process - a message from Neale Donald Walsch Saturday, 17 November, 2012 (posted 31 May, 2013)

My dear friends...

Last week in this space we began a discussion of the difference between being a ”seeker” of The Holy Experience and being an “explorer” of it. Continuing on that topic...

Being an explorer of the full experience and knowing of life’s ultimate reality can often separate us from our family, friends, and peers, who wonder why we have not accepted the answers that they have found or accepted, and why we are not experiencing what they are experiencing.

They may even make us “wrong” for being in a place of mind and spirit other than the place where they reside, and rather than honoring us for the bravery of our exploration, they may warn us against it, or even ridicule us for undertaking it.


24 May 2013

Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will embark the Earth upon a journey of enlightenment that will teach us all that life itself is the best teacher and that we can all learn mighty things from one another no matter our differences.  Expect that the virtues of truth, wisdom, reason, and freedom envelop our thoughts and motivate our actions as the eclipse wave raises our collective vibration.  The world will feel smaller as we grow closer to one another with the events and experiences to come that will knit the fabric of our human family anew.  International bonds will grow and gleam as this lunar wave directs the course of our lives in accordance with God’s cosmic order. 

The Greatest Habits of Your Heart - a message from Caroline Myss Friday, 31 May, 2013

Theological discussions often take shape around exploring the difference between an ordinary understanding of a single word and imagining how that same word would be interpreted by the soul. For example, the word, habitus, is Latin for habits of behavior and routines. All individuals have a host of certain habits that bring order to their physical life. I have a cup of coffee in the morning and watch the news, for example. And then I check my email. There was a time when I just had coffee and watched the news - that was pre-email. Email is the new addition to my decades old routine. Then I hit the shower and then the office. And so the day goes.

30 de mayo de 2013

Limitation or Liberation ~ Which Do You Choose? ~ Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Remember, my brave ones, you are living in the midst of eternity. The messages of cosmic wisdom we bring you are not to set more rules or create new dogma. Our intention is to set your hearts afire with love and to give you a glimpse of the glorious future before you. As more and more of the masses are feeling a discontent initiated by their Soul Self, it is vital that the Wisdom Teachings of Ascension are reviewed and shared with those around you. You, the awakened STAR SEED, are the ones who will now spread the emerging WISDOM TEACHINGS of the future.

Whether aware of it or not, humanity and the Earth are in the midst of an accelerated evolutionary process. That is the miracle of these times, beloveds. The Supreme Creator is radiating throughout the Omniverse the full spectrum of Divine Light. This powerful, pure Light is filtering through each Great Central Sun, the mansion world of the Father/Mother God of each universe, out into every level of Creation so that gradually every Spark and fragment of Creation will have access to an appropriate level of Creator-consciousness. The Light of Creation or Adamantine Particles is being made available to every Soul that has ever been created; however, there are some rules that apply to this “Light Redemption” process: each Soul must prepare their vessel by lifting their vibrational patterns to a certain level of harmonious frequencies in order to receive these particles of God Light, and you must remember, after receiving these particles of Light, they must be activated by your loving intention. Love is the power source, the generator of these precious particles from the Source of All.

The manuscript of survival – part 317 - Aisha North - May 30, 2013


The time has come to take a good look at yourselves, dear ones. Do not be shy, and take into account all that you see. Who are you really? And how have you evolved over these last few months, if not weeks? Do you still feel the same, or do you feel as if everything has been turned upside down? Is the image clear, or is it still somewhat blurred? We see you very clearly dear ones, and we see the splendor of who you truly are, but we also see a lot of unchartered possibilities still lying dormant.
Do not take this as a form of chastisement, just as a reminder that there are still pockets of inaccessible energy within you all, and those pockets are more than ready to burst open at any moment now, and give you that added strength you may feel sorely lacking in your lives at the moment

It Carried Me Into Paradise


AngelicView: Thanks to Daniel, for sharing his story. Translated to English from Spanish. Daniel had Spinal Meningitis, but the doctors didn’t know it. He was in a hospital in Peru, and dying. He had lost over 100 pounds and could not get out of bed. He described himself an invalid. Then the NDE, which I will post below. After he decided he wanted to come back to Earth, his body healed. Not only that, but he had abilities of a prophet (although he doesn’t tell us what he sees) and his grades improve greatly at University. Especially in Math, he says – and I have found that is quite common in NDE’s – that suddenly they just seem to understand Math better.
Another interesting point about this story is that he sees his Angel as one with butterfly wings. This is similar to Dr. Eben Alexander’s experience and also the story of The Butterfly People of Joplin Missouri. I love it when I find similarities in NDE’s.

From Mike Quinsey ~ ADAMA ~ by Nancy Tate -May 29, 2013


Hi Friends,
Nancy and Bob have been my close friends for quite a number of years, and I am sure you will find their experience very interesting.

