15 de mayo de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - FB update - May 15, 2016

Foto de Lisa Brown.

A quick update for those experiencing this.... we entered the "3 days of dark" a few days ago, which is not our dark anymore, it's just a space we occupy as we move tons out & prepare for a huge shift. All this means is that each must sustain based upon the light that they already hold, and honor any separation that surfaces.... which is normally followed with/presented as a VOID space.... Some hit this a couple of says ago, others yesterday, for me a couple hours today.... Yet our awareness allows us to honor it and consciously move through it productively, however works best for us... Put your head under the pillow, sleep, get out in nature, clean, pamper yourself.... LOVE and respect YOU as you move through...

We've gone through "Higher & higher & higher" frequencies daily and we are moving out HUGE everything of old unconscious realities continually now. Last night was wowwwwww phenomenal again!

It's important to share so others don't judge themselves/their journey through old "thinking something is wrong/or going backwards".... it's the opposite... we cleared a whole new layer/pocket/space... it's still moving out and the most amazing realities are "lining up right now" to come forth for all embracing and doing their journey with intention & consciously.

I remain offline while I get lots of projects and commitments done and will return in-between and in-flow....

Lots of quickening (cells charging & moving).... we are preparing loves! Have a magnificent day!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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