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Suzanne Lie - Our Galactic Family - The NOW inside the HERE - 7-10-17

The NOW inside the HERE 

By Suzanne Lie 

There is a NOW inside the HERE
That lives within, and is FREE of FEAR 

To find that NOW we must be HERE
Inside our SELF in another SPHERE 

From Sphere to Sphere we search again
To find the NOW that started THEN 

Of our many lives within the ONE
Some are cleared, but some aren’t done 

We need to go deep, deep inside
Where we cannot run, and cannot hide 

We’ve tried to find what is “Un-done”
But that Moon is dim, as is that Sun 

No longer can we hide inside
Long lost memories and wounded pride 

For NOW that we have touched the Light
Our hidden truths are shining bright 

That Light was buried deep inside
Behind our fear, inside our pride 

The Light inside revealed our Soul
To remind us that we’re ALWAYS whole 

That which we thought was lost and done
Shined inside, like an inner Sun 

Can the light come out to play again?
“If not,” we ask, “Please tell us when.” 

“When can you remember?” a voice asks deep inside
“To release all of your worry, as well as all your pride?” 

“If that answer does offend you
Then, likely, it is so true 

“Can you—the “WE”—you are inside
Cease your worry and release your pride?” 

“Worry is my best friend,” you mutter deep inside
“Without my hidden worry, where can I hide my pride?’ 

“Do you really want that answer?” asks the inner voice.
“Yes, I think I do,” you say inside. “If I really have a choice.” 

Your fear must come into the Light
Where Truth is real and Honor’s Bright 

The worry that you hide within you
Is just a lie that you know is NOT true 

But worry, repeated night and day
Will, soon, come true in every way 

Do you really wish to make the choice?
In which your Soul will have NO voice? 

You have a choice, you must remember
You DO receive. You ARE the sender 

What kind of lifetime do you choose?
Do you want to win, or do you want to lose? 

“Is there a choice?” you ask inside
“Yes, above your fear and behind your pride.” 

“Oh, yes, I choose a better life
I want a life that’s free of strife!” 

Free of strife is found inside
Above your fear and behind your pride 

Can you release the fear you hold?
And see your self as strong and bold? 

Can you remember every day
YOU are complete in every way? 

Can you be the “YOU” you really are
And KNOW that you can be a star? 

The STAR you are lies deep inside
Just let it out. You need NOT hide 

Be the YOU, that you always are
Within your Homeworld, on another star 

You came to Earth to share your LIGHT
To tell the truth and heal the fright 

The darkness of the hidden past
Is leaving NOW, and will NOT last 

In fact, what you refuse to see
Will be released and will NOT be 

Remember you create your life
Whether a life of love, or one of strife 

Where you place your attention
Creates your choice of dimension 

You chose, yourself, how you live your life
Whether, filled with love, or filled with strife 

When “strife” is loved it goes away
So that you can create another way 

For what you love you bring inside
Where it can’t escape and cannot hide 

You see, the LOVE you give away
Comes back to you another day 

And what you hold inside your being
Is what you’re hearing and what you’re seeing 

You have the power to master life
By loving all and transmuting strife 

This secret that we tell you now
Is the reason and the “how” 

Return to the SELF you always are
And live within your favorite star 

Blessings on your journey
To the SELF you always are 

And remember you are with us, 

As you move from Star to Star

Blessings from your Galactic Family
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