5 de julio de 2017

Christine Day - Message from the Pleiadians July 201 - July 05, 2017

Beloved Ones We Greet You,

The resurrection energies of the Holy Vine continue to flow and unfold across your planet. This is heralding in a vast opportunity for each of you enter into a completely different space of awareness. As you reopen through the multidimensionality of your own Heart space, you are being repositioned for a sacred communion to be experienced and expressed through you. This vista is being laid before you at this time for you to reunite with your unlimited potential. All is in readiness for you to form a new alliance with Self through your own Heart.

We continue to ask you to bring your attention to the appearance of energetic forms, what we call Markers’ in the sky. They are carrying the Holy Vine essence to each one of you as they appear. Trust this experience as you open into effortless receivership within your Heart within the moment. Understand that this essence from the Holy Vine is like a personal beacon, a calling frequency that activates a profound energetic quickening within the cells of your heart. Your Heart is waiting for you to engage by consciously working with each Marker and saying yes to the call.

Claim each moment by fully engaging within your Heart. In this way you can begin to align naturally to the resurrection energy that each individual Marker holds for you. Through this time your Heart is requiring a commitment from you. What is really being asked is for you to acknowledge and accept ‘You are who you have been waiting for’ through the simple process of fully letting go.

Letting go again and again. Only through the letting go will you continually find yourself being drawn to consciously choose the way of your Heart. Through the letting go you will be gently pushed towards receiving your self as this incredibly expansive capacity of light that you are. Your Heart moves you towards clarity and Truth as you witness the illusions of your life regardless of how things appear in the third dimensional reality.

We hold you as you choose the ‘way of your Heart’ to return Home.

The Pleiadians
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