4 de julio de 2017

Lee Carroll - [Kryon Bulletin] July Issue - July 4, 2017

This month's blurb is all about YOUTUBE. For years I have not involved myself in YouTube at all - there's a large back-story to this, to be told later. However, many of the Kryon supporters are very actively posting my free audios, and many of our seminar attendees have found Kryon only by going to Youtube.

Personally, I have always encouraged everyone to come to the "mother load" [www.kryon.com/freeaudio] of the Kryon free audios, which is on kryon.com. This is because there are hundreds of hours of listening, sorted by year and location, all in one place. Also, since there are always a few channellings per meeting, our site shows this and YouTube does not. However, it's time for me to check YouTube out, and em brace the good things that are happening there. For those of you who are also new to it, I'll share what I've discovered.
Of the many YouTube "channels" [a YouTube page is called a channel] that are carrying my Kryon audio messages, there is one that is really stellar. It is simply called "Kryon channelling" and is HERE.  The way to put audios on YouTube is to make a video out of them, which usually contains a very nice photo or patters to view as you listen. The link above is from the UK and is truly gorgeous! Remember, I never have touched any of this, and I'm very grateful for such care. Don’t get me wrong – I love many other YouTube channels, too, and I know the work that goes into it all. I want to thank all of you who have created your own YouTube channels using my Kryon messages!
Sadly, there's a negative side, and I had to take a deep breath when I saw my channellings with the following titles: "Goodbye World 2017", "You have only 12 hours 2017", "Bad News Coming 2017", and many more! Say what? Take a look HERE. This YouTube channel is called "The Power of the Brain" and none of the videos allow you to comment. My disappointment is great, feeling that someone is actually using doom and gloom messages to represent Kryon's loving, compassionate messages to help the planet.
Then I realized that YouTube is a "count the mouse clicks and subscriptions" culture, and that the more clicks and subscriptions you get, the higher you are in many lists. The dichotomy here is that these loving Kryon channelings do not represent the titles at all. So if you see doom message titles or images on my audio channelings, just use common sense and know that it's marketing (old energy style) just to get you to click.
Now… I want to play, too! After all this time I have created my own YouTube channel! (The word-joke is obvious). You can find it HERE. I have already posted many videos, which are documentaries of my travels, fun clips, promos, and even some of my free seminar videos. My favorites so far? Check out the 2012 Kundalini Tour, and our time in Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfall array in the world! More videos will be coming all the time.
Have fun!
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