16 de junio de 2017

Christine Day - Message from Pleiadians June 2017


Beloved ones we greet you,

The shifts that are occurring on your planet are going to increase in intensity.

Your ego mind would say no, this is too much, however these changes are not too much for your systems, for the tool of your heart. Your Heart sings in alliance to the light that is forging on your planet, and you need to follow your Heart, follow the true nature of your self through the path of your Heart. Do not let your mind move you away from the direct experience of your own Heart’s path, your own heart’s desire. There is a strong current that is moving you, taking you deeper into the sacred Heart pulse that you are.

‘Remember you are who you have been waiting for’.

The depth of this sacred pulse of your nature will move you back into a repositioned alignment to Home.


You are in Truth naturally a multidimensional sacred being. You are now being handed the keys to re-access the doorway within your Heart, which will reestablish you to a natural state of Being, to your Higher Self.

Through this changing element on your planet there is a constant action of veils being lifted, that reveal the easier access to this expanded consciousness level of you, reopening your higher aspect of Being. There is a sacred timing, a destiny moment for this new design of awakening for you personally, and for the entire planet. This time has already begun. Now there is the sacred pathway opening up for you, moving you with an accelerated flow of light consciousness.

We continue to witness you in your evolution. We invite you to call us forward to individually support you in your needs. This invitation must come from you through your own Heart space.


The Pleiadians

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