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Christine Meleriessee - THREE BIG REASONS You MISS OUT on CONNECTING to the HIGHER SPIRITUAL REALM - May 6, 2017

Mount Shasta California © Image copyright WalkingTerraChrista.com

REASON NUMBER 1 – You Rely Way Too Much On Only Exploring What Looks And Feels Good To You.

Have you ever heard the adage “If it doesn’t feel right for you, it isn’t”? I see this all the time with social media postings about spirituality. This good advice began when parents advised their children that going into a social situation that could get them into trouble with drugs, sexual abuse, or criminal behavior might be a potential bad outcome. The advice is to use your “street sense” when being more aware could save you from getting into trouble and instead leave those situations. This goes along with “take what you want and leave the rest” or “everyone resonates only with what is in their highest good”.

The thing is, it is generic advice intended for the physical world. Following it when facing potential spiritual experiences can stop you from going into greater levels of your spiritual advancement.

But there is a catch: so called “spiritual energies” can be just as dangerous as physical ones, and from the perspective of the purity of your Soul, much more dangerous if they are not carefully chosen.

So this can be a catch 22. It gets even more complicated as what feels and looks good to you may not actually be good for you at all.

As an example, many “New Age” individuals upon earth feel that opening the pineal gland is the key to becoming more spiritual. The use of legal (or illegal) marijuana, DMT, salvia, ayahuasca and many substances like LSD or other psychotropics is popular with both counterculture and mainstream youth, and of course it is still going strong with the older hippie or “free thought” culture that admires the “mind expansion” wisdom of modern day gurus like Timothy Leary and Alan Watts.

But despite many belief systems and many “spiritual” sources of advice, there is not one single teaching from the Spiritual Hierarchy that advises taking such a path to expanding the mind into higher levels of spirituality. Not one.

REASON NUMBER 2 – You Are Not Making Informed Educated Choices.

We have all heard the expression about “making informed choices or educated choices“, so the truth is that we do have the ability to wise up when it comes to acting in a manner that is not only in our highest good, but also in the good of having the best outcome for us.

Making “free will” choices is not to be confused with “the pathway that creates your “best and highest good” as the most direct outcome.

The reality of earth is that anyone is indeed free to choose whatever form of spirituality they want, and since earth is the place of experimenting with “freewill”, the end result is that the choices you make are also “in accordance with your highest good”.

Any choice you make, is your choice, so even if it is an experience that results in a severe life lesson, it still is in your (specific to you) highest good to make that choice because you did not make another choice. In other words, you chose the experience so naturally it is something you had to go through in order to learn about wrong choices.

Choosing any form of Spirituality does not mean it is a pathway that will be most accurate in bringing you what you desire because you must be clear about what drives your choices.

I have seen many individuals attracted to our work teaching Ascension Mastery because they were looking for a quick fix to all the troubles and disappointments they experienced in their lives. A lot of them are not satisfied with the idea of having to work 9 to 5 at a job, pay bills, and be in the ‘matrix’. So they look to our work from a perspective of “save me” from all that. After all, they think, “you are teaching about the Fifth Dimension, right?”

These individual are indeed seeking “spirituality” but only as an escape from the responsibilities of a mature adult life on earth. The idea of “Ascension Mastery” for them is about “side stepping disciplined action” because as individuals, they could not yet see that, in life, and especially in mastering any aspect of it, it is not always about “feeling good”. They will eventually find our teachings very unfulfilling unless and until they are able to face the truth of why they seek Ascension spirituality. Does training to be an expert in any area of earth life, like an athlete, business person or musician, always “feel good”? No, of course not.

And that same criterion, or truth, for “creating success on earth” applies to creating the highest form of spirituality on earth, which is why it is called “Mastery”.

When it comes to higher spirituality, as it is so intertwined with personal responsibility, one has to make educated choices, for how to actively engaging in them.

Educated choice requires taking much more time to evaluate your experience using your full body system. Learning how to not be so mental in turn requires a steep learning curve as for the most part humanity has never done it before. Immediate attraction and looking for the instant fix is not always ideal. This is why we recommend staying with our Ascension teachings for a whole year. True Higher Spirituality experience requires surrendering the “lower rigid mindset” of the mental mind’s expectations and familiarity.

