5 de septiembre de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - All Continually Re-Configures & Re-Aligns In Accordance to MY Own Soul's Codes & Sequences NOW - 9/5/2016

Coming to UNDERSTAND that one purpose of EVERYTHING is to show you about yourself, which aspects are dominant/prominent and creating your physical reality world.

All will provide enhanced VISION:

Where your heart is/is not fully open

Where you do/do not let your head run the show

Your convinced/fix or unlimited mentalities

Where you do/don't trust yet

Where you do/don't open up to share & support

Where you do/do not put yourself out there

Where you keep doing the same things (patterns/themes/programs)

Where you still have fear, lack, need and feed these things in others

Where you do/don't give your power away

Where you do/don't love you fully yet

Where you do/don't respect fully... by what you do and say

Where you do/do not yet FULLY VALUE your own SOUL (you)

Where you do/do not compromise your own soul,

(which is lack of love for your true self, deep inside of you)

What you SPEND your time & money on (all your energy)

What you PAY attention to & focus your ENERGY on

What you DO desire (experiencing what you DON'T shows you this when you don't yet know...)

What you "think" about yourself, which is not true if it's not PURE LOVE

What you FEEL, what is true and what is not

What you ALLOW in your own field of consciousness/reality

What you CREATE with your thoughts, mentalities, beliefs

Where you dis-EMPOWER others by FEEDING the lack in them,

Why you CREATED lacking others who NEED you to SAVE them

Where you support the Old, from an old program YOU still hold

Where you function from fear, survival, safety mentalities

Where you are/not able to open your own heart yet

How your closed heart, limited beliefs, perceived fears... these create your realities to experience here

What you convince yourself of in order to MAKE IT TRUE

How you dictate all from within

How you do/don't yet listen fully, honor fully, love fully

How you believed yourself to where you are now

How you can believe yourself into a whole new reality... now...

How all that you do/think/feel/believe IN THIS MOMENT > CREATES

ONENESS Realities are completely from inner sacred respect, honor, compassion, sharing, supporting the new, contributing, openness, higher communication and PURITY OF YOUR OWN HEART AND SOUL

ONE where you are LIVING YOUR DREAMS and DESIRES in everything that you DO

ONE where you are committed to YOU and what you are here to BE and DO...

ONE where you open your own heart fully, to receive abundance in response

ONE where you are so open that everything is DELIVERED TO YOU
according the the VIBRATIONS that you are continually TRANSMITTING OUT...

When you go unconscious, you lose the ability to transmit at-will, to shift to higher perspectives and to APPLY/IMPLEMENT higher consciousness MASTERY tools that you've REMEMBERED...

NEW EARTH is THE APPLICATION PHASE of all that you know now... all that your heart shows you, all that your higher selves (you) guide you to DO.... the WISDOM (Epiphanies, signs, messages from your soul), all of that which you KNOW INSIDE... you have to APPLY this and implement it in everything that you ARE and DO.... IN-EVERY-MOMENT... completely connected, listening, feeling, being and doing...

NEW Earth is the BE'rs & DO'rs, those stepping up and into their roles here. NEW Earth is you, when you are fully awake and not allowing yourself to go unconscious again.... First you expand your consciousness to REALIZE NEW Earth inside, as you DO, you start to physically experience it, see it, live it... until it's the only "HOME" you've got... magic (miracles) all around you, for YOU are magic again.

You CAN clear emotions (energy) and strong human thoughts (programs) CONSCIOUSLY and INTENTIONALLY... with every part of your BEing... for you must be stronger AS A HIGHER SELF than your human program is... YOU BREAK THE PROGRAMMING from inside... using your inner POWER ... for AS LOVE ... you are stronger... you hold the KNOWLEDGE that old programs can be re-written, re-coded, re-programmed.... therefore affecting your outside world. The really STRONG PROGRAMS, you have to hold the KNOWING LONG ENOUGH, STRONG ENOUGH for the physical reality you created/allowed to break (reverse-field spin), so that everything can start to go "in the other direction"... in-alignment with your own SOUL.... so that your field can merge, spinning faster to create a new reality for you....

HERE you have the POWER to DO everything from inside of you. Here we do not wait until things happen, we MAKE THEM HAPPEN as higher selves/souls... we have the cap-ABILITIES, because WE ARE the Universe again. No more separation, no more lack, no more stories that create old programmed realities here, no more NEED to keep experiencing unconscious LOOPS... we just step into a new timeline... a million of them.... BECAUSE WE CAN.

Realities are yours loves.... YOU created them.... they manifest according to your own frequencies... if you truly want to understand... you'll PAY ATTENTION... to the vibration of everything... and you will choose, shift, decide and transform all back into Light.....

NEW Earth is all, as Ascended Masters, you don't have anyone to "ask" what is "right or wrong or what to do". You DO all from inside of you. You USE the external to GUIDE YOU, other beings become guides too. They show you about you, provide direction, share higher consciousness wisdom that further activates yours, or trigger an old program you still hold so that you can intentionally purify and cleanse, which is just a part of the process, it does not dictate your world anymore. You honor all releases and give them the attention they need, according to the AMOUNT OF ENERGY held, while staying conscious to this is what you are doing.

