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Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Signs From Your Guides – 30 September 2014

http://annawrites.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/spirit-guide.jpgChanneled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings
You have an enormous opportunity to contribute to a wealth of positive and progressive changes to the defunct manner in which your planet functions, but to successfully utilize any opportunity, you have to be willing to pursue it with passion.
Pursuing the restoration of your planet will require many of you to put yourselves in as positive, uplifted and loving of a space as you can in every moment, and the more you practice feeling the upliftment you desire, the easier you’ll be able to call it forth at any given time.
Upliftment is missing from the minds and hearts of most of humanity and even many seekers, and to reclaim it, all you need to do is request it reenter your space and enjoy the good vibration that results. You may have to attune to this vibration to feel it in any sort of purity, but the attunement will be as easy as you allow it to be.

Ronna Herman – Archangel Michael – “Becoming A Soul-Infused Personality” – 30 September 2014

ronna1aTransmitted Through Ronna, LM-10-2014
Beloved masters, your GOD-SEED ATOM / I AM Presence is your original Core Intelligence, your first individualized identity within a Universal or Sub-universal experience. Within this Sub-universal experience, your first twelve God-Sparks / soul fragments contained all the virtues, aspects, talents and knowledge you would need to traverse the multiple levels (dimensions) within this Sub-universe. Since that time, your God-Seed Atom Essence has refracted and separated innumerable times. You are now in the process of reclaiming all the multiple facets of your soul-self within the third/fourth dimensions so that you may move forward to a greater, more dynamic and expansive version of your Higher Self within a fifth-dimensional environment. To assist you in accomplishing this, your Diamond Core God Cell and your personal Flower of Life Creator Wheel contain a full measure of the Twelve Rays of God-Consciousness for this Sub-universal experience. They were designed so that when you were ready to begin the return journey into the higher levels of consciousness, you would have access to your own FULL SPECTRUM DIVINITY. Your task is to activate these Rays, to incorporate the God qualities and attributes they contain, and then to use these qualities and attributes for the greatest good. There is still much confusion as to what the soul is, how it functions, and where it resides. It is vital that you understand the intricate process of reconnecting with the many facets of your Higher Self. It is also important that you gain clarity about the more in-depth teachings we have given you regarding the multiple Higher Self Fragments (you have many, not just one) and the process for incorporating these multiple facets of Self. Therefore, we feel it is time for an advanced explanation of this most important process for the EVOLUTION OF THE SOUL.

Jennifer Hoffman - Despiertos, Dormidos, la Luz y la Oscuridad - 25 de Septiembre 2014


Traducción: Fara González
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Qué semana tan movida con Plutón yendo directo el día 22, terminando su retrógrado de seis meses, el equinoccio el 23, una luna nueva el 24, un trino de Júpiter/Urano el 25 y Mercurio que continúa a la sombra de su retrógrado, mientras Venus toca los grados del retrógrado de Marte. Hay mucha energía de ira, frustración, malestar y desesperación en el mundo, sean conscientes de qué lo que están sintiendo en este sentido puede ser parte de la energía del colectivo.

Preston James - Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned - Sep 30, 2014

The Coming Exposure, Containment and Deconstruction of the Illuminati

by Preston James

Note: This article is written for retired military and Intel with advanced knowledge of Secret Space War matters. Its purpose is to provide information about a certain group of notably evil Alien ET visitors who formed a long-term association with Super-elite criminally-insane Psychopaths who hijacked America in 1913. These super-elite Deviants were given incredible power and authority in exchange for enacting the evil Agenda of this Alien ET group best described as Cosmic Parasites. This group of super-elite Deviants is best referred to as the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) AKA the “Illuminati”.


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The End Of The Line Part 1- The Rise and The Fall of the Bankster

Jahn J Kassl - IMPACTS COME CLOSER, ASANA MAHATARI - September 29, 2014

Messages by Asana Mahatari and Sananda

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Dream: I am in a house with my “favorite cousin” and with my 
brother Karl. We seem to be living together there, and the house is 
not yet totally finished. I look out of the window and see that it 
begins to rain while from the distance a great storm approaches. 
Suddenly hail of shells, the size of a soccer ball, fall from the sky 
and they destroy everything that they hit. Our house remains nearly undamaged, only two windows break. After the spook is over, I see 
that Karl was deeply and soundly asleep and did not notice anything 
about it. I wake up. (End of dream)

Christine Meleriessee - The Bounty of Our Gifts ~ Lord Adama - Sep 29, 2014

harvest-webBlessings and Love.  It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.
I want to share today on the exchange of energies from each of us unto each of you.  We, in Telos, are very connected to each of you on the Upper Earth and want to extend our sincere thoughts of love and blessings since the Autumn Equinox.
The Harvest is now here and it is our time to celebrate all that we have experienced up to this point.  Is this something that you have thought about within you?
Isn’t it true that each of you desires to have your manifestations to come into your reality?
What is it that you have done up to this point that allows those creations to become you?

