14 de noviembre de 2016

Shekina Rose - Blue Ray Transmissions: The Pleiadians/Inner Earth, Venusian's, and Lemurians - November 14, 2016

Blue Ray Transmissions: The Pleiadians/Inner Earth, Venusian's, and Lemurians ~ We never left. We shifted our frequency, dimension and time line.

The Frequency of Earth is having a inter dimensional shift:
We are returning

The Venusians, Pleiadians/Inner earth and Lemurians are interconnected and have the same root origins of destiny.

We, the Pleiadians and the Venusians, came through the different stars and systems to populate Earth/Gaia. We existed in the universe Earth Agartha and as different names. Venusians became the Lemurians. The Venusians have Pleiadian, Arcturian and Sirius alignments.

These alignments work together as grids / matrices of networks of coherence of energies, each one having a certain property energetic that can allow connections to occur. It is like reading a galactic map of how one can get from one place to the next, what are the connections as if one were to travel on a plane, what are the places that would allow for the next connection.

It has been mostly on the earth plane where the learning and information works in a linear fashion. In this way the greater dimensional picture is not fully recognized and so many parts of information are not conceived. This goes hand-in-hand with the linear thinking and believing as it taps into only one space of dimension and resonance. In this way there can be much that is lost as in the greater aspect of you, who are humanity, and higher information recording technology. Know that this is shifting at rapid speed for your evolution. Utilize the gateways as we created and are working with them together.

The Pleiadians/inner earth and galactic families have never left and exist with Gaia

Pleiadians/inner earth and galactic families. It is not so much that we have returned as that we never left but went into other planes of existence / reality of dimensions that are connected and part of yours. In linear thinking it appears that many have left as in your elementals, faerie realms, gods, galactic light families; where did they go and leave to? We have been here. Venus Shambhala, as many refer to Lemuria, didn’t leave completely but rather shifted its vibratory resonances forces. It can and is a part of Earth/Gaia history and current resonances.

Why we seem to be more tangible in the human experience ideology and belief systems is because it is time; there is an inter-dimensional and evolutionary alignment and timeline in place that allows for the worlds to become more balanced and whole. It can be viewed as a return of your true nature and of many things that appeared to have left your world. A beautiful light wave band is unfolding that encompasses all things of connectivity in the Universe. As the sun shines from the place of the center source, we are this love that distributes a frequency of light. We love you and we are family.33

Shekina Rose will be speaking at the Palatkwapi Society Wed on the pleaidains/inner earth arrival and contact on the 11 11 and the sacred technologies that were brought. Nov 16th at the Atlantis Metaphysical Center in Sedona AZ, for 6 to 8pm 2301 HY 89 A ~ free community event and donations accepted Phone: (928) 282-2471 https://www.facebook.com/shekina.rose.5/posts/1165039960251558 http://atlantissedona.com/2016/

Shekina Rose, Angelic Blue Ray, Star Seed, Harmonic Vocalist for the Language of Light 528 Hz LOVE, MIRACLE ancient Solfeggio frequency, Author, Channel of the Blue Ray, Co-executive producer, host and intuitive empath for Supernatural Sedona Video series, FaceBook Supernatural Sedona . https://www.facebook.com/Supernatural-Sedona-286531088390…/…

for the sacred amulets that active and connect you to Karee Inner Earth, Venusian temples shamballa, the priestess https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

Shekina Rose is being visited by the Pleiadians/Inner Earth and the Pleiadians Peace ships. They have been showing her interdimensional ancient sacred technologies that she has created and is sharing. She has been anointed in the Rose Ray by the ascended master Mother Mary where the apparitions and appearances occurred at Cathedral Rock Vortex, in Sedona, Arizona. The Rose Ray in the Violet Flame of Supreme Divine Love is back on the planet to restore the balance of the sacred divine feminine that empowers our I Am presence. http://shekinaspeaks.com/

Downloaded in 2008 with the information that she was from the Blue Ray, Shekina received sacred knowledge on the Blue Ray and has been sharing the Blue Ray transmissions on ascension, the ancient sacred technologies, to empower the ultra-sensitive empath starseeds on the planet, letting them know they are not alone and assisting them with their mission of light on the planet. For years, the Blue Ray Orb has appeared regularly to Shekina and manifests in photos. It is a Light Transmission generator from the higher planes that acts as a stargate portal of Home Frequency to let us know it's time for our ascension and to unify. Law of One.

Some of these Galactic experiences have been published in Sedona: City of the Star People, by Mark Amaru Pinkham. Visit www.SacredSitesJourneys.com

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