In Love and Light Mike Quinsey.

Bob Tells of Our Meeting Adama in Weed, California, Near Mt Shasta in the Winter of 2012.
The four of us involved in this event have all reviewed this write up of what we saw and agree that this write up is what we saw took place.

New Earth Revolution ~ Cosmic Weather Report #5 ~ via SanLeoSol

Dear Loved Ones this is Ashtar speaking in the name of the Galactic Federation. I am assisting my beloved friend Master Juliano in his weekly message because we’re heading to an important moment in human evolution. We’re standing on the threshold of a global shift in consciousness. At this particular moment lots of people already feel the energy that’s moving them into the New Time: a time of abundance and endless possibilities. These people feel that within now and very soon there will be a BIG SHIFT. From our perspective, that’s in the NOW.What’s important my Beloved Lightworkers that you start to feel that it’s happening at this particular moment. Feel it in every cell of your body. Feel it in your heart space and start to share your feeling with others. You don’t have to shout it. Just radiate your energy and BE the portal for the people you are connected with. Yes my Beloved Ones. The times ahead are more beautiful than you can imagine. On the other hand there is still work to do on earth: the dark forces will resist till the very end. Most important: KNOW that your power is unlimited and expect the unexpected. You’re the LIGHT.
In the Love and Light of Mother Gaia. Adonai.
Lord Ashtar & Galactic Federation
Channeling by SanLeoSol

AA Miguel - Ron Head - Permitan que el entendimiento de Todo, del Uno, entre en sus corazones - 23-05-13

ojo_ dos

Permitan que el entendimiento de Todo, del Uno, entre en sus corazones…Cambien su perspectiva si se sienten desalentados y elévense lo suficiente para ver las ondas….

Miguel: Hablaremos hoy del continuo éxito de los trabajadores de la luz abriendo el entendimiento y la consciencia en su mundo.

Nos maravillamos con la habilidad de muchos de evitar ver lo que para nosotros es tan obvio.

Cada día se vuelve más difícil interpretar eventos y reportes de eventos en otra cosa que no sea con una luz positiva y esperanzadora.

Sheldan Nidle - Estamos al borde de la gran intervención decretada por el Cielo - 21-05-2013

ciudades-subterraneas dos

Estamos al borde de la gran intervención decretada por el Cielo. Eso abrirá la puerta para el primer contacto y para una nueva relación entre vosotros y Agartha.

9 Batz, 19 Moan, 9 Eb

¡Dratzo! Venimos de nuevo con más cosas que contaros. Vuestro mundo sigue fluctuando entre los intentos de Occidente de desencadenar un conflicto capaz de frenar los cambios globales que amenazan al poder de la cábala oscura, y el intento de Rusia de forzar una nueva realidad a Occidente.

Esta dinámica ha fluctuado durante toda la última década. E incluso cuando este extraño juego de poder se aproxima al punto de reminiscencia del comienzo de la I Guerra Mundial, luego después retrocede de esa situación.


palas atenea 2 - dos

Todos caminan entre flores, sin embargo, unos escogen enfocar sus pasos en el pinchazo de las espinas y otros escogen enfocar sus pasos en la belleza de los pétalos.

Asciendan vuestro amor a los cielos y amen sin límites. Pues la vibración del Amor es la mejor y más poderosa que pueden cultivar en ustedes.

Ha sido un año de grandes cambios para todos y sabemos que muchos sienten eso de forma bastante contundente.

De hecho, está habiendo una gran alteración de energía, o mejor, del patrón de energía de la Tierra y aquellos que son sensibles, leen mejor esos cambios.

Secreto de los Reptilianos El Pacto Reptiliano - MAESTROVIEJO - Mayo 25, 2013

El Secreto de los Reptilianos

El Pacto Reptiliano

1262482631617_f dos 
thumb dos
Una ilusión que será tan grande, tan inmensa, que escapará a la percepción. Aquéllos que la vean serán acusados de dementes.
Crearemos frentes separados para impedirles ver la conexión entre nosotros. Nos comportaremos como no conectados, para guardar viva la ilusión.
Nuestro objetivo se logrará gota a gota, de tal manera que jamás seremos objeto de sospechas. Esto también les impedirá ver los cambios cuando ellos ocurran.
Siempre estaremos arriba de su relativo campo de experiencia, porque nosotros conocemos los Secretos del Absoluto.


Imagen por Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013

Saludos Amigos, Nosotros Somos su Familia Lemuriana!

Dulces, Es tiempo ahora de renovar nuestra amistad y acercarnos a ustedes más que nunca en los últimos Milenios.

Esto es porque ustedes, amados amigos, están próximos a unírsenos nuevamente en conciencia, y con amor y alegría!

