26 de septiembre de 2016

Jennifer Hoffman - Inching Along the Transformation Highway - September 26, 2016

I was sitting on my deck enjoying the sunshine when I saw a little inchworm moving up the side of my house. It moved slowly, drawing its body up and forward, one tiny step at a time. It did not stop or falter, did not look around, it just kept moving slowly, ignoring everything but the side of the house and its destination. Now my house is tall and I am not sure what the inchworm was going to do when it got to the roof but it kept moving. I watched it for over fifteen minutes as it continued on its path, never stopping until it finally reached the roof and crept out of sight.
As I watched it move along I was reminded of my own journey and how slowly it seems to move at times, how little progress I feel I am making and yet, in retrospect, I see how far I have come. These last five years have been a particularly difficult but the last ten have been a series of challenges that seemed to never end. The roller coaster ride through losing jobs, not having any money, being homeless, abandonment by friends and family, betrayals, disappointments and doors slammed shut forever has not been fun. But looking back (isn’t hindsight wonderful) I can see how everything fits together to put me where I am at this moment-confident, in full control of my power, with clarity and a vision for my life that is truly mine and reflects my own energy, and is not dependent on anyone or anything.

I know there are things in my life that have changed forever, people I will never connect with again, relationships that are forever altered because I have changed (and that is OK), things I will never do again and fears that I never have to experience again (unless I choose to). These are the signs that I have changed and the person I need to be for those relationships to exist is no longer there. Like the inchworm I have been moving forward on my path one little step at a time. When I stop to see how far I have yet to go the destination seems too far away. But when I look at how far I have come, I realize that it is not about the destination, what is important is whatever is happening in this moment. The question is, what do I do next?
A friend called this weekend to ask my advice about a job situation. He wants to move away from where he is (isn’t that a familiar situation) and has several job opportunities that he really needs to consider in the short term as he needs the money. But he is reluctant to start something here if he has to quit too soon because another situation that allows him to move away comes up. The answer he received was very clear – if he is sitting at a table full of food and he’s hungry, is he going to wait for another table to open up to begin eating or is he going to eat the food that is in front of him? 
This is where living in the present moment gets tricky. We want to be in integrity with ourselves and others but we need to take care of our needs right now. How is the Universe responding to what you need and what are you doing about it? Projecting the potential future and what might happen then only serves to add to our doubt and confusion. With all of the movement we’re experiencing, the collapse of linear time, the surprises around every corner, what once took years to complete can happen in five minutes or less. We can imagine what the future might be like but what actually happens can be totally different.

Sometimes our willingness to respond to a situation that is offered to us now, even if taking it does not always make sense, may lead to the opening we are looking for. At question is not our integrity, it is our trust. Are we serving ourselves and our needs or the needs and expectations of others? Are we projecting our fears into the process and imagining the worst when what might happen is something totally different?
I asked my friend to consider that his real concern was about his reputation and what he thought of people who were always looking for the best deal for themselves. If he could consider, as a possible future outcome, that if he had the opportunity to leave, the path which opened in a new direction would also include one that closed the door in a responsible, perfect way, to his current job. By trying to choose a long term job that he would not have to leave later, he was assuming a responsibility that wasn’t his to assume and limiting himself in the process. We have to leave room for miracles and things often have a way of working out for the best for all concerned.

So as we are all inching along on this path we call ascension, if we look back on the path we have taken, let’s do it with the intention to celebrate how far we have come. And if we look ahead to how far we have yet to go, let’s do so with the intention to be aware what is happening in the present moment, because it is truly all we can be now and to leave a little space in our thoughts for the miracles that bless us on each step of the way. The next step will be revealed at the right time. We can take what is offered at this moment and know that when it’s time for something else to occur, everything will be taken care of in the best way possible, so that everyone’s needs are met, including ours.

I don’t know what happened to the little inchworm, I imagine it kept on going to wherever inchworms go.
How far have you come and where are you in this moment? You may not realize how much more confident, fearless, powerful and aware you are until you take the time to look at how far you have come. So give yourself the gift of appreciation for what you have achieved on your journey. You have earned it and you deserve it.
Stay calm, focused, and aware and remember your thoughts are creating every moment of your life. Think the best ones.

As you ponder this and the other things that are happening at this time (Mercury is finally out of retrograde, so it’s time to move forward now), remember to:

Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release, healing and closure to every situation.
Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you.
Above all, be grateful for this opportunity to be part of humanity’s amazing shift in consciousness as we all ascend into the miracle vibration.

Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times,
Jennifer Hoffman
Copyright (c) 2016 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.  You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com
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