10 de agosto de 2016

Ailia Mira - Passé Energy Structures are Clearing - 10 August 2016

Notes from the Ascending Energy Arc
by Ailia Mira

There are big changes happening energetically right now in many levels of reality, in the planetary matrix and in our lives and forms/human energy systems. You are probably feeling this!

Diverse experiences of ascension are in play and this is happening simultaneously.

It's important to remember that after the shift in 2012, the energies of our planet opened up. The reason I mention this now is that there is not one way to have an ascension experience. There are diverse ascension timelines in play and that includes timelines for those still living largely in lower frequency states of awareness and that is perfectly fine. It's not impairing your experience or slowing down what is unfolding in perfect divine timing.

As we are all different and in different states of expression energetically, we are all having our own experience of these changes. We become increasingly empowered as we discover how to honor our own unique experience. Each of us have different paths. We can choose to know it's all moving in the same direction and in that awareness, we can focus on optimizing our energy and experience.

We have free choice in how we participate in this shift and we are sovereign - meaning we create our experience - whether we know this, believe this, or chose this. Sovereignty simply IS. We're awakening to that knowing, not creating it, it already is the way reality and all that is, is. Sovereignty empowers our greatest gift -- our own wholeness. We can choose to align with our higher levels, understanding all this and this helps us stay focused and to turn inward, when we need assistance, clarity and support.

This is not to diminish our collective experience. Loving kindness, warmth, support, understanding and humor between us and in our lives, are huge assets to effective and joyous participation.

There are ways we can choose to relate to what's happening that bring us into greater capacity. Allegiance to your Divinity is key. The more we relate to our experience as manifestations unfolding, viewing them as temporary and allowing them to flow...rather then using them to shape how we feel and think about ourselves, the more accord we have with the Christ within us.

Claiming and living this truth changes us. We are also changed by the liberating energies streaming into our world. We are changing structurally and in consciousness. We "know" this but in the moments we find our fear-based energies arising, it's helpful to remember it and live that knowing as wisdom.

Information, and insight are empowered when they become knowing. Knowing means we can act on something.

As we pay attention to how we're feeling, noticing when we're in fear and choose to live in knowing what is happening does not require fear, we can then choose to not identify with our experience and reorient to the truth of who we are, eternally. Our Divine Identity is unchanged by anything we experience. Ascension is uncovering that and we can further our experience by returning to that truth.

For many right now, passé energy structures are being cleared out.

This is playing out very dramatically in our world and in some of our lives, too. This is a good time to also know that ascension is a spiral experience of ongoing elevation of capacity for frequency. We may revisit things we thought were released before, only to change at a more substantial level.

Last night I had a very intense fear-based experience! * YUCK * It lasted for about two hours. I used EFT/tapping to support the release of these obsolete fear-based patterns, and called in my higher levels, decreeing my alignment with the Christ within me. When at last the energy lifted and shifted, I felt calm, peaceful and confident as if it had never happened. This makes sense when we realize that fear is a construct and only love is real. Once the fear dismantled, there is not even a remnant of it!

As our consciousness changes, it activates our DNA.This places physical demands on our body, to recalibrate.

DNA is also changed by our behavior changes. As we begin to live claiming our divinity, relating to our life from that identity, we activate dormant DNA and change our very form. These changes require our bodies to use energy to adjust and revamp our system, transforming it to express what we're aligning to, as we continue to ascend.

It's beneficial, no matter where we are, to choose an elevated state of being, moment to moment, repeatedly.

Our state of being, energetically, determines what we're available for; it sets our standard moment to moment. As we choose to align with the highest level of consciousness we can attune to, in the present, we facilitate our ascending life experience with skill and cooperation. Choosing, daily, to come into accord with our own higher levels, and making a point to be centered, calm, clear and open to our inner knowing, is a powerful and simply way to ride the waves.

We're approaching an Eclipse Cycle in September and a near-Eclipse preceding that in mid-August...after that, the lovely balancing energies of the Equinox.

Ultimately, the momentum within and streaming into our world is moving us into a state of being where we are in full alignment with our Christ Consciousness and expressing who we truly are. Any way in which you shift into more of that now, will help you feel more fulfilled, because that's that aim.

If you feel that direct transmissions of higher light would support you, call forth energy from your own wholeness, or book a channeled session with someone you trust and resonate with. Direct transmissions can help you reconnect the axiatonal lines within your body with the vaster lines within Creation, supporting your brain and you, in receiving, translating, integrating higher frequencies, thus empowering expanded unity of spirit as presence. Trust your knowing about what will serve you.

Lastly, I find it gives me considerable glee to know that infinite intelligence is expressing this whole unfolding process. We are each a demonstration of that love, a force of love embodied, and expressing with more and more clarity and light. All is well and we are One.

To your joyful journey.

With love,


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