22 de septiembre de 2016

Suzanne Lie - The Arcturians - WEEK 2 - Interdimensional Life Review (Adolescence) - 9-22-16



Remembering Your Adolescent

Take a long slow deep breath and allow your body to relax as you go back, back, back in your age until the time when you first became an adolescent. Remember the moment that defined the fact to you that “I am now a teenager. I am now an adolescent.”

Now as you think of that time again put yourself into the situation by looking down at your feet and seeing what you have on your feet and what are your feet standing on?
Are you standing on a carpet?
Are you standing on hard wood floor?
Linoleum floor?
Grass, the dirt, a beach, the water?
As you see how you are grounded into this particular expression,
this particular moment of becoming a teenager, of becoming an adolescent.

Now look up your legs and follow up your legs see what do you have on your legs?
Do you have pants or a skirt that goes all the way down to your ankles?
Or do you have a short skirt and short pants?
Or whatever configuration you see on your legs.

Now move up to your waist to see what you have from your waist down.
Do you have buttons?
Do you have a zipper?
Do you have a jacket?
Do you have a shirt?
Do you have a dress?

What are you wearing?
What color is it that you are wearing on the top part of your body?
What color are you wearing on your legs?
What color are your shoes if you have them?
And what color are your socks if you have them?

Now, as you sweep up your body, remember that you are now an adolescent.
When you were a child, you would dress how your parents would tell you to dress or what is the easiest to put on.

But now you are regaining and gaining a sense of self.
You are regaining from your myriad incarnations that perhaps you are remembering, but likely have not remembered yet.

You may be gaining, what appears to you the first time, that you feel like,
“I’m older now, I’m not a kid. I’m a teenager.”

As a teenager you likely take a little more effort on how you dress, because you don’t want to look too different from the other teens, nor do you want to look too much like them. So, as you look at what you’re wearing, how do you feel about these clothes that you have on?
Do these clothes make you feel important?
Do these clothes make you feel popular?
Do you care about those issues? Do you not care about those issues?
And now look at your arms and what do you have on your arms?
Do you have long sleeves, do you have a jacket, do you have a sweater?
Are your arms bare?

Now look at your hands and look at the back of your hands.
Are you wearing any rings?
Are you wearing anything around your wrist?

Now look at your chest.
Is there anything you are wearing around your neck?

How are you feeling about yourself right now within this moment that you have captured?

Reach up and feel your hair.
Is it long?
Is it short?
Does it feel like “Oh I’m looking cool today”
or does it feel like “Wow this is really a mess.”
What do you chose to do as a teenager?
Do you choose to mess up your straightened hair?
Do you choose to comb out your messy hair?

Take a long moment to remember, BE, Experience how you are stepping into this age that is in between - you’re not a kid anymore but you’re not an adult either.

You are in between.
You want more freedom, but at first you really don’t know what to do with it.
You want your parents not to tell you what to do, but you still want them to take care of you, feed you and give you money.

So you are not an adult, you are not a child, you are your own adolescent self.
Own this you.
Examine this you.
Accept this you.

Most important, remember to give this you a big hug and say,

“I love you. I love who you were then and I love who you became.” Blessings.


Allow this you to tell YOU, the adult, about the “really weird, cool, amazing, thing that happened that made you KNOW…That something happened that was NOT normal.

Some thing happened that was from a different reality, dimension, time??

It was an interdimensional experience.

And YOU, the teenager, is telling

YOU, the adult, about that experience.

What is the inter dimensional experience
that comes into your memory?

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Please share what your adolescent told you
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Make it NORMAL for YOU to be among the many people
who did, and are NOW, having

Interdimensional Experiences

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