Georgia Guidestones! Amazing New Details Surface In Suppressed Book, 'The Age of Reason'

Alcyon Pleiades 22-2 - The last desperate actions of the Elite: Wars, terrorism, crisis...

Brenda Hoffman - Expect and Accept – The Living is Easy - September 29, 2014 - Esperar y Aceptar – Vivir es Fácil

Dear Ones,
Perhaps new earth appears to be a magical tale with little or no reality. Such would be logical given the eons of earth fear you have lived through. You were trained to think the worst – even in the best of times.
Many ofyou are berating yourselves for not creating more rapidly or other negative self talk – as if you wish to remain in fear. Do not fret so. Do not stress yourself so. Allow yourself to be.
As you berate yourself for being less than, you are judging yourself in 3D fashion. How do you stop the phrases within your being that you are not good enough, wise enough or strong enough to move into new earth?
You are of new earth. Your quandary, your fears are a bit like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – searching for the wizard to help her return home, only to discover she had that ability all along.
Perhaps that thought makes you angry. Have you not channeled, meditated, requested, begged for whatever your dream is to no avail? All 3D techniques.
You have done all you need to do to create your dream. You thought of it – in fact, think of it almost daily – now just expect it when it is right for you.
Once you exit your cocoon, you push the ‘easy’ button. You need not do anything more than what you already have. Live your life knowing that all is well and your dream is on its way.
Please understand though that this first physical dream will be the most challenging for you to create. Not because it is difficult, but because you have yet to set the belief pattern within your being that all is well in your life and it will become even better.
Most of you who exited your cocoon believe that creation is possible – just not for you now. It is a major hurdle for you to jump over before you fully accept that creation is almost an elementary part of your new skill set. “Prove it to me and for me” continues to be your mantra even though you wish to create with all your heart. So let it go. Let it be. Do not push. Do not berate yourself. Just be.
Such is almost impossible for most of you. Not because you do not wish to let it be, but that you cannot yet imagine life can be that easy – and yes, joyful.
Is not your first instinct when thinking of your physical dream, to imagine that somehow you are not qualified, competent or capable of creating? All personal judgments based on your eons of 3D lives, instead of your current reality.
You believe you can ‘push’ your creation through somehow. And if such does not occur, you are doing something wrong. You are in the wrong place, with the wrong person, using the wrong technique. All thoughts that tell you that you are a bad person. And all thoughts directed by fear.
Your only piece now is to expect and accept – which is extremely difficult for most. Not because you have attempted such before, but because you have never attempted such before on earth in this lifetime or any other.
This is a new lesson with a new learning curve. Instead of cramming for an exam out of fear of failure, it is time to let go and play in the sunshine knowing full well that your physical reality is on its way in the time right for you. You have dreamed it – and therefore created it. No work or fear is required – or productive.
Fear of failure is counterproductive.
For this is new earth, with new guidelines. Foremost of which is easy and fun. Exactly opposite of your 3D world.
Relax into joy and creation and all will occur as you wish – when you wish. Push yourself to create that which you have dreamed in whatever fashion and you will delay your dream.
Just as you once learned that you must be prepared for tests in your 3D schools, you must now learn that preparation and the resulting fear are counterproductive.
Let it be. And it will happen. Push and create fear around that element from berating yourself to blaming the Universes – and you will wait a very long time for your creation for you have reverted to the slow, old-fashioned 3D creation.
Now you are thinking you are merely delaying the inevitable – you will dream and create nothing. Another fear piece that has little to do with your new world and life. You have exited your cocoon. You are no longer surrounded by 3D limitations. But first, you must acknowledge that to yourself – and live as such.
You are no longer hiding your skills or joy. A big piece for most of you. Not because you are limited in skills, but in self-vision.
Come out from under your 3D fear rock and enjoy the laziness of a beautiful sunny afternoon. You are fully capable of doing so. You just need to convince yourself that no ‘boogeyman’ of fear exits. Enjoy the sunshine with your new earth family. The living is easy. So be it. Amen.
Copyright © 2009-2014, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved: www.LifeTapestryCreations.com. Please feel free to share this content with others - post it on your blog, add it to your newsletter, etc. - but keep the integrity of this article by including the author/channeler: Brenda Hoffman and source website link: www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Esperar y Aceptar – Vivir es Fácil