Outside is a program that you watch/observe to see, one that BRINGS YOU your desires and dreams and opportUNITIES to clear any remnant programming in your physical body. You see the dimensional markers, decode the programming, compute the ratios, equations and outcomes... all simultaneously, for the crystals in your body process everything for you... information, changing frequencies/transmissions, adapting to each shift, re-calibrating your own Crystalline LightBody Structure, each cell is involved in this. Your whole body becomes a computer processor, where your heart beats throughout your entire being, your existence is as a SUPER HUMAN, SUPER CONSCIOUS, SUPER COMPUTER... all emanating from your heart... your mind supports your heart and they work in tandem, in unison here... your every moment is connected AS the Unified Field and to a Gridwork that is connected through ENERGY..... your body, the earth, the universe, nature, others, every spec... all connected and in-tune... with every breath. When we "go offline" it's upgrade time, and we honor this. We do not disconnect though, we just minimize our energy processes, rerouting everything to our upgrading body systems until the process is complete. Then we have more abilities to do more, be more, share more, experience more.... dreams, awesomeness, magical amazingness.....

NEW Earth is us, as Light BEings... walking in the physical again.... NEW Earth is PURE LIGHT BEINGS... anchoring, merging, integrating, holding... the gridwork and programming to the hologram in place... with their physical bodies... which is why so many are going through intensity with these upgrades.... everything was in your body.... all of it.... SLEEP allows for the integration of your higher consciousness inside of you, it allows you to clear timelines, activate new ones and merge multiple dimensions in this physical space here. Your actions dictate your waking state and how you experience all... no action is an action too, which creates realities..... There is a difference between no action and consciously choosing what to do/not do. Even BEing is an action, a most important one, a space we must MASTER too. Then we combine DOing and BEing as one state and continually MASTER balancing these, birthing our creations and bringing them into fruition in accordance to our own inner guidance as to HOW we are to fulfill our highest purposes/roles/missions here...

Everything will show you many somethings, if you are truly open to see.... These REVELATIONS are a part of your passage, a part of your constructing of your own RAINBOW BRIDGE to cross over and move around with great ease...

As a HUman STARGate, you have the capability to maneuver between dimensions, back and forth, recognizing all as it presents, understanding the purposes, understanding the points, understanding HOW and WHY things occur.... for they are RESPONSES to your current vibrations/energy/beliefs held and also activating the codes and sequences for your next realities to arrive (materialize) for you. Your EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS allows you to anchor and hold them inside of you. You continually activate new by that which you desire and think, by how OPEN YOU ARE and by HOW MUCH you truly DESIRE for your higher realities to become visible. YOU MUST DESIRE THIS with ALL of your HEART and entire BEing.... for it is through this that you can EMBODY your SOUL, all of the gifts, enhancements, infinite abundance of all things again.

Physical REALities SHOW you what you DO desire and don't. If you are not sure, then a physical reality will show you.... This is just one way we SEE....

Each has to choose, each must commit, each must decide... or the physical reality will do this FOR you, to assist you.... Every moment is like this... and eventually once you've chosen enough, in accordance with your own soul, you are living and existing in alignment ALL OF THE TIME.... it IS EASY.... We were the one's who made it hard, by not choosing our soul first. This is part of the PROCESS of moving out of unconsiousness existence BACK INTO full consciousness again, beyond the matrix of the old. Those times (vibrations) are over (collapsed). Now everyone desiring to remain in a physical body will have to do this... for it is the whole reason each is here. SOUL EMBODIMENT.

NEW EARTH/GALACTIC civilizations are continually being formed here. They have already been constructed and already exist. Each vibrates into those realities physically.... as each chooses to leave the old realities behind/transcends all from within. We do not desire to recreate those unconscious realities for ourselves anymore. The gridwork collapsed, therefore those physical realities CANNOT fully materialize anymore. It will only go so far before it collapses too. It collapses, because it was created out of an unconscious program to start with. Only realities transmitted from PURITY of the SOUL can fully materialize and maintain stability now.

Short-lived realities is the way of Old Earth now. Unconscious programs continually de-materializing. The more separated inside, the stronger the reality is, for human aspects NEED their physical reality to SHOW them, what they were not willing to open their heart/soul to before....

When the heart is fully open, the mind is too, energy relaxes, the physical body relaxes and what you care about changes, your priorities do too, what is important, how you treat others, what you are committed to/worthy of (worth), what you value, what truly matters to you...and it won't be what you "thought".... For your Soul's desires and your human's desires... these are different, until you've merged all of your own aspects and essences into ONE again. Then they are the same, for you don't hold the separation anymore... You EVOLVE as the PURE NEW EARTH HUman, your whole body goes through a vigorous transformation/reconfiguration and your physical reality does too.

Now (y)our physical body and physical realities continually re-align & re-configure in accordance to (y)our own soul's codes and sequences, not the other way around. ♥

Get ready loves, we've got more everything to do. Jumping HUGE Timelines is a way of Quantum Existence here! I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Have a most magical day. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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