10 de octubre de 2016

Jennifer Hoffman - Boundaries Up and Anchors Aweigh - Oct 10, 2016

When there is a lot of energy movement we need to make sure our energy boundaries are firmly in place. Why would we put boundaries up when we want the energy to flow in freely and create as much transformation as possible? Because without boundaries we don’t have a path for the energy to follow and while we want to receive a lot of energy, we don’t want the chaos and drama that can happen when we are not in control of the energy flows. At times like these we need to be open to the huge potential that big energy movement brings and raise our anchors so we can set sail, while also having the boundaries that let us keep our ship on course.

Boundaries control the flow of energy movement into and out of our lives. A strong energy boundary, like the favorite that I have shared with you for years, “Everyone in my life loves, honors, and respects me,” sets a foundation for the kinds of relationships and energy that we want in our life. And that serves two purposes, it lets everyone know what the energetic price of admission is to be in your energy space, while attracting people who want to be in that space with you. The people who need the boundary as a reminder of how to behave with you will be uncomfortable with it, while the ones who don’t need it won’t even be aware of the boundary, except to know that your energy feels very comfortable to them because it matches their energy.

As we are creating our energy boundaries we are attracting the energy that will be at their frequency and vibration, while also expanding the possibilities for our life that can include those energies. This is what allows us to raise the anchors and set sail for new territory but we cannot do that without also having a path to follow. How often do you get into your car and drive aimlessly around town? Probably not very often. You get into your car when you have a destination in mind, and that is what we also need to do in our own lives.

It is the combination of boundaries and the desire to move forward that opens us to the transformation which will get us ‘unstuck’ but rather than getting shot out of a rocket and hope we land somewhere we want to be, in one piece, transformation is easier to integrate when we are managing the process and are aware and in control of where the energy is flowing and going.

As soon as we decide that we are ready to move forward, the boundaries must go up so we can manage how much energy we are receiving, where it is going, and how we are going to use it. Then we can take advantage of the energy in a bigger way because we are a bigger energy container. In fact, it is by having stronger energy boundaries that we create bigger energy containers. How big do you want your energy container to be?

Or, asked another way, how big do you dare make your energy container – by intending a stronger outcome, dreaming a bigger dream, by expecting the highest and best results in all things, for yourself and for the world?

Create your energy boundaries by setting strong intentions for your life, such as:

How much joy do you want to have?

What kind of relationships are fulfilling and enjoyable? How do you want the people in your life to be with you?

Do you want peace, love, and prosperity? Include them in your boundaries.

Are you expecting to be provided for, supported, and guided to your highest potential in all that you do? Make that part of your boundaries.

Anything that you intend which serves your highest good is part of your energy boundaries, and that helps you raise the anchors that have been keeping you in one place and feeling stuck so you can move forward with confidence, purpose, and on course to your joyful, joy-filled life.

It’s a big energy week so put those energy boundaries in place, raise the anchor, and see how far you can travel.


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