Por Brenda Hoffman

Traducción: FaraGonz ález
Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo



Quizás la nueva tierra parezca un cuento de hadas con poca o ninguna realidad. Esto sería lógico dado los eones de temor terrenl que han vividao. Fueron entrenados para pensar lo peor – aun en los mejores momentos.

Muchos de ustedes se recriminan por no crear más rápidamente u otra conversación interna negativa – como si quisieran mantenerse en el temor. No se preocupen. No se estresen. Permítanse ser.

Al recriminarse por ser menos que, se están juzgando a la manera de la 3D. ¿Cómo detienen las frases internas de su ser que les dicen que no son lo suficientemente buenos, sabios o fuertes para mudarse a la nueva tierra?

Ustedes son de la nueva tierra. Su dilema, sus temores son parecidos a los de Dorothy en el Mago de Oz – buscando al mago para que la ayudara a regresar a casa, solamente para descubrir que ella siempre tuvo la capacidad para hacerlo.

Quizás ese pensamiento les enoje. ¿No han canalizado, meditado, solicitado, rogado por lograr su sueño, sin éxito? Todas ellas técnicas de 3D.

Han hecho todo lo necesario para crear su sueño. Ustedes pensaron en ello – de hecho, pensaron en ello a diario – ahora justo espérenlo cuando sea el momento apropiado para ustedes.

Una vez salidos del capullo, empujan el botón ‘fácil’. No necesitan hacer nada más de lo que han hecho ya. Vivan su vida sabiendo que todo está bien y que su sueño está en camino.

Por favor entiendan no obstante, que este primer sueño físico será el más desafiante de crear para ustedes. No porque sea difícil, sino porque todavía ustedes tienen que establecer el patrón de creencias dentro de su ser de que todo está bien en su vida y se hará aun mejor.

La mayoría de los que salieron del capullo creen que la creación es posible – sólo que no para ustedes ahora. Es un obstáculo mayor que tienen que superar para aceptar plenamente que la creación es casi una parte elemental de su nuevo conjunto de habilidades. ‘Pruébalo por mí y para mí’ continúa siendo su mantra aunque quieran crear con todo su corazón. Así que déjenlo ir. No presionen. No se recriminen. Justo sean.

Esto es casi imposible para la mayoría de ustedes. No porque ustedes no quieran que sea así, sino porque todavía no pueden imaginar que la vida sea así de fácil - y sí, alegre.

¿No es su primer instinto cuando piensan en su sueño físico imaginar que de alguna forma ustedes no tienen la calificación, competencia o capacidad para crear? Todos los juicios personales basados en su eones de vidas en la 3D, en lugar de en su realidad actual.

Ustedes creen que pueden ‘hacer avanzar’ su creación de alguna manera. Y si esto no ocurre, están haciendo algo mal. Están en el lugar equivocado, con la persona equivocada, utilizando la técnica equivocada. Todos los pensamientos que les dicen que ustedes son una mala persona. Y todos los pensamientos dirigidos por el temor.

Ahora su único papel es el de esperar y aceptar – lo cual es extremadamente difícil para la mayoría. No porque lo hayan intentado antes, sino porque nunca lo han intentado antes en la tierra en esta vida o en cualquier otra.

Esta es una nueva lección con una nueva curva de aprendizaje. En lugar de atarugarse para un examen basándose en el miedo del fracaso, es tiempo que suelten y jueguen al sol sabiendo bien que su realidad física está en camino en el momento correcto para ustedes. Ustedes la han soñado – y por tanto la han creado. No se requiere trabajo ni temor – o productividad.

El miedo al fracaso es contraproducente.

Porque esta es la nueva tierra, con nuevas reglas. La primera es la facilidad y la alegría. Exactamente lo opuesto a su mundo de 3D.

