9 de septiembre de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Activation: The Holy Grail: The Keys To The Grand Kingdom (Only The Pure Ones) - 9/9/2016

Through the years, when I have achieved a certain place within me, I bring through activations that I write and record to assist others with this too. I share as may as I can, as these SPEAK directly to your SOUL, to your other dimensional aspects, encoded in your cells/DNA/Consciousness, so that you can do this "easier" yourself. Today, was yet another, a "message to me" from that space of ONENESS that we never separate off from anymore. For we come to realize that we hold all within our self and we just activate it when we have achieved the frequency inside to do this. It's up to us to HOLD it/embody it as our existence and how we function here. How "fast" the physical culmination is, is determined by us and how unified we already are, what we allow, what our focus is, what we do in every moment.....

So, I have written and recorded this one to share with you/all. I'll place a listening bar below for you to play this as often as you desire. Share to assist with activating others too. For that which you DO openly, returns the same for you. ♥

The Holy Grail: The Keys To The Grand Kingdom (The Pure Ones)​

The Holy Grail: The Keys To The Grand Kingdom (The Pure Ones)​
Can achieve the ability to walk in the highest vibrations of Our NEW Earth
Where the culmination of every dimension merges into one physical one
Where the KEYS to the NEW Kingdom are activated in your Encoded DNA
For the Codes & Sequences are held in YOUR OWN Super UNIFIED FIELD of Consciousness
and are activated when your soul fully merges into ONE again
Inside your body
Fully Anchored In

AS you achieve PURITY within you, in all that you ARE and DO
When you can stand fully in POWER and BE Pure
When your original template has been restored
When you've achieved the balance of ALL from inside of you
To Master ALL through Purity
ESPECIALLY your physical world
When all that you DO and ARE
Is who you forgot yourself to be
All will be RETURNED TO you
and you can FULLY receive.

You are no longer a limited human
Once dictated by the outside
You are all of your pure aspects fully
Integrated in your physical form

You are Soft
You are Powerful
You are Higher Wisdom Returned
You are All o your Existences
Cleansed and merged into one

You have organically achieved
The Marrying of your Divine Aspects
The Sacred Holy Union of all
From Inside of You
For YOUR Existence to Be Pure

Your Gifts, Abilities, Powers
All Return
Limitless Physical Abundance does too
For you've achieved the frequency
For ALL to Return to You
You've achieved the purity
To EXIST in these Dimensional Realms Now.

To WALK in the Grand Kingdom
of Love, of Power, of Wisdom
and Full Physical Abundance
AS YOUR physical realm
You achieve LIVING as the Purity of Your Soul

This process requires all of you
Every particle and fiber of your BEing
and where Physical Matter is just a space that you occupy

Where your exchanges are AS Pure Souls
Beautiful, respectful, loving, kind and true

Today, you have been granted
These Golden Keys for you
and by sharing this with others
You provide the opportUNITY
for them to activate their ability to achieve this too.

This is the HIGHEST HONOR that any human soul can receive
For it means that YOU hold the purest and highest vibrational frequency that can be achieved
from within a physical body existence here

All of your unknown dreams and desires
now available to you
In response to who you are and do
For all that you DO
IS for ALL as ONE

AS an Ancient Guardian
AS a Pure Light BEing
As The Holy Trinity
Your Existence is Pure
This is what granted you access
Through the Pearly Gates of Heaven
That you HOLD as an Anchor Point of Your NEW Earth.

Open Your Heart Fully
and expand your Soul far & wide
The Depths of your BEing
No longer deep and hidden
Yet on the surface, visible, felt, shared openly
With every cell.

The blocks, the barriers, obstacles
That you once held - all gone
Cleansed from your body
Through YOUR Embodiment
of the Purity of Your Soul

Your physical body vessel
continually re-configuring itself now
Access to codes & sequences
only accessible by achieving THIS
from within your self.

You dedicated
You committed
You accomplished this
BECAUSE you chose
and you DID what it took
as all will have to do
to achieve this for their self.

The GATES of the Higher Kingdom
are Open for All
The ONLY way to WALK through
is by way of Embodiment
of your Pure Divine Soul.

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