3 de noviembre de 2016

Suzanne Lie - The Arcturians - WE ARE THE TRUTH - 11-3-16

Beloved Arcturians,
Wow, this has been such a VERY challenging time. I will meditate a bit and then see what you have to share with me today. Thank you in advance.
What I received is the below poem:

We are the peace within the storm
We are the ONE that we will form
We are the NOW. We are the Here
To live in Love and release all fear
As we say these words, we can believe
We are the life that we conceive
Can we believe what we feel inside
Then set it free, to no longer hide?
From what we hide, we are not sure
But we know that love is strong and pure
But can we LIVE the kind of love
That enters us from far above?
Can we live, and can we be
The ONE our hearts can feel and see?
Our mind is still confused and lost
Why does this path have such a cost?
The path to NOW, flows through our fear
So we can keep what we hold dear
Can we keep inside what we most treasure
To live in love and remember pleasure?
How can we know just who we are?
Did we come from Earth or from a star?
Or are we human and divine
Through which our Light can always shine?
But “always” is a 3D term
We use on Earth so we can learn
We’ve learn that there is only NOW
And within that NOW, we remember how
We remember this is where we live
We remember that we’re here to give
But our 3D life told us to take
And treasure what is only fake
So what is real, how can we see
The ONE we’ve said that we will be?
We made this promise long before
We left the life we did adore
We came to Earth to love and give
And share with others how to live
How to live a life of love
And feel the Flow from far above
But we forgot and can’t remember
How to live and still be tender
The 3D fight for planet Earth
Made us forget our true rebirth
In a world of those who cannot give
The Path of Love is hard to live
Why does the darkness shine so bright?
When deep inside we ALL are light?
What if our LIGHT out shown the fear
And we lived for what we hold most dear?
Could we choose to focus just on love
As it enters us from high above?
High above the lower dimensions
Pure love and light fills our intentions
Can we remember how to live
In a world where LOVE is what we give?
Can we remember how to BE
Our Higher SELF we cannot see?
These questions are within our NOW
To remind us that we still know how
To be the SELF we are inside
That’s hidden by our fear and pride
Our Inner SELF can find the way
To guide us through our every day
Can we remember to just “Let Go”
And allow our Inner SELF to glow?
Our Inner SELF we wish to give
To create the life we want to live?
“Yes,” we say. “We want that life.
“We tire of the fear and strife.”
“Where do we go, how can we BE
The persons that we want to see?”
“Are we ready NOW, to just “let go,”
And see what our new life will show?”
“Yes, we do “let go.” We do so NOW!
“For we remember we do know how.”
“We’ve finally come to the conclusion
That we CAN let go of our Illusion!"
“We Remember HOW
To Let GO NOW”
We can Let Go in every way
We can Let Go on every day
How does it feel to just Let Go?
What is the Path that it will show?
The secret lies within the NOW
Where our True SELF will show us HOW
How to know, to see, and hear
To keep our memory strong and clear
The secret is to just LET GO
And remember all that we DO know
The knowing lies within our Soul
That we are the ONE, we are the Whole!
Within this NOW, we do remember
WE do receive, and WE are the sender
As we remember WHO we are
We help dear Gaia to BE a STAR

To download the recording of this poem, 
please click HERE
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