29 de octubre de 2016

Asara - Archangel Michael - Energy Update - Oct 29, 2016

Archangel Michael:

"Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we invite you to open your heart for our message for you...

Dear Ones, the Angelic realms are holding the energies of the Highest Light for humanity, as you are in the process of stepping into your creatorship.

Source is expressing itself through you, into your reality.

The energies of Source are pure Love and when you are not having loving experiences, it means that your resistance to the love energies of Source is high.

When you are lowering your resistance to the flow of Source Love through you, your experiences are filled with love.

Love is at the core of who you are, Dear Ones.

When you feel love for yourself, others and the world around you, you are seeing your reality through the eyes of Source.

It is the all transforming energy that you can connect with, wherever you focus your attention to.

So, as you are going about your day, remember to direct the Love of Source to yourself and into your reality, no matter what your "perceived" reality looks like.

You can remind yourself of this process simply by placing your hand on your heart center and imagining an opening for the loving energies of Source to flow through you into your experience.

Feel this love filling your entire being and see it blessing all life around you.

You came here to transform this planet and to assist in the ascension process.

Now, you are invited to do so by directing the Love of Source to transform everything into the higher dimensional frequencies of the New Earth.

Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

Thank you, Archangel Michael!

With much Love and Light

Adama of Telos, Archangel Michael
The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light
and ~Asara~

See you on the other side. :-)


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