Relájense en la alegría y la creación y todo ocurrirá como ustedes desean – cuando lo deseen. Esfuércense para crear aquello que han soñado en cualquier forma y demorarán su sueño.

Justo como una vez aprendieron que deben estar preparados para sus pruebas en las escuelas de 3D, ahora deben aprender que la preparación y el miedo resultante son contraproducentes.

Dejen que sea. Y sucederá. Esfuércense y creen temor alrededor de ese elemento recriminándose y culpando a los Universos – y esperarán un largo tiempo por su creación porque han regresado a la vieja y lenta creación de 3D.

Ahora están pensando que están meramente demorando lo inevitable – no soñarán ni crearán nada. Otra pieza del temor que tiene poco que ver con su nuevo mundo y vida. Ustedes han salido del capullo. Ya no están rodeados por las limitaciones de la 3D. Pero primero, deben reconocer eso en ustedes mismos – y vivir como tales.

Ya no tienen que esconder sus habilidades o su alegría. Algo grande para la mayoría de ustedes. No porque estén limitados en sus habilidades, sino en su auto visión.

Salgan debajo de su piedra de miedo de la 3D y disfruten holgazanear en una tarde bella y soleada. Son plenamente capaces de hacerlo. Solamente necesitan convencerse que no existe el temor al cuco. Disfruten del sol con su familia de la nueva tierra. La vida es fácil. Así sea. Amén.

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Paul T. Hellyer - The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis

The Matrix is Real [2014]

Sandra Walter - Equinox through Blood Moon Eclipse Passages: Revealing the Shift - September 28, 2014

Everything has changed – again.
The Equinox through the Blood Moon Eclipse passage brings a deepening of the Solar Cosmic Christ that is somewhat unexplainable in linear terms. You have to feel it to know it, however I will do my best to describe it here. For the linear levels: We have four Equinox-Blood Moon passages in 2014 – 2015 which increase in intensity as they anchor the Solar Cosmic Christ. They get more acute in their purpose, shorter in their duration. We are in the middle of one right now.

Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 28 September 2014

marilynraffaeleWe of the Arcturian Group speak today regarding the many changes you are experiencing in your lives and observing in the lives of others.   Many have chosen to leave earth at this time, but try not to fret or mourn them dear ones, for it is everyone’s choice in this time of ever increasingly powerful energies to stay or to leave.  Many have determined on a deeper level that are unable to spiritually evolve to where they need to be in time to  be a part of the higher frequencies of ascension energy coming to earth at this time.  They have made the choice to incarnate at a later time into what will be then, established new energies.  All are where they need to be.

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 28 September 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,
As the world shifts to a higher dimension, it is for the most part, not recognized by the world at large, only by those who are attuned to the energy influxes. It is the lighted ones such as you who hold and anchor the light on Earth. Many of you do not recognize the important role that you play in the unfolding events and we want you to know that everyone of you is needed at this time. It is important to hold your light and stay in a space of peace and calm, joy and happiness. By doing this you counteract the attempts to keep the populace living in fear and worry and that balancing effect is needed now.
Many of you are gearing up as your creativity flows through you and you are inspired with many wonderful ideas and creative projects. Some of you feel overwhelmed with the abundance of ideas that are coming into your consciousness and feel that you do not know which one to pursue. Know that if you record the information that comes to you, you will be able to know instinctively which is ready to manifest and which can be looked at later. Many times, the downloads of information coming into the Earth’s atmosphere are received by many different individuals and so there will be a theme that emerges that is shared with many others. Each individual is unique and so what comes through each one will never be quite the same.

Blossom Goodchild – 28 September 2014

bloss arizona biggerHello my friends. I put my Trust in you, in the KNOWING that you know best, as to what would benefit most regarding that which you choose to speak of today.
Greetings to ALL. We can only anticipate that the wording we bring forth shall bring One to a Higher place. We have greatly expanded our data base of late.
Meaning what exactly?
Meaning, that there are more and more souls remembering who they are, awakening from their slumbers and allowing THE LOVE THAT THEY ARE THE LOVE FROM WHICH THEY ARE to BE with them in ALL that they do.
That certainly is good news.
There is more. Due to the overriding fact that so many are ‘coming into their own’, it NOW seems a possibility for Great CHANGES to occur SOONER, rather than later. For ALL that takes place is down to those of Earth who willingly offer their LOVE to the ALL. Considering that many are ‘Getting it’ now it allows us, in turn, to offer a Higher frequency of message That is simply the way it is. And this IS most joyous.

