3 de septiembre de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Your Soul Needs Alone Time... A Lot of It... - 9/2/2016

When you feel the need to pull away
This is your SOUL trying to come through
It needs you to be alone
So you can feel/hear it and it can communicate and it emerge through you
Light integrates, weaves and infusions into our entire BEing again
This occurs in the silence, in nature, when we sleep
When our field of consciousness is clear
Our physical body will go through a LightBody tuning process
Where electromagnetic frequencies are emitted
External stimuli will be greatly enhanced
As our consciousness expands out from within
Every sound, every smell, taste, feeling... all magnified during this tuning process
Sleep allows for faster integration of this Quantum Photonic Light
Stillness is where our answers come
And when we exist in stillness everything makes sense again.

The connection with your soul is tender, loving, soft, intimate and silently profound

Through this connection, clarity comes, higher wisdom guidance and knowledge that was encoded in your higher consciousness DNA
You activate this through raising your vibration in many ways
Through continual exposure to higher light consciousness
And emitted from you in everything you transmit, do and say.

You are a Light BEing, a Keeper of NEW Earth

You hold the Ancient Codes inside of you and in your energy field
As you expand your consciousness and are able to maintain this all of the time
You become super conscious and the Unified Field of Love here
As you do this, you collapse timelines yourself
You span multiple dimensions simultaneously
And become CREATOR of your entire physical reality here

As you Master Energy, you Master the physical too

This is a natural ability, one that you allow yourself access too
When your heart is open
And you are existing from that space of purity within your soul again
Your entire reality is blissful, magical and abundant
For this is HOW you exist with your entire BEing
As and Embodied Soul here. ​

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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