Los signos están aquí, y ellos llegaron con la herencia de la ocurrencia de nuestra próxima unificación, ya que ustedes están elevando su vibración ahora a un grado en el que no habían sido capaces por largo tiempo en la Tierra.

Army Moves Crashed UFO

Disclose.tv - Army Moves Crashed UFO
Description: Does anyone know what this is? The U.S. Military remove a crashed UFO from a forest. The damage to the forest is very clear, as is the UFO and the men in hazard suits monitoring the seen. The craft sits in a crater, with clear damage to the surrounding area, with a non-military marked helicopter taking the unknown craft away. Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/139511/Army_Moves_Crashed_UFO/#ixzz2UkvWlimX

IMPRESIONANTE Video de 3 OVNI´s Esféricos en Formación durante Grabación de la BBC en California, EEUU.


3 dos

Bien estimado lector hoy nos toca compartir un video sencillamente sorprendente.

Se trata de un video correspondiente al pasado 18 de Mayo (2013), fecha en la que se dió un evento al parecer anunciado por una persona que viene sonando mucho en los últimos tiempos, nos referimos a Robert Bingham, contactado norteamericano que desde su Blog ha venido publicando una serie de avistamientos sumamente interesantes (clic para ver).

1 dos

Ésta vez ocurrió desde un parque en Los Angeles, California el MacArthur Park en el centro. Según se explica la cadena BBC venía trabajando con Bingham algún tipo de especial cuando de imprevisto éste señala al cielo y confirma la “prescencia” de 3 OVNI´s de tipo esféricos volar a mediana altura y y por 5 minutos en formación triangular perfecta.

2 dos

El video se encuentra disponible en HD así que le sugerimos visualizarlo así poniendo especial atención en el movimientos de los objetos, las velocidades de aproximación entre ellos y las notorias evidencias de vuelo inteligente. Impresionante video. Observa el Video:


<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/9JoSfl6Uvkg?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

AA Miguel - Ron Head - ...Viene una creciente luz - 26-05-2013


Arcángel Miguel: Hoy llamamos a su atención una vez más para tratar sobre los temas de autoestima y merecimiento.

No hay posibilidad de que por el exceso de estrés lo dejen a un lado, y sienten que no deben prestar demasiada atención a estos temas.

Que de hecho son cosas que casi todos ustedes no sienten y no pueden creer. ¿Por qué es eso?

Esto se debe a que en realidad te has juzgado a ti mismo y sabes incluso que tu ser divino y tu creador nunca te juzgaran.

Saúl - John Smallman - Muchos de ustedes se han dado cuenta, que la vida que están experimentando no es la voluntad de Dios para cada uno - 22-05-2013

realidad dos

Soy Saúl, un ser de luz – como lo son todos los que encarnan en la Tierra. Toda conciencia, todo sentimiento es Luz.

La luz es otra palabra o símbolo para el Amor, la energía de la Fuente, de Dios, el Padre, la inteligencia suprema, la esencia de todo lo que existe. Es el Uno.

La separación es un sueño, un estado imaginario de miedo en el que te has visto envuelto, por tu propia elección, y del que estás en proceso de desenredarte a tí mismo.

Te ofrezco amorosa asistencia para ayudarte en esta tarea, al igual que muchos otros en los reinos espirituales. Estén seguros de que fracasar en este proceso no es posible, no es una opción, ustedes despertarán!

Los Elohim en los nuevos portales galácticos recientemente abiertos - Karen Doonan - 26-05-2013

portal galáctico dos


¡Saludos, queridos seres!. Somos los Elohim y venimos a guiarlos para darles un mayor apoyo en este momento.

Mucho esta ahora abriéndose energéticamente y hemos llegado hasta aquí a orientarlos en relación con los nuevos portales galácticos que ahora se están abriendo.

Muchos de ustedes son conscientes de los profundos cambios en la frecuencia que actualmente se están desarrollando a través y dentro del planeta tierra y que ahora están ancladas dentro de los vehículos humanos individuales que existen en el planeta.

Tal es el efecto de estas nuevas frecuencias energéticas más altas, que nuevos portales galácticos ahora se están abriendo.

Saint Germain: El centro del corazón y el Ego - Méline Lafont - 27 -05-2013

centro del corazón dos

Queridos, os imparto mis mejores deseos y amor para todos ustedes durante estos intensos cambios y manifestaciones que ocurren en la Tierra.

Mucha claridad y lucidez se producirán dentro de la humanidad y dentro de cada uno de sus corazones, porque muchas de las energías están sentando las bases para la renovación y la manifestación de su vida personal y para si mismos, así como del mundo y del ser colectivo.

