12 de septiembre de 2016

Vera Ingeborg - Yaaaaawn! Energies are wearing you out to Surrender - September 12, 2016

The September energies are really something, hm? We have to get used to their power, speed and intensity. They are HOT, baby. And as quickly as they burn, as quickly they are causing a feeling of being burnt out. It is like learning to surf this fiery wave. We have these moments standing on the board thinking: ” Yeah, I am standing, I am surfing, I am navigating – what a bliss!” Just to be thrown off the board by an unexpected current and diving back into emotional turmoil and overthinking. Everything is moving much faster and leaves many of us with a feeling of being completely confused and being completely sick and tired of all of this. “I thought I had left all of this behind me a long time ago! Why are you presenting me this sh*t again???” Many of us are annoyed, frustrated, angry and tired. Very tired. Tired of the ascension process and tired physically. Up to a point where we cannot even think one straight thought and all we want to do is sleep. Up to a point where we just say: “You know what, f*ck it. I don’t even care what happens anymore.”

You are at that point? Great! Because that is exactly where the Universe wants you to be. In complete surrender, having let go of any attachment still left. Every little bit within you that still needed healing is now being shed in order for you to come into a state of being to be able to completely rebuild yourself. It really is like Phoenix rising from the ashes. The old self, and with it everything that was not authentic about you is being burned away now. Everything you do not need on New Earth has to go. Fear of not having enough money? Burnt away. Fear of never being good enough for your partner? Burnt away. Fear of death? Burnt away…. If you allow the fire to do its work, the energies, that feel destructive first become constructive quickly. You discover a complete new way of living, when you manage to leave your ego/head out of the game.

The time of seeing through the Illusions has started

The September energies want to strip you naked. A blank slate. So you can be who you truly are. You came with nothing and you are leaving with nothing. Why making such a big fuzz in between? September helps you to recognize your divinity and wholeness within. Your perfection and your connection to everyone and everything around you. Understanding how little you need to be happy and to live a fulfilled life. Discovering the child in you that wants to play and explore. The one that hates routines and rules. September helps you to understand that everything you do to yourself, you are doing to the whole. And everything you are doing for yourself, you are doing for the whole. Fear of separation? Burnt away. There is no more space for the 3D illusions. Your materialistic possessions and everything and everyone you clung onto because of your fear of loss? Burnt away. We start to recognize now, that we will always be provided with what we need – if we trust and move forward in our human adventure. If we fully recognize oneness with all that is. After all, life is not supposed to be planned, it is an experience to be lived day by day.

“Life is not supposed to be planned, it is an experience to be lived day by day.”

September started out with a lot of anger to be released combined with a feeling of being completely lost and lonely. These feelings were mainly triggered by the mass confusion and anger of the collective. As the energies change on the planet, a huge wave of people are waking up – realizing that something is changing and that they are not willing to participate in the old matrix game of being controlled anymore. Their yearning for (self-)love becomes so strong, they cannot suppress it any longer. They feel this urge within to return to their source. They feel that there must be more to life than this. And that makes them feel very uncomfortable, afraid and angry as they have not found a way yet to cope with this overwhelm. We are here to help to transmute these energies. We agreed to do that until humanity is awaken enough and capable of doing that by themselves. So please, give yourself a pat on the shoulder, being grateful and proud to be able to do that work. The September energies want you to scream and cry! They want you to release all this anger in a constructive way. Constructive means choosing love when releasing. Show compassion, gratitude and forgiveness. For yourself and for the collective. That way you transmute them quickly and you cleanse the “energetic air” for all of us. (Here you can find some useful tips to transmute energies and stay grounded)

Mercury Retrograde forces us into Recalibration

At the same time, Mercury Retrograde forced us to go within. As external input is systematically distorted or even completely shut off during Mercury being in Retro, our mind tends to go crazy and into thought spirals. Trying to make sense of it all. These spirals typically get less during the second half of Mercury Retrogrades, which is the phase we entered now. We still feel confused and tired and we just want to take time for ourselves, retreat and let things settle again. And you need it! Just follow these energies the best you can and take this time for yourself and for integration. There are times of knowing and there are times of not knowing. Just as there are times of being and times of doing. That is the whole secret of learning the perfect balance of holding on and letting go. Of giving and receiving. Of going with the flow.

We are in the Boot Camp Finals for Ascension

September is a fast paced gateway for change and preparing us for zero-point: The point of the evolutionary leap into a new way of existence in 5D consciousness. And it approaches fast. 2017 is the year of new beginnings. And that is what it will be. This New Earth will be so far beyond our wildest imaginations and expectations. We will not only experience unconditional love, but will create physical life with it. For that reason, our physical body also is completely rebuilt to a crystalline structure to be able to hold the light in the physical. It needs a lot of energy and building material for it. We experience weirdest cravings and body symptoms. Long term vegans or raw fooders might feel the need to eat animal protein and in general there can be a hightened craving for sweets and starchy as well as grounding foods (bread, potatoes, carrots, peanuts…) Also here, it is recommendable to not panic and not overanalyze or interpret. (Of course, if you feel the need to go and see a doctor to get some peace of mind, please do)

“New Earth will be so far beyond our wildest imaginations and expectations. We will not only experience unconditional love, but will create physical life with it.”

Many of us thought that 999 must be it: “From that date on, I will be happy, whole and complete.” Not the case? Well, the date is just a portal to complete things. It will be open through almost the whole of September for us to do the work and get things to completion. So please do not fool yourself and just leave it up to numerology and the planets. You have to do your work and show your willingness to surrender and accept whatever comes along. It is you to make use of the energetic portal, nobody will drag you through it. The September energies are about letting go of all the attachments, doubts and questions you ever had and trusting that things will work out the way they should. Our little mind cannot imagine anyways how the new world will look like, as its learned templates about relationships, business, health etc. will not fit into these new energy patterns. Thankfully, the September energies are helping us to reach that state of surrender, because they really are wearing us out. And time is speeding up. We feel like we hardly get anything done anymore and time just passes so quickly. The lunar eclipse on September 16 will give us another huge energetic push, and we can use it to accelerate and release things through the last phase of Mercury Retrograde (ending on September 22). Embrace, don’t fight. We have been fighting and struggling long enough. It is time to trust and if you feel deep down inside of you – you can feel this truth so deeply, that there is no room for doubt. Learn, that emotions are nothing else but a release action of your system for energies that do not belong there. No need to analyze or interpret them. Just let them pass through.

All of our experiences so far were just an ascension boot camp. To prepare us for what is to come. To be able to hold the light within our bodies and to teach others to reach the same level of understanding and frequency. We are writing history while being in a living body. We are going through human evolution while being alive. What a privilege that is to not only experience it but actively contribute to creating the new. Thank you all for being in this together. We can do this. We are one!

The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

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