27 de noviembre de 2016




All year long, the veils between the worlds have been becoming increasingly thinner. Now they are almost transparent. This dissolving of the veils has a strong effect upon us. We feel like the skins covering our bodies are becoming thinner. There is no longer the sense that our beings end at the boundaries of our skin. We no longer feel separate from humanity or from Pachamama, our Mother Earth.

It may feel somewhat overwhelming as we become aware of the extent that our lives on planet Earth have been usurped, manipulated and controlled by sinister, unseen forces. But strangely enough, at the same time when we begin to see the scope of our imprisonment; paradoxically, we start feeling free! This is because in order to see this, we have to be on a level beyond it. We finally remember Who We Are and Why We Are Here. We have regained our True Authentic Selves. And this return to our True Authenticity is a true coming home to ourselves that is deeply comforting.

It may feel like there is an increased polarization taking place on the planet, but this is because all that is untrue is becoming highly magnified so we can see it clearly. It's easy to lose hope if we put our focus on what is playing out in duality. But when we realize that this bizarre science fiction scenario of duality isn't our predominant reality and that we DON'T HAVE to live in this reality, we are set free!

The Tipping Point arrived in October in a form that was completely unexpected. It appeared as the Tip of the Point, like the tip of an arrowhead. This is the tip of a Crystal Arrow ~ the arrow of our True Purpose. If we perceive Duality as a huge, heavy stone, we will be able to see the immense changes that have taken place to it in October. The Tip of the Point served as a wedge which pierced the solid, heavy stone of duality and created a fissure where none had been before. The tip of this arrowhead was created by the efforts of many. Standing Rock played an important part in this with the coming together of numerous tribal nations, including the rainbow tribe. This is what gave it the form of an arrow.

Our October ceremonies at the Heart of AN in Peru removed many of the pins which kept duality firmly anchored. This loosened the calcification of duality which was necessary so a fissure could occur. We also strengthened and expanded the resonance of the New Reality so it could be felt worldwide. But the Tipping Point would not have happened without the participation of many all over the world.

All over the world, a significant portion of humanity has undergone a Great Awakening this year so they can clearly see what is really going on. And together as One, we are now taking our places in the Crystal Arrowhead. We are finally standing up to regain control of our planet with the rallying cry of "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

During the next several months, the tip of the Crystal Arrow will continue to pierce the stone of duality. More and more of us will position ourselves into the arrowhead and align as One True Being. This will enable it to pierce duality even deeper. As the thicker, wider part of the arrowhead enters the fissure, the fissure will grow ever larger until the crack is so big that the stone of duality finally splits apart.

This is the Crack Between the Worlds. Once the stone of duality is broken, the world of duality will turn Inside Out. Anything which does not vibrate in the frequency of Trueness and Love will be removed from Planet Earth. Planet Earth will shuck off the illusory skin of duality, like a dog shaking off fleas.

This will bring about a MEGA RESET. The authentic New World will be revealed in all its natural wonder. It will be born from the debris of the old one, just like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Once this happens, a deeply transformative healing will take place, which will be much easier than we can imagine. And all our lifetimes of struggle and hardship to awaken and transform the illusory world of duality will be quickly forgotten....

November is about deepening. The entire planet is undergoing an in-depth transformation. We are becoming increasingly aware of the unconscious choices we make in our everyday lives and of where we put our energy and attention.

Increasing numbers of us will choose to step into the Crystal Arrow of Trueness and become an active part of the Tipping Point. Being in this position will greatly empower us. When this happens, there may well be a big upheaval, bringing a temporary time of chaos. We need to be prepared for this, so if it happens, we can stand our ground as True Ones and not get washed away by the tumultuous waves of duality. Our responsibility is to remain stable, solid, true and not be seduced off of our True Direction and True Purpose by any type of upheaval or manipulation.

November calls us to hold the resonance of the New Reality as the ONLY Reality. Let's put our entire focus on making the shift of reality systems happen. Anything less is not acceptable. Let's stand together in the Tip of the Point. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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