Lo que es crucial primordial hoy en día es continuar su estancia en el centro del corazón y aunque todo está debidamente al tanto a través de innumerables mensajes que apuntan a este hecho, no se puede enfatizar lo suficiente, ya que es de suma importancia para poder hacer frente a las próximas energías y tiempos con la menor dificultad y trastornos emocionales como sea posible.

Arcángel Gabriel. Amigos seguros de vosotros debéis estar, aquí y ahora canalizar.

el-aqui-y-ahora dos

Arcángel Gabriel: En el sentido de la vida hay llamados sin momentos, sin retrocesos.

Aquí y ahora estáis en el aliento del cambio. Respirad y soltad, todo está listo ya para el salto cuántico que necesita esta tierra, esta gente, sus gentes.

Sus amigos, y seres queridos, todos unidos tienen una oportunidad de andar y seguir adelante en este cambio, salto cuántico.

¿Por qué decidisteis sentir el cambio? Porque en vuestro interior la llamada ardió. Siendo útil, fiel al centro del universo vuestro cuerpo entero se sometió a cambios cuánticos. La felicidad y certeza está en renovar cada célula, cada acción de amor.

Jesús -John Smallman - Las creencias que tienes están tan profundamente arraigadas que nunca las cuestionas - 22-05-2013.

tortuga-tierra dos

El proceso de despertar que la humanidad está experimentando actualmente, está progresando muy bien.

Busca señales de ello en los nuevos sitios de noticias alternativos que están haciendo un punto al centrarse en las buenas noticias de todo el mundo – hay una enorme cantidad de ellas – y no se desanimen por las malas noticias que publican los principales medios de comunicación.

Cuando oras o meditas sólo mantén la intención de enviar amor, compasión, curación y perdón a las situaciones en las que estas consciente que las personas o el planeta están en peligro – porque esto es muy eficaz.

Arcángel Uriel: Todo Apoya Tu Trayectoria - Jennifer Hoffman - 20-05-2013

trayectoria dos

Todo en la senda de tu vida apoya tu trayectoria que va del dolor al gozo, del temor al amor, de la impotencia a la facultación, y de la limitación a lo ilimitado.

No hay reto alguno en ningún aspecto de tu realidad que no apoye tu evolución. Cada prueba y pena tiene en ella la chispa de tu verdad divina, la cual puedes ver y saber cuando buscas el resultado más elevado.

Por eso la senda más brillante es con frecuencia la más retadora, porque ella representa el llamado de tu ser para sanar.

No es la senda de mayor vibración, mayor claridad o la más gozosa y pacífica para tí, pero con frecuencia es la más retadora y la que encuentras menos deseable. Tu ser ilumina esta senda para que la sigas, y al hacerlo creas sanación y evolución.

Jesús - John Smallman - Cuanto más libre y abundantemente ofreces Amor, este más te llena - 24-05-2013

worship dos

La realidad de la unidad de la humanidad, tu interdependencia con los demás, y por supuesto con el planeta que con tanto cariño te sustenta está irrumpiendo en las conciencia de incluso los más resistentes a este concepto.

Esta toma de conciencia es una parte esencial del proceso de despertar en curso, e incluso los más reacios hasta ahora a la idea, se están dando cuenta de que sus hijos y nietos necesitan un entorno en el que la paz y la armonía prevalezca, por lo que ellos también están optando por tomar conciencia y convertirse en el cambio que la supervivencia humana en la Tierra demanda.

Aquellos que se encuentran en relaciones “fallidas”, aunque consumidos por amargura por el otro, aman a su progenie y quieren lo mejor para ellos.

La Madre Divina a través de Isabel Henn – Tu Corazón - 25-05-13

madre divina dos

 Mi hijo, ya te he dicho que tu corazón es una vasta biblioteca. Encuentras ahí todo el conocimiento de la Creación una vez que hayas encontrado el acceso a eso.

Con cada extensión de tu consciencia encontrarás ahí más conocimiento. Pero tu corazón es más aún. Ahí tu alma está en casa.

El alma que eres TÚ. Un alma maravillosa que espera que hagas contacto con ella. Tus Padres Divinos residen ahí también.

Has oído bien. Estoy en casa ahí. Y ya sabes que TÚ y YO somos Uno. Así que ve a tu corazón y empieza a hablar con tu alma.

Yo también quiero hablar contigo, mi hijo, porque te amo como amo a cada uno de mis hijos.

Tu Madre Divina.

Copyright © Isabel Henn. Se permite compartir éste mensaje en su forma completa sin cambios y mostrando el nombre del autor y el vínculo al sitio original.


Traducción: Gustavo T

WebSite:  http://despertando.me/?p=126574

Inelia Benz - Energía Libre -

freezeropointenergy dos

Hoy he recibido este correo electrónico de mi webmaster Ilie Pandia.

