21 de noviembre de 2016

Jennifer Hoffman - Archangel Uriel - Give the Gift of Light - November 21, 2016

Your light is a gift to the world, a reminder of the divinity and connection that are a part of all of humanity, whether or not it is acknowledged. But it is a gift that must be given freely, unconditionally, and without any expectation of thanks or action because the light can only be given as a gift by those who have the light to give and share. The light is not given to light the darkness, it is shared so those who need it can light their path. You do not give the light to overtake the dark, you give the light to spread light. This is your gift to Source as light beacons, it is also your gift to humanity as part of your ascension mission.

Those who know they are on earth to give and share the light have completed many ascension cycles and giving light is one of the gifts they bring to the process. Just as a carpenter brings a hammer and tools to the work site, light beacons bring their light to participate in ascension. But it is not so that the dark does not win, the light is to be used by humanity when they are ready to choose between density and divinity, between the darkness and the light. Without the presence of the light, there could be no light choice and those who give the gift of the light are the source of the light for ascension.

The light is a gift to humanity, the source of a new choice and a new potential for the individual and the collective. It is not required that the light be acknowledged or accepted; it is not there to be accepted but to be a presence. When the gift of the light is given with conditions, that it is accepted, acknowledged, that others are grateful for it, and that they accept it with gratitude and appreciation, it is no longer a gift and it is no longer the true light. You do not give the light so it can be integrated and used, you give the light because that is your soul mission.

Through lifetimes of presence on the earth you have given the gift of the light only to see it rejected, denied, and ignored. This may cause you great pain because you misunderstand the connection between the light and the gift. It is your gift to humanity so that when they are ready for the light it is available to them. But until that time the light must be given and shared willingly, purposefully, intentionally, and with no expectations. It is a gift, not an imperative. It is your gift that fulfills your soul mission as a Light Beacon but your light mission does not include ensuring that the light is accepted, used, embrace, or even acknowledged. You create great suffering for yourselves when you believe that your light mission is completed when the light is accepted and integrated. Your mission is completed when you give the gift of the light, and do so unconditionally.

Give the gift of the light with joy and love. As one who can give this gift you are a source of love and joy for the world and for humanity. Your gift makes ascension possible, your sacrifice in being a Light Beacon is an acknowledgement of your love for humanity and of Source. Your warrior spirit has allowed you to bring this gift to humanity for countless lifetimes because when it is time to embrace the light it must be present and a presence among the available choices for light or density, love or fear, polarity or duality, human or divine.

Share your light gift unconditionally and that completes your soul’s mission as a light bearer. Then you can be at peace and know that you have fulfilled your life purpose and can also participate in the light and joy that you share with the world. Be in joy, for that expands the light and the gift of light that you have to give to humanity.


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