9 de agosto de 2017

Lee Carroll - Kryon Bulletin - August Issue

August Issue


So here we are in August, and as I write this, I'm currently on our eleventh Cruise, and the third time cruising Alaska. If any of you are on Facebook with our attendees, you already know that something has happened on this cruise that is completely out of the normal: The weather we are experiencing is more than good. It's completely out of the realm of normal for this time in Alaska.

We are experiencing weather so good, with totally sunny days, that even the rangers leading the tours are telling us that they have never seen the glaciers so clearly. The interesting thing is that it seems to be following the ship! So day after day, port after port, the weather where we are heading toward is turning from rain to sun.

I guess I should be getting used to this, since it also happened in New Zealand last year for our tour in Milford Sound and Mt. Cook. These were places that are renowned for consistently unpredictable weather. When we received clear skies and sun, people told us how "lucky" we were to enjoy these beautiful and pristine places in ways very few ever see them.

Then in Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher, it happened again! This area is often the gorgeous icon of Ireland – amazing rugged green carpeted cliffs overlooking an unbelievably awe-inspiring coastline with powerful ocean waves. However, being Ireland, it's very often foggy, and rainy. It completely cleared for us – but only for the short time our bus was there!

After the experience our bus driver took me aside, looked into my eyes and said, "Can you give me the lottery numbers for next week?" It was noticed that the KRYON group seemed to carry some unexplainable, benevolent energy with them.

Can a group of Lightworkers work with the weather? Is this just coincidence, or is it possible we are seeing the result of good positive consciousness working with us? All I know is that it has now happened way too many times for this to be coincidence! So… I accept it! Thank you Spirit.


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