Instead one must go into consciously allowing the vibrational energies in a pure* Ascension teaching to actually begin to raise your awareness. You can’t get that from just reading websites (even ours) or listening to TEDx or similar inspirational informative videos.

REASON NUMBER 3 – You Are Being Misinformed or Misguided.

The truth about higher vibrational teachings, (that is, those that are actually higher vibrational), is that they do not fit within what the human mental mind judges as spiritual. Humanity primarily relies on its intellectual life understandings and experiences as the main source to determine what is acceptable.

But since humanity has no actual experience with higher Ascension vibrations, (energies that are higher than the mental mind’s frequency), using the mental intellect as the only criterion to judge the experience is not going to be accurate.

(Which is why the “New Age” has always been classified as the time when the Feminine Divine returns to humanity; it is a time when the masculine mental judging control mechanism is no longer the dominant force, and instead, one begins to blend the emotional of the feminine with the mental of the masculine).

Even by describing it like that one can fall into misunderstanding. As it is not from our old perspective of understanding who we are emotionally and mentally, but from a new awareness of our Divinity within that essence. Which basically means, since we as humans have not been allowing Divinity into our physical lives, it is a whole new understanding that we will need to acquire about what it means to use our higher self frequency to blend our emotional and mental selves.

It is a long road. The addiction to using the mental mind continues, even when it is trying to create that new balance. I have seen so many false forms of Raising Consciousness and Ascension Teachings circulated in social media. They appeal to the intellect and the “feel good” emotions with an already popular notion or “idea” of what higher spirituality is all about. but 99% of it is from a level of familiarity that we already understand. (Think about Instagram and Facebook with all the wise spiritual sayings and channeled messages that get shared).

Usually those sayings link/trace back to web sites or sources that offer mental understandings to explain higher spirituality without giving you an actual experience of higher spirituality.

And that is the downfall. If it is only about intellectual understandings of cool or new concepts, then how is it actually about learning and acquiring a valid higher spiritual transformational shift?

To give you the proverbial tip of the iceberg as an example, I will share with you how easily humanity gets misinformed in matters of higher spirituality. I provide two images below, as these kinds of visual depictions are all the rage in the current social media phase of our interactions.

(Were you aware, by the way, that between 60% and 70% of the images shared on social media – those that also have a link provided to read written content – get shared only due to the image (meaning most of those doing the sharing never click on the content to read the article). It is all about what seems cool and interesting.)

Most people don’t even take time to examine the social media images they share or even consider the source of those images.

Sharing blindly or in ignorance violates the precepts of taking personal responsibility. It is therefore not putting higher spirituality into action. Which is ironic, since everyone thinks it is . But then again, there you go… “thinks” (without real thinking) is the problem.

Let’s take a look at some of the images that many feel are great to show how they participate in and share the Higher Spiritual Consciousness Raising energies.


And THIS is very important. Before viewing them please take our NEW EARTH PLEDGE so that you get some level of proper spiritual protection.

Both of these images are used extensively on blogs and social media to represent higher spirituality. Each had at least 180 tracked Google uses before my Google image search stopped providing more links.

Okay scroll down more.

Image 1 (original source unknown)

Image 2 (original source unknown)

Pretty cool eh?

There are an amazing amount of these kinds of freely shared unrestricted images circulated in social media with regard to the subject of “new age consciousness” or “higher spirituality”.

What the uninformed human intellect does not understand is that a very effective way to prevent individuals from really accessing higher dimensional vibrations is to keep them infiltrated with lower ones. So while everyone is clicking on and sharing these kinds of images, they are actually predisposing themselves to become blocked from getting any benefit out of them spiritually.

This is the exact opposite from what the viewer thinks is going on. These kinds of images set up a condition that even if there is good spiritual wisdom in the words being shared in the articles that have these types of images on them, the lower frequency blockage has already been introduced within the human energy field of the reader/viewer.

Here is why:

Look closer. Much closer. These images have imbedded lower (very low) frequencies in them that act in an often subconscious manner. You can’t raise your vibration when you are infiltrated with lower energies.

