25 de abril de 2017

Suzanne Lie - Communicating With Your Higher Self--Week 4 of Preparing for Leadership 4-24-17

Communicating with your Higher Self
Week 4 of Preparation for Multidimensional Leadership Training 2017
Create the HABIT of speaking with your Higher SELF
Make it a part of your daily life to "take your Higher SELF with you."
When you take a walk, walk with your Higher SELF
When you need to shop, shop with your Higher SELF
When you want to talk, talk with your Higher SELF
DOCUMENT what your Higher SELF says,
Have some form of writing pad with you at all times
to document your conversations with your SELF.
While you are waiting at a restaurant to get your food,
Talk with your Higher SELF
While you are walking alone,
talk with your Higher SELF
When you are waiting at the doctor’s office, or for a meeting,
Talk with your Higher SELF
You are NEVER alone, as you ALWAYS have your Higher SELF with you.
You will increasingly MERGE with your Higher SELF and Higher Dimensional Family
Taking your Higher SELF with you will serve to merge you deeper and deeper
with your Higher Self and Higher Dimensional Family
because they will become a part of your daily life.
Creating a “cast in STEEL” ritual for communicating with Higher SELF/Beings
As you make "constant connection" a part of your life
Your Higher SELF will become your best friend, your family,
an extension of your self, and eventually YOUR SELF
who lives in a higher dimensions!
Steps for communicating with your Higher SELF as a daily "habit."
Go to the Same Place at the Same Time
Have computer on and open or paper and pen ready
Raise the energy field before you begin your daily meditation...
Bring a hot drink to sip as you read something spiritual,
put on soothing music, do some yoga, etc, to relax
and Center your 3D self with your 5D SELF.
When you have completed the above, turn to the computer, or get the paper and pen and write:
Dear ONE, (which means any fifth dimensional and beyond ONE that wishes to communicate with you)
What do you have to share with me in this NOW?
Be still and FEEL the higher energy field move into your mind and body…
As you relax your body and release your thoughts, you will feel a calm sensation come into your mind, as well as your body. With practice, you will recognize the “feel of your Higher SELF.”
Eventually, the recognition of your Higher Self will come while you are walking through your daily life.
If you wish, you can ask another simple question via writing or typing…
Allow the message to enter your Crown and flow into your High Heart,
Then Flow through your body, and into your hands..,
When you are too “busy to do this ritual” ask your self,
       “What can be MORE important than Personal and Planetary Ascension?
Once you have created the HABIT of speaking with your Higher SELF
And you are DOCUMENTING what your Higher SELF said,
You will increasingly to MERGE with your Higher SELF,
as well as other Higher Dimensional Beings
At first you may need to prepare yourself
To open a connection with your Higher SELF,
But when you “take your Higher SELF with you,”
YOU will remain connected.
One day, instead of saying, “Oh, I need to meditate
so that I can talk with my Higher SELF,”
you will find yourself going about your day,
while you are in “constant contact” with your Higher SELF.
When you may spend the entire day with a loved one,
You may not talk with each other all the time,
But you feel their presence with you and you know
That you can talk with each other if you wish.
You may say mundane things to your Higher SELF such as,
“Where did I put the phone number for that neat person I just met?”
(and then you suddenly realize exactly where that phone number is)
On the other hand, your Higher SELF my begin the conversation
And say something like, “Don’t worry, it will all turn out.”
Your Higher Self may give you a warning such as,
“You are driving too fast.”
Or, remember you need to pick up the kids in 10 minutes.
In other words, your Higher SELF will assist you with your daily life
As well as your spiritual needs.
Then, what will occur is that, almost without your knowing,
Your daily life and your Higher SELF are ONE.
Then, instead of you always calling for your Higher SELF,
Your Higher SELF will anticipate your daily needs
And assist you to perceive your life from a higher perspective.
When you perceive your life from a Higher Perspective,
You FEEL at ONE with your Higher SELF,
as well as ONE with ALL life.
Give this a try. Then you may wish to share what you received
 in the comments section below.
As we complete this 4th week of preparation, ask yourself and your higher guidance,
“Am I ready to step into MY leadership role?”
Please remember that YOU, that is your fifth dimensional you, decided the manner in which YOU would assist with Planetary Ascension BEFORE you took this embodiment.
Therefore, you are not creating your Mission.
Instead, you are remembering your Mission.
Your constant interaction with your Higher SELF will assist you to “step into the next octave of your daily life” by remembering the Higher SELF you have ALWAYS been.