22 de abril de 2017

Aisha North - Dear friends! - April 22, 2017

Dear friends!

Today, I am officially opening my own YouTube-channel with this video I was guided to create from my latest message “My soul flows like water” . This is only the beginning of something very new for me, but what it will evolve into, I do not know yet. I simply know that NOW is the time to start it all.
I have been sharing channeled messages since 2011. It all started off with written messages, but two years ago, I was guided to begin to create and share these paintings. Recently, my work changed again. This time by introducing my own words to accompany the channeled images. I know that when the time is right – and with the help of some talented people – I will also add sound to my work. Sound that will be especially created to accompany the energies in the images.
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