Llevamos un tiempo hablando de la energía libre y de cómo hacerla llegar a la conciencia colectiva humana como algo real y asequible.

Que lo es. La pasión y motivación de Ilie por hacer que esta información y tecnología estén disponibles para toda la humanidad no tiene límites.

Ha estado co-creando ascension101.com conmigo desde 2010 y es el programador, administrador web y buscador de soluciones más talentoso que he conocido.

Suzanne Lie – Alchemy Of Creation – Part 2 – Transmution Of Matter – By The Arcturians – 30 May 2013

AndrogyneousHumanTo transmute your physical form, it is best that you release your attachment to human individuality and think of yourself as a planetary being. For humans to ascend via their physical bodies transmuting into the fifth dimension rather than “dying” as was normal before this great era, you will need the assistance of Earth. At the same time, in order for Earth to ascend without the extinction of Her physical form, She needs human assistance.
Hence dear humans and Galactics/Celestials in human form, you will need to expand your personal consciousness into planetary consciousness. In this manner, there is no sense of personal sacrifice or fear. There is only the great unity of person and planet ascending as ONE Being. Furthermore, we request that those of you who have awakened to your Multidimensional SELF no longer hold back your process. Others have chosen the Mission of working with the beginners.

5d transition tutorial SEE THE MATRIX energy everywhere

Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness.mp4

29 de mayo de 2013


Why the ascension process could not be started – Message from God ~ 28. May 2013 from Marc Gamma

God(Translated through Isabel Henn, http://sirianheaven.wordpress.com)
Many readers of my blog http://soul4free.wordpress.com were like me disappointed from the weekend and I had to do great efforts to recover and to not too lose faith in the whole thing. Proposed by my mentor I asked God why it didn’t work on the weekend, after so many reports in the internet had pointed on that and the message of Archangel Raphael from May 24. [click at the link] made a clear statement that it would happen now. I will provide you with an extract of the personal message to Isabel and me.
Message from God through M. Gamma – May 26, 2013
Isabel and Marc, I will give you an update, why it didn’t happen this weekend. The most important to start first. You both are not to blame that it didn’t work. There are a lot of reasons necessary to explain why I have decided against starting the Ascension process now respectively to wake up people and to let them perceive that they live in an illusion. It is important for me that you understand that many factors have led to this decision. It is also not important that you understand this because it is on me to decide when the time is ripe for this. I am aware that many humans due to the message have expected that it will begin now and I understand this.

The Maury Island UFO Incident 2013

03/04/2013 The mysteries behind many UFO sightings may never be explained, but what happened over Puget Sound on June 21, 1947 is a mystery that's getting new life in a film. It's a complex story with many facets, but it that can be summarized like this: At 2 p.m., Harold Dahl was on a fishing boat salvaging logs with his young son when he said he saw six flying discs appear above him over the water. One of the donut-shaped discs appeared to be in trouble and dropped what appeared to be tons of a hot molten substance in the water and the beach. As the story goes, the heat and debris killed his dog and burned his son. Days later he was visited by a mysterious "man in black," who told him not to talk about what he saw. He was then visited by two Air Force investigators who were on a classified mission to see him and gather evidence. On the investigators' return to a California airbase, the B-25 they were piloting crashed, killing both of them and destroying whatever evidence they were carrying. The FBI closed the case without any resolution. It's known as the Maury Island Incident. "They are just many unanswered questions and that makes it an intriguing mystery and maybe a solvable mystery, we don't know," said Philip Lipson, Co-director of the Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore. Lipson and the museum's other co-director, Charlette LaFevre have been investigating the incident for the last 10 years. What makes the Maury Island Incident significant in UFO lore is its timing. It happened three days before pilot Ken Arnold's famous sighting of "flying saucers" over Mt. Rainier. The media called Arnold's account of what appeared to be disc's skipping across sky as flying saucers and that's where the term first originated. Two weeks after Dahl's sighting came Roswell, which is arguably the most famous claim of an alien crash landing on earth. After that, the floodgates of UFO sightings opened wide as it seem everyone had a story to tell. But to UFO buffs, the Maury Island Incident started it all. "It's not promoted like Roswell but I always say it's the Roswell of the northwest," LeFevre said. Seattle's Northwest Museum of Legend and Lore has a collection dedicated to the incident, including a piece said to be from the B-25 that crashed new Kelso Washington on August 1. That date also has some significance as it was the first day the Air Force separated from the Army and became a branch of the armed services. The crash is considered the first Air Force Crash ever. ADG Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alien-D... Follow ADG on Twitter: https://twitter.com/adg_uk

Amateur Telescope See's Moon Pyramid (Apollo 17 Pyramid Photo Included) 05-28-2013)

Linda Roninson – Message From Archangel Zadkiel For June 2013: Manifesting With A Higher Vibration

LindaRobinsonGreetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst.  We represent the Seventh Ray of transmutation, transformation, and manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light.
Today, we would like to discuss the importance of manifesting with a high personal vibration.  We have discussed other aspects of this topic on previous occasions, and we are again bringing this to your awareness because of its great importance.  Because the new energy is vibrating at a higher level, it is important that any consciously created manifestation now be done in a backdrop of a high personal vibration.

