31 de diciembre de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Energy Report - 12/31/2016

11:42 am HST: Anchoring anchoring anchoring anchoring anchoring huge diamond light codes and Christed Light Frequencies for days. Oh and did I say anchoring? :)

Happy anchoring ALL NEW REALITIES loves. These mega high frequencies are beyond pristine! Heavily collapsing old structured timelines to create NEW ONES to take their place... all in accordance with higher light consciousnesses LOVE ones of UNITY, PEACE AND MAGICAL'ness! These are soooo fine and working through every aspect of everything, every cell for continual "deep cleansing", which is interesting to observe "how" our bodies experience these compared to the old days of physical density. Now it's just an energy working, so very cool indeed!

It does make it hard (super challenging) to do logical/linear work until the process is complete. Normally I would have been kicking out the work, nope.... gotta flow with it all and "do" when allows.... a bit more maneuvering when trying to function in linear when linear is not really an option until we shift, and the higher we go, the more we have to continually adapt and "wait" until our bodies have completed the upgrade phase to handle more/do more/be more with so much more ease than ever before. Activating all kinds of awesomeness means we have to honor the process first and "manage within fully-aligned flow" constantly.

Our anchoring phase has always continued into beginning/first week of January to solidify all that we've embodied from the Solstice Gateway and since this was a huge completion phase, then we've got that this time too.

We've got a bit of gamma starting (thank you), which stimulates, scatters particles and energy and energizes huge. These get those cells a SUPER CHARGED and we can "rock & roll it" easier. Yayyyyy!

Particles now charging, HUGE crystalline as well as solar winds now too. Wow on the Physical Crystalline LightBody activations. These can really "hit" the human physical body hard, if there is any separation/density/unconscious programs held to purify/de-densify/unanchor/cleanse. The more crystalline, the easier and less physical any of this is. Visible areas that seem to be getting the most "work" thus far (besides every cell of the body), heart/chest/back/spine/pineal/brain/sexual organs/gut and feet. Senses will enhance when LightBody tuning begins and electromagnetic frequency alignments begin. High high high plasma since last night, with days of Crystalline Blasts... can be intense on the human body trying to upgrade at the rate of these activations and ultra-high frequencies continually now.

We just added the Ultra Sonic Frequencies too. These are the ones that "shock peeps awake", reverberate everything back and go deeeeeeep into bones and structures.... Gonna be interesting for sure. ♦

11:51 am: Gravity shifts as we go higher and higher and higher! Here WEEEEE goooooo!  InJOY!!!! ♥I love you all. I'm honoring my everything too. Happy magical everything!!!! ♥
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

2:14 pm: For those that experience heart palps, these create those to awaken the heart and pump blood for neural stimulation to occur. Everything's got to awaken! It was/is all in y/our body loves! EVERYTHING FULLY CONSCIOUS, AWAKE AND ALIVE!!! 
Expansion energies increasing substantially now. ☼

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