4 de junio de 2017

L’Aura Pleiadian - The Divine Council of Overseers - We Are Here As Light - June 4, 2017

Time and Eternity coexist as Light Dimensions of Consciousness.

You exist in all Dimensions, simultaneously.

Light as consciousness displays its awareness through how it translates itself into being.

Every Dimension exists simultaneously as its own complete world.

On Earth there are many Beings Living in Different worlds, different versions simultaneously HERE ON Planet Earth.

You perceive all things through THE dimension of consciousness that is vibrating as Light through your DNA and Blueprint.

When your frequency shifts, you experience a new world.

This may appear as sudden, yet you have shifted in Light Frequency all along. There has not been a moment that you were not integrating the Higher Original Light of You.

We ~ The Divine Council of Overseers are orchestrating this Shift in your Consciousness. The Blue Avians are present and the Glorious Elohim.

All that appears as synchronistic to you, is the vastness of Light frequency, organized in a way, so to speak to you of your transformation.

This organization of your Light as consciousness and the levels, have always been present for you.

The changes arrive spontaneously, through this synchronistic organization of Your Original Light.

It is taking place in all moments.

All that has arrived and is arriving for you is only known as experience when it arrives. For it is the you that appears to be separate from it, that is changing in consciousness.

It is all there, You are expanding into it. You see.

You will know your New World, as all that you knew within your heart is WAS. As it is now. Only when you live in it. In the Original Light you, merged with the Heart of YOU.

The Heart of YOU that rules the all of YOU ~ as Your expanded Original Light as Consciousness. It awaits the you the feels it is not here.

We are merging ALL through this. Divine Timing is a glorious work of art. As it is perfect in all its Glory.

We activate The frequency within you now.

As Glorious Beings of Light. Prepared on the threshold of Original Light.

The New YOU. Shining as the Light that you ARE.

In Heaven and On Earth. ALL Dimensions as ONE.

FEEL AND RECEIVE. We are with you.



copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2017.
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