Wes Annac – Astral Travels : Blessing The 9-To-5 – 29 May 2013

The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.
(Note: This week’s exercise is longer than usual. Be forewarned!)
This week, we are going to travel to the surface of our fifth dimensional New Earth to bless representations of the people on our world stuck in the daily trudge of 9-to-5 living.
What I mean is that we are going to bless the unawakened souls who are stuck within the confines of a daily job which, in many cases, keeps them from being able to awaken as they are stuck in a fashioned and conditioned environment for most of their time.
The aim of this exercise is certainly not to discourage having a physical job that requires one to be in an office or a similar place, for as long as the old third dimensional paradigm is still being enforced than an inflow of this little illusory thing we call money is still more than necessary and as such, even plenty of awakened souls are forced to trudge on with 3D jobs while also working toward Earth’s Golden Age.

Conversation with Higher Consciousness on the Remembering the Future – Multidimensional Ocean 29 May 2013

grounded_selfLaura: I would love to have more clarification on the experience I had today. To describe it best it would be like someone recalling a life changing moment with affection and joy, looking back at a difficult cross road into their life. Only the recalling of that memory, was also allowing you to tell your younger self at the time, that everything will work out for the best, and that this very moment will be remembered for ever and it will make you smile and laugh in years to come. And your younger self has heard your words and has felt your presence when that happened. The intermediary of this wonderful communication is the higher self, who sees the scene from above. It was like remembering that moment, but from my future self point of view. It was a memory from the future in the true sense of it
Reply from higher consciousness: Indeed we are one, when in the present moment; we can experience several time lines at the same time, as well as several dimensions, and levels of awareness.
Your future self, your higher self and your present self are one and the same being. You are in this role now, as Laura being at a cross road. But you are also your higher-self, and you are also all the aspects of yourself that you could be or that will be you.
The past, present and future are only different aspects of yourself, allowing you for several experiences to take place in an appearing linear way. In truth, there is no time, there is no division, no separation.
We are one, and this includes all the manifestations around you. The outer world, and the people inhabiting your world. They are all part of you.
It may surprise you, but you can affect the outer world by being one on the inside. You can shape and control your destiny that way. Aspire to peace, success and work hard on this new project, and on the project’s success, and this will come into manifestation.
Laura: thank you for the validation.

WOW! – Tax Overhaul : IRS Scandal Could Lead To Changes – 29 May 2013

FILE – In this April 17, 2013 file photo, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont. is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington. The storm engulfing the Internal Revenue Service over agents targeting conservative political groups could provide a much-needed boost to members of Congress working to simplify an outdated tax code that is so complicated most Americans hire someone fill out their returns. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)1 of 2
FILE – In this May 17, 2013 file photo, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Dave Camp speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. The storm engulfing the Internal Revenue Service over agents targeting conservative political groups could provide a much-needed boost to members of Congress working to simplify an outdated tax code that is so complicated most Americans hire someone fill out their returns. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)2 of 2
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative political groups has little if anything to do with most everyday taxpayers, but some lawmakers are hoping attention to the budding scandal will swell public and political support for rewriting and simplifying a federal tax code that has undergone some 5,000 changes in the past dozen years.
“The complexity of the law didn’t require the IRS to target people for their political beliefs,” said Rep. David Camp, the Michigan Republican who chairs the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. But, he added, “I think giving the IRS less discretion is going to be important, and that’s what a simplified code would do.”
Most taxpayers now pay someone to do their taxes or buy commercial software to help them file. In a report earlier this year, national taxpayer advocate Nina E. Olson ranked complexity as the most serious problem facing both taxpayers and the IRS. People simply trying to comply with the rules often make inadvertent errors and overpay or underpay, she said. Others, she added, “often find loopholes that enable them to reduce or eliminate their tax liabilities.”
Camp and his Democratic counterpart in the Senate, Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus of Montana, have been working for months on what would be the first major tax overhaul since 1986. At nearly 4 million words, Camp likes to say the current code is “10 times the size of the Bible with none of the good news.”
Lawmakers in both parties say the current storm buffeting the IRS underscores how overly complex tax provisions have given the agency too much discretion in interpreting and enforcing the law.
“This is the perfect example of why we need tax reform,” said Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark., a member of the Ways and Means Committee. “If you want to diminish and limit the power of the IRS, you have got to reduce the complexity of the tax code and take them out of it.”
Read the whole story at : www.portal.wowway.net / link to original article

Raise Your Daily Life Vibration with Inelia Benz: Plants, Elementals, Gaia Gadgets and Food.

