21 de octubre de 2016

Christine Day - The Pleiadians - October 20, 2016

Message from the Pleiadians October 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beloved ones we greet you,

Change is accelerating upon planet earth now, this deep shift will compel you to let go and bring your full focus on your self. Feel what is surrounding you in your experience and let that moment be your guide to the next. There is nothing else to do in any one moment but align to you as the central aspect, and let go. To open into a state of self- acceptance of all that you are in your humanness, as you open up to the moment receiving your abundance. To let go now, and open into a deep state of love, enabling your own transformation.

Now is the time for you to investigate any feelings of fear that you are experiencing in your life. To be willing to open into the fear and bring your awareness to touch the energy of that fear, to bring your Conscious breath into the energy, and let go into the experience. This fear is part of the building illusion that is on your planet now. As you are willing to open into the experience of this feeling of fear, you will find that the energy of the fear will begin to dissolve.

You are being supported in doing this now. Let go and be. Open into a willingness to allow yourself to be bathed and moved in that current of light that is moving through the planet, to be taken and moved beyond the seeming difficulties that are perceived by your ego mind within the illusion. This is your time to shine forth that which you are. Bring compassion to your self as you let go.


The Pleiadians
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