23 de marzo de 2017

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - THE QUANTUM AWAKENING - March 2017

In this Issue

***From Your Hostess of Light
*** Loop In the Wheel of Fortune (boy could we all use a vowel about now!)
***Leylines and time markers wobble like buoys in the ocean
***White Buffalo Calf Woman Let your Spirits ride the tale of a rainbow
*** Sirian High Council of Light

Thx for being patient with thequantumawakening.com website which is still being birthed into a new format. Right now the site is just holding its space in time on the internet until the next level is ready to be released. Bear with me as we all enter new neuro-pathways of the human brain.

From Your Hostess of Light, Gillian

Hey Ya’ll I do not know about you but my cosmic butt has been kicked so much it can wear skinny jeans! I thought that after holding and working for the light for over half a century it would get a little easier. There is no easy street in deep space for sure. Every dang molecule is battling with itself and its right to be alive in whatever form. All livingness responds to the call for regeneration. The pollywog is no longer happy being a tadpole. The caterpillar demands to become a butterfly and life demands everything else in between.

We pray, we take out the cosmic trash, we mediate, we chop wood and carry water. We hold a heart space for the world and some days it feels as if we need to wear chain-mail undergarments just to go to the grocery. So many have shut themselves away because that is the easier choice, ask any old incarnated hermit or monk. To me it is like the’ knights templar hiding behind the Magdalene’s skirt.’

Even the stealthy fox has to change its colors to align with the global adjustments. There are no personalities involved in these upcoming shifts, only the need for propulsion out of this dimensional warp.

As great emotional gases come to the surface, like old faithful erupting out -of -sync and line-dancing with a new time partner. What lies beneath bubbles to the surface, allowing what is noxious to escape, both people and planet. When the inner earth gases meet the outer earth gases a new tempo is created. Like the temples of old in Delphi many an oracle can attest to ‘a deep earth knowing’ supplied by inner earth fumes escaping. As the world huffs and puffs and shows her true colors everyone all will know what Mother Earth has to say.

Loop In the Wheel of Fortune

(boy could we all use a vowel about now!)

We are all in the middle of a restructuring, and there is no easy way to get thru this loop in the wheel of fortune. As time jumps forward past the winter gods and goddesses we all take a moment to take off the teachings of winter. We are weary confused and alert, like a cat next to a rocking chair. we can feel the future racing thru our veins, Are we prepared for these shifts to come? Every cell in our bodies screams no! The weather has more moods than a teenage girl without a date. How do we prepare for energies that do not respond to our prayers and will not acknowledge us or our dire earthly straits?

What will the goddess of spring ask of us this year? Growth is natural and beautiful but sometimes painful. like a spring bud just waiting to break free we all have to put on our big girl and boy panties and get thru this next phase of light and life. Disclosure is the word for the spring as every little thing that was dormant in winter now spurts out all its hidden secrets.

As the Goddess of Spring stretches herself underground, she takes all of us to a hidden entrance of life. Like a magic fairy door hidden in a tree trunk or a portal between worlds in the middle of a sticker patch, the worlds between the worlds open to be seen. Each corridor reflecting a place where time bends. The dimensions dance together like auroras changing form and colors at a glance. We become dizzy and disoriented as living magic is seen when least expected. We rub our eyes to make sure we see what we see! The human eyes cone changes as it sees thru time. Time once disrupted comes back around like a dancer that seductively moves toward you. All matter shifts in accordance with divine instructions. This spring equinox portals open and close, try not to get caught in-between.

A seed can only be sown when it is given free will. Allowing it to search for hallowed ground and start the process of releasing the divine blueprint of life into the earth. Everything we do or do not do seeds the future. All seeds are about believing in the invisible harvest. Like a cosmic farmer holding the image of bounty in his heart until it is finally seen on Earth.

When that harvest is birthed from your seed of belief it is then necessary to share that bounty with others. To take part of your field of manifestation and cut off the corners of it and give it freely so another can start the seed of belief process as well. Sharing their bounty with others and so on and on…. Listen to the voice of the universe inside of you as it asks more and more of you. As it asks you to give and give and give, like a wellspring without end. The universe has its watermark upon your soul and cells. You can never out give the Creator.

Leylines and time markers

wobble like buoys at sea

As the memory of what was, seems to drift like a piece of lost wood in an ocean of confusion, we continue to move quickly down the corridor of time. We are being ushered into time doors that swing both ways. Down hallways that never end into a place that is not fully created yet. Time brushes past us like a blast of air, not asking our permission for anything. Life corrals us into a corner of pre-empted choices. Time has shifted. It has quickened its pace, and all outcomes have shifted as well.

Longitudes and latitudes dance to an unseen beat. Leylines and time markers wobble like buoys in the ocean, sacred crystal geometries are reset. An actual cog in time has been felt as the worlds walk into a new traffic pattern. We still biologically walk to the beat of the old drum when the band plays on in a different octave of time and light. Our perceptions are enhanced and we see in and out of time but are still not sure where to place each thought. Seeing between the worlds is not a place for those weak of purpose. One must hold tightly to the tight wire as time doors are opened and possibilities present themselves in a new array of colors. The unexpected is to be expected on a daily basis. People do there best to hide what ails them but actions are louder than any words.

Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of knee. As one walks thru the time doors many trap doors make themselves know. Dimensional black holes to other places of parallel time loops can create a dizzying effect in most unexpected places.. Time doors open and close faster than the bat of an eye. Truth and time are adjustable in nature.

