3 de septiembre de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - "Love transforms all BACK into Light again." - Sept 3, 2016

Through love, all is simple. Through Light WE hold the POWER again. Through Light, we hold the energy, the wisdom/knowledge, but first we must BE LOVE... purely, simply, all of the time...

WE shift the VIBRATION of all from inside and with our ENTIRE BEING here. WE shift Dimensions, back into an existence forgotten/lost. WE anchor Higher Consciousness Light in the physical here.

WE hold LOVE from our CORE... it's the TRUE ESSENCE of WHO WE are. For some it may take more time, for they have walls, they have strong resistance inside and it takes awhile for that to relax, dissolved...

WE have patience and WE honor their journey that they choose. WE ARE LOVE.... all of the time... Which means honoring ourselves FIRST, as an equal, too. When we LOVE us, our reality continues to be AMAZING and MAGICAL, full of inspiration, support, communication, respect and fun! When we "forget this", WE shift into a lower vibration (dimension) to show us.... until we do not forget again.

PURITY holds no compromise, it's holds no lack at all. Purity, the Divine NEW Earth HUman.... WE stand AS LOVE in all that we DO and ARE. WE see this in all others, yet we see their other aspects too. WE have the cap-ABILITY to touch/speak to their SOUL, when our SOUL is present, it might not be visible, but it does get through. WHEN others are ready to awaken that part of them, they will REMEMBER too.

WE transform REALities... by BEING LOVE... which is the opposite of weak. It's the most POWERful thing of all.

Share to REMIND others.... and awaken their soul more too.

Strengthening our NEW Earth Gridwork... together as Light again.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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