21 de diciembre de 2016


One of the many lessons of Standing Rock is the importance of Living in Prayer. Even though the native people throughout the world have honored the Earth by living in prayer, for many people, this is a new form of prayer. It's not passive, but active. It's not a calling out for help to God from a place of being small and weak, but our True Prayer comes forth from our natural authority as empowered authentic Earth - Star Beings, co-creators of the New Reality.

True Prayer is a seeing and acknowledging the sacred in everything around us. It's constantly living in a state of prayer, of being in constant communication and Oneness with all of creation. It's treating one another and all living beings with love and respect. It's a knowingness that the Earth is our Mother, the Sun is our Father and the Stars are our family. It's not having our "spiritual" moments when we meditate or do yoga, then making ourselves smaller so we can fall back into our everyday activities as if we were "normal". Instead, we do everything in a state of knowingness that EVERYTHING IS SACRED.

When we remove the threads of our being from the Tapestry of Duality and reweave them into the Tapestry of Oneness, it gives us an infinitely vaster perspective than before. It enables to LOOK LARGER and to see what was previously Unseen.

As the veils between the worlds continue to dissolve, the duality-based world is being revealed as a nightmare distortion that is more deeply ingrained than we could have previously imagined. And yet strangely enough, this duality nightmare world feels increasingly unreal. This is because we don't live there anymore. More and more people are choosing not to feed duality and are no longer believing that it is our predominant reality. This mass awakening of humanity into the New Reality is now starting to feel stronger than duality. Finally! This is what we've been waiting for. This is what we've been working so hard to achieve.

To see the New Reality, we can't look for the things we really want in the old places, because we won't find them there. We won't find the New Reality while holding onto our old, limiting beliefs. We won't find our True Partner by looking for them at all. We can't make a Five Year Plan and expect any of it to happen.

We have to not only LOOK LARGER, but we have to BECOME LARGER! If you can't find love and understanding in your traditional family, then LOOK LARGER and you will find your True Family who will fully see you, love you and honor you. If you can't find your True Purpose, then don't run back to school, but instead, unleash your unique creativity.

December is going to bring us a lot of misinformation and it is up to us to discern what is REAL and what is TRUE. A good example of this took place on December 4th when a victory was declared at Standing Rock.The problem is that we all want a victory so much. We all want a shift in paradigms RIGHT NOW. The old world of duality has become increasingly intolerable. Yet while premature celebrations might make us feel good for a few minutes, they only serve to weaken us and to dilute our focus. We really have to learn not to fall for false information. We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated just because it makes us feel better. We must stand together as One True Being in our full strength until the Tipping Point is reached! FOR REAL.

December brings us a mass migration out of falseness, corruption and manipulation into Trueness, Compassion and Pure True Love. Increasing numbers of people around the world are now making their exodus from duality and willingly walking away from what is untrue and unreal. As we do this, much is being jettisoned at the last minute as we realize that there are many elements that we either cannot take with us or don't want to take with us.

As we step out of duality and into our greater Trueness, our known landscape is being greatly reconfigured. For some, their old landscapes will become unrecognizable in 2017. This December is not only the completion of the Year 2016, but this time is different for it marks the end of an era. What is being completed is so large that it affects our lives on all levels. Now our focus is not just on normal life; our beings are being called to fully align with our True Purpose. Once we do this, our lives will change in profound and wondrous ways.

December is an intense month full of Tsunamis of Change as the old is increasingly swept away. All month long, the energies help us to further align ourselves to our true core being and then bring our honest authenticity into our outer life. Deep, core level choices are being made. It's time for us to stand up for what we know to be true or to remain on the sidelines to possibly get swept away by the outgoing tide of duality. .

In November's Surf Report, I wrote about how we are creating the Tipping Point by placing ourselves in the Tip of the Point which is in the form of a Crystal Arrow. This arrowhead is wedging itself into a fissure inside the rock of duality and creating a Crack Between the Worlds that will split apart duality. It's essential that we all consciously place ourselves in the Tip of the Point so it can grow stronger, larger and wider every day.�

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