23 de diciembre de 2016

Shelley Young - Archangel Gabriel - Daily Message ~ Friday December 23, 2016


Dear Ones, if we are not interested in judging you at all, why judge yourselves? Why judge others?

Think of an innocent child learning to walk. If they falter, or if they stumble or fall, do you judge them? Or do you know they will master the task at hand when the timing is perfect for them, in their own speed and unique way?

No matter what you are facing, the universe sees you the same way – with infinite love, acceptance, patience, compassion, and faith. We all know with complete certainty that you are capable and divine in your own right, and you will always find your way.

There is no score being kept, no time limits, no judgment from a universe that only holds love and encouragement for you, and the certainty that things will always unfold in the way that is perfect for you.

As you enjoy this holiday season and consider what you would like to create in the new year, we urge you to start to give this gift to yourselves, and to others – the gift of unconditional love, understanding, and acceptance, as those are the things you all yearn for and require to truly thrive. ~Archangel Gabriel
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