16 de junio de 2017

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - THE QUANTUM AWAKENING - JUNE 2017

Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted
With Love and dedication to the Light

This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers. One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward, feel free to share this information.

Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina for many years. Thank you dear Lady of Light http://www.manantialcaduceo.com.ar/boletin/despertar_cuantico.htm

In this Issue
  • From your Hostess of Light
  • Liquid Learnings
  • Completing not Competing
  • Spiritual Hierarchy Crystals

From your Hostess of Light

As the energy of Gemini clashes with itself like a PMS Titan on a steamy day, we all feel pulled in every direction, like roasted Hawaiian pig at a Maui Luau. The dark and the light of the impish Gemini twins demands that we make peace with the pushy energy within before we battle the pushy energy on the outer limits. Everyone is a little more sensitive, a little grouchy, a lot distracted, mostly bewildered and vague. We seek council of our own light and soul but all we see is fog. Our moods and thoughts change like the weather. We do not feel like we fit in our skin, or life. We look at those we love and wonder what happened?

In this place of many fissured mirrors, there is no good or bad, nor right or wrong – there is only reflection and a need to understand and love that reflection. The fork in the upcoming road leads humanity down a bumpy path. A place where compasses no longer work and the landscape shifts and pulses hiding its true colors. The teachings of mercury and Gemini are so animated it is like 3rd graders in an unrehearsed Christmas play after they had Kool-Aid and cupcakes. Just like the flow of liquid mercury life and time moves in an un-harnessed fashion doing what it wants to, when it wants to, because that is life.

The Gemini internal twins are both identical and fraternal of nature. They mirror each other but they also bend and refract each other. Unpredictable is the word for this season of restructure. Restructure can be the hard way, like you just hired beavers to do construction on your house. Everything is turned upside down flowing in the opposite direction and you are being forced to see the world at a new angle.

What we once thought was our truth has left the building along with Cinderella and the seven dwarfs. Who we once thought we were is no longer viable in this dimensional flux of change. The summer will see to the task of rattling our cages. All of us have held a dream in our heart for so long it has become a part of us. We still have not seen that dream birthed no matter how hard we try or pray or let go and let God. The old dream cannot stand up to the new calibration.

We are no longer in a place where that dream needs to come true. Each dream in our heart is something our soul was quested with in order to achieve our mission on earth. Each dream once held a key, an answer a heart realization that was necessary to the divine plan. Much of that has changed allowing our hearts and souls to seek something new, something else, something magical and divine to fill this noticeable empty spot in our heart.

Earth does not keep the same shape on a daily basis; she breathes in and out, expands and contracts, huffs and puffs and usually blows her stack at least once a day. Due to spatial increase earth drifts like an island that moves ever so slightly with the changing human moods. We all know where we belong, but the head-winds of change are powerful they push us off course. Similar to Dorothy we find our self in a new place with new rules. Like a falling acorn, we allow nature to cushion our fall, planting us where she deems fit. It is best to no longer be attached to any outcomes as they have taken flight and now soar on their own. A doorway of ripening comes after a summer of fruitfulness. A seeded future awaits all. The summer solstice allows you entrance into a place of comfort for a few moments in time that stretches like a bikini-clad tourist. The light increases every day from now to the solstice when it reaches a peak. 

Liquid Learnings

Humanity is destined and designed to change and for change. In the month of Gemini expect that school of thought to be very animated. Like the many shapes of water, we each have the potential to experience all forms within the same biological greenhouse We have our liquid days, our solid days, our play-misty for me days, and our ostrich days. We can be as a teardrop, an iceberg, a creek, a cloud, a raindrop or an ocean. We are 90% water. We ebb and flow with every new thought, every sunrise, and every storm, every eclipse. Yet year after year, we yearn to stay still, stay stuck, and stay constant in our comfort zone. The only true constant that we really have is the fact that we will always shift and change, for we are water.

As we move thru this button-pushing year, the weight of our do’s and don’ts seem to get heavier with more life. they seem to gather around and cement themselves at our feet, creating an immovable sinking feeling. Our good intentions chomp at the bit, our soul gives us the go ahead and yet We seem to sink deeper and deeper into despair and dis-repair. We spend vast amounts of energy arguing with ourselves. Trying to tame what seems to be the wild beast within filled with indecision. It is that very indecision that holds us back, always blocking our way to happiness, to love, and to communication. We continually sabotage our dreams our desires, our future, in an effort to save the rainforests of the old self. We hold tight to that which once served us, Limiting our ability to move into the new, the shinier, and the bright future of our dreams that are fading fast.

Everyone on earth is feeling the pressure. We all know that there is no staying in the comfort zone, the null and void zone. We know it is time to get up off the benches and move into the playing field. Yet when it comes our turn to bat, we freeze. Frozen still in all of the possibilities, and the wonders of our future. Understand dear ones that the agitation within you is a gentle reminder that it is time to let go.

This life is gift and should be received accordingly. Embrace all those shortcomings that you try so hard to cover and prevent others from seeing. Embrace and love all the stupid things you do throughout the day and all the imperfections that you wear so well. For all of nature is as beautiful as are you. Your worth is priceless. The time to address all your fears is now. The time to move forward wearing a badge of courage is now. The time to dream is now. Every valley of woe, of death and demise you have walked through now comes to a point of reflection and in this reflection there is a collage of mirrors and that is your gift.

Completing not competing

As you strive to become more and to better yourself, you often end up cutting off your own nose to spite your face and fate. You seem to splinter yourself as you proclaim your abilities, your grandness, and your rightness of self. Know that what you keep at bay, you can end up drowning in. and as you snag what you hunt, what you hunt can also snag you.

