24 de diciembre de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Divine Sacred Holy Union - December 24, 2016

Lisa Brown

We are in a 3-Day Passageway that began a few hours ago. Each year, unbeknownst to me at that time, I experienced a deeply sacred union within myself that has continued substantially and profoundly every time during this phase and each time this process begins. The last was in August/September 2016 and now we move through the next part of this phase for us all as souls here. We've been going through these for years. Each one brings us further into who we truly are and our connectedness with/as all as ONE again.

To now, the next phase of Divine Sacred Holy Union for us all. All occurring inside first, then it occurs "out there". This is not a "one time does it deal". It takes many phases to complete the "big ones" here.

So injoy the next 3 days and honor any need/desire to be alone within you and fully connected, with mother Gaia Earth and the Universe to merge your own aspects further as we move into the next phase (which has already begun as well).

Be totally present with your interactions and ability to experience the divinity and purity of LOVE from your CORE. I love you!


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