10 de octubre de 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown - Multi-Dimensional Existence - October 10, 2016

Aloha beautiful Light Family,

As all evolves, inside and outside, more are getting used to the continual fluctuations and every-moment-changing realities of NEW Earth Existence. It takes/took a bit of getting used to, things shifting so fast, how much came up for review/release and transcending from within. Yet, as with all things, everything gets easier as we go. Moving from one existence to another is no small feat. It's a huge undertaking, one that every one of us signed up for.

Once "on the other side", things not only become easier, they also become so much more fun! The intensity of the separation/density "gone", continual shifts, upgrades and re-calibrations become a normal part of our routine. The "distracted mind" that was once full of human thoughts becomes all about CREATION and what we are her to BE/DO/Accomplish..... and so deeply and thoroughly IN-JOY. We can see all coming, just waiting... and we know what we have to DO to make it happen. It's a much different space to occupy and function from.

As each emerge, more as their true and pure selves, realities change, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically, dependent to how unconscious one was and how many walls/protection mechanisms were in place. The profound ones are the silent and simple ones. The dramatic ones are the human's experiences. Our are "awesome surprises".

Challenges are very different, depending on the physical dimension one occupies. The more human, the more physical and emotional the experience. The more Energetic, the less physical has to be re-aligned, as once we align it fully, we just keep it aligned. There's not really anything dramatic anymore. It is a very easy, peaceful, quiet and calm existence. When we do a huge Quantum Timeline Jump/Collapse/Unification, we will often have to move faster and with more focus to keep up with all things physical that need to be moved through in a short/small/almost non-existent timeframe, yet as we do (and now it's just a matter of a couple/few hours), everything stays fully aligned and slows right back down to a breathable pace. Used to be, the big jumps, like "many human years" (in a matter of moments) would take months even years to "catch up". The more we exist as a Quantum Being, the shorter the time-frame is as all synchronizes in the physical reality. It quite amazing to experience how easy it is now.

If you find that your physical reality is chaotic or in an "upset" alot. Then everything is trying to align for you and it needs your participation in moving through things faster. The old way was to "think about it" and Quantum Timeline Jumps don't allow for the delay of thinking. You have to DO at the speed of Light from within you. Get through it, do what it takes to move through it all from your highest state of consciousness.

When things slow down, then that's your time to honor your phsycial body upgrades and get focused on what is truly important... your purposes as a SOUL here, what you are here to create/contribute/be/do....

The human aspect does not understand. It wastes/focuses it's energy on old unconscious things instead of intentional creation. It does not step-up as a higher self and take command from within. It waits until a timeline collapse occurs to "push it/force it". As a Quantum Being (higher self/soul), you have the capability to bypass the need for this to continually occur in your own reality world. You must monitor you, observe you and pay attention to the internal and the external simultaneously, so that you can utilize your gifts and abilities to intentionally affect realities at will.

Below you will find today's article posted on the website for all. Prepare to continually amazed, as we go higher in frequencies and move through timelines beyond anything we've previously experienced before. ♥

With sacred love from my soul to yours,

♥ Lisa Transcendence Brown
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