Comments Engine To Avoid Facebook Censorship And Intimidation Of Moms – 29 May 2013

http://www.naturalnews.com/gallery/300x250/Misc/No-Facebook-Comments.jpg(NaturalNews) Due to Facebook’s outrageous campaign of censorship against anyone attempting to post comments or photos about autism, GMOs, vaccines or the Second Amendment, Natural News has made an executive decision to ditch Facebook for its comment system.Effective immediately, we are dropping the Facebook comment section from all our articles and replacing it with the Disqus comment engine.
Disqus is the most widely-used commenting and social networking engine on the ‘net, and it allows users to sign it with their accounts from Google, Twitter, Facebook or Disqus.”We can’t in good conscience keep sending traffic to Facebook when they are engaged in such widespread censorship of free speech,” said Natural News editor Mike Adams.

My Higher Self: When and How Will Ascension Happen? - Andy Bojarski - May 28, 2013

My Higher Self: When and How Will Ascension Happen?

AscensionAscension is happening now.  The energies are already here.  They will intensify in the times ahead.  The shift has already occurred and the new world has already been created.  It is there and it is waiting for you.
Ascension for you, however, is a continuous process.  You are not there yet.  But you will be.  That is why you are here now.  You are in charge of your ascension.  There is no time in the higher dimensions.  You are experiencing linear time on Mother Earth and this linear time is moving faster now.  Ascension is an individual process.
Please focus on what you need to release.  Focus on you.  You cannot and will not ascend into the higher dimensions until you release what does not serve your highest and best good.  Focus on the things in your life that do not serve your highest and best good and release these things.  Ask yourself what is there in your life that needs to be cleaned up and released.  If you focus on this, things will come up to the surface nudging you.

The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup

The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup

Andrew Baker ( FFN),Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have

1. Known the vaccines don’t work
2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
3. Known they are a hazard to children
4. Colluded to lie to the public
5. Worked to prevent safety studies

Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US.

800px-Smallpox_vaccineEducated parents can either get their children out of harm’s way or continue living inside one of the largest most evil lies in history, that vaccines – full of heavy metals, viral diseases, mycoplasma, fecal material, DNA fragments from other species, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (a sterilizing agent) – are a miracle of modern medicine.

Freedom of Information Act filed in the US with the CDC by a doctor with an autistic son, seeking information on what the CDC knows about the dangers of vaccines, had by law to be responded to in 20 days. Nearly 7 years later, the doctor went to court and the CDC argued it does not have to turn over documents. A judge ordered the CDC to turn over the documents on September 30th, 2011.

On October 26, 2011, a Denver Post editorial expressed shock that the Obama administration, after promising to be especially transparent, was proposing changes to the Freedom of Information Act that would allow it to go beyond declaring some documents secret and to actually allow government agencies (such as the CDC) to declare some document “non-existent.”

Simultaneous to this on-going massive CDC cover up involving its primary “health” not recommendation but MANDATE for American children, the CDC is in deep trouble over its decades of covering up the damaging effects of fluoride and affecting the lives of all Americans, especially children and the immune compromised. Lawsuits are being prepared.  Children are ingesting 3-4 times more fluoride by body weight as adults and “[t]he sheer number of potentially harmed citizens — persons with dental fluorosis, kidney patients tipped into needing dialysis, diabetics, thyroid patients, etc — numbers in the millions.”

The CDC is obviously acting against the health of the American people. But the threat to the lives of the American people posed by the CDC’s behavior does not stop there. It participated in designed pandemic laws that are on the books in every state in the US, which arrange for the government to use military to force unknown, untested vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and “medical” treatments on the entire country if it declares a pandemic emergency.

The CDC’s credibility in declaring such a pandemic emergency is non-existent, again based on Freedom of Information Act. For in 2009, after the CDC had declared the H1N1 “pandemic,” the CDC refused to respond to Freedom of Information Act filed by CBS News and the CDC also attempted to block their investigation.  What the CDC was hiding was its part in one of the largest medical scandals in history, putting out wildly exaggerated data on what it claimed were H1N1 cases, and by doing so, created the false impression of a “pandemic” in the US.

The CDC was also covering up e financial scandal to rival the bailout since the vaccines for the false pandemic cost the US billions. And worse, the CDC put pregnant women first in line for an untested vaccine with a sterilizing agent, polysorbate 80, in it. Thanks to the CDC,  “the number of vaccine-related “fetal demise” reports increased by 2,440 percent in 2009 compared to previous years, which is even more shocking than the miscarriage statistic [700% increase].

