12 de agosto de 2017

Nancy Tate - Kryon - August 12, 2017

Nancy's Sunset Messages

NEW! 08-12-17: Tonight while watching some music that I brought up on our network of music video choices, I began to feel that there was something coming that I needed to pay attention to. I needed to find music that was soft and full of Love, so I tuned in to a Yanni concert. Then I immediately got the feeling to go out on the porch and receive a message that was coming.

I bring you tonight a message I received from Kryon, a wonderful being whom I have not received messages from for several years. The first messages I received from Kryon were back in 2002. Tonight it was totally unexpected, but when he announced who was bringing the message, I felt the familiarity of his Love. In a way I feel that he was here to announce to me that I will be taking a new route in my work; he said that was what would be happening. What that will be is yet to come, and I will not try to guess what it is. I know that it will be full of Love and sharing for all of us.

One more thing I want to say before you tune in to the message is that our dog Cassie was outside and she began barking at people going by. You will hear that about halfway through the message. She loves to express herself in her own way.

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