8 de abril de 2017

Lisa Transcendence Brown - It's been another week of GIFTING - April 8, 2017

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This morning was observing everyone coming to SUSTAIN FULLY ON THEIR OWN ENERGY now... and how realities are substantially changing/shifting accomplish this. ♥ Love ♥ We must all take great care in being totally RESPONSIBLE for our own energy continually to sustain these highest vibrational realities here. We are all going through huge up-shifts continually and sustaining all of this huge energy within our physical form takes a lot of dedicated integration time now.

It's been another week of GIFTING, which technically is our every day ways for years, yet when an abundance of so many opportunities occur, it's exquisite to experience each exchange and all that this effects in the most beautiful way.

It's different than the old unconscious days where we "gave" for others according to perceived/projected/believed need, how we learned to stop feeding that energy and to move into realities where we gift for no reason, gift as respect and love, gift to inspire and to assist those working/acting from integrity, kindness and from their honorable and pure place inside too..... Mine started many years ago when I activated the "Gifting Realm" to receive abundance because that was how I had come to exist.... by gifting in every way to others (where energetically physically appropriate).... to raise vibrations and consciousness for us all... ∞

It's been a beautiful week of exchanges with others, as more of us continually come together to just BE, to share, to laugh, to inspire, to observe and create too. No agendas, no needs, totally sovereign, holding their own and elevating consciousness together.... laughter, joy, peace and REMEMBERING through sharing our visions, access, perspectives, awarenesses, dreams and what we are all here to do....

Keep uniting loves, keep opening up, keep stepping forth, keep coming together, keep showing up, keep expanding and touching all as love!

Have a magical weekend. Aloha Nui Loa

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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