As you all stretch yourselves, be aware that the stretching can cause a reverberation that can quake your world. Walk into this next level of summer light and eclipses carefully. Do it with intent and from the One Heart. Look deep within your own self for what you seek from others. Anchor your own Light in a place that you will not run aground.

In most cultures, masters and teachers of wisdom assist one another. They know that by assisting each master into more light and truth they will also lift themselves into another level of truth and Light. The masters have ‘no need for competition or pettiness amongst themselves’. They honor each other’s unique wisdom and abilities. They help each other expand into more truth and wisdom.

This year is not a time for ‘Competing, it is a time of Completing’. Rein in what does not serve your Light. Pack it up. Seal it and bury it in a place that you once lived, but no longer reside. Everyone benefits from shared knowledge and wisdom and will always lift up the ‘weakest link’ in the cosmic chain; it can be no other way.

Each of you intuitively knows the doorway that you are to knock upon. The energy of the future is shared in single file. Allow your own learning’s to unfold and to envelop you in a cocoon of your own preparation and vibration. Each new level of initiation and light comes personalized. Do not place the picture of your life next to the picture of another’s life for the lines and the pixels will not meet or match. Your trail may be some what similar to another’s, but it cannot ever be the same. The Universe has no need to duplicate itself. Every person is a different thought within the same sentence of God. Your music will never sound the same as another’s no matter what instrument you play.

Everyone has the ability to take a word, a thought, a sentence, and fine line it into their own unique energy signature. Take all of the events of your life and your experiences and breathe your life force into them. Breathe your signature, your sound, and your color into every portion of your life. Do not try to color and change yourself by mimicking others. Honor all of your creations and honor the creations of those around you. There is no need to compete with others life has its own design and destiny which serves the greater good and the greater God.

Spiritual Hierarchy Crystals

I have had this group of crystals for a few months now, as they were very tightlipped about who and what they represented. Finally after several types of learnings they showed me their true colors and intent. They always felt powerful and stoic, kind of like the lords of karma, but they also felt vaster and more varied in description, having a wider audience of energy. They call themselves ‘Spiritual Hierarchy crystals’ and they come to remind us of our promise to the Light.

They come to remind us no matter how the landscapes of our life change our promise to the universe never changes for it lives in our soul light. This vow has followed many of us lifetime after lifetime incarnation after incarnation. And here it lands again like a homing pigeon. We are all trying to whitewash the mud splattered fences of our life. Doing our best to bring the light forward, birthing it anew, thru all of life’s emotional trauma and doo-doo storms. This spiritual hierarchy collection makes me a little apprehensive, since they do not usually even bother with any downloading to Earth, as everything is always up for a vote or cosmic debate within the ranks of the Hierarchy; As above so below.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is an order of holy beings, a “Universal Sequence” of Individualized Beings of Light that hold God’s authority. The Masters of Light forming the Spiritual Hierarchy are the keepers of the Divine Plan for Earth. There is a natural ordering of the responsibilities of These Beings within Their position in the Hierarchy. These lofty Ones are non-physical at this time, but they continue to incarnate into this reality to assist the evolution of Earth.

The Masters, forming the Spiritual Hierarchy have inspired great human achievements thru history, always working from behind the scenes. They guide and teach on the higher planes but humanity responds of its own free will to the broadcast light stimulus. Whenever humanity reaches a crisis, the Spiritual Hierarchy has sent its Teachers to help in a non-intrusive way. The Masters remain attentive to the spiritual needs of humanity, acting to inspire and stimulate its spiritual growth. During my research of the Spiritual Hierarchy every list of the masters I found contradicted itself which led me to believe that the Spiritual Hierarchy is not a constant and shifts and changes as we do.

These beautiful crystals were once clear like we all were but life’s demands has changed their colors as well as our own. We are not as pristine as we once were, not as clear, but still hold the ability to do great things. Some not so smart Brazilian decided clear quartz was not good enough and infused these crystals with food color. These powerful crystals’ come to remind us no matter what color life has turned you, it cannot taint nor change your true crystalline nature. All thru time mankind has tried to enhance one thing or another, never seeing the true value of original light, always trying to improve on Gods perfect work.

The Spiritual Hierarchy Speaks

What is light of purpose imbues itself upon these crystal structures. Like the heavenly father has imbued this world with his boundless love. The crystal matrixes are multiple of purpose as they wind and unwind like capillaries and arteries, rivers and creeks. A system of complex flow is like a convoluted multidimensional lattice of future light. Like any elder of life or light, we can see the proverbial fork in the road a few clicks ahead. Can we jump in front of you and stop you from entering a dangerous curve, No we cannot, that will not happen nor is it acceptable for the betterment of this worlds evolution. However we can sing our sweet fractal song on the summer wind and rain.

We can speak to you from encoded crystal platforms like a long forgotten memory that surfaces from inhaling a sweet smell. We can push you lovingly toward a better outcome by allowing you to make knowledgeable choices and understand that all non-choices also have a life of their own. We have worn many faces and existed simultaneously in many places. We like you have earned our wings, so to speak, Even if we do not soar with the angels any longer. Earth is like a watery trampoline that allows you to jump higher and touch the sky even just for a moment, in a place with too many rules of gravity and protocol. We are no longer individualized light but we are collective of nature and resolution. We have immersed our separate selves into each other’s light in order to become more. For even the Godhead, cannot stand alone and unaided. ‘All’ is part of the whole and necessary for the betterment of all universes and galaxies.

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