3 de julio de 2017

Lisa Transcendence Brown - StarGates have Opened: Total (Re) Alignment & Synchronization Begins - 7/2/2017

Activating hours ago, we shifted into "high reconfiguration mode" and continue to increase ... amping up consistently as we go.

​Down go the old structures.... timeline collapse/converge(nce) mode... new ones re-structuring through new geometrics/codes/sequences preparing to take shape. Built upon the vibrational energies that all currently hold.... Form takes shape as a response to what we've been transmitting out with our whole everything (hopefully through intentional fully conscious creation) as we move out that we've come into REALization of, showing us what we could not see before.... our programming that created THAT... and what we allowed/participated in/needed to awaken us even more. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


p.s. This is a just little bit of how holographic REALitites look when re-coding/re-structuring occurs. There are many things visible, as it's a gazillion pieces and parts all coming together cohesively, expanding, contracting, trying to aligning (can't means will re-align differently). Every thought, emotion, vibration transmits a different code that affects the whole/bigger picture.... ♥ Intentionally conscious or unintentionally unconscious (and often a little bit or a lot of both!) ∞

This is what your personal StarGate does and what your Body-Field align within/through too, and the physical reality as well. ∞
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