9 de noviembre de 2016

Kryon Bulletin November Issue - Lee Carroll - Nov 9, 2016

We are moving into a very different time, and almost everyone I know feels it. I'm not talking about our very strange and difficult elections (believe it or not). Instead, I'm speaking of a very new energy where "what you speak" almost becomes like an order in a restaurant! This has been "Metaphysics 101" forever, but because of the shift we are going through, this is becoming more and more personal.

Kryon says it's almost like placing an order for food. Human thought and consciousness is starting to have a greater impact than ever before on common everyday life. "What you speak is what you get" now contains so much energy that an examination of our verbalization may be in order, yet again. If we expect something to be difficult for us… it will! If we are worried about something, it will show up! Could it really be accelerated to this degree? YES! Honestly, Kryon was so specific in a recent channeling, he even used the phrase - "your order is ready" - when challenges continue to occur to those who expect the worst.
What do you expect next? What situation do you expect from people around you? What are you really concerned about? If it happens on schedule, "your order is ready!" I love to work with the concept that author Tom Moore presents so well in the Sedona Journal of Emergence: Think "Most Benevolent Outcome" – even if it seems impossible. That's my order for the day.

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