16 de agosto de 2016

Christine Day - Message from the Pleiadians August 2016 - August 16, 2016

As we stand at the threshold of the biggest and most momentous shift in the history of humankind, the Pleiadians have some very important information to share with us about this time, which they refer to as “The New Dawning.”

Their urgent message is that there is a mutual birthing taking place within the Earth and within us. Now is the time to step forward and consciously participate in our own remembering and reconnection with our natural spiritual nature.

The Pleiadians remind us that we too are a part of this “New Dawning.” This new energy is birthing within our cells, even as we ourselves are birthing into a new consciousness.

The Pleiadians speak of the importance of our self- resurrection process in this lifetime, ending the aspect of separation within us. They remind us that we are here to have a human experience, while at the same time re-awaken to our spiritual nature.

In order to move forward into this re-awakening, we must first turn back and honor ourselves for our humanness, to hold ourselves in love, compassion, and patience for all that we have lived in this lifetime, and to understand and embrace the fact that we are “perfectly imperfect” in our humanness.

The Pleiadians speak of our mission in this lifetime, that we have come here to change our relationship to our human selves, moving from a 3rd dimensional relationship of self-condemnation to a 4th/5th dimensional relationship of self acceptance. And at the same time we consciously reconnect to our spiritual nature of our higher selves. The Pleiadians say we will achieve this in this lifetime.

Many Blessings


Message from the Pleiadians August 2016

Beloved Ones we greet you,

We hold the frequencies stable to support you in your transition now. We call to each one of you to continue unfolding into the pattern of letting go. Allow yourself to unfold within this pattern that you are creating for your self. This pattern is a recreation of your alignment to Truth.

As you choose to breathe and let go, you flow back into a sacred patterning of who you are within the existence of the Universal Community. This is your time to allow the unfolding and realignment to Truth. Remember, you are all interconnected within a sacred patterning, and as you let go you naturally realign to this patterning.

Don’t allow the illusion of drama on your planet to deviate you from Truth. Open up your breathing, be free within your breath, within each moment and let go.

There is nothing more you need to do at this juncture.

Know the importance of returning back to an interconnection to each human being on your planet. See the Oneness. Witness your interconnection with ‘the jewel’ that exists within each human heart. As you receive each individual as ‘the jewel’ you will grow within your own heart and set yourself free. Receiving others extends and receivership of Self.

We witness you. We honor you in all the shades of experience that you carry within you.

Open into your own sacredness as you claim the moment through your breath, and let go, let go, let go.


The Pleiadians
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