10 de agosto de 2016

Jennifer Hoffman - Intuition The 4D Bridge to 5D Living - 10 August, 2016

When someone uses the word intuition we think of a psychic who can read the energy of the future and tell us what is going to happen next, or an inner voice that is going to tell us what to do next. While there are people who have the degree of intuition that allows them to be an intuitive resource for others (I can do that and so can many of you), is a small part of intuition and not the best use of it, especially within the context of our 3D to 5D transition. Intuition is the bridge between 3D and higher dimensions and it works best when we use it to explore our expanded potential. So we need to redefine intuition and expand it to now use it in the context of our new 5D realities.
Intuition is defined today as ‘inner knowing’ but it is more correct to define it as ‘inner consideration’ or contemplation (from the Latin for tuition). What happens when we begin our journey to inner contemplation or consideration? First we remember the past that we wanted to forget. If we can move one step beyond that, we can find long forgotten dreams and desires that we had pushed to the side because they didn’t happen. And if we can move one step beyond that we see new potentials and possibilities that are now possible because we are open to them. Our inner planes reveal our potential which we can then move to our outer domains with alignment, integration, and action.

Where we misuse our intuition is by thinking it knows better or more than we do. It doesn’t because it is part of us. So it can never know ‘more’ than we do but it does have perspective on different options because it has no judgment as to what is and is not possible.
We also misuse our intuition when we ask for THE answer rather than considering a variety of possibilities as different answers. In an infinite universe where everything co-exists simultaneously, there is rarely a single answer to a question. Rather, there are multiple options based on how far we are willing to go in our transformation, how much we are willing to release, and how much we are willing to allow into our lives. Our intuition can show us where the best parking space is or it can reveal a vision for a future where we are rich, happy, and successful – it depends on the questions we ask, how we ask them, and the answers we expect to receive.
Our intuition is very important now because it exists on our inner planes, the energetic aspects that are being activated now, as part of our 5D integration. The information from our inner planes either trickles up to our awareness in our moments of deepest despair (because we no longer have the luxury of fear or taking our time) or we’ll consider any option because we cannot turn anything down in our hour of need. Our intuition is the 4D bridge between the inner planes of our being to the outer domains which are the reality we have created in the past and are constantly re-creating in each moment.
Information constantly flows into and out of our states of being across the intuition bridge. The flow’s most powerful block is judgment, which is how we limit energy flows. And as we transition into 5D we need the information our intuition holds because it can answer questions like ‘what can I do to be happy’, ‘how can I bring in a higher frequency to this situation’. These are powerful ways to ask questions. Powerless questions include ‘Why is this happening to me?’ and ‘Show me what to do.’
While we want answers to those questions, asking in that way will not give us the answers we want. The universe views us as infinitely powerful, so it is not impressed by our victim consciousness nor is it motivated to respond when we ask in powerless ways, no matter how desperate we believe we are. Accessing our intuition is a process of considering new potentials, contemplating other possibilities, and allowing the limitations of the present to become the springboard into greater joy and fulfillment. No matter how dire the situation, a more fulfilling option is always possible for us.
How do you access your intuition? You start by remembering that it is your inner guidance, your connection to the Source light which is always present within you. And remember that you ask the question because the answer you are ready to hear is available for you. If you want to learn more about your intuition, register for my free class ‘Ignite Your Intuition’ to learn more about how to use your intuition more powerfully and for better results.
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