2 de agosto de 2017

Christine Day - The Pleiadians - August 2017

Message from The Pleiadians August 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

Beloved ones we greet you,

August is the time for you to begin to channel a frequency of the essence of the Holy Vine energy through your Heart space.

Understanding the Truth that you are a component of the Holy Vine energy, and this energy is going to naturally resonate within each of your Heart cells.

This level of the Holy Vine is designed to work within each individual Heart cell to begin a unique cycle of self-manifestation within your individual world. The action of the Holy Vine energy is first to open a multidimensional transmitter within each cell, then to create the activation of a pure source of light flow, which will move and interact within each physical cell of your body. This process is designed to activate a unique frequency of your creation energy within your Heart space. Enabling you to begin creating from your Heart’s desire.

Know this Truth; you have created all experiences in your life. This is a powerful gift of the moment in owning your creation. You need to fully open to receive all that, which you have created. Take time to experience and process this Truth as you hold your Heart.

At this time in your evolution what is essential is that you begin to claim the creations in your life. This is your next step by taking ownership and responsibility of what you have created. You are not a victim of fate. You are not helpless. You are the creator of your own experiences within your own environment.

As you are willing to claim that which is yours, then and only then can you create another reality experience for your self. As you choose to be responsible for your experiences you realign to and regain your power. This process naturally realigns you to the creation energy within your own Heart and then you can begin to harness the creation power of your Heart’s desire.

The Holy Vine’s purpose is to support you in the reconnection to your power through this self-manifestation essence. As you witness the Markers that are within the sky or within the rising sun, hold your heart and connect. Then let go into the frequency of the Holy Vine Marker’s. Utilize the sound, ZAHM. This will allow you to absorb the manifestation light of the Holy Vine and anchor this within your Heart.

Know that we witness you. We energetically hold you as you choose to birth.


The Pleiadians

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