That which has appeared emptied now becomes full, freeing itself from previous definition. A shift of light realm awakens from a long sleep to escort you into the cornerstone where time and space meet. All limitations are transformed in this expanded view. Do you have the courage to take an open-eyed leap of faith into this fluid point of possibility? Your vessel of perpetual self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts. You are an instrument of light that is being fine-tuned to play a new song. Relax into the Shifts; look at them eye to I, seeing with the wisdom of a thousand years! See beyond what you deem humanly possible. Each situation has a million outcomes. It is up to the individual to pick the reaction which then opens the door to a matching experience.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Let your Spirits ride the tale of a rainbow

Let your spirits soar upon the wind that whispers through your hearts. Let your spirits soar upon the smile of a child, the song of a bird, the twinkle of a star. Let your spirits ride upon the tale of a rainbow on your way home to the stars where your heart lives. I am she that weaves and heals the holes in your heart. Like Spiderwoman, I too weave Light catching the morning dew of pure healing in the sacred geometries of Earth. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.

I look deeply at your light, your life, and your hearts. Most do not sit fully or comfortably with the power of the treasure within you. By not loving and embracing all of your experiences, your daily reflections, and your human body, your soul growth will become Ming-like and stunted keeping you less than on a divine playing field.

Ascension is not accessible until you have embraced all of Earth – her dilemmas, her heartaches; her pains, and your humanness. For you come to Earth to heal and love Mother Earth. By not loving your humanness, by not loving your earthiness, by not loving the cells, and the organs, gray hairs, and the wrinkles upon your body – you are not loving your Mother Earth. You can only heal her and yourself only by loving you. You are asked to enter into this next doorway of eclipse light by loving every ache, every pain, every bone, every hair every iota of you, inside and out. It is easy to love the oceans, the trees and the rainbows, but not so easy to love your humanness.

Every intersection of life is etched in the memories of your flesh. Every choice you ever made – no matter how you view it now – was a divine choice. Every experience that you germinated, cultivated and then harvested was a creation birthed by the Divinity within you. Every individual on Earth is having a different experience. Do not judge their experiences, nor criticize them, nor analyze them, nor rebuke them -- for their experiences are perfectly divine, sculpted just for them.

The upcoming energies ask you to be in balance within yourself, not to worry if your friend or neighbor is out of balance. Balance begins and ends with you. It is not your duty to take out the karmic trash for another. Do not busy yourself with the details of changing others. Busy yourself with honoring and honing your higher choices, your energies, your frequencies. Each of you has come to the end of a promised road. A horizon once seen thru the mirage of life’s whirlwinds. You are being asked to move mountains, to change the molecular structure of what blocks your way, to fly over what keeps you grounded, and still walk tall in your humanness.

Walk with influence knowing that you can shift what you originally commanded into existence. I Buffalo Calf Woman ask you to love all of your creations --for God does not rebuke even one of his creations – he loves all of them, no matter how much the creation does not love its self. Embrace who you are. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Sirian High Council of Light

Do not settle for what is for that is laziness of being. Extend yourself past the boundaries life into a place of all that you can imagine. At the point, beyond your imaginings, is where the true essence of 'you' begins. What you have passing about you is but cosmic fluff, holographic trappings. Energetically you have activated dormant extensions of your soul and personage into a point that they no longer lament what has passed. You coagulate and correspond to the highest level of light, the apex of your being at this minute of time.

Telepathically align yourself with what is yet to be seen in form. Humanity as a whole has grown complacent and just plain exhausted in its desire to expand past all the limitations that have been placed upon them. You are what you think and if you think that you exist beyond that watery horizon – you do. If you think that you can hear a sound a hundred miles away – you can. If you think you can hear the thoughts of the whales and the sea turtles – you are able. But until you think it is so – it cannot be completed, it cannot be birthed in you. If you think you can beat disease, you can. If you think that you will have great monetary gain, you shall. But if you think the opposite, it shall also be birthed on to you more quickly and more animated, for that is your prerogative as a human.

I am a voice from the Sirian High Council of Light. We are part of your genetic history and future to be. You live within our memory, as us we live within yours. As we stretch ourselves to produce what is destined to be, we ask you to also stretch your expectations, stretch your desires, stretch your humanness. Do you settle for what has collected on the bottom of the teacup of life as your predicted future? Do not allow the leftovers of the universe to be all that you consume.

Pretend that you can see 10 miles ahead into the future. Pretend you can soar like an eagle, above the earthly drama. Pretend that you can hear as a wolf. Pretend that you can feel Mother Earth under your feet giving you instructions in the next step of your journey. Pretend that the wind brings you directions from the heavens. Stretch yourself to meet other dimensional parts of yourself.

The Universe bends down with open hand to scoop humanity out of this quagmire. The light that you seek, the truth that you seek comes to find you – each and everyone of you. You will expand past all perimeters and abilities that you have. All of earth has had great heart learning each person is looking for a sign of hope.

Many of you find your selves going around in circles chasing your tails of woe. Take a good look at what tales you still chase? Whatever you are untruthful to yourself about will take form. You as a point of living light, are not allowed the luxury of speaking negative about another without affecting your own outcome.

Your words will live in your world like living breathing beings. You sit wooden like ducks in a shooting gallery, not knowing that you can fly the coop at any time. As an artist that paints the picture, you must continue to hold the vision in your heart. Extend who you think you are, into who you truly are. The multidimensional initiation comes week after week. Stand tall in your peace. It is your greatest treasure.

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