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Caroline Oceana Ryan - Excerpt from Abundance For All - Chapter 5 - On Releasing the "Hard Work and Struggle" Programming - August 23, 2016

Excerpt from Abundance For All

Chapter 5 - On Releasing the "Hard Work and Struggle" Programming

[Question] I seem to be in a cycle of creating wealth, then struggle, then wealth, then struggle again. It's exhausting!

How do we create lasting abundance?

[The Collective] This is an excellent question, and one that reaches further into the nature of your reality than most understand.

You speak of creating abundance, and “create” is a beautiful word here. Note that you do not say “earn” abundance! For it cannot be “earned.” It simply is. And when you create, you are drawing into your energy field an outer manifestation of something you have called forth and claimed as both your inner and outer reality.

This energy, this vibrational frequency of abundance, is not a matter of what sort of neighborhood you were raised in. It is not a matter of how many university degrees or certifications you possess, what you studied or when or where, what you are doing now for your daily work, or the value that others place on that work.

It is far, far bigger than anything that people generally use to define both themselves and their financial reality, or their ability to attract abundance, whether they go out and “earn” that money or seem to draw it to them out of thin air.

The cycle you refer to is based on the expectation that though abundance may be here now, it will no doubt run out after a time. It is also based on the expectation that abundance is only present after a period of intense dedication and expectation of it, including either hard work or great concentration inwardly—affirmations, meditation, declarations, etc.

There are “dream” scenarios of course, such as your lotteries, investments, gifts, prizes, and inheritances represent. But unless these manifestations are created from an ongoing abundance vibration, then they also tend to only be part of the cycle of come-and-go wealth.

Money tends to come to you after you have put time and effort into the “hard work and struggle” model of money creation, because you expect it to come to you that way.

And certainly the meditations and declarations can increase the flow of abundance to you, because these shift your vibration regarding money and other forms of abundance.

And because you have created the expectation that these actions or situations are what are needed to increase that flow. In and of itself, abundance does not need those particular actions or participations in order to come forward.

And so then, why do these things? you ask. Why bother to use affirmations or abundance prayers, to work a day job, or run a business? Why not just call to abundance on the level that it requires energetically, so that it flows to me, whether I do those things or not?

And this is another excellent point. For this leads us to the core reality where abundance is concerned. And that is, that it vibrates at a particular level—exists in a particular field of energy that is Divine Substance itself. And as we have seen with the "Working With Energy" meditation, it awaits your vibrational resonance or vibrational agreement with that field of energy, before it can begin to come to you, under any circumstance.

Let us look at the “hard work and struggle” paradigm for a moment. Understand that money tends to come to you after you have put time and effort into that model of money creation, because you expect it to come to you that way.

You were given that expectation practically from birth, and most likely informed early on by those around you that “the only way to make money is to work hard for it.”

And they of course were given that belief by the people who raised them, who gained it from their forebears, and so on.

In truth, it did not come from them, and most assuredly, did not come from their higher selves. It came from a particular socioeconomic paradigm set up to imprison “working people”—a label that expresses what you are supposedly worth or “good for,” while also expressing what you “deserve” by describing the economic role you play.

And above that social and economic paradigm—that model of how life should run—was an elite group that decided that human beings were worth little more than to live their lives as worker drones.

A role just barely elevated above the slave races. Uprisings would be unnecessary for the vast majority, because the actual label of slave had been given to someone else, and clearly, you were not one of those.

And yet, you were not free. You were imprisoned in a consciousness which said that money was hard to come by. That you had to work hard for it, or else starve and be homeless and ashamed.

It stated that this was the only reality on this planet, that you were lucky to have been given so much by your rulers and protectors, and that to consider them unjust was to be suspiciously disloyal to the group ethic they had designed for you, and which was your only home.

You would also be, in that moment of clarity, intentionally setting yourself outside the established norm, and labeling yourself a misfit, or worse, too lazy to conform and work hard and do your part like everyone else.

And so you grew up feeling that, as someone not born into big money, struggle was necessary before any real wealth could be achieved. And that even then, a few mistakes or unfortunate events while you were investing or building your business, career, or job skills could mean that once again, you were out in the cold on one level or another, and had to start over, or dig your way out of debt.

This is a punishment/reward system that holds billions in its grip, though that grip loosens more with each passing day.

Rejoice that it is passing, but do not wait until it has passed on a mass level before fully awakening and learning the truth. Which is, that you have always had and will always have the power to create abundance on any level in your life, in any form that you wish.

But you must consciously carry the vibration of that reality as your reality, and release forever the idea—the vibration—that money equals struggle.

In fact, the idea, feelings, and actions of struggle and hard work do not create money. They repel it.

And how am I to release that, you ask, when I was trained from the cradle to work hard and to accept periodic times of struggle as part of my reality? How am I to overcome such deep-level training that it is now an unconscious energy pattern -- so much of it in my DNA?

And we would say, that most assuredly, you may unlearn and erase old programming.

Most assuredly, you may release the struggle/hard work paradigm from every cell of mind, body, emotion, and spirit. And you can rewrite that which was inscribed into your DNA.

We would expect no less of the energy-molding co-Creator that you are!

We imbue these and all our writings with energies that not only help lift your perspective to that of your higher self, but that help you accept, on an everyday level, that this is your “new normal,” your new reality.

This is a natural thing to accept and enjoy, as you learn to fly higher on those energetic winds and tidal waves now coming to Earth, which are shifting how everything that lives and moves upon Her is feeling and behaving. . .

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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