DL Zeta – Future Vision And The Awakened Timelines Of The New Earth – 28 September 2014

DLZetaWe are standing in the gateway to a powerful time when we’re being asked to step past those things that previously held us back. The energies of October’s eclipse series are already swirling around us, inspiring us to transcend old identities and step more fully into the awakened timelines of the New Earth.
Waking and nighttime dreams are preparing you to embrace more fully your true identity as an infinite and divine being. Working with dream states now helps you develop future vision, a tool that can help you chart your course into fifth-dimensional life tracks. This tool helps you intuitively see where a situation, choice or idea will take you in the future. It helps you look at a situation and see straight through to the intention that created it. Viewing potentials before they manifest allows for course corrections and fine-tuning of intentions and visualizations. Opening to future vision makes it easier to “plug in” to the expanded energies now abundant on the Earth plane. These energies are helping an ever increasing number of beings experience moments of expanded vision.

Montague Keen, Sunday, September 28, 2014

There is a great need for humanity to wake up. You are being sucked into another war by the LIES that are being told to you by the politicians. They just alter the wording each time. Are you so feeble-minded that you do not ask, “Why go back to kill those that you pretended to “rescue” last time.”
You are your brother’s keeper. The killing is being done in your name. All it will achieve is to buy the Cabal a little more time. Please do not turn a blind eye to the plight of those who are being slaughtered in your name, with bombs which are paid for by your taxes. Where is the LOVE in your lives? Have you forgotten that you should love one another?

Wes Annac – The Spirit World Chronicles: The Borderlands – Meeting Departed Loved Ones – Part 2/2 – 28 September 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
Concluded from Part 1
A lot of things about Stead’s experience was similar to his experiences on earth, he admits, including he and his father’s clothing.
“My father and I, with my friend also, set out immediately. A curious thing struck me. I was clothed exactly as I had been, and it seemed a little strange to me to think I had brought my clothing with me! …
“My father was also dressed as I had always known him. Everything and everybody appeared to be quite normal – quite as on earth.
“We went out together and had refreshment at once, and, naturally, that was followed by much discussion about our mutual friends on both sides. I was able to give them news and they gave me information about our friends and also about the conditions ruling in this new country.” (1)
Stead also shares two revelations that I personally think are important. One is that everyone we’ve ever loved who passed away will be waiting for us in the fourth dimension, and the other is that animal products aren’t consumed there.

Jahn J Kassl - SUPPORT COLUMNS OF HUMAN LOVE, BABAJI - September 28, 2014

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
The great wind brings the great turnaround, in the great game. 
Infinite were, are and will be the opportunities for all human Beings, 
because truly: The last accord in this world sounds for the fewest 
human Beings in this world.
This world has no more power over you, who are stepping 
into the Light temples far from space-time, this time can no 
longer do anything to you, who are inheriting the crystalline 
worlds of the Creator; and the events becoming more and more 
distinct are passing in front of you, who attain perfection, like 
an image from another world.

Karen Dover - Lemuria and Atlantis – the distorted contracts coming up for release - September 28, 2014

For many of you the last few linear days may have been like walking through treacle or may have seen you trigger at the least little thing. You may have felt intense anger, intense sadness or a mixture of all different emotions.  There is much talk about the ancient civilisations of both Lemuria and Atlantis and it must be acknowledged that as all is in the NOW moment that these “ancient” civilisations are still active until they are released from your cellular structure fully.
As I stated on ABOUT ONENESS (hosted by Karen Neumann) radio show earlier today the New Earth is NOT about recreating either of these civilisations.   Both ended in devastation and destruction of the Planet Earth and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported.   It is relatively easy to get carried away by the “magick” that was created within these dimensional realities as they play to the EGO which triggers the teachings that were taught to the human race within the old 3D earth created construct.