Can you see these faces in image 1:

The center of the above image is clearly a face of a skull that also can potentially have antennas. The below image takes a little more skill at seeing as depicted but I fuzzed out the outline to make it easier.

Faces are a very common hidden image passed around by naive users. Typically the are often grotesque reptile like, or demonic, or of non-christed ET alien type depictions so that the viewer will receive those vibrations (remember, everything is an actual vibrational frequency).

Try these, which you probably did not see at all from image 2. Keep staring at them until you see a face (or more than one) of some sort. Look for heads of snakes, alien shape, or bug faces:

This last one has more than one face within the larger face image.

See then yet? If you do, how does it make you feel to now know these were in there? I have seen these types of hidden figures in a large percentage of the images being shared in the form of fantasy art. But don’t be lulled into complacency. There are also a large amount of SPACE photos (like NASA images) that have them also. I suspect that many of the creators of these types of artistic images are not aware of how they come to be there as it may be totally random or subconscious. (Of course, some may know exactly how it happens).

The examples found in imagery is just one of many ways lowering human vibration happens. There is also the language used in many books and websites that “seems” okay but which actually has some significant spiritual untruths hidden in them. There are TV shows, movies, and media, sometimes entire websites or programs that are propagating a continual creation of lower energies.

On the other hand it is more relevant to realize they are there. I think as humanity is an evolving consciousness, we are now in the 21st century learning much more about ourselves through the things we create. The use of computers and technology, especially with the Internet, has taught us that we need to have virus protection and can’t take it for granted that all is well any longer.

As we break down and translate the logic and datastream systems required to know how to communicate and transmit electronically, this is actually a spiritual mirror metaphor for how our actual human consciousness works, if we pay attention that is.

It is clear to me at least that as humans, we very much also need spiritual protection (which is why it is one of our most basic teaching courses). And if we need proper and accurate spiritual protection, we must also need proper and accurate spiritual instruction.

This Full Moon next week is also the time of Wesak. Wesak is a huge Spiritual Event which most of humanity will simply bypass, mostly because of the three reason above (though there are others).

At Walking Terra Christa we are here to educate humanity on the deeper truths about higher consciousness. You may not yet understand what we are trying to teach you from a mental mind perspective, but if anything in this article makes sense, please stop everything you are currently planning and instead, bring forth your individual essence to participate in the WESAK FESTIVAL OF LIGHT that we are providing. You can do this live along with us or by using the audio recording of the ceremony.

*You see, real pure Spiritual Energies of a Higher Frequency must be GROUNDED through the active consciousness of humans otherwise they do not stay within GAIA. This is why the fabled “New Earth” that most every New Ager thought would come into creation in the year 2012 (from its prophesied birth at the Harmonic Convergence of 1987) did not do so. It simply could not.

But now we have greater understanding and can begin to make it so. The Full Moon energies most of you are now feeling strongly are not just about the Moon cycle. They are from the higher spiritual vibrational frequencies hitting GAIA. They are intense. Are you ready to make them Sacred and Ground them? The main way to do so is with a Spiritual Wesak Ceremony that is all about doing just that. This is how you create a New Earth and not just a world that primarily keeps rehashing old energies over and over, regardless of how they appear to the uninformed.

For our part at least, we encourage you to properly educate yourself on the truth of Higher Spiritual Energies and there is no better way than attending the WESAK FESTIVAL in terms of the spiritual benefits you receive. New to our work? Try out our spiritual teaching transmissions, we post quite a few on our youtube page. But… there always is a catch. If you are using your lower mental mind to get a quick bead on what we are bringing forth, you may well be wasting your time.

Instead, take the New Earth Pledge, and then command your HIGHER SELF energies within the UNIFIED WHOLE to assist you in allowing yourself to begin to receive higher vibrational frequencies in purity from the God Source. Then you may start to Raise your Vibration more accurately. (But remember, it takes lots of practice, so don’t give up if you do not immediately perceive anything.)

© 2017 Rev. J. Michael “Ara” Hayden, Ascension Mastery Teacher, Co-founder of Walking Terra Christa.

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