The exposure of the vaccine hoax is running neck and neck with the much older hoax of a deadly 1918-19 flu. It was aspirin  that killed people in 1918-19, not a pandemic flu. It was the greatest industrial catastrophe in human history with 20-50 million people dying but it was blamed on a flu. The beginning of the drug industry began with that success (and Monsanto was part of it). The flu myth was used by George Bush to threaten the world with “another pandemic flu that could kill millions” – a terror tactic to get pandemic laws on the books in every state and worldwide. Then the CDC used hoax of the pandemic hoax to create terror over H1N1 and to push deadly vaccines on the public, killing thousands of unborn children and others.  (CDC will not release the data and continues to push the same vaccine.)

The hoax of the vaccine schedule is over, exposed by FOIAs in the UK. 
The hoax of the CDC’s interest in children’s lives has been exposed by its refusal to respond to a doctor’s FOIAs around its knowledge of vaccine dangers.

The 1918-19 pandemic hoax has been exposed by Dr. Karen Starko’s work on aspirin’s role in killing people.

And despite refusing to respond to FOIAS, the CDC’s scandalous hoax of a 2009 flu pandemic and its part in creating it, was exposed by CBS NEWS. 

And the Obama administration, in attempting to salvage the last vestige of secrecy around what is really happening with vaccines, by declaring agency documents non-existent, has made its claim of transparency, non-existent.

But pandemic laws arranging for unknown vaccines to be forced on the entire country are still in place with HHS creating a vaccine mixture that should never be used on anyone and all liability for vaccines having been removed. Meanwhile, a Canadian study has just proven that the flu vaccine containing the H1N1 vaccine which kills babies in utero, actually increases the risk of serious pandemic flu.

Americans who have been duped into submitting their children to the CDC’s deadly vaccines, have a means to respond now. People from every walk of life and every organization, must
1. take the information from the UK FOIAs exposing 30 years of vaccine lies, the refusal of the CDC to provide any information on what it knows about those lies, and the Obama Administration’s efforts to hide the CDC’s awareness of those lies, and go to their state legislatures, demand the immediate nullification of the CDC vaccine schedule and the pandemic laws.
2. inform every vet. active duty military person, law enforcement people, DHS agents and medical personnel they know, of the vaccine hoax, for their families are deeply threatened, too, but they may not be aware of it or that they have been folded into agency structures by the pharmaceutical industry (indistinguishable from the bankers and oil companies) that would make them agents of death for their country with the declaration of a “pandemic” emergency or “bio-terrorist” attack. It is completely clear now that the terrorism/bioterrorism structures are scams so that any actions taken to “protect” this country using those laws would in fact be what threatens the existence of Americans.

It was aspirin that killed millions in 1918-19.  Now it is mandated and unknown, untested vaccines with banned adjuvants in them that threaten the country with millions of deaths.  At the same time, the CDC is holding 500,000 mega-coffins, built to be incinerated, on its property outside Atlanta.  Not to put to fine a point on this, but it’s clear now that the CDC should not be involved in any way with public health.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we know that vaccines are not a miracle of modern medicine.  Any medical or government authority which insists vaccines prevent diseases is either ignorant of government documents (and endless studies) revealing the exact opposite or of the CDC’s attempts to hide the truth about vaccines from the public, or means harm to the public.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we know the vaccine schedule is a hoax.
The health danger to American children and adults are vaccines.

Andrew Baker via Food Freedom News

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 Dr. Tomljenovic’s full paper can be downloaded here on pdf format: http://www.ecomed.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/3-tomljenovic.pdf

28 de mayo de 2013

Alfred Lambrmont Webre : Jim Fetzer Interview : Full Knowledge and dates of when Barack Obama changed his Name : Also Intelligence on all the False flags just recently : Good Insight to what is really going on just now : Faked CIA Nonsence :

Healing the Lie of Separation: The Role of Twin Flames In the Here and Now - Lauren Zimmerman - May 28, 2013

Healing the Lie of Separation: The Role of Twin Flames In the Here and Now

Credit for artwork: "adrenachromedreams" on Tumbler.com

The 'description,' the understanding of Twin Flames is fairly common but, briefly put, in order to have the reader fully 'get' this blog, I'll explain it as it was explained to me while I was on 'the other side.'

The original creation of a soul was One. That One split itself into two 'components,' male and female, in order to fully explore existence from both points of view (male and female perceptions). The end result, when exploration is complete, or when existence calls for the Twin Flame Oneness, is that the soul will reunite itself into one. All things being energy, the Oneness will be an energetic union, despite how the two halves are presenting themselves at the moment. In other words, if they are currently in two different dimensional frequencies, or two different physical bodies, or whatever other scenario they may be in.
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