Aisha North – Manuscript Of Survival – Part 426 – 28 September 2014

AishaNorthLet us begin this missive by saying that you have by now already accomplished to pierce a few holes in that membrane that separates you from your own greatness, and like stars on the firmament, these small apertures will begin to exude a powerful light that will begin to attract you attention, but also the attention of others. You see, you are not just here to discover your own greatness, you are here to utilize that high voltage of light to create change on a vast scale, not just for your planet, but for All of creation. And before this adds to your already considerable pile of reasons to begin to think yourselves unworthy of all of this attention, know that you are far above and beyond anything that we can heap upon you of our most lavish of praise. For you are truly gods in your own right, but still, the rediscovery of this lies somewhere off into the future, but now, you will at least begin to get a small inkling of it by the light that will begin to seep through these small apertures you have created for yourself.

Arcángel Metatrón a través de J. Tyberonn Ventanas de Infinito - Los Mega-Eclipses de Octubre Próximo

Traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

Fragmento de nuevo mensaje de Metatrón, adelantado por J. Tyberonn.

Saludos, Maestros, Yo Soy Metatrón, Ángel de Luz. Los saludo en amor incondicional.

Estamos listos para su tema y sus preguntas.

James Tyberonn: ¿Podrías hablar en profundidad acerca de los eclipses que vendrán en Octubre?

Metatrón: Ciertamente. Los eclipses son aperturas que combinan la luz, las frecuencias planetarias, las geo-gravedades y el pensamiento colectivo. Los eclipses ofrecen una plataforma única para grabar, tanto el Pensamiento Divino como las vibraciones más elevadas del pensamiento colectivo humano.

27 de septiembre de 2014

Steve Rother - El Grupo - El holograma del corazón - 16 de septiembre de 2014

Los Re-cordatorios desde el Hogar de los Faros de Luz son presentaciones en Vivo en Internet, transcritas y enviadas en inglés los días 15 de cada mes. El próximo mensaje de “VirtualLight” de Lightworker.com en VIVO será el sábado 27de septiembre

a las 11:00 a.m. Hora del Pacífico de Los Estados Unidos

Recordatorios desde el Hogar

Nota: Este mensaje ha sido editado y vuelto a canalizar en algunas secciones con la supervisión de El Grupo para una mayor claridad en este formato.

Alcyon Pléyades 22-2ª Las ultimas desesperadas acciones de la Elite: Guerras, Terrorismo, Crisis... Sep 27, 2014

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 425 – 27 September 2014

AishaNorthThis message will perhaps shake up a few of those old misconceptions that still survive even in some of the enlightened circles. You see, this has very much to do about the very nature of things, and when we say that we are actually referring to the state that makes everything come about or rather come into existence in a way that enables you to perceive them. For existence and the definition of it is indeed a very convoluted subject, as what seems to exist to a human, is merely the tiniest tip of the proverbial iceberg compared to what really is out here. You see, or rather, you cannot see so much of what truly IS, and even with the most sophisticated of your equipment, you have only started to scratch the surface of Creation. Or perhaps we should say you have only seen one tiny layer of that huge and complex structure. And so, mankind go around with some very set notions in their minds of what IS and what is indeed possible, and so you continue to see everything from an extremely narrow perspective.

Abundance Clinic with Adamus Saint-Germain - Part 1 - Part 2 - Geoffrey Hoppe

Abundance Clinic with Adamus Saint-Germain - Part 2

Wes Annac - The Borderlands: Meeting Departed Loved Ones – Part 1/2 Sep 27, 2014

Credit: Kevinalanlamb
Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
The Spirit World Chronicles is an ongoing series based on channeled accounts of what the afterlife is like. Some of the material examined in this series dates back to nearly a century ago, and the referenced sources discuss a wide range of topics that have to do with life after death and the conditions of the realms beyond.
If you’re reading this, you probably have some idea that death as we perceive it isn’t the end of life. Even though the physical body dies, the spirit encapsulated within it goes on to the next, more advanced stage of consciousness, which is known by a lot of different names.
Like some seekers, I choose to refer to the place we go when our bodies die as the fourth dimension, because it’s the next natural stage in our growth and evolution.


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Report: In the Sauna two men talk about a house eviction, 
which in these days happens in Vienna, and which has been 
reported in the media. Thereby the men give an insight into their 
worldview; a lack of love and empathy are the most salient 
characteristics. I think to myself: “they will still experience a lot, 
before they recognize” and “there is still a lot of work waiting for 
usas we return to the 4D levels. And actually I have zero ambition 
for it…., in the locker room I hear another two men babbling dumb 
things and my thoughts from before return: “Much work that is 